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  1. I'm certain there was a Rover 100 diesel breaking on one of the Metro groups, I'll have a search....
  2. First night of camping. Littlun slept in the car, under a gazebo. That ended well*
  3. Filled up the tank from empty for a trip to Wales this weekend. 45 litres , or 63 quid. 😳 Just as well I can coax over 45 mpg out of it!
  4. Did the grille... Cleaned and degreased - in the shower of course - SSH, don't tell Claire. Once it was cleaned, the extent of the fading could be seen. Badge masked and resprayed
  5. The Dark Wob. It's another forum, a bit like this one, but with all the degenerate scum who like to tear down fellow humans and who weren't allowed to carry on their Vile Hatredℒ️ on this forum. There's many there that spat their dummy and left, and a lot with a foot in both camps. They like to report back on what happens here and systematically rip to shreds anyone who shows any weakness or eccentricity that doesn't quite match their own. They spent a lot of time slagging off the mod team, as well as Dollywobbler. Then they turned on some other forum members, such as myself, Lightbulbfun, HeidelKakao, YesOuiSi, among others. If you enjoy being a bit of a tw@, with no moderation, and are thick skinned, by all means join. Otherwise, listen to Obi wan. I'm well aware they're watching this thread for more ammo to take the piss of, hope this is juicy enough to keep the trolls happy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ
  6. That Domino is gorgeous. I wonder how much it would cost to get @worldofceri to deliver it from Huddersfield to Southend? πŸ€”
  7. That Camry is gorgeous, well done for just getting it bought instead of umming and ahhhing like most of us do! 😁
  8. All clean. Tempted to go back to the steels and balloon tyres at some point, just need to keep my eyes open for the missing wheel trim...
  9. I think it might look really bright and in your face, being as the rest of the car has faded for 30 years. Might be a a bit 'Rudolph' 🀨 I suppose it could be worth a try though, can always paint over it.
  10. Obsessed much? 🀣 Edited to show my response...
  11. ...Ozzy Osbourne is typing... πŸ˜‚ Seriously, hope you're ok though!
  12. Yeah, it's not worth stressing over, it's only words. I might just have to be a little careful how I phrase things, don't want to give my 'fan club' too much good material. πŸ™„ It's sad to see how many I thought were 'good people' turn out to be utter trash though.
  13. What, so TDW twats can carry on doing a mildly amusing* running commentary on my current mental state / shit car count and laugh about me? 🀣 It is something to see so many pages of hate against one person, maybe I'm actually 'famous' after all! 🀣 I just feel sorry for them if my antics are entertaining enough to talk about/ obsess over.
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