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  1. Took about ten days to find it and it isn't as nice as I'd remembered. Available if you didn't get a better one.
  2. Exactly the same, right in the top corner.
  3. Bear with me on this one.. Having recently moved 370 miles north-west and having very little interest in either this maker's products or buses in general, you may imagine my surprise to see this on a stall of otherwise no interest. "Hmm, that almost looks like a Colchester livery" I thought to myself. Stap me if that wasn't just what it was. Fuck knows whose souvenir /valuable heirloom this was to have wound up on a pasting table in Dumfries, but there we go, picked up by probably the only Colcestrian for miles. We've probably all got a Lledo or two knocking about somewhere but this is the only time I'll admit to buying one. No idea what it's supposed to represent, nor whether Colchester Corporation ever had one but yes, that was coming home with me. It's been on a shelf for a while, the interior is thick with hairy dust.
  4. The only relatively old or expensive item of the day was this Corgi Riviera, missing tyres aside too nice to leave at a fiver, in my opinion anyway.
  5. Another lovely day up here, so a trip to the boot sale seemed a good idea. In our new hearse, just for a laugh and to give it a good run for once. The usual diecast man wasn't in attendance but a couple of the other stalls threw up a few morsels. There isn't usually time or sufficient enthusiasm to go rooting through the proper tat boxes and for the most part they were full of Chinese no-name landfill but in the end I found enough to make the nut. Quite a nice Majorette Talbot Alpine in a colour I hadn't seen before, a Corgi Transit (of course the door is awol..) and, narrowly beating a Dinky TR7 after I'd noticed it had been trodden on, a Corgi McLaren Ford which seems surprisingly intact bar a little sticker damage.
  6. Whichever of the Dinky A105s is most complete /least fucked please. Not at a tenner though.
  7. Ought not to be too hard to make one, surely? Bit of that model railway plasticard and some patience cutting out the window and you're away.
  8. Love is dark, violent and cruel. Also, some belmer painted the door closed. Not guilty, this is how I bought the pair.
  9. Too hot here for anything constructive (and I did actually try, for once) so time to unpack some stuff and get it into the cabinet at last. That the management is away for the afternoon in no way* influenced this course of action. Most of this last seen by me on a rainy Essex October afternoon.
  10. Lovely car. One of an long and ever-growing list of cars where I missed the boat in terms of my budget. The owner of the best Chinese in Colchester had one of these in pale yellow when I was a child, for years you'd see it parked in Crouch Street and I remember admiring it then. Mate with a reputation for not keeping things long turned up with a red one about two or three years ago, probably couldhave talked it out of him I think but there was enough filler in it to put me off the idea. Well bought.
  11. Hate to say it, but that really needs the pricy reflective /separate letter jobs to look its best. I kept meaning to get some for my 1970 164 but there was always something else more urgent to soak up the £. Trigger had some on his Marina but I don't recall the make, Frampton or Tippers maybe.
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