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  1. 1971 Humber Sceptre which hasn't moved for a long time.... http://Sceptre 3 Bidding currently at £1,334.
  2. Back in 1997 I was looking for a new car. I really fancied an Astra 1.3 mark 2 (or even a Belmont!) or a Rover 213. Ended up buying an Escort IV made out of poor quality steel. Behold a limited edition Astra Antibes . Strong money at £3,750 but it does look lovely. I've never been keen on white wheel trims but it works well here with the red and black. Bright red seat trim inside too.
  3. Les Dennis is still going strong at the age of 68.
  4. I have been going through some old photos I had taken at the British Motor Museum in 2019. They were uploaded to my flickr photostream but were left on 'private' . I was going to ask you all what the flip this was. Until I zoomed in on the signage on the left. Appears to be a coupé version of the Rover P6 called "Gladys" Looks like a poor man's Aston Martin. I suppose that's what it was supposed to be.
  5. Unsure if this is of interest but I am subbed to Lloyd Vehicle Consulting who has covered the event. He is quite thorough with the exception of 'forbidden fuel' powered cars (ie: diesel). 10 parts, around 30-35 minutes each. Parts 1 and 2 uploaded so far. Here's part 1.
  6. As the late Les Dawson used to say on Blankety Blank... Please reveal the Legend 208,000 miles, long MOT
  7. I like the red 1992 Volvo 440 auto they have.
  8. That was around the list price of the 1.6 GL (minus the VAT) according to Al's Ford brochure upload.
  9. I flipping love FE series Victors and VXs.
  10. 3 hours, 36 minutes long.
  11. There's a brown Princess @5:25. One for the list?
  12. 1990 Nissan Bluebird 1.6 Premium Strange request - but OK then!
  13. I'm tempted by this Volvo going at Anglia Car Auctions with a GP of £2k-2.5k. Same colour scheme as the 1990 Fiat Tempra 1.4 I wrote off over 21 years ago. At least 440s and 460s escape the 'scene tax'. 1992 Volvo 440 Xi auto
  14. Sheesh. The prices of Onions these days. Looks great though. B reg Orion with 36k miles. £6,500
  15. Early Skoda Favorit: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/134130937573?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=Pw6GDXHlTBa&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=hpx3h3ZETcW&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  16. Cortina mark 3 estate currently up to £6,102. phase 1 mark 3 2.0 estate
  17. I almost did this nearly a year ago after I chopped in my 6 speed Almera for the Hyundai.
  18. My mate once had to remind me to change up to 5th gear on a dual carriageway when I was driving my 'stop gap' Escort diesel saloon. Probably distracted with the conversation.
  19. Very top of the photo. Forgot about all of those blanking plates above the vents where the switches are. Not quite what you would expect on a CD. I don't think even air conditioning was option, in1985/6 you had to go for the Senator A to get that.
  20. Fiat 850. (5 mins 30 secs)
  21. Does the Polski-Fiat 125p / FSO 1300 & 1500 count? I learnt that they used the chassis from the older Fiat 1300 saloon, rather than the 125.
  22. There's a reverse image of it in this video:
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