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  1. Fiat Tempramental (personal experience) Fiat Regretta
  2. There was one in Salhouse and another on Aylsham Rd in Norwich. I delivered parcels to the one in Salhouse in the mid 2000s. Not sure if it's still there. Mine isn't too weird. Back in 2003 it was time to put my SEAT Ibiza in for an MOT and a service. I received an R reg Kia Mentor saloon that I quite liked. Kept flicking on the wipers instead of the indicators for obvious reasons. Sadly the garage only put in enough petrol to get me home and back so I couldn't take it on a lengthy test drive. I also learnt that I was driving the Mentor on my own third party only policy (?) , which made me nervous driving it. Still took the SEAT for MOTs and services but declined any courtesy cars on the grounds of scant insurance cover.
  3. Peugeot in the USA. Or Poojoe, as they pronouce it.
  4. Agreed. I wouldn't mind being chauffeured around in that. Those rear seats look lovely.
  5. The 1999 T reg SEAT Ibiza 1.4 owned between 2002 and 2010 was a superb all rounder. Utterly reliable too. The only thing I could fault it with was that it wasn't quick. I only parted company with it when I wrote it off. However I think that honour will be replaced with my current 2018 Hyundai i10 1.2. Not as spacious but an extra 25 bhp from an engine 200cc smaller than the Ibiza. 7 months in and I'm chuffed with how it's been so far. 3 and a bit year old cars with 30-35,000 miles seem to be sweet spot (as was the Ibiza).
  6. On a similar note I thought I saw a latest generation Honda Civic saloon yesterday - with UK registration plates. However, Honda only seem to sell the 5 door hatchback here. It was like this but in grey. Notice the edge of the boot above the tail light. 2018 Honda Civic
  7. Travelling in style I see. ChodSpeed!
  8. Ha! I remember my dad, then brother-in-law and myself went to that dealership to take a look at Samaras after their launch. I would have been around 10 or 11 years old at the time. My BIL had a liking for Eastern Bloc tat and I guess he was contemplating financing himself up to the eyeballs to get one. Also we used to occasionally visit the Blue Boar pub next door.
  9. Hmmmm that lovely velour upholstery. Nice memories of my parents' 1986 Carlton CDi
  10. When all of the gardening, DIY jobs and household chores are done, it's time to lavish attention on the Mondeo.
  11. It does look like the chap did take the photo this afternoon.
  12. @Yoss you have been spotted. Cool Favorit btw. I drove my sister's old burgandy K reg 136 LX once.
  13. A six foot tall front grille might be the way to go!
  14. My dad always bought used cars but I think he was a little tempted by the prospect of a brand new Yugo Sana in 1989/90. Just as well he hung on to the '83 MG 1600 instead as he lost his job the following year.
  15. Hyundai i10 1.2 SE Year introduced: 2018 Max speed (mph): 109 Max power (bhp): 87 Cubic capacity: 1248 Autoshite Rating: ??
  16. 1976 Granada 2000 GL with 12k miles. Looks like an interesting resto project. 40 years ago my late parents owned a 1976 2000 L which was specced like a GL. It had the fog lights, chrome wheel rims and a black vinyl roof (diamond white paintwork).
  17. @junkyarddog mentioned the Vauxhall Victor FE estate. I always thought that the American Motors Corp (AMC) Hornet Sportabout bore a strong resemblance to them from the side. Vauxhall: AMC: http://www.stationwagonfinder.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/1974_amc_hornet_1.jpg Also, note the door handles on the AMC. I think BL stole the design for them for the Marina!
  18. I was wondering if you still had the Alliance.
  19. One of very many guises of the Nissan Sunny estate. He actually likes driving this one.
  20. This YouTuber I follow gets to have a go in a few unusual Datsuns and Nissans. He has one of a 260Z uploaded recently and there should be a 260C video coming soon. When did you last see a Sunny estate in this shape?
  21. ^ I've done the Porsche 928 vs AMC Pacer before on here CBA to post pics but Alfa Romeo 164 & Peugeot 605. Alfa were not happy when they saw the 605.
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