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    End of shite?

    In 2017 I bought a 2000 Subaru Legacy Saloon in blue for £35. £35 was for the bottle of whiskey I gave the guy for it. Albeit the guy was paying for the lockup and wanted it gone so I was saving him money having it collected etc. The cam sensor it needed for it to run cost more than what I paid for it. Had intentions to do the cam belt but the clutch was so heavy it fucked my Achilles tendon twice. Wife gave me a then rare but now more frequent ultimatum of the Scooby or Paddy the Corolla. Chose Paddy, sold the Scooby. I will never, ever, ever have a car like that for the money I paid. Hindsight is always 20/20 and I really should’ve just kept both cars and cancelled the wedding. But hey ho.
  2. Seems like the sort of guy who really should be on this website. Anyone heard of him?
  3. “Nah m9 they all drive like dat. My dad had one did the same”
  4. Are you even a man if you're not driving a rectum?
  5. Well I’ve never been near Peugeot to get anything other than bumper brackets for it to ask and see what they suggest! That’s another thing @Bradders59 - these break front bumper brackets for fun. If you need to take the bumper off, budget for at least one replacement bracket for each side. No matter how careful you think you are, it’ll snap in some spot and does need replacing.
  6. I’ve put Millners 5w30 (I think) and I don’t like it. Engine is quite clattery with that. Ive always gone for the Petronas Syntium though, out of cost to begin with but I think the oil suits the engine. And it’s always come out fairly clean when it was changed. So I’d always go for it. You can get a service pack for the Aygo from Toyota with OEM oil. Just find the reg of an Aygo and away you go. However the oil spec for Toyota changed and they recommend 0w20 for it. It’s the same engine, so no idea why the oil type was changed.
  7. It’s an absolute pig of a job to adjust the clutch if you don’t have the hands of a toddler.
  8. Not just me who has/had a driveway being shared by a Lada and a 107 then? Do you have a hopeless 4x4 too?
  9. Clutch is cable operated, and sort of adjustable, so a bit of slop in it is what it is btw
  10. My time to shine, thanks @RoverFolkUs The two most major things that go wrong is the clutch and the catalytic converter cracking. These are the two biggest bills I’ve had in 13 years and 94,230 miles of ownership. I had the thicker clutch, it did 60,000 miles. It’s on its second, and it’s done 34,000 and I don’t think it’ll see 40,000 as I don’t think it was replaced like for like. The catalytic converter is a manicat, and I’ve had 3 on it in 13 years. The weld where the cat joins the manifold cracks and over time it splits. Why? Well I know on my car there is a bracket that hold the middle of the cat to the engine block. Mine didn’t have that to begin with, it’s only on the third cat did I realise it should’ve had one, so mine now has one as the 3rd cat had it. The 2nd cat was a 3rd party one that robbed the car of power, it’s woeful. Don’t buy it from ECP. If your car splits, weld it up. That’s all that goes wrong in them, a weld fixes it. Bear in mind the head bolts aren’t meant to be loosened and tightened this much, so may break. Mine did. RTV sealant fixed it. Did that in April last year, and because my Land Cruiser being a useless piece of shit, I’ve done a lot of miles in the 107 and it’s been great. Problem solved. Water ingress is a bitch. I thought I sorted mine, I haven’t. And it’s no fun when it’s this cold and the frost on the inside of the car is thicker than the outside. Issue on the 107/C1 is high level lights, rear lights, and getting to this age, door seals. Door seals are sorted with and extra bead of a D rubber strip (way cheaper than replacement seals) and you can get light gaskets from eBay for a few quid. Engine uses oil. It’s chain driven, so it does require regular services and make sure the oil is topped up. I don’t do this, I forget, I know I am awful. I thought I had a chain rattle recently, but it’s just the exhaust. So it’s grand. £40 does a full service, which I do every year as it seems silly not to. It’s on its 3rd battery. Costs £40. Ish. Keep the revs above 3,000rpm, and you won’t bog down. It likes to be driven hard, well I like to drive it hard, and it rewards you with a fun experience. There is nothing that gives a go kart experience that’s legal on the road. The radio is shit. PSA give two speakers at the front. Toyota on the Black trim give you four and it’s better. Which reminds me, I ought to look for door cars from the Aygo black to get the speaker mounts. 2013+ PSA models, well Peugeot at least, have a head unit that has Bluetooth. That’s worth finding I think. Can’t think of anything else. I think these really do suffer in the wrong places. What I mean is in 2011 I parked in a car park outside Glasgow and realised I was next to the exact same model as my own, right down to the year of registration. I found the photo a few years ago and stuck it on the MOT check. My 107 has failed 1 MOT on a lightbulb, that was last year, but there’s nothing for rust or anything. I’ve not rustproofed it either. The twin car though, rust shows up early on I think, and it had rusty pipes etc etc. Roads in Birmingham are different to Scotland. So keep that in mind. But yeah, they’re a great car. The best car I think. I’ve driven mine to Budapest and all round Europe, as far west as Oban, I’ve had an indicated 114mph on the speedo in Germany in it (downhill), it has never, ever, let me down. At all. If it’s been broken it’s happened once and it’s been pennies to fix and quick to do. It’s a proper successor to the original mini, it really is. I will fight anyone who says different, it is a hill I’ve built and will die on, but only when they’ve died first.
  11. The channel name struck a chord but I didn’t know it was yours!
  12. Probably been mentioned… I’m not a blue bath tub apologist, but it’s certainly interesting to see the societal impact it had. Especially this conversation - how the guy has a lovely toilet and uses his Invacar to go from the office to the toilet, yet if it were taken away, would any taxi proprietor send a taxi to do the same trip for him?
  13. Men need a hobby. Seriously though, and I’ve been there, you’re doing a cracking job regardless of whatever Lady Luck is deciding to take away from you.
  14. Only issue there can be is skimming the head - they can be skimmed once but after that there’s nothing left so results in a new head - if it needs it. But all the updated stuff comes from SAIC and their N series engine in the MG 6. The one thing that could improve things is relocating the thermostat or use the PRV modification from the Freelander. I liked my ZR for the 2 days I drove it. They’re an alright car, only issue with facelift versions is the Project Drive bullshit so everything is a little cheaper. Cant go wrong really.
  15. Three things to take away from this: - No matter how confident you are in something, someone will always prove you wrong - Lada drivers are incredibly safe and considerate in an emergency - Ford drivers are always in a rush and shouldn't be trusted
  16. You know when you bring something back to the shop for a refund because it’s faulty? And the shop doesn’t bother to fix the item, it just gets sent to land fill? This. But for Land Rovers.
  17. Thanks all. I’ll drop you a PM @Rocket88 when I’m in a position to make an offer. It won’t be until Feb/March though as that’s the earliest I’ll be able to replace this heap.
  18. I know but on the Corolla @big_al_granvia is on about only the passenger side seat scoots forward enough to allow access. Which isn’t an issue normally but with the seat I’ve got I’d have to contort around the baby seat to put him in. Plus the wife would divorce me if it came back (at the moment at least!). If I got a Scooby again I’d want to make sure the clutch wasn’t heavy or it was an automatic. I did damage to my Achilles with the last Subaru I had. Thing is too with the ZT/75, I’d want a V6. I don’t mind hard work, if it needed a belt I’d do it. I’ve done worse jobs! Ive got time to think anyway. This will be a new year job!
  19. No it’s fine, I need a minimum 4 doors to get the baby in the back. I am thinking along the lines of Subaru Legacy, MG ZT-T or the Saab 93/95 estate.
  20. I’ve used Roughtrax for the timing belt and water pump stuff, which I’ve not fitted yet. I think though I’d be better to do it cheap to move it on. I’m still not convinced keeping it for the long term is an option given how fucking ungrateful it’s been. We have been here before!!!
  21. I’m thinking I’m cursed with 4x4 Toyotas. My Corolla never let me down. It wouldn’t be such an issue if it was a simpler machine, or less uptight. I still want an Amazon, I will have an Amazon, just not now or in the immediate future. I do like the Civic, but the next car has to be practical. Along the lines of an estate, something that if it does shit itself it’s either cheap to fix or cheap to dump. Fuck this noise of champagne motoring for caviar prices!
  22. It is what it is, but I’d rather put this effort in to my Lada than something which has turned out to be ungrateful. The MOT was done in August, so it’s got more than 6 months. Depending on when I get the work done I’ll think about a renewal at the time. I think it’s doable. I’ve got tall axle stands which I bought for the Lada which are meant for a 4x4. The sensors are apparently a prick to change, meaning the bolts will need to be drilled out and replaced. The air bags take about 3 hours to do, require a special tool which can be replaced with tweezers apparently. I would rather not send it to a garage to do it, I need to minimise the outlay on it now.
  23. So thinking about this, if I do this job properly with Toyota parts I will be looking at £1,700. This is on top of the £1,600 spent earlier this year. I can, of course, buy the air bags for £35 from eBay. And the shock absorbers for £200. And the height sensors for £100 for the pair. Which makes it £500. But these are eBay parts, with their own risks no matter how many “1 year guarantee” there is. However, I think it’s best that this moves on. It owes me a substantial amount of money without taking in to consideration the £1,600 spent. So I can sell it with the knackered suspension for less money, or I can fix it up with eBay parts and move it on that way. So that’s what I’m going to do. It’ll still be January at the earliest though before I even touch it, but I’m done with it. Which is a shame but I’ve no trust in it. At least now I can let my mind wander on to what replacement I will get. I did consider a Duster, but at my price point they will have the rocking drivers seat which put me off them.
  24. Thanks @warch I will have a look later. I swear there is an invoice for the bags being changed a few years ago, so I’m surprised they’re fucked like this so soon.
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