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  1. Aldi have monster trucks for £3.99 Land Rover is cool But not as cool as the iced Delorean
  2. The other pink Metro is for sale! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/558661329416849/
  3. Just seen this on FB - Mattel celebrating 40 years in Malaysia, and introducing a new casting which was the first locally produced car - are we really going to have a Hot Wheels Proton?
  4. This one slipped under my radar - what's the chances of Smyths getting them?
  5. Ah no sorry Hot Wheels B case.... Didn't think many places would have that one yet that's all
  6. I only know it's a Honda because I checked the reg - what was it?
  7. This has just landed locally - excuse slightly smeary windscreen shot Merc in Calais I couldn't get a better pic of this French man, but he got out of his brown Renault wearing brown shoes, trousers, coat and scarf - all different browns too! Made me laugh anyway
  8. Deliveries! Starting with a few Super GTs Staying with Matchbox, a couple of tidy ones... And a rarity! Midnight Magic is not a common sight over here I also got a much better Glo Racers Sizzlin ZX as mine has quite bad UV damage Obligatory glow test Moving on to other makes, a Hot Wheels 'vette No-name Ford/Mercury wagon is I think a copy of Yatming Schaper Five Winders are a bit of an acquired taste, quite like the MUSTANG etched into the screen on this fox body though Finally, this cute little Polistil R5. Quite similar to the Matchbox version to my eye Steering column doesn't look very ergonomic though
  9. I've heard about it but hasn't happened anywhere I've been - popped into 3 this week, one in Kent had the B case, as did Smyths funny enough.
  10. Fuck sake. Rivets are pulling out of the clothes airer I can see a way to fix it, squeeze it with a pair of mole grips and a bearing ball to flare it. Have I got one anywhere at home? No chance, all in the lockup I rented as a temporary measure after I moved back to Essex in 2017. I could empty it and put everything in the huge shed but the fucker leaks like a seive so I refuse to risk it. Would get a wooden shed but it's a non-standard size to go on the base we made and of course everything's shot up in price so I can't afford it. Anyway, fought my way through the evening traffic to my garage, and THE FUCKING KEYS ARE AT HOME ARGH HULK SMASH
  11. Entertainer's delivery today is a 2022 F case and these 51st anniversary cars, which I suspect have been stuck in a container looking at the dirt on the card - these are several years old
  12. I keep looking at this poor thing, thinking it can't be that bad - can it? But I need a project like a hole in the head, and have nowhere to keep it. Something about it makes me want to get it back on the road but leave the paint as-is though
  13. And these at home - MK3 is remote control but has had the wires cut off - anyone recognise it? Guisval Lambo Marzal is unusual... But squished and lacking 25% of its wheels. Nothing to lose attempting to fix it though Lastly this code 2 Edocar Golf is very unusual
  14. Would have been a nice custom 20 or 30 years ago https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/125650476802?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=efu85yQwRc-&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=X5RtjeAxSP-&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  15. ^I was going to say Beetle. On a quick work trip to Paris and back. No die casts purchased but a few on the shelves that might be interesting. Expensive though
  16. Check out this electric Mehari I just saw in France
  17. Talking of which, I stole this pic off their FB
  18. Correct - first error of this type I've found. Found this Bburago Beetle in TK Maxx - quite an oddity being a roof chopped oval, but having the front quarter mounted "crotch cooler" vents only fitted to 51-52 split windows Got home to this very tidy Guisval Datsun - someone didn't plan the base text very well though Lastly the Corgi Model Club not-a-Citroen DS landed
  19. LUV 111T on a very green A Class In Essex obviously
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