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  1. Yep, but I've replaced both as you should always do suspension stuff in pairs, or so I'm told. Plus there were two provided with the car.
  2. Today's fun includes lower wishbone replacements on the AX...
  3. Found some money hidden in the AX today, obviously by a previous owner. 😳 If one of the previous owners wants to reclaim said money, they just have to say where and how much. And no, it wasn't 20p in the handbrake. @AxWomble @castros_bro If not, I'll throw it in the pot for the Peugeot.
  4. Some stuff came today. Can't remember if the plugs were for the AX or the 309 😂 I guess they're probably the same anyway.
  5. I do that too, only with football (Goalkeeper) 😂
  6. He's 9 going on 13. Still likes to get involved with the car, but often slips into grunting teenager on his Xbox with headset on. 😂 He's the only person who's managed to get the 309 running so far, a point he's regularly rubbed in my face.
  7. Can't start that until 23rd, got littlun this weekend and all next week. But he's away with his mum for a week after that, so will hopefully get cracking then.
  8. I must admit, there are some days I'm wondering what the point is in what I'm doing, whether I'm flogging a dead horse with this car. I've had offers from the Peugeot 309 owners group on FB, but it seems they'd just want the 3 door shell to turn into a GTi rep or something. That would defeat the object though. Is there any point in keeping old pov spec heaps like this going?
  9. I have no clue what's going on anywhere most days tbh. 😂 But I think I get it. Found these before and after pics. Don't think I'll get the rust completely out of the carpet, but I'll probably spray the carpet and throw some mats in.
  10. That'd be kinda cool if finished. However, I'd love to buy it and put it back to standard. Maybe I'm getting old and boring.
  11. Had a little play with the welder, I literally have no idea how to actually weld/set it up. 8 pages of H&S advice is great, but not a clue how to use it 😂 Used flap wheel on it after to see which bits had actually joined. The reverse. From what I can see, none of that is an acceptable weld. I'll have another play when I get chance.
  12. Annoyingly, even with everyone back in offices, it's still mostly Teams calls, because my role is at Divisional level (I cover the Stock analysis and Inventory for 68 branches ranging from Newquay, Northampton, Lewes, Ramsgate, Rayleigh, Great Yarmouth, to name a few). The only benefit to being back in the office is to support my line manager in training new people. Which I don't get paid to do! 🤦🙄 The toilet facilities are crap, filthy and far away. Coffee/food facilities amount to a microwave and kettle shoved on a cupboard in the corner. I had to buy a fridge for the office! Plus boss likes to listen to the radio and I need complete silence to work. It's a losing battle, but the main goal is not to lose the flexibility of being able to have littlun as and when his mum snaps her fingers.
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