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  1. Had a quick hour after work, decided to put the throttle body back on to the car. Slight faff with it, as the EGR cooler (box with blue/white sticker) needed to be loosened a bit in order to get the throttle body back on, as the EGR cooler feeds in to the EGR valve here. It was a further faff putting the screws/bolts/nuts back on as I've got massive hands and some part of this car weren't designed for people with shovel hands like myself. Now the magic box I bought from Australia plugs in to the top of the EGR valve, which I've not connected for the moment. I've also done a little "upgrade" to the throttle body, removing the butterfly flap. This valve stays open when off, and when you drive it tends to close so that the engine sucks up the gases from the EGR cooler. Now, though, it'll only suck in cold air from the intercooler and not bother it's arse with the EGR. Which is a good thing, as it will improve engine response and fuel economy, without affecting emissions (apparently). The chap who did this to his Land Cruiser reckons he's seen a marked improvement on MPG doing this mod alone, and the response at the low end is more akin to a 5.0 litre diesel. He's also using the magic aussie box as well, so it all helps. Now I had intended to put an oil catch can on the car, but I'm getting conflicting messages about it. Some say it's a good thing, but others are also saying that if the EGR is blocked or taken out altogether then a catch can isn't needed. Given the absolute state of the rocker cover, I'm still inclined to use a catch can.
  2. Spoke to Toyota, that clamp costs £13 plus VAT. It was shagged anyway as whoever had the lines off before fouled the clamp so I couldn’t use it again, not really. Great morning though as I have gone to work without my wallet, and he wanted payment to order. I politely reminded him of the amount of money I’ve spent in the last month or two and that I’m good for £20. He agreed, so it’ll be ordered and turn up on Wednesday. Depending on the weather, I may attempt to install the oil catch can tonight, or at least mount the magic Aussie box to the car.
  3. I would demand one 😂 Thats fine, if anyone else has a car with gangster glass let’s form a coalition and get some printed!
  4. Cheers bud, tbh she was like this with the RAV4 as well so it’s not just the baby. I’m usually not like that, but that happened and even when I was under it I felt a bit panicked like I was going to be trapped. I wouldn’t, as it’s not on axle stands or anything just sat there on its four wheels. I don’t know, but I did a random thing on Friday morning too when the wife hit me to stop me snoring, and apparently I got out of the bed to look for something. I was asleep and just got back in to bed. Well odd, that never happens. Theres probably something in the back of my head that’s not happy, who knows
  5. Ah I know, I don't know what's wrong with my head today really I just have a nagging feeling about it tis all.
  6. Anything that looks like a 4x4, Dacia Duster, it's a Jeep. My mom calls my Land Cruiser a jeep, I try calling it a truck, but I end up reverting back to jeep as "broken land cruiser on my driveway" is a mouth full. It doesn't bother me so much. It winds my wife up though, so I do it to wind her up about it really.
  7. In Ireland, for some reason, every 4x4 is referred to as a jeep. Land Rover Defender? Jeep. Land Rover Freelander? Jeep. Toyota Land Cruiser? Jeep. Jeep? A whip. I catch myself doing it too, I blame my dad.
  8. Roger Taylor, the world's greatest drummer*, having a chat. Interesting stories about Under Pressure and We Will Rock You, along with being 100% right about drum machines.
  9. I should really add some more to this, especially when it comes to the sludge issue. The design of the rocker cover is such that there is a raised chamber on the left hand side where the oil breather goes in to it. It's enclosed with a small opening to allow oil to return back to the rocker. Cast your eyes, if you will, at the absolute state of it all. There was far, far more crud and shit in this chamber than in the head. This was even after copious amounts of carb cleaner, as when you unscrew the plate (as seen in pic 2) it remains stuck, as there is a sealant around it. I removed it, cleaned it with petrol with a rinse of carb cleaner, and fitted it back with some RTV. There is an oil catch can to go on which will hopefully alleviate this issue, as well as the injectors! Also here is the clamp I was referring to: There's another rubber piece where God knows where it's gone, but that clamps the 3 fuel lines to the EGR cooler. The 4th line has it's own bracket which I have, thankfully.
  10. Fuel pipes are on, looking wonderful. But I’ve misplaced the clamp that holds the fuel lines to the engine block/EGR cooler. Well I say misplaced, I think I was meant to order a new one as the old one got crushed. I also lost the washer for the sump plug. Great. Wife won’t be happy, but hopefully I’ll have it ready on Friday for my day off. I can still program injectors and test the fuel pressure without the engine running, all the other bits and pieces can go on too. So when it comes to the clamp and washer, I should be able to turn the key and drive off. he says.
  11. The most peculiar thing happened to me. All new stretch bolts and injector screw things in place. As I go to do the first screw (at the bottom in the pic) I start getting all overcome with anxiety. Long story short, by the last bolt I felt like I was having a bit of a panic attack. Not had one since 2010 when I had to go on a plane. Quite, quite odd. Anyway, giving the rocker cover a quick clean as well as one last inspection of the injectors etc,.
  12. Until a bolt on the sump popped when putting it back 😔. Fuck it, tis but one bolt with a load of RTV. It'll be grand, the rest of them are tight but I am not going near them with a torque wrench. Not after last time!
  13. So I managed to get the sump off... The pick up is relatively clean!!! Joy!!! Even better news.... The sump is fairly clean too!!! Only thing there was oil that hadn't drained. Far as I can tell the sump has never been off, so I am thinking the sludge at the top is only recent and a result of the knackered injector. For all the heartache, I think it's a blessing. Now I'm off to crawl on my back and scrape the sealant off the engine...
  14. Prince Phillip would be proud
  15. I'm an equal opportunities father, the fact he's a baby shouldn't stop him from doing everything I can do. I demand results, not excuses.
  16. Don't know if this counts but as I walk the baby around the block now I get to spend more time looking around where I live. There's a chap rocking a Vauxhall Disastra estate, 1999 version (I care not for Vauxhalls) - but the damn thing is blocking the view of a lovely Rover SD1 in red and a Bedford Comma(?) van. Beautiful they are. Near him, and I swear they are on here and if you are - hello - but there's an old boy who drives an old orange Vulva 240 estate with frilly doors which lives on the road. Why? Because they have a pristine Renault 5 parked up on the driveway. The Renault, while pristine, I don't think has moved in a while. A few doors down from this bloke there's a Ford Bronco on the driveway which I think is being used to store parts. I do often walk past the Bronco and think about putting a bit of paper in the door and asking if it's available. Then I see my little sleep terrorist asleep in the pram in front of me, and realise my wife would divorce me and it'd render me a McDonald's dad. So the Bronco is safe... for now.
  17. Love how that Ford has quite clearly been in a head on bump yet they’re still going round in it with zero fucks given
  18. New Land Cruiser. Unfair for the Defender to be compared to it, but hey ho.
  19. I did think that, but i thought "No, this man's Yoda. He can torque a bolt to 1nm just by touch alone"
  20. Is there any scope for a sticker that goes on the outside of the car instead of inside?
  21. Donated, for the first time ever as I've managed to find it before the donation window closed. I've ran sites across Digital Ocean, Vultr and Linode before, I always tend to plum for Linode. I've had to use DO's customer service before and it was shocking. They're not the helpful company they once were. Vultr are just anonymous, neither good nor bad. Linode though tend to be fairly helpful when needed, although I don't tend to need them often. And this is the issue, how much of the site's maintenance and administration is done by you and how much do we outsource to the provider? As I know where I work the marketing team pay a provider more than what I'd pay Linode because they maintain the server. Whereas with Linode, the VPS is yours and you do what you want with it. That goes for back ups as well, how are they configured and are they included with the £80/month? If the server's configuration, updates etc are handled by ourselves then we would be looking at Linode I think. If we require a company to look after the server so we just concentrate on the site maintenance then I don't know who to suggest to be honest.
  22. Would like to add some things here: When using the impact wrench, 6 point impact sockets are needed, as well as an impact wobble bar. Actually, just fill your kit with 6 point sockets in general. Use 12 point sockets only if you're absolutely desperate. Torque wrenches - don't buy cheap like I did. Minimum spend £90. 3/8" and 1/2". View screwdrivers as consumable items Oil filter removal band thing, like this: https://www.halfords.com/tools/hand-tools/automotive-tools/halfords-advanced-professional-oil-filter-removal-band-926543.html - This is, hands down, the absolute best tool I've ever bought out of all the tools I've bought. 100% of the time it's never once let me down. Magnetised telescopic tool things, for the inevitable fishing of dropped bolts and nuts in the engine
  23. The wife years ago went to Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, and she told me about the air plane she was on that didn't really do safety checks and told them that there were no life jackets on the plane but you could use the seat for a flotation device. Anyway, with that in mind, here is a man experiencing the best Nigeria has to offer in terms of flying. It's a big fat fuck no from me.
  24. James Burke knows what he's doing. Proven with, when you think about it, one of the most spectacular shots on camera ever made I think. Absolutely no room for error, no re-take, you screw up the shots ruined.
  25. "Holy Shit" I've spent more on injectors and fuel pipes for my Land Cruiser than you have on a whole year of motoring. If there's any holy shit to be shat here, it's with me!
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