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Dollywobbler's Consolidated Tat Thread


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Welcome back! :) 

happy to see you have not forgotten about Autoshite! :) 

very much look forward to more fleet updates, especially with TWC of course!

very nice buy on the GSA cant say I expected that! (mostly because I assumed they would all be out of most shitters budgets by now sadly)

38 minutes ago, dollywobbler said:


Would like to do a compression check, need to see why it keeps losing brake fluid, I think both doors are starting to suffer structural issues.

I was wondering if TPA (who's engine TWC now has) has actually been round the clock, it would certainly explain the engine woes you have had with TWC if that engine has actually done 110K rather then 10K!

what sort of door issues are you having? the Model 70 doors run on bobbin rollers which can seize up if not greased up, and then you can wear a grove in the bobbins, I imagine it also makes the door somewhat harder to slide open and puts more stress on it as you push it open

so I would investigate those at least as some preventive maintenance! :) 

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Looking forward to seeing the fleet awoken... especially Elly of course!! That GSA is a beauty though!! I’ve hankered after one ever since having a go in 320touring’s one at Cannock round the car park! We’ll  just make do with a beige hydropneumatic C5 instead for now! 

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Welcome back, and what a fine way to kick off further UK shenanigans! The GSA looks gorgeous, very jealous indeed. 

Let's hope the rest of the fleet can be awoken without too much trouble. Looking forward to seeing what happens with the Tercel! 

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15 hours ago, Floatylight said:

Loving the GSA, was taken with them when I saw the one@chaseracer took to some southern European outpost years ago.

Looking forward to updates on the rest of the fleet .

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You mean this one....



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