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  1. I am surprised to read that. The propaganda ( I expect there is a better word for this) that comes out of the UK press says that Norway never squandered the money made fro oil revenues. It invested it in schools, infrastructure and hospitals. I hope your dad recovers soon... How is your tooth/teeth?
  2. I get my notifications by email. The timing per day changes. Then occasionally it misses a day. That is not an issue. The solution may help those who are loosing their activity feed on the forum is to save the first page on any post as a fav in your browser. Head there and go to last page. Job Jobbed.
  3. Merkur XR4Ti: The Stateside Sierra |
  4. Was suggested this on YT. The Wendall talks to a copper about the area. Linked at the correct time. Copper things it is a good* area. With a van all painted in camouflage to suit the walls? Looks more like Kiev.
  5. He is also on the YosTooobs. OM cars I tinks.
  6. Could have been worse, something like a stone. I dress up with visa and specialist working bib thing. No damage to me because of them. Have broken a side window on the estate car through.
  7. There has been a fair bit of investment in urban public transport in Spain. By urban I mean non long distance as run my ASLA or Flexbus. The Lynk & Co car is a Chinese/Volvo brand. I think the only factory is in China. The company are getting more and more popular. This is the Spanish website for them https://www.lynkco.com/es-es There does not seem to be many agents for the cars. But buried in that website it says one one the pick up points is Palma
  8. Doble steam cars. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doble_steam_car
  9. This neighbourhood sound as if it should feature on Eastenders. It would improve ratings no end.
  10. I can't quite put my finger on it but I think something about Geoff Baxter has change.😀
  11. I had a very early MG Maestro 1600. It had plastic bumpers. This launch brochure shows on the base had metal bumpers The vans also had metal bumpers but they were not a thing at launch. I think it was launched about a year later.
  12. maybe you do not need a pressure washer at all.
  13. They should all be hiding in their bush😉
  14. Before Furiosa: How Mad Max redefined post-apocalyptic movies
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