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  1. It will be soon, yes..
  2. Digging over a long-neglected garden this afternoon and found this. What is it other than heavily weathered?
  3. I've got one here somewhere in green, presentable but no tyres
  4. I did wonder whether that might result..
  5. And finally for now, Moskvitch 427 OPA492L, which was sold for restoration to a chap who didn't seem to mind such trivia as a cracked roof, and a dreadful Series 1 XJ, FNO829H,which was killed off at a Foxhall Spedeweekend in 2010.
  6. This had a ridiculously low chassis number and must have been from the first few days of production. It came from a banger driver in Merseyside who'd tried selling it on the Farina forum a couple of times before posting a last chance before I race it advert,to his credit he was happier to rehome it than to kill it off. It was a bit tender, but not as bad as those dreadful grp front wings make it look. Sold off to someone in Scotland in about 2012 (I think) and never heard of again.
  7. Some more from about 2002. ANO803F (about as base as they came, a 3-speed manual on the column and a bench seat) might still be about, reckon the other two are containing beans or chilling food nowadays. Seeing these again has awoken a long-forgotten memory of trying to buy the Cosmics from GLN, can't recall how I didn't end up with them now.
  8. Well, I haven't updated this for a while.. Luckily some more old snaps came to light whilst moving so here we are. Not in any sort of chronological order. Cresta was FGK421C, the Victor was GRT937J. The Victor was raced at Mildenhall in about 2008 or so, no idea what happened to the Cresta but doubt it survives. HAH331N, an Avenger Sunseeker. Only recently found out that these were available in 2 or 4 door with the colour unique to each. Photos from about 2000,another which probably isn't still around.
  9. No idea on Metro values, but until two weeks ago my cars lived at that very farm. Septic schoolbus a dead giveaway.
  10. Complete thread deviation, but there is or was a late Standard Vanguard in the Coventry transport museum which had been coach painted by its previous owner. The finish was beautiful, absolutely glassy.
  11. There's a few of us here all around that age, for the amount of times someone posts something which make me think "got/had one of those". The 180 came from a superb little model shop in Colchester, he mostly did railway stuff but had a tray of used cars too. That would have been later on, in 1995 or so at which point I'd heard of Chrysler 180s but never actually seen one. It's a topic we've covered here before but given that they only ceased production around the time I was born, even as a car obsessed child I don't remember seeing them around. A mate bought one in 2006 and that was the first
  12. More old chod unearthed, pretty sure these haven't seen the light of day this century. These appear to date from my repaint/dreadfully clumsy paint pen detailing phase, encompassing the full gamut from pointless (Skoda), ambitiously ham-fisted (Morris) and the not-terrible (Opel, it never did have a bonnet). In a way I'm quite fond of the Minor given my evident limitations with a brush and thick gloss Humbrol. Also pictured, how to lower a Corgi Minor (when you're about twelve, it comes apart easily and you have a hacksaw to hand) and a Majorette Chrysler 180, where I appear to have filled the
  13. Some more unpacking earlier on unearthed this, the first 1:18 I had back in about 1988/9. I remember getting it on a weekend in Norwich with my dad and sister, in my memory it came from Langleys but the price tag proves that false. Hasn't survived too badly really, I was always proud of it and it was another long termer on the shelf in my bedroom. Years later (2009 or so) I watched a Mark 1 Cortina being raced at Mildenhall which was JDU881E and it made me think of this. Also, that was some late registration madness both for a mark 1 and a series 1 E,but that's by the by.
  14. They look wonderfully comfortable. That's a satisfying job, I did my 164 with hide food from a tack shop and they went from biscuit to supple in about a week and several applications.
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