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  1. Fairly sure it couldn't be moved without snapping in half..
  2. This is what I'm trying to do. Sold a couple of cars last year and I'm trying hard to ignore the cash in the biscuit tin (that brown Cresta in the ebay thread though.. Phwoarrr..) in favour of finally doing something with the Gazelle and the 164. I've had each for three years and they've been shamefully ignored in the shed for pretty much all that time.
  3. I remember seeing a down at heel Wolseley 6/110 Mk. I in a garden in Norfolk towards the end of the nineties. Didn't go past often but every time I did there it was, never turned a wheel and rapidly developing a mossy patch around it. One day curiosity got the better of me and I walked up the path and knocked on the door to be met by an old dear with an ostentatiously loaded shotgun. The car, it appeared, was not for sale. Never went back..
  4. Registered 30 years ago today so gave the tank a quick wash. Does anybody here remember the supplying dealer?
  5. If it's still there next week, the Renault 16 please!
  6. Amishtat

    Austin Maxi

    That's pleasing, it looked endearingly scruffy when I saw it. Mu uncle went through four of these during the seventies /early eighties, his last was a late chrome bumpered example in denim blue which he sold to my grandparents' Polish neighbours in 1984. I can't remember the registration but the wife was killed in it by a drunk driver in 1989. On a different tack, and my apologies if this has cropped up already, but I'm sure I heard a tale that some of the early 1500s had the letters on the bonnet reading AUTSIN. Was this a thing or just apocryphal?
  7. No idea whether it's still a going concern but I stopped there with a mate in 2003 purely because we were in the area and had heard about it. The old boy (who must be long gone now, he was well past eighty then) couldn't have been any more welcoming once he learned we liked old cars. Fuck, it was wonderful.. Got some lovely photographs that day.
  8. No pictures of it but my dad had MSC765P, a Datsun 180B estate around 1989,i think he gave 200 quid for it with the vague idea of transferring the reg onto his 309 because those were his initials. That never happened but he used it for the few months' MOT it had then parked it on the front garden for a while. At nine years old I loved it, it was a faded orangey red with black vinyl seats (possibly half cloth, I can't remember) and had a wonderfully plastic/glue smell all its own. It went for scrap, possibly via the track, around 1992 or so and I don't think I've seen another since.
  9. That's just like my childhood example!
  10. So.. What was in the box? I'm really taken with the Lesney Guy, thanks a lot DC!
  11. It was for me, the postie brought a box from D. Cog Esq. Pics later, I haven't had a chance to open it yet and I've forgotten some of what's in it.
  12. Forward look Wednesday.. Suddenly it's 2020. Happy New year to all my fellow miniature shiters!
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