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  1. WHS. Never seen or heard of one of those before. What a fantastic thing
  2. Cheers for the tip off, I won't waste my time with Asda tomorrow morning now!
  3. Same here, trying to look for Colchester Tollgate but not getting anywhere. Thanks for posting the Suffolk ones Trig, that's what car parks looked like when I was young. Lots of nice local registrations too!
  4. Balby motor spares will have one
  5. Just out of curiosity I've looked in two Tescos in different towns this afternoon to see whether they have the Mercedes, nothing so far but there's another couple of large ones I can check locally. Haven't rummaged through new Matchboxes since about 1991..
  6. A few from a local meet this morning.
  7. A few snaps my mate Peter took in and around Colchester circa 1980. He's a bit of a fan of 100Es as you can probably tell.
  8. Just got to Trig's Shotley meet!
  9. The shop I was in on Monday had one of those gold Lincoln Continentals, thanks for showing me what it was missing from its undercarriage as I hadn't been able to figure it out at the time!
  10. I saw this in a junk shop on Monday and had to have it. It's not a particularly great example but good enough to go on the shelf as is.
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