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  1. Bit... er... Nippy for that ensemble hereabouts..
  2. I don't think I've come across the Mercury on those early wheels, but I have the Cougar and Charger here. Thought I had the Muira too but it must be in the loft. There was a nice Mercedes ambulance at the boot sale last year but for some reason couldn't bring myself to unbuckle the fiver asked for it. Probably ought to have done, it was a nice example but just couldn't get that excited about it. Would definitely pick up the Mercury if I saw one, it would be nice to have all three Septics. There's also one of the pink Dodge dragsters here which I have been consistently failing to remember to post to flat4alfa for a few weeks now..
  3. Can't remember whether it was last year or the year previous, but you were kind enough to include it in a box of Tat Friday goodies. Last seen on here dangling from a crane when we were taking photos in the garden last spring, you'll no doubt be surprised* to know that absolutely nothing has happened to it apart from getting boxed up with the others and dragged around the country. Almost impressed myself there by knowing where in the house it was..
  4. I can't remember what was opposite , but it was called Tyte's or Tate's.
  5. Volvo 144 or an early 2-series. A little thirsty perhaps, but sturdy, comfortable, excellent visibility and easy to park.
  6. Having just idly looked at some of the prices asked for that Tamiya Mini kit on ebay, I definitely should have bought it. Ah well.
  7. Just back from a trip to Dumfries, one of the charity shops had a large display of small diecast in the window. On closer inspection very little to interest me or that I didn't already have, but these two Siku came home with me. A bit scruffy admittedly, but good enough. There was also a metallic green Audi 200(?) which turned out to be missing a door so that stayed where it was. I had the Opel as a very young child but it was a darker metallic red than this and was always missing one rear wheel. In another shop window was an unbuilt Tamiya Monte Carlo Mini kit which I probably ought to have bought, but I only had some pocket change about my person. Already got one as well, but when did that ever matter?
  8. Probably mentioned it before but I was really hoping the Rancho would resurface when we were packing up ready for a house move this time last year. No such luck, although I did find a Burago BMW 635 I'd forgotten having.
  9. Ah, I take it back in that case!
  10. My grandmother's final car was a Toyota of some sort back in 2003. By the time she passed away about eighteen months later I believe the roof and bonnet were the only panels which hadn't been replaced or repainted. My favourite was when she thought she'd clipped the level crossing gates but carried on anyway. My cousin and I wandered out into the garage to have a nosy. Turns out she'd caught the entire nearside on one of the gate hinges (properly old fashioned level crossing at the time, manually opened gates) and there was a clean three quarter inch rip in the metal from front wheel arch to tail light, like opening a tin of Spam with a key.
  11. The more I look the more I see that I have too, although I reckon you're just a little older than me. What a sad guessing game..
  12. Nice collection there, I had exactly the same Burago Rancho with the windsurfing gear on. Is that a large plod Dinky Capri next to it?
  13. Can thoroughly recommend. 700 mile round trip nowadays so I'm out but these are a good day if the weather plays ball.
  14. Bollocks.. Wish I'd seen this yesterday.
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