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  1. Yep, would have looked something like this ... I actually prefer it
  2. On Wednesday this week my next daily will be being collected... Checklist: Undesirable? Maybe less so than a pink Metro. Slow? Most definitely. Cheap? Yes. Poor paintwork? Not sure, haven't examined closely. Rust? Probably. Availability of spares? Pretty reasonable. Will it piss the neighbours off? Again, probably less so than a pink Metro!
  3. This oddball (if you know what you're looking at) Rover is up for 'offers' on FB. 216SLI https://m.facebook.com/groups/1071922119521435/permalink/4104669039580046/ 11mths MoT, and initial enquiries indicate the seller would accept around 500 quid. I'm out because it's too old for my modern policy.
  4. Aargh, that's annoying. I was considering buying this Rover but my modern policy needs to be less than 25 years old. Cock. Shame, as it's reasonably priced. In Norfolk if anyone fancies it? @wuvvum?
  5. Definitely a keeper. Plugs done today but unfortunately I ordered the wrong leads, so having to send them back. Plugs look like it's running a tad rich, which I knew.
  6. Shakes up rattle cans in anticipation... 🤣 Seriously though, I fancy trying one of these, I imagine they are very Golf-like to drive?
  7. The old one wasn't screwed in at all, it just span in the hole, which was odd. It definitely pulls away smoother now. Love this car!
  8. I've decided to do the service items on the Metro. I normally get everything from eBay, but unfortunately eBay does not recognise that the early Rover Metro 1.1 and 1.4 engines exist. So had to go to Rimmer Bros for the rotor arm and distributor cap. They turned up first, so that was today's job Old dizzy cap held on with 'safety cable tie' - screw just span in the hole. Threads look fine, no idea what's up with that. Tiny rotor arm! Old one a bit worse for wear... New cap on, screwed in just fine. Not sure whether to reinstall the cable tie ... Carb
  9. Oh, there's definitely still plenty more I'd want to own. Problem is, as time ticks on, everything I like is getting more rare/valuable. I'd like to own some of these: Volvo 340 Volvo 240 Toyota Camry Lexus LS400 Rover 800 Daewoo Espero Toyota Previa And that's just a few off the top of my head
  10. Yeah, will definitely take a ticket. Bit far away for an outright sale though unfortunately. Would be about 8 hours round trip I reckon
  11. Well, the Suzuki is gone, what next? For once I don't have any ideas, plans, wants etc. Let's see how long until the money burns a hole in my pocket.... 🤣
  12. It was a track experience someone bought me ages ago, finally got to do it. It was a monster, so much acceleration. Felt like the grip was endless. Track experience, not needed. Nothing competitive. BMW was a hire car, this was an experience day.
  13. It's fucking huge. The rear window is tiny. Visibility is crap, it's got a horrible auto/dsg box etc and it's bouncy and uncomfortable
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