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  1. To be fair I'm quite glad that there's no one around to re-tread tyres like that and force you to buy new ones.
  2. I'm watching, hoping, that Freya gets sacked from the Bake Off. Well, I'm hoping she fucks off from the bake off. Will be along in a bit
  3. SOLD - to the Brierley Bonk Mossive Am Yas.
  4. Laserdisc films, 70 of them, free for collection. Can drop them round if you're not that far away etc.
  5. You know what, sometimes I do get a little bit down that I don't get the traffic to my own YouTube channel. Especially if I've spent 5 months wasting my life welding a RAV4 and it only gets 90 views. But then I see the absolute shite hawks that you attract, commenting bollocks like this, and suddenly the 90 views don't seem so bad 😂
  6. Sell out. As in, sell out of them. What do you think I meant? Do some limited edition ones of quotes of the MG EV keyboard shaggers for extra sell out.
  7. Saw the prick again this morning, just down from when I had the altercation with the shrubbery. I've never seen a man look so sheepish as I mouthed "ah it's you dickhead" as I passed him.
  8. Not news to do with me, but imagine my surprise to see @Idriveaclassic rocking a Rover P6 towing a caravan on Channel 4 right now on "The Perfect Pitch".
  9. I do like that. A worthy modification to your humble skip.
  10. We ended up getting a pram because it's fairly compact when you fold it down, as the wife's Mercedes isn't blessed with a great sized boot. Thanks to the hybrid bollocks. Also, some how, we've inherited an old silver cross pram. Thanks to the LandCruiser, I can not only tow the pram if I want to I will also no doubt be inundated with requests to do driveways or cut some trees down! That Happy Sling Lady - sexist much - has been recommended to the wife before on something. I'm up for it, would probably be easier for me to cart the child around with a sling than a pram. Saves on the gym membership too! Babyshite - Your Child Is Our Concern - In a non-child catcher/social services/Jimmy Saville kinda way. I've never been down there, but now I feel like it's a challenge!
  11. It's Deansford Lane. My view of the road His view. So yeah. I can't see what's coming around that corner, but there's plenty of people coming towards me that know they can't see either. So do what that Fiesta is doing. Discshitery Driver decides it's their road, so plants it in the middle at speed and I only had the shrubbery to get in to. Yeah that's what I've been told to do. Haven't had time really to try this out, as I need to get hold of the rubbery mat first otherwise my lovely leather seat will be chewed up. We didn't get that sort of seat as the wife wanted a spinny base for her car, so we got separate ones for the cars.
  12. I've got that near exact model, somewhere. Also got a Reverse Polish Decimal Sinclair calculator somewhere.
  13. Reminder for tonight, and a reminder for @Six-cylinder to take the merry piss out of me and my LandCruiser again!
  14. Haven't refit the seat this evening as I had a tip appointment made in my name for tomorrow, so now the seats are down etc ready for more shite to go the tip. Did try the belt, yeah it's meant to do that. According to one of the guys on the LandCruiser group of Facefook it's a safety feature. Tried the belt but instead of pulling it all the way out, pulled it out a good bit, and fed it back in to the car without an issue. So there's no problem, just the thicko who owns the car!
  15. I'll try it again, but it seems it's doing it at every stage. I'll give it a look. It doesn't look to have been messed with. But I would think that it's just purely not being used that could be causing issues. - On a lighter note, which I forgot to mention, on my way to work Friday morning some c**t in a Discovery Sport nearly ran me off the road. It's a single track road, and as you get to the top of the hill there's a blind left turn (for me). Coming the opposite way, everyone usually pulls to the left so you can see what's coming up the hill. Dickheadery Sport driver decides fuck that, and cuts the corner. I slam the anchors on, and had to pull to the left where there's a bush. I managed to avoid them, but took half a bush to my wing mirror. No real damage, can't see much in the way of scratches, but I do have to get a dashcam. Because all I know about this car was that it was a pure jet black Discovery Sport. A newish one. This morning, on my way to work, same road, I don't meet anyone coming my way. Until I get to a residential bit, and I turn a corner. Guess what I see just being thrown in to the middle of the road, from a driveway with 12 ft hedges either side? A jet black Dickheadery Sport. The daft bastard goes absolutely postal - with his kids in the car, poor teenage kids - at me for basically being there. I'm less than 100 yards from the corner of, what is really, a main road. He spends the next 20 seconds - and I swear this is true - smacking his steering wheel with his hands shouting stuff at me which I can't hear. He winds his window down, at this point I'm doing the maths in my head thinking there's a good probability that this is the prick I met Friday, he's calling me all sorts. I tell the prick to get some tampons for himself (which I don't think he liked) as he slammed the brakes on while I drove off. Life is too short and too precious to get het up over things like this. It was what, 8:15am and he's already nuclear. If his impending heart attack doesn't kill him, someone who isn't as nice as I am about his driving will.
  16. @loserone That's the thing it just doesn't do that. The seatbelt should release and give you more of the belt in normal conditions - i.e. not smashing in to a tree - this belt just locks at every point until you unbuckle it and feed it back. I'll take a video tomorrow to better show what I mean
  17. On the car seat yes. It's the actual seat belt of the car that I think isn't right?
  18. 100% I'm going to fix it myself. Makes me think whether it's been serviced too. Easy to skip an oil change on a dizzle as the oil goes black the moment it's used. So I may do that for my own gratification next month. Well you're right, it's what they do. But there should be a bit of give in it. So when you're driving, a sharp pull of the belt will lock it in place. But if you feed it back in, and pull it slowly out again, it'll release more of the belt. The problem with this is that as soon as the wife sat in it, the moment she went to move forward it just locked. It wouldn't give any sort of play, unless you unbuckled and fed the whole lot of the seatbelt back to the car. Got all the slots and clips etc set right. Its when it comes to tightening the lap part, and then trying to get the shoulder belt part tight on the seat, the belt wouldn't give it any play so at one point the belt was pulling the seat up. I might try it behind my seat tomorrow. Not on an incline, I'm on the flat.
  19. I'm starting to think there's some sort of calendar whereby it's marked when my air con will work, and when it won't. I think it works out at about 2 weeks with me it'll work, then 4 weeks away at the dealer doing fuck all, then it'll be 2 weeks with me and then decide to stop working. But am I fucking giving it back to the bloke. I think I'm still just inside warranty, but it can wait till March. It still blows heat and that's what I need for the rest of the year. Otherwise, it's been great. Swallowed up all the new baby stuff in boxes. Took two doors from B&Q (btw, don't buy them - they're shite) and has done two tip runs already. The roof bars I've left on, and they whistle. A lot. But wrapping bungee chords around them dramatically reduces the sound. And I mean that. These would whistle at 40mph, now I get the odd beep when I'm above 60mph. Tried the new baby seat in the back. Christ alive what a faff, I can see now why everything is ISOFIX. I'd love to know what my old man did when I was born, driving me and my mom back from Birmingham's Women's hospital in the back of an FSO Polonez. The babyseat has highlighted an issue with this rear seat belt. The wife was moaning about it but she moans about everything, and the issue is it gets tight and doesn't relax. I'm trying to get the seat secure here, and I'm pulling the belt to make it tight, and I realise then I've done it too tight. It doesn't relax, and actually the only thing I can do is release the belt so it goes back, and then it'll pull out again. What causes that? That's something I could do with sorting ASAP. Also, the seat itself seems to slip slide on the leather. Has anyone had this issue? What can I do to keep it planted without risking the ire of the wife, midwife, plod, my future child when it comes to choosing my nursing home?
  20. "Please select your gender" *beeep* "You have selected... Male. You will be called Papa. Is this correct?" *beeep* "You have selected... Female. You will be called Nicole. Is this correct?" *beeep* "You have selected... Bob Mortimer. You will now go on to YouTube and watch that little known advertisement where Nicole was about to marry Vic, but Bob stopped her".
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