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  1. It is what it is. I’ve learned a lot, more about my head than the technicalities of a Rover.
  2. I thought that too. But then maybe he thinks because he has that deposit he can pick and choose when to collect it to suit him. Which is fair enough if I was explicit that the thing needs to go. My problem here is I think everyone is like me and when I say I’ll buy it I hand the cash over and don’t take the piss. What I should’ve done was tell all the interested parties the address and whoever showed up first with the cash and trailer could take it. I won’t entertain this deposit bullshit ever again. Fairly sure I’ve tried that, several times. Listen whoever turns up with £500 and a trailer can have the fucking thing.
  3. I still have the car. It’s still on the driveway. I’ve given this wanker two deadlines (the last one is today). I’ve given him Ceri’s number to facilitate moving it, and I’ve had nothing concrete from him. Other than a £100 deposit. He messaged me on Thursday 2pm asking if he could pick it up “now” basically. Ignoring how I’ve told him to give me an idea as to when I would expect him with plenty of notice as the car is miles away from me. I said no, but Friday afternoon I’d be there. He said no as his work is unpredictable. Fed up of this shit, I told him in no uncertain terms the car needed to go by the 18th Feb. Which is today. It’s 12:35pm and other than an “Ok” on Thursday to my message - I’ve nothing from the cunt. I will message the two others who showed interest in it and see if they still want it and it needs going. I hate people. Genuinely.
  4. I don’t know what age you should be but that is absolutely pornographic. i love it.
  5. I thought that was to help the driver know which direction to go in?
  6. My Dad had that Renault 25. Same hubcaps, colour, style. I broke the aerial on it by swinging off it through the roof when I was 5. That's a car I need to get hold of before I stop bothering with cars.
  7. The starter is 24v. So when you start the batteries are joined for this one job, then revert back to normal 12v status. What people do is convert the starter to 12v and have one battery for car stuff and then the other battery becomes a leisure battery.
  8. I don't appreciate people infringing on my USP @mat777!!!! Seriously though - I think you have found out what I have in that the idea of a Land Cruiser being super reliable etc translates to "don't have to look after it M9".
  9. Owning a Land Cruiser is very much like being married to a woman.
  10. So, I suppose I should do an update. Whatever happened on AutoTrader I didn't get anything. Not even a tyre kicker. I think the email got fucked up on it (as like an idiot I used Apple's "hide your email" and I don't think it worked). So I decided to keep it for the winter then hopefully/maybe punt it on in the spring/summer. I would like to tell you all that something else has broken, or something else has died. However, for now at least, it's behaving itself. The parking sensors are bollocksed which resulted in me trading paint with a blue Skoda Octavia a few days before Christmas. No big deal, it literally is a scuff on both cars. The car just happened to belong to the parents of my wife's posh friend. Of all the f**king people! Anyway, yesterday I changed the oil on it (no drama) and took it to another tyre place to look at the tracking. Whatever the last place did the car now drives in a straight line and it's now actually a little bit more enjoyable. Probably because it's going in a straight line and the oil change has had a placebo effect on my head to make me think everything is fine with it. What have done though is put together the video of me doing the injectors finally. Which can be found here: Jobs that are on the horizon (whether I keep it or not) is that the middle box has a hole in it so I might see about getting that welded (or do it myself), rear brake discs and pads, and maybe new tyres all round.
  11. I don’t think it is no. But I will recommend the fella to come on here, as he has a Morris Minor Cop car.
  12. Well, someone has given me £100 deposit for it. Now we wait!
  13. So here I am. I have twatted the starter. No good. I have a fresh battery. No good. I have wiggled and jiggled the neutral selector thingy Bob after many clips snapped taking the centre console off, or at least trying to. No good. It’s got to move on. My mom doesn’t want it here any longer and to be honest I’ve tried her patience with it. I’ve put it back on to the Rover 800 forum with a price and the truth that I can wait a few weeks but it’ll have to go one way or the other. If it comes to the latter then I’ll take the hard to find bits off of it, like the exhaust, but no. It’s time for this to go and move on. Anyone here want to start 2024 with this streaky black piece of misery?
  14. That’s not oily smoke. You’re just sweating horsepower son.
  15. I did not know that was a real person in the film! Wow, what a life.
  16. Not car related, but planes. The title isn’t click bait, Russian pilots really did drink the alcohol from their jets.
  17. I’ve not got time to bother my arse with finding out the details, but I know two things about the MG6. 1) The 1.8T petrol is a K Series, but they call it the N series, as it has all the new MLS gasket and stronger through bolts etc that you should put in a K Series - with a turbo. 2) SAIC could not give two shits about supplying spare parts for these, so (I think) strut top mounts are (or at least were) unobtainable. Still a good looking motor though 👍
  18. Be honest - when I said pretentious pub you thought it was either The Crown or Lyttleton Arms and it's just because this has more trees that you guessed it right?
  19. Well I mean I do need a new car and can’t get it until this one goes!
  20. Ahh! No, it’s the car park of a pretentious pub near me. Annoyingly I rushed there thinking it was going to rain as the black clouds were near, but nope. Nothing. And also forgot to add the hub caps on the rears!
  21. Had it all cleaned. Look at it. Paid(!) AutoTrader £46 for the advert to go up, so waiting on it to go live. Stuck it up for £9,750 - based on two cars of the same age and spec being £6,999 and £12,999. Now, we wait.
  22. I’d imagine that’d would’ve been an LC4/LC4 or Invincible. Most likely LC4 if those are leather I see in the window on my iPhone. So none of the air suspension mine has, and if the Invincible it’d have more power as it was a dealer thing to stick a box for the ECU to give it a bit more. Yeah they’re on a ladder chassis. It’s the same as mine. Now reading this, probs an LC4. It’d have been the same 3.0 D4-D diesel as mine. Fuck I would. I would hard. Only seen one for sale and it’s a petrol. Although there is a non 4x4 Scienic in blue for £900 and it looks immaculate. Tempted by it tbh! Hold on to your knickers - I’m going to stick it on for £8,500/8,750 but to give me room to take £8,000/8,250. So I know really I won’t be getting exporters knocking my door down for it, but it’s in the range of what’s on AutoTrader for the same age and spec, except mine has the new shocks, injectors, timing belt and air suspension. I could probably go higher. One thing we do for my boy as he’s obsessed with cars (specifically tractors) is we buy a magazine called Classic Tractor (I think). Wife told me yesterday that they have a classified on it that sells everything including 4x4’s, so I’ll probably stick it in there too. Old school! I did mention the potential for a Berlingo as we stopped off at Gloucester services and we were walking past one. Well, was a Peugeot (which I prefer tbh), but she didn’t appreciate it. It’s ugly and she’d prefer me with a Saab. Mentioned it to my sister today and she said the same thing (although said she couldn’t see me in a Saab and that she’d have thought I’d have gone with a Ford Mondeo). This all taught me two valuable lessons: the main women in my life don’t know me, and a Berlingo is probably the best way for me to keep myself from being under the thumb!
  23. Yeah it’s so strange. It’s not even enough to look at the trim level it has and expect it to have air con. You’d imagine that if it had the modutop stuff, with the glass panels in the roof, it’d have air con - but no. I could not imagine the hell those cars can be in the summer like what we had last year. My 3008 had the 16v 1.6 HDi and I thought it was the best thing about the car. I wouldn’t mind getting another 1.6 but I think I’d be going for the 2.0. Left it at home and used the wife’s car instead! I may take you up on it. The plan is to stick it on AutoTrader for the proper money they all go for. With all the niggles and problems I’ve had it’s worth the money to someone who no doubt will have no problems with it. If it doesn’t go on AT then it’s eBay, then the man from the Congo.
  24. It is just the shape thing. I think the F2's are quite forgettable in some respects. The shape of the older ones I think are nicer. Like I said I'm not inclined to get another 4x4. I just thought that while I'm in the market for one, and I think a good one turns up, I would consider it. But all that's happened really is that I'm on YouTube watching videos of Citroen Berlingos...
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