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  1. The make Teilhol has been written about a few times in this thread. However, I have just discovered that they made a egg* shaped electric car. The name is Citadine. http://lautomobileancienne.com/decouverte-teilhol-citadine-historique/
  2. Gotthard Pass 1960's. Spot the few adventurous Brits too.
  3. Thank you for the info. The car certainly looks a bit worse for wear. The rear bumper could be a bit out of shape. The rear reversing lamp is obviously what would be used in on a rally car. The rear badging under the Cortina script looks like is is the same a the twin-cam badging used for Mk2 Cortinas. The lorry is Essex reg with OO
  4. They were popular in The Netherlands as illustrated by this photo.
  5. What American car company would name their product Trojan?
  6. You now what they say about French cars and their electrics. Well with this one it is not French. Made in China.
  7. Nope I have actually got it...I use it at my gaff.😉
  8. Thank you. Looks like I was mistaken in the rear engined theory.
  9. Another interesting from the same photo. Car parked on the right of the image. Looks like a rear engined car. The area below the rear window look like air vents. Not a Beetle. It is not a SEAT as the image is too old- The same reason it is not a Fiat either. The nearest car I could find is a Renault 4CV. However, the rear quarters are not the same plus that line would not be a 4CV. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Rear-engined_vehicles
  10. 4x4 2CV with trailer accommodation. Use the subtitles. They are not auto translated, thankfully.
  11. Not my image I have no details on this.
  12. It is harder to make out the cars towards the back of the photo.
  13. I enjoyed that. Thank you. Strange that an American comapny chose to use Reading Tandoori as an advert. They could have chosen a zillion places in the USA. https://www.readingtandoori.com/ I knew this place as The Flavours of India. It was nota great place to find a decent curry in those days.
  14. That is what they are known as here in Spain. https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chrysler_150 Another version here. https://www.milanuncios.com/miniaturas-de-coleccion/talbot-150-1982-escala-1-43-altaya-en-ca-318272331.htm Altaya read DeAgostini https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ediciones_Altaya sorry all links are in Spanish.
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