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  1. My parents had a 2005 CMax, 1.6 diesel. Zetec spec I think. I didn't like it as much as the 1999 Renault Scenic 1.6 16v Sport it replaced.
  2. I thought that the 1988 Renault Megane was cool as flip.
  3. Cool MG Maestro. My parents had an early MG1600 in the late 1980s-90s.
  4. That's a very late phase 1 N16 on an 03 plate.
  5. Some pop art inspired ADO16 action in this music video from an early 1990s band that had escaped my attention:
  6. I have some vinyl LPs that belonged to my parents listed on Bumtree. I can come down on the price advertised. The price may be a little high but I don't want to 'sell of the family silver' too cheaply. Mostly 1970 - 1985 LPs. Sadly no progressive rock. A few Elvis ones though. The newest LP is the Spandau Ballet one. I think it coincides to the first time when the new family car had a cassette player (Vauxhall Royale) and then it was just cassettes for the next few years.
  7. André Citroen was a Dutch émigre (as were his parents?) iirc so I like to think of these classic Citroens as a bit Dutch in nature as well as French. Love the burgandy Peugeot 605 as well.
  8. Hmmm. I missed out on being a mark 2 Astra owner in the late 1990s. 1989 Astra 1.3 Merit £1,490
  9. A couple of 1990s cars from Japan and Malaysia respectively:
  10. 1990s Nissan 100 NX. A surprisingly good drive. Shame that there are no coupés of this ilk like this sold new. Closest I can think of is the Mazda MX-5.
  11. I had a look at the Toyota website and to my dismay discovered that the saloon had been dropped. The Bora is a good choice. VW did a good job shaving off the chunkiness of the mark 4 Golf's styling with this.
  12. Bump! Waiting for a bus yesterday I spotted a silver Toyota Camry hybrid saloon being used as a taxi. However, I really like the styling and profile of it's smaller counterpart Corolla. One of these would suit me to a tee. Shame that the older ones are still the thick end of £20k secondhand. Corolla 1.8 hybrid for sale £27k. Ah yes, I have a pic of one on my flickr photostream:
  13. A red F reg (or thereabouts) Mazda 121 driving into the car park of my new workplace. I couldn't believe my eyes!
  14. Just looking at saloon cars on Auto Trader and this shiney red N15 Almera 1.6 16v popped up. 1997 1.6 16v GX £2495
  15. Wünderbar!!! I think my parents' old 1976 Granada 2000 L was built in Koln.
  16. 1972 Citroen DS Safari for resto £7,500
  17. A fair bit of Renault action here, even adverts for the Lancia Y10 & Rover 200 series GTi!
  18. Shameless plug here. I'm selling my toy cars/vehicles if anyone's interested. I have tried to be as honest about the condition of them as possible. Advert here in the AS Boot sale subforum
  19. I was about to post this. Yikes!
  20. Two of the tyres on my i10 are "Joyroads" . Eat your hear out Good Year.
  21. Volvo 440 1.8 LE Automatic Bidding up to £251 so far
  22. A few days ago I spotted an original Mondeo a couple of times. L56 SVG. Local Norfolk registration. Last Mot'd in February. @egg @KWhite
  23. A Facebook user has uploaded a pic of his old 2200 HLS. CFC 503R.
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