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  1. Brilliant. That would bug me forever
  2. More to the point would be why 12 sided sockets exist, as you can rotate the ratchet to get it where you want - so why 12 sides?
  3. Suits me. I like granny furniture, it's better than chipboard crap that is assembled once then not breathed on too hard for fear of breaking it. I have several bits from my mate's granddad's place and I'll get more if I need it - no way it was going in the crusher at the tip.
  4. More like told they're very naughty boys and fined £57
  5. Didn't realise who was selling it - I was watching that but I've banned myself from eBay for a while due to skint
  6. Lots of it is nostalgia. Want a Raleigh Burner like the ones we used to buy for £5 off your mates? Hundreds. And they are actually quite shit. Probably the cycling equivalent of a MK2 Escort I suppose (I've had several of both). Want something a bit better like a GT Pro Performer - even more hundreds. There are BMXs on eBay now for many thousands of pounds. Mental.
  7. It's in my 1970 USA catalogue Nope that's a different casting So it really did start as a Hot Rod casting rather than being modified from a standard one, and ran right up to 96 for the canopy version And 1999 for the non-canopy. Quite a span! Looks like today's purchase was from 1995
  8. Isn't the Jeep based on a pre-Superfast casting? Pretty sure it's been discussed before 1976 Then the Hot Rod And US Mail version
  9. Ah - when I said no doors I meant there are no lines in the casting - I believe some have them and some don't
  10. Gadzooks, is it my birthday? Some more deliveries have arrived First up, with suspiciously Zylmex looking wheels is a Majorette Jag Nicely preserved Corgi Escort And a Firebird Red Fox body to go with the one from earlier Don't know the make of this 911 I do know the make of this but not heard of it before - Conrad Passat wearing very Audi-like wheels Next up some more Mebetoys/Hot Wheels Not a very popular choice of car to recreate, but Solido decided we needed a miniature Talbot Tagora, almost* as inte
  11. Picked up a job lot locally, most important of which is this Which completes this set Also included were Late Corgi Jag policemobile Cobra Mustang Matchbox Gran Fury - the "no doors" version of the casting Laser wheels version of the venerable Mercury This Lambo is also another one that ran for years Yet another long-lived casting is this Jeep Talking of Matchbox Jeeps, while I was out I found these MX5 Nissan pickup And D200 crewcab
  12. Possibly true - but as it's within a unit that's also used for his business as well as two sub-letters, there's always the risk of damage etc. If it happens to his car that's his problem, if it was someone else's it would be a more difficult situation. Interesting idea all the same though
  13. I Googled plastic matchbox car and got lucky!
  14. It's from this, Matchbox big movers set. Now you have another transporter to find - one for sale near me for £15 https://www.shpock.com/en-gb/i/Xk1VYCOQaHegD5sE/matchbox-big-movers-transporter Perfect to pair up with the Buddy L
  15. Oh you're going to have fun dusting those
  16. I've been pretty fortunate, worst I've done was get my 1600E Orion sideways at 50MPH and wipe out Weald Park's sign, before getting airborne and landing in the hedge. Especially lucky as there was no one coming the other way as I was broadside across the road, and that the hedge stopped me going in the pond the on other side. I only have video of the aftermath now
  17. Yeah I loved it to bits as a kid, I was really upset when it got sold and replaced by a 1500HL Dolomite. There's a slim chance it still survives, it was resprayed light blue after we sold it, a late Superminx in light blue showed up in Rust in Peace years ago "in an Essex Hamlet" with a load of other Rootes cars according to the photographer. I managed to work out who he was by a Facebook post but he was sworn to secrecy about the location. I've also been told by another shiter that the collection may be known to him but I haven't investigated further. Can't be many that shape, in a
  18. Utterly off-topic, but I found these while rummaging in the loft
  19. Found the K-6/11 Pick-Up Truck, without sticky-out engine but still with tailgate and clear cover. Just need to find the motorsickle that goes inside. So if anyone happens to have or spot an orange Hondarora...
  20. Corgi really got their money's worth out of those vans, how many are there? Having a Google I found the Superman (not Super Van) Found out what's missing from my circus van Then there's this, which seems to be the same as the Scooby-Doo release Pretty sure at least one of you has this And this Any more? I daren't get into the Juniors versions, that seems to have been Corgi's equivalent of the Matchbox Model A van with endless code 2/3 variations
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