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  1. Took advantage of the weather to get the 164 out into the light now I'd got a reasonable set of tyres and a fresh battery for it. With that done I tried a circuit of the village, 3 miles and my first actual drive in it. Having been idling fine on the driveway, of course it ran like a horse's arse as soon as I reached the halfway point and spewed out of the overflow once I got home. Topped it up once it had cooled down and put it back in the shed for now. Photo definitely flatters the old thing.
  2. That ends on a track. Poor old thing
  3. Was just about to post these then realised today would have been my Mum's birthday. So I hope you'll forgive the indulgence but I didn’t know I had them until the weekend. Bonus content of Grandad's Renault 12.
  4. There's one on the way in to my local Sainsburys that flashes the registration up on a screen next to the speed hump. I've no idea why but it resolutely refuses to acknowledge the cracked old dealer plate on the front of the Volvo. Day or night, the screen just stays blank. My other half (not a Simpsons fan) found it hilarious* when I'd always say "It's a ghost car" in a poor Chief Wiggum impersonation.
  5. Not even April yet but already we're seeing a solid showing in the 2020 YPLAC challenge here in Essex.
  6. Bouyed by using a 61 year old car for getting the shopping, I tried to get some life into the next oldest thing I have (six weeks younger). Would it start? Would it fuck.. I see a tow-rope figuring large in its future.
  7. Blinking in the daylight after about five months. Possibly my shopping cart later on today,might as well try to enjoy essential travel.
  8. Mum with her first car, 825BXO,in about 1972.
  9. Posted these before, but my grandparents, father and aunt in about 1974 with granddad's VX4/90
  10. This. Don't forget to take the engine too, that'll end up with a 2.8 in. Sorry to sound negative, it's your decision in the end.
  11. Personally I wouldn't even entertain the idea. This isn't a criticism of you, I don't have any money or skills either but you'll soon find you've even less of one if you end up with that. It all depends on the price in the end but I reckon it's possibly worth more as a breaker than a car.
  12. You're right, I forgot that probably because I've never encountered one. Saw an A60 diesel years ago at Crich museum, turned out it belonged to a chap whose father had run a taxi company in South Wales in the late sixties /early seventies. This one had needed work and wheeled into the workshop and somehow forgotten until the son sold the business after his dad passed away in 2000 or so. Recommissioned in tribute (thrown together, wobbed and aerosoled, oddly appealing) blah blah blah.. I asked him how long he'd taken to get from South Wales to Derbyshire.. Three days
  13. Morris Oxford /Austin A60 diesel. Only for cab operatives or complete skinflints. As if the godawful noise wasn't enough, they're borderline dangerous, it's almost quicker/safer cycling on to a roundabout.
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