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  1. Think this was @Schaefftone 3.0 v6 exec, went to @flat4alfa, I took it up north in a thunderstorm with the wiper motor in the boot and loosing its pa's fluid to @catsinthewelderwho won it in a roffle and ran it for a while, now owned by @Six-cylinderand @Andyrew
  2. Could you bring me back some merc fuel filters from Andyrew which are in the barn?
  3. 1990 BX St Tropez 1.4 only 34k miles... £3500.
  4. There is a Cafe that was pretty reasonable last time we visited at Bridnorth where we had breakfast, watched the choo choos, some did catch a train down to Bewdley and back.
  5. Patiently waiting at the garage while the MOT is being done. Think the oil leak may be it's undoing.. ST08XMC
  6. I started working for a local hifi dealer in early 1990 as a Saturday job, business was good he had just opened his second shop, he had recently taken delivery of his first brand new car, A 480ES turbo, lovely car. Unfortunately there was one major flaw, the boot of the Volvo could just about fit a boxed pair of bookshelf speakers, a decent pair of floorstanders and the rest of the system had no chance, if lasted another few months before he gave in and p/x for a ex demo 740 estate..
  7. Holy Thread Resurrection Batman! Is it time to Resurrect the Midland Massiv New Year's Day Trip out to Severn Valley Railway? @chaseracer
  8. And this one's better than your current one.... 😂😂 P.s rong Fred m9
  9. @Pat Earringsis West Mids and I believe has invested in some decent diags kit.
  10. Paging @Six-cylinderto the slightly less than pristine Lancia availability hotline.. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/619081919567069/
  11. Not sure if this is the right place for this as technically not for sale (but it might be) Low mileage giffer owned Ovlov 940 MOT'd and running fine but heading for the crusher due to owner giving up driving.. At Trents recycling in Poole
  12. After all the publicity you would think the council would close the road and put a diversion in lace when the water hits a certain level..
  13. Link to welding repair pics.. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid0wAN7oBjawkPAoCwsoQ3aLtHemanzfGEv55tQSzMPxVd5hXiav39SiM2ScfJnoeBvl&id=1459273354
  14. Just watching the live auction now, crazy prices for some pretty humdrum cars... An example 2k for a 2003 206CC a couple of years ago wouldn't have cleared £500... and over 2k for a 2001 VW Caddy van
  15. Another milestone passed in the C4GP - 195k It's the car I've driven furthest but only the 4th highest mileage, another 3k and it overtakes my trusty Cavalier 1.7td which did just short of 198k before the head cracked...
  16. Van picked up from welders this morning, he's done a solid job on it for reasonable money.. Straight to MOT station and .. a PASS, just a couple of advisories for tyres and I'll probably find a set of alloys.
  17. Brgn M9 Only £1100, 17yr old Micra auto with moon miles. I careful owner....
  18. Mechanical issues on the van all done and taken for welding this afternoon.. Other updates, nasty suspension clock has made itself known on the Mazda 3, hoping its a droplink Slk320 - ABS problem is back, randomly pops the brakes on momentarily then throws the ABS light for the rest of the journey, due to go into storage shortly for winter SLk200 - Roof stopped working, suspect a duff microswitch, also got a rattle from what sounds like the timing chain, booked into local garage, needs attention to front wings. C4GP - Getting closer to 200k miles, still got a nasty oil leak but keeping on keeping on.
  19. Have you seen this "R" for sale in N-U-L https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/453844963517981/
  20. V70R -£3k https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/453844963517981/
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