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  1. For those with deeper pockets (albeit partly funded by the sale of the bootlid, it would seem), Norfolk is their oyster. This actually didn't come from a boot sale ironically enough.
  2. Hot as hell here this afternoon so what else would you do but drag some aluminium up the overcrowded A12 coastward bound? That cooling system is in for a workout and no mistake.
  3. It's also why I only dare go to one boot sale per week..
  4. Don't think I've ever seen one of those Bentleys before, I assumed it was the Mercedes 300 at first glance. Very nice!
  5. No need for that (thanks all the same though) but I do need to sort out your stash at some point and get it together. Should be a fairly good haul!
  6. By all means, it'll keep the Dinky one company! No, I think that's all I have in your stash here.
  7. So that's all until next week, weather permitting. Hopefully that should keep us going until Tat Friday rolls around..
  8. And lastly (for this week anyway) these two. The Alpine is about as rough as it could be but for whatever reason I almost never come across Spot-on stuff during my weekly tat bothering so for a quid it was worth taking home out of morbid curiosity and a strangely satisfied feel which has mostly evaporated overnight, as these things sometimes do. The Chevrolet is the donor for the middle slice so I can finally reassemble the taxi from Datsuncog which has only been sitting for two years.. I got a new one from Steve Flowers but it just wouldn't quite fit, whilst getting annoyed with that I chipped the fresh paint and so the whole thing got canned in a huff. All the others I've found since have either been missing bits of the grille and headlights or too good to break up so it's nice to have one intact but yellowing, and in a form I won't feel guilty for splitting up. The wheels might be useful for the Suburban too, now I think about it.
  9. Didn't someone post some photos of this up a few days ago? Apart from a savage crack to the dome, this is quite charming and still holding on to all its doors and horns. Would it have had horses?
  10. I'd call it a Thames, but according to Dinky it's an Atlas Copco.. It's been trodden on it seems, there's quite a pronounced bow to the baseplate, the side glass is cracked and it runs second to the Doctor's Caddy ambulance in the filth stakes. Nonetheless, at a quid I wasn't leaving it behind. Three Corgi tyres too, now I've looked at it properly.
  11. First up, quite a reasonable Corgi Land Rover in need of a couple of tyres. Another which fell into the nice enough for two quid end of the market.
  12. Definitely yellow/gold tint. Coincidentally I was just getting round to the last few Tat Wednesday items out on the patio.
  13. That's absolutely lovely. Nice job!
  14. Afraid tat Wednesday will have to stretch into Thursday, there's more but I'm in need of sleep. Stay tuned.
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