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  1. I picked up this rather shabby one at the toy fair I also have this nice Superfast although I can't seen to actually find it in my collection at the moment
  2. Piss tarp challenge, beginner level And some jap
  3. That's the plan with the ex-yellow one. Body is painted and detailed but I'm waiting on some new wheels before I can finish the base. I like both versions of the casting, the old Rolamatic is less accurate but more charming. I would have preferred the new one to have the earlier headlights but at least Mattel made it, eventually the Hot Wheels MK2 Escort will come out in the mainline and make me happy
  4. I decided to use some of my unspent boot sale budget on this local eBay find, Mettoy Computacar. Looks to me like it's the Chevy Astro concept car That bit of plastic at the back is off something else I also found this while looking for images of MK1 Capris so I grabbed it too
  5. I have one already, but finding that "Aspen" Mini Pick-Up with the rear cover intact is quite unusual
  6. Out of an 80s kids comic/mag
  7. Picked up a pile of 80s comics at last week's boot sale, found a few relevant bits as I was flicking through them
  8. RS2600 and a few others seem to have had those no. plate lights Did a MK1 ever come with a steel sunroof though?
  9. I don't know anything about them but would guess repops. He had some good condition Corgi etc both Junior and full size but £1.50 upwards for Juniors and £5 plus on the bigger ones. No rarities
  10. Got to both the normal and late start boot sales today. Resisted the temptation of this Puch Some ancient tyres And anything this guy was selling, interesting though some of it was Settle down with a nice cuppa while I show you all the cars I bought Um yeah that's it. Not sure if it was the forecast rain or whether everyone got pissed in the sun yesterday and couldn't be bothered, but both sites were underpopulated with slim pickings. At least it was all cheap, newer boxed tumble buggy was £1 and the others 10-50p
  11. Mrs came back to find the Lupo had gained some friends
  12. I'm assuming it's a 3.0 with twin headlights
  13. Give Mattel their due, the Capri is a really good casting, accurate and almost free of defects. Interior is damn good too
  14. A bit like the rear treatment on the C Class coupe becoming the CLC
  15. Pulled the spare yellow Crapi out of the blister. Didn't think live axles had camber adjustment Matters not as the wheels are getting swapped
  16. I had the van, bought with a huge box of similar era cars off someone I worked with years ago. I have the trailer and the Porsche but the van was in the loft when I split from my ex wife. Sad emoji.
  17. Yeah, but no. There are some oddities like Polo 4x100, MK4 Golf etc being 5x100, but similar era Passat being 5x112. MK5 Golf is also 5x112 Funny enough 5x112 is also the bolt pattern on 1973 on VW vans etc...
  18. Just looking through the pile of Beanos I bought last weekend...
  19. I think it's partly so they can say "Fiesta from £999" or whatever, not actually expecting many people to actually buy one in that spec. Even the original buyer of mine specced a heated rear window and N/S mirror to enjoy from the comfort of the low back beige vinyl seats
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