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  1. Correct, it's not unusual for ambulance staff to start there shift relieving another crew with a patient at the hospital door, then not moving for their entire shift.
  2. We had max 4 hours, then we voted in Tory governments for 15 years and now as above it can be 12, people are being treated in corridors or held in ambulances outside for hours meaning it takes hours to even get an ambulance.. anyway don't get me started.
  3. I ordered one of these do days, certainly much better for washing cars etc. https://amzn.eu/d/9wciqCO
  4. Yeah, I had a 2001 Y plate phase 2 in 2003 absolutely awful, made me vow never to own another Renault, worst ftp the gearbox oil making a bid for freedom down the nearside draftshaft on a trip to France this came to light with my mate driving when he touch the brakes coming into the Dartford crossing barriers and we came in sideways as gearbox oil covered the brake disc and was sprayed all up the side. Still like the look of al 3 phases though..
  5. Olli wanker That's right mate, only get one shot, live on the wild side, live dangerously, etc etc... But wait, how far can you push things in this Olli way of life, surely there has to be some sort of boundaries to the wanton abandoness..... . . . . . . Yeah, Skoda Yeti, that's as far out as I'm going... (In Dawlish Warren)
  6. Is it manual or auto, wondering if it would donate its gearbag (if auto) to get @Mrs6C 's one going? Think the auto boxes were rare as rocking horse do do..
  7. My youngest a good few years ago was egged on (sorry) to egg a car on Halloween, being him, he obliged, then came home, an hour later the police were on the doorstep, a police car had been driving along the perimeter road to the town and saw his friends*** and stopped to ask them what they were doing, one of the lads asked the copper "are you looking for the lad that's egged the Ferrari..... Having a bonnet respray on a Ferrari 458 is more expensive than you might think... (the egg was removed almost immediately, but definitely left a mark on the ceramic coated paint)
  8. Couple of grins on my walk to the station this morning. Exhibit 1 Convey a profeshnal image of your business by having it sign written. Exhibit 2 A minty looking Nissan Patrol!
  9. Saw this on the forecourt of my local dealership of dubious repute.. Low mileage but HFM!!!
  10. My wife's first car was an Austin 1300 when she started learning to drive in the late '90's Gifted to her by her grandad who had kept it in the garage for her for years. Sadly its next MOT was the death of it, much welding & other work needed saw it scrapped, then life got in the way and she didn't end up passing her test until we got married 10 years later (then we got her a Citroen C3)
  11. Quite fancy a Safrane, liking the look of this one.. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2129469074089716/ Sadly no budget at the mo, so if someone wouldn't mind buying it and bringing it into the fold. 😉
  12. https://youtu.be/gjazuDoQi54?si=L9DRUYdBrlX7-QH8
  13. Have you got one of those drill brushes to agitate it?
  14. So now to spruce up the Insignia and get it ready for sale, but after 400 miles behind the wheel today time for a cuppa and some TV
  15. And collected, lovely to meet you Liam @MrGTI6
  16. 2 hours in another 1.5 to go, currently at Greggs getting breakfast of champions, transport of choice MrsFL's Volvo
  17. Hastily Arranged Collection mission soon to be underway at 07.30 hours with MrsFL & SmollFL No public transport, no further data available at the time.
  18. Proper chuckled at spotting this Little Tikes Cosy Coupe today in Oldbury Also spotted the Ghostbusters on the M6.
  19. The full ooffft! Would love this!
  20. Citroen Xm 38k miles https://www.facebook.com/share/p/U2VSUVnrvypoK2L5/
  21. I haz fitted roof rack (a bit oversize)
  22. MOT pre booked for Monday morning...
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