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  1. Oddly enough, or not depending on your viewpoint, my first 1:18 was the green Burago E-type from Langleys in Norwich in about 1988. Box is long gone I think but still have the model. Always impressed me that the gear lever actually goes into gears,that and the bonnet catches.
  2. The red one is a Pontiac of 1959 or 60,think the silver one is an Oldsmobile of about the same vintage. The roof lines look identical.
  3. Nice bit of work there. And why didn't I know there was a model Horizon until now?
  4. For the sake of clarity I should say the Escort neatly replaces the one in my childhood AA set which had an unfortunate incident with a hammer some time around 1991. I found the rest of the set still boxed a couple of months ago when we moved and hoped I'd come across an Escort singly, didn't think there was much chance of that though. Cheers Jon!
  5. Good! Now I don't feel bad about splitting the set up..
  6. Your previous one was better (imo)
  7. I was guesstimating at 24-25 or so for the journey I was using it for most often. Very rarely any traffic holdups at the time of day I went to work so three miles through the lanes then twenty minutes or so at roughly sixty. Didn't see the point of thrashing it, it's not that sort of car and anyway it must have done at least 250k now according to my rough calculations.
  8. Sorry, I've no idea about the headlamp wipers as that's another function I only have in the ornamental sense. I used to budget £10 a day for my work commute (46 mile round trip, of which 40 was on the dual carriageway A12) and one morning early last summer I went to put the daily tenner in only to find it took about a litre and a half before clicking. I think I managed just under three weeks on that tank but the previous few years ensured I never went anywhere without a full can in the boot.
  9. The only instruments I had working were the tach, clock and temperature gauge and nothing on the dash illuminates. Very occasionally the fuel gauge and speedo would briefly wake up, but I didn't tend to trust what they were telling me. The rest of the car worked so it didn't bother me.
  10. Where did you find that? Great picture
  11. My fuel gauge has never worked, but the car will tell you when you're very low on petrol as it will cough/briefly cut out on right handers.
  12. That doesn't seem a bad price at all. I definitely* wouldn't drive that about pretending to be Burt Reynolds in White Lightning.. (Wrong engine I know)
  13. Wow... That's M & S fucked..
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