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  1. does it? or does it just need some race numbers?
  2. Radical and unpopular suggestion, leave it as it was when he actually drove it. Put a nice sheet laminated poster in the window with all the info for when its parked up, job done. I mean, why would you want it to look different to when he actually drove it? (or is that just me)
  3. Passed my driving test in one of those. Damn im old
  4. BMW e28 5 series definitely used a 5 3/4" sealed beam unit - Only problem is most of them were 2 lamp units per side, so possibly used one for main and other for dip, so could be unsuitable for what you need
  5. Depends how honest the rebuilder/restorer/bodger is i suppose. I was always told if it was a new item of original design with paperwork to prove it then it could keep its identity (as long as axle, engine etc were also used to keep enough DVLA points) Having said that, its all seemingly a minefield anyway, depending on who you speak to at the DVLA
  6. New shells available? If new then not a case for ring ring surely?
  7. i credit mr rustybullethole with more taste and sense than that to be honest
  8. Quite nearby, tempted but currently poor and short of space trying to sort out the 206 hdi and keep the maestro diesel working
  9. Totally understandable, ive never liked VW either, much prefer skoda flavour of all ages
  10. Is that right? In late 90's VW didnt build alloy engines? Seems unlikely considering how long the supposedly inferior french and even UK manufacturers had been building alloy engines for by then. Im not saying you are wrong, its just really surprising information that seems slightly incongruous
  11. Is what appears to be a slightly accident damaged sierra really worth 2495? I have no clue, im just surprised
  12. Does that gearlever look rather too far back?
  13. Yep, definitely the demographic moving on. You only have to look at the prices for old brit motorbikes now. Things like Velos/BSA, Triumph stuff of the 40's/50's/60's values are way down on say 5-10-15 years ago. Sadly its the owners aging and the generations that remember/care about them dying off. Yet prices for 350LC's etc stay solid and high (usually slightly artificially high so they dont tend to sell for what they are advertised at) as this is the generation that has nostalgia, cash and health on their side currently.
  14. Nice, like it. With the federally mandated 85mph speedo as well - you can definitely say you were only doing 85 🤣
  15. Same, from about late 93 to approx 2001 ish for me. Don’t still have them all, but a few. Read them cover to cover, sometimes several times, often revisited as I bought and rode some of the bikes featured. I was a bit obsessed with their brand of biking and silliness
  16. Looks more like Trevor Franklin (from the now defunct Performance Bikes Magazine)
  17. just call it 4k over priced and lightly ruined 🤣
  18. Thats giving me 'fall guy' vibes (even though its the wrong make and colour 🤣)
  19. Both had details removed on DVLA. So basically next to useless unless stripping them down, what an utter bag o shite. That avenger needs to be on the road (looking roughly as it does now)
  20. This, in spades. Probably the only car of its looks/type that you could actually drive daily without worries and still be keeping up with traffic flow
  21. Have you seen the price banger racers will pay for things these days? 2-4k for some is fine, sometimes more. It’s not cheap cars that get raced anymore
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