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  1. Reboot everything. Ensure you are using the correct GHz. Ensure all the software is up to date. read this https://www.eufylife.com/support/5507/robovac-30c Maybe the machine is damaged. If so just get a normal vacuum clear it is more likely to work without connectivity issues.
  2. Yes been around for years. Once had a Rover 75. Now has this
  3. As per tradition I have to call @eddyramrod to the video phone. Yes it is a CF2 with the wrong engine. BUT is is a 4x4. Ex MOD Bedford CF 4x4 resurrected.
  4. Found this on YT today. The Matchbox Man 2021 documentary.
  5. That is Ilford. Photographer standing in what was Ilford Lane looking towards Broadway Junction. The High Street to the right and just out of site is Ilford Station. There are two buses heading away from the station. The one of the left will be turning right. It was a no right turn except buses. If I recall Ferrari's was an Italian owned cafe. it is a common surname in Italy
  6. Thought you would be interested. 😁 I have no idea. The website looks is a bit iffy. Only one image per advert. Little details of the advertiser. Dates on some adverts are historic. I came across it by accident.
  7. Still a lot of expats trying to importing or using RHD cars. The issue with this car is that it is not standard. importing a car into Spain that has been modified is impossible. Even modifying a car registered here is almost impossible. Loads of paperwork needed and mods have to confirm to EU conformities.
  8. Spain; Elche near Alicante, Fiat Uno Turbo. 2000€ Only one image. https://www.automercadillo.com/clasico-o-historico/fiat-uno-turbo-del-1988_i38315
  9. Opps It looks as if I should have zoomed in more. Thanks for the correction.
  10. The location of the No Entry sign dose not make any sense.
  11. I saw that it was shit conversion
  12. Tesla v Ford 100 years apart.
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