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  1. Lack of plastic side strips too distinguish this against the L. I really wanted an Astra E (or Belmont) back in 1997 as student transport but alas, Vauxhall ownership has evaded me to date. Nice buy @warch - all the best with the work.
  2. In the 1950s Nissan almost named one of their models the "Glory Hole". After some deliberations before it's launch a swift decision was made to rename it "Gloria".
  3. Ooh I just realised that I follow your Flickr photostream.
  4. Cool 504. In the mid 1980s I was briefly friends with a lad whose dad had one of these. I recall the "Automatique" badge script on the boot. Think it was a metallic beige one and might even had been a 7 or 8 seater .
  5. These competency based applications are challenging. I found application forms for council jobs very tricky to complete. I did manage to score an interview and competency test just once for a part time County Council job around 12 years ago. I think it was driving a mobile library bus around but even that lowly position required a 2nd stage interview. Failed the first one anyway.
  6. Base Rover R8 looks alright. Advert states recent MOT, 2 owners and 57,000 miles. 1996 Rover 214i, £1500
  7. Nice! I like the styling of these Ltds. There's a road test of one on the Motor Week YouTube channel. Reminds me a bit of the GM Opel Senator A or Vauxhall Royale saloon in appearance.
  8. 1973 Cortina 1600 L Never seen wheels like this before. My parents had an XL estate in this colour (or very similar shade) around the time I was born.
  9. Excellent news @Peter C . Perfect for that "1988 junior salesrep" experience. My late parents' friends had a hatchback around the same age but I cannot remember which. Might have been a semi-decadent GLS in silver.
  10. Lada Samara with a Fiat Twin Cam engine if it will fit? Bog standard externally but with uprated brakes and suspension and whatever else it needs.
  11. Mini 'Tower Hamlets' . Reintroduce the 848cc engine and vinyl seats. Ford Focus 'Hamburger Concerto' ?
  12. I consider the Vauxhall FE estate to beinfluenced by the 1971 AMC Hornet Sportabout. And those 'Marina door handles' were perhaps influenced by the 1969 AMC Hornet sedan.
  13. Ditto Polonez. Am curious about what they were like to drive.
  14. £40k now: maybe a Lexus ES350h if in budget or a Toyota GR86. £25k in 1995: not sure - was 17/18 then so if insurance costs weren't an issue maybe a Mercedes C Class or Mazda RX-7 if in budget. 🤔 Rover 600 series!
  15. I look at a Morris Ital and I think "Poor Man's Volvo 240". I have a thing for those utilitarian 4x4s like the UAZ Hunter (or whatever the communist era code number was for it) and the Lada Niva. Perhaps the current Suzuki Jimny counts as well. I have absolutely no use for a 4x4. Do they count?
  16. Hillman Super Minx or just Minx. I'm not great on pre 1970 stuff (shame about the post). My parents once owned the posh Humber version.
  17. 1986 Toyota Tercel 4wd: £3,995
  18. The 1994 Ford Escort 1.8 L diesel saloon I ran for 6 months in 2010. Fantastic car for £250. I devoted a thread to it on this forum. Re: Chevrolet - I understand that the Spark is meant to an excellent city car underneath the stodgy styling. I never realised that there was an estate version of the Cruze. I liked the saloon models.
  19. Sidenote: Is there a Train Driver shortage? I periodically check to see if my local train company are recruiting Trainee Drivers but there are never any opportunities.
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