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  1. I know I'd let it go for 500 on here, but Joe public can get fucked. Not sure why I even responded, I normally just delete these type of messages. 'loadsa work'? 🤦
  2. I'm really not 🤣 Just winging it as always
  3. You know, because of the holes... Might as well document the progress. Had a good poke around the side I believe is the worst. I reckon it needs doing the whole circumference of the inner arch on both sides, from where it joins the outer, about 4 inches in. Might be easier to do small sections at a time, although that means more actual welds.
  4. Is it just me, or are simple manners in short supply nowadays?
  5. Yeah, probably a twattish reply by me, but don't particularly care.
  6. Three spokes are elite, but work best on 90s cars.
  7. Well, this weekend's plans are slightly in the balance, due to having the black death 😬
  8. Still some sanding to do, but getting there
  9. Also looks better with the 5 spoke 16s in silver.
  10. That's the problem, I've never had it perfect. Feed is fine, it's just the the settings are 1 or 2 on one switch, and Min and Max on the other. 1/Min and 2/Min don't penetrate. 2/Max blows holes and/or spatters. 1/Max is ok but it's hit and miss if it penetrates. There's no happy medium. Plus I've run out of gas again and I'm not paying out another 15 quid for a gas bottle that lasts only a few minutes.
  11. Definitely this. I'm still using the ancient one on long term loan from @outlaw118, it's ok but very inconsistent. When I was doing the 309 I probably had to remove/redo over half the welds, it was just sheer determination that got me through that. I'm spending a lot more time away from home lately with my new job, so I'm just not getting the time I used to, in order to mess around with cars.
  12. Southend, Essex. Thing is, I can't tell if it really is the welder, or I'm just that shit. It might be worth me trying back on the 0.8mm wire, but I've just lost faith in myself tbh.
  13. Well, I'm done. Replaced the welding torch, and using co2/argon gas (which ran out really quickly!), 0.6mm wire - I just can't get the welder to behave. Spitting everywhere no matter what setting. Put gaffer tape over the hole for now and will offer it up as an unfinished project, if anyone wants to take it on. Will be 500 quid. Or will offer someone money to come and do the welding for me!
  14. Don't worry, it is what it is. I didn't know the blue one was wrong, or I'd not have tried to get them to match. I'll keep working at it.
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