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  1. On closer inspection I've got the remains of one of those BMWs too
  2. My Acclaim was blue, I don't think I ever saw a yellow one until now.
  3. Also, what make is this? Nothing I could see on the base. Rather clumsily "detailed" by me at some point.
  4. That's ringing a bell.. I'll have to rummage further.
  5. You'll have to outlive me for that to happen.. Once this house move is done I intend to buy and fill a few cabinets.
  6. There was also this, which we mentioned before back in the summer I think. That probably isn't the right way to put it together but 1990 is a long time ago now. The only Micro machine I had to hand is one of those with an interior when you hold it up to the light. Pity I evidently attacked it with a silver pen, might have a go with meths to see whether it'll clean up any.
  7. They were in a box with other stuff I'd completely forgotten having.. I think the Gama Astra might have come from the Vauxhall dealers where Grandad used to get his Cavaliers from, Cowies on Ipswich Road. The number plate on the boot in my Dad's writing makes me think this was a Christmas present in 1987. The Audi I hadn't forgotten about but didn't expect to find. No sign of the bumper though.
  8. Some frenzied clearing of the shed has unearthed a few of my childhood treasures including at long last, my Corgi Honda Ballade. No luck yet with the red Sierra or Acclaim but if they don't turn up in the next couple of weeks I'll have to write them off as gone. Can't tell you how pleased I was to have come across this again though. Missing something from the roof but that's immaterial really. The plod Rover behind came from Hamleys in 1987,the only time I've ever been there.
  9. Spotted that in exactly that spot sometime last year. Thought it was rough just at a glance but now realise I was wrong having read the description. It's worse.
  10. Yes, that's the one! Saw it parked in Sudbury one sunny Saturday morning about five or six years ago, no idea why I didn’t get a picture.
  11. This was my friend's example about four years ago, the oldest of the few I've ever seen on a J plate. Alive and well to this day in Kent,although someone fairly local to me has a very smart black one on either an S or a T, I can't remember which and frustratingly don't seem to have a photo of it.
  12. I've said it before, these won't be this cheap for very much longer. I'm losing all my storage in three weeks otherwise I would have tried to buy this yesterday, if it had come up back in August then I'd probably be looking at it through the kitchen window right now. Have you bought it yet?
  13. Buy it, look after it and it'll look after you. Years of life left in that yet, who cares if it isn't particularly fast? Big enough too if you don't routinely move settees or grandfather clocks. Just buy it and enjoy ride comfort and durability unimaginable to your pcped neighbours for one of their monthly payments on a white appliance.
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