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  1. One in! Deal was done and paid for but today was collection day of the BiL's ex works transit SWB Low roof, no collection Fred as only local, now sat on the drive after BIL abandoned it after decided not to carry on with the camper conversion project and selling it to me for £600 having fitted both side & rear windows. I've already fixed the non starting issue by replacing the ignition switch module, fitted some s/hand wheels & tyres. Now need to fit a front spring, give it a check over and get an MOT before we start a camper conversion.. Other fleet update.. SLK - MOT passed with only an advisory for chip in the windscreen, not bad for a 21yr old Merc C4GP - Swapped the DPF for an aftermarket one I got a few years ago and never Fitted as I had to tow our folding camper for the first time in two years and the original dpf was blocked and kept throwing an eml and kicking the turbo & cruise out.. With the new dpf on it is even worse, lost turbo and cruise within minutes of hitching up. Very hairy moment towing up the bank before and after the Air Baloon Roundabout, in second with the hazards on, not something I want to repeat! Might try cleaning the old one and putting it back on, if that doesn't work might be time to move it on, it's done 8 yrs on the fleet and got to 190k so not doing bad. Mazda 3 - Is Japanese, keeps on keeping on, just had new rear tyres after a puncture, wish I could find someone who would sell me just the A/C compressor clutch, needs a good polish... Smoll FL's Citroen C3, longest on fleet with us since '08, keeps on keeping on..
  2. Exploded oil cooler? Whatever it is, its not good!
  3. Indeed, in the past we've done Full English followed by Cannock car auctions,, but the auctions have shut down, do you or @Lankytimknow if the Saturday auction at Newcastle is running/any good to point amd laugh at their stock?
  4. Must get a get together organised again.. I'm in Stafford
  5. Think thats highest fleet total so far...
  6. Just registered the SLK on the work system, I imagine someone with their eyes on stalks looking at the CO2 emissions in a world where everyone is getting hybrids and electric. PA! I already get regular computerised warnings about my car being over 5years old and more than 90k miles, telling me I need to to address these action points.. not going to happen anytime soon 😂
  7. Holy Thread resurrection Batman! Update on our fleet 812,000 or so across 5.. Smoll FL's C3 122k Merc SLK 121k Mrs FL's Mazda 3 154k Citroen C4GP 191k Transit for camper project 230k Average 164k..
  8. Apparently Kiss Radio in Canada's owners have made all the staff redundant with immediate effect and the only person left has been playing Rage Against the Machines Killing in the name of on repeat for about 24hours.. https://www.kissradio.ca/
  9. Update... So having agreed to purchase I set about getting this thing running, out of MOT in January, not been opened since... buying from BIL and he's read that fault can be caused by ignition switch module failing. Went out to it today armed with a new switch block, connected up Aldi jump pack and started first flick of the key... Result!! So just need to get a couple of tyres and get it booked in for an MOT and conversion into a day van can commence! Ideally could of been a bit bigger but for £600 I'll make it work... Bil has owned it from almost new, used every day for work, put over 200k on it, retired it and decided to create a camper, put the side windows in then lost interest when it dawned on him he had driven it 200k and the last thing he wanted to do was drive it any further when on holiday, couldn't be arsed dealing with Joe public and wanted it gone..
  10. Ds only 50k miles, off the roads since 2015 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/576224170802500/?ref=facebook_story_share
  11. For sale by a friend of mine.. Cinquecento Sporting.. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/551530149769909/
  12. I haz agreed to do a buy! In typical autoshite fashion, £600, moon miles, retail silver with rust bless, no MoT, not seen it running and won't run unless it's started on easy start and I've not really got anywhere to store it. 😂
  13. I had one of these at a couple of years old 1.6 16v, very capable but tedious, predictable and reliable, exactly what I needed after an experience with a launch model mk2 Laguna Dci...
  14. Didn't know Liz MacDonald had become a Tory MP..
  15. Anyone passing Chippenham on the way to the FOD tomorrow who could pick up a cd changer for me?
  16. Anyone who's going to be at the FOD sat/ Sun got a use for a new 175/70/13 on a psa rim?
  17. I'm planning to be there Sat, May attempt to replace the DPF on the C4GP and do a bit of bodywork..
  18. Have we seen this one before, apparently one owner, dealer serviced just been px'd https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1956607488041177/
  19. We had a Hotpoint/indesit/Creda tumble dryer and it must have been fixed about 8 times in the 5 years we had it, when the bearing mounting sheared out of the back of the drum we binned it and bought a Gorenge which is now over 6 years old and never given trouble, built properly with decent components
  20. Have you had a look at the New Retro Blaupunkt range like the Bremen!
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