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  1. The ex police 150,000 mile1994 Escort saloon 1.8 diseasel for £250, bought in 2010. A surprisingly good car.
  2. that will be my current car. Paid £6750 for my 2018 Hyundai i10.
  3. I follow C Barker (credited in the books) on flickr. I enjoy viewing his photos featuring old cars and car washes. I sometimes have to correct him on some of the older cars he incorrectly identifies.
  4. I knew that Wolseley was ditched soon after launch but not Morris.
  5. RVJ 666S was up on the "Shite cars for sale“ facebook site. Now sold. Beige with quad round headlamps. (Morris?)
  6. Agree with the 1994-97 benchmark. I'd be happy driving a Corolla from that era. And even a Kia Mentor. Both cars were in the top 10 of the JD Power survey at the time.
  7. Around about 2006 I swear a few times I saw a white (Astra) Belmont on an N registration plate. Probably driven by a pair of scallies, maybe cloned with a v5 for a Daewoo Nexia or something.
  8. I think I saw that Belmont advertised for sale last week. Well bought! The GLSi became the 1.8 CDi for the 1989 MY facelift, which I thought looked brilliant.
  9. Stunning! 💖 Coke bottle styled cars make me go all giddy. 🙂 There were plans to put a V8 into the FE series but the 1973 oil crisis put a halt to that.
  10. Nice. Less impressive but when I was in lower 6th form a chap in upper 6th form had use of his dad's Cavalier Commander. Iirc he claimed to get 118 mph (???) from it.
  11. @Spottedlaurel have you seen this?
  12. Lloyd Vehicle Consulting drives two holy grails of autoshite: a Datsun and a Nissan Stanza.
  13. One of Trigger's uploads. Always had a soft spot for the phase 2 mark 3 Cortinas. These guys are poking around a 2000E.
  14. My parents had a 2.2i CD. One of my favourite alloy wheel designs. Piece of cake to wash too like the Citroen ones of that era. Vauxhall did some of the nicest looking wheel designs in the 1980s-90s. I particularly liked the 13 inch 'star' shaped steel wheels commonly found on the Cavalier Commander and police spec Astra mark 3s.
  15. US spec Ford Fiesta/Festiva/Mazda 121/Kia Pride action. Also features the Ford Aspire which looks a bit odd. Nice American YT channel worth checking out. This guy has another channel on Plymouth Prowlers if you like that sort of thing but on this one he puts out a video every Saturday. A fortnight ago he uploaded a video on the Daewoo Nexia/Ceilo/ Astra / Kadett/ Pontiac LeMans.
  16. I know @Scrubworks now has one but if anyone fancies a 190d.... 190 Diesel Bidding up to £720 (reserve not met) mot'd til March `22.
  17. Great work! I was pondering what spec this was, see it's a GLi purchased from Billy (page 1). Vauxhall must have offered the 1.8i on the GL when the CD was upgraded to 2.0i in 1986/7. Mark 2 Cavalier is one of those '1980s cars I wish I had the chance to own' back in the day.
  18. Cheers barrett! It would have been his first car then. I think this one eventually got repossessed.
  19. BUMP! Is anyone able to ID this car for me? This was amongst a load of photos retrieved from my late parents' house. Unsure if the car belonged to my dad (one of his first cars from the late 1950s or 60s or if it belonged to someone else.
  20. This Astra mark 3 might be decent car once it's been cleaned up... 1994 Astra 1.6 GLS
  21. I don't know how to copy and paste pics on a tablet device but if the link works it's a brown 1977 Cortina 1.6 auto with Onion wheel trims
  22. I have a picture on my living room wall of an advert for a Ford Executive, taken from an issue of Motor magazine dated March 1966. Had it since 1993/4 when I became obsessed with the mark 4s (and also mark 3 Cortinas) .
  23. This car actually went past me a couple of weeks ago. Was £4750, now £3750 unless it's changed since I last looked.
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