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  1. No I haven't.. Next time I'm out that way I'll try to have a look though, thanks!
  2. I may have posted the two Mk. 2s before
  3. These are from my "buyer's remorse" pile so if anyone is interested pm me
  4. More boot sale tomfoolery.. The green 309 is hilariously bad
  5. I'm glad you've reminded me, it was neither abandoned nor broken. This turns out to actually be someone's daily driver, binbag and gaffatape sunroof and all. Technically now on the wrong thread now but meh
  6. This appeared on the roundabout next to work today. We'll find out tomorrow whether dumped or ftp'd but it's clearly a cherished survivor that just coincidentally has a roughly person shaped dent in the bonnet.
  7. And also these. The CX is identical to my childhood example which got lost over the years and the Vauxhall just because it's a new one on me. I mean, a Vauxhall for God's sake!
  8. Another sunny morning, another trip to the boot sale before work. Not a huge amount of interest but having read some of the posts upthread I did keep an eye out for Escorts. As it were. None to be found, very light on 80's Corgis in general really. However I couldn't leave empty-handed.
  9. My mum in 1972 with her first car, 825BXO,which can't have lasted a lot longer. Picture taken by my dad, hence why there's not much of the car in shot.
  10. I agree, and that's speaking as a man in that line of work. Completely inadequate
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