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  1. In Peasdown near me. Last MOT in 2012, with no advisories and 91k miles. Such a shame it's been left to rot away. Edit: noticed it's a 2 door, are these rare?
  2. Sad, some may say, but I have managed to get an original sales brochure for the Safrane. In a time before everything got arty and loud! Just look at the standard equipment list, ah proper times.... On another note. I haven't driven her for over a week, been using my son's brilliant 106 as it's much better on fuel. She seems a bit sluggish? Maybe I'm used to driving modern cars everyday which are very responsive and (mostly) seems to have a bit of get up and go, but the Safrane doesn't appear to have any urgency about her? I'm not complaining really, she's from a different time and I love the fact she's a bit lazy.
  3. Enjoy the ride chap, I would love to do this at some point but not sure if my wife is agreeable 🤪
  4. No matter what, it will always be great, it's a 2 stroke 😁😁
  5. 😔😔☹️☹️ sad news with Olga. It's my own fault, I have neglected her whilst some unexpected and really not wanted family stuff has been happening. Firstly the starter motor looks like it's not repairable, I finally got a good look at it and it's a bit rusty inside. That's ok I thought a bit of easy start should get her trying to start with the Kickstarter. Nope....... It appears that she is seized😔😔 the Kickstarter won't budge one bit. She's too heavy to push and try to free her that way. I have put some oil down the bores and will wait until next weekend but I'm not hopeful. What with things ongoing at home, I don't need extra hassle right now, she is going to be relegated to the very back of the queue. I need to sort my GT185 out for sale as I need to help my wife renew her visa in July and other stuff is just making me lose interest in a lot of things right now. Sorry folks.
  6. Thanks to @Datsuncog for the mini Safrane. Here is mini me with a grown up Safrane. The grown up car is still providing superb comfort, even more so now I get to drive a large variety of brand new cars now from a Dacia to E class Mercedes. The Safrane is still the comfiest car to sit in and waft along in an unhurried manner.
  7. Despite this, I miss this car.
  8. Are you sure you are not in the UK??? 😂😂 We are wishing for the same thing, just for a change!
  9. A week into my new job, delivering and collecting cars for europcar, what do I think? Job is ok, not happy with other work colleagues using their phones while driving mind. But the main point is it has reinforced to me that most new cars are shit, every night when I get in the Safrane it's like meeting an old friend, proper comfy seats, lazy gearbox and big windows to look out of. No masses of buttons and no beeps every few seconds to tell me to brake, slow down, you are too near the white line, you are too close to the car Infront, you are not driving in an eco friendly manner 😡. And why does the ' infotainment system ' have to be so complicated? So if nothing else I will stay for a while because of the feeling of joy I get on my way home in my shite car.
  10. That's a bit poo, but look at it... It's a beautiful car, it's a lovely place to be AND management is very happy
  11. X box and a Wii tonite mate, cash also my way 😂😂
  12. Liked for the bike not the pushing. I remember taking the piss out of a mate who had one when we were 16, god it was soooo slow. But now I would happily have one 😂
  13. It was at Farrington Gurney farm shop, just down from Midsomer Norton. There were a few drive it day landys there.
  14. This one has been for sale for a while, it does need to be bought. Strong money though, a bit* more than I paid for mine.
  15. I changed the plugs on mine last weekend and the engine casing has a Volvo stamp on it. The guy I got this one off, Petrolblog, has the 5 cylinder version. Same spec as mine, executive, but these were the days when if you chose a bigger, better engine you got more upgrades on the spec. So he has puddle lights, better stereo, electric rear windows and the famous voice synthesized computer.
  16. You are correct sir. There was indeed a 5 cylinder motor, it was the Volvo 5 cylinder engine. She is indeed very comfortable, a very good mile muncher. Even if the pace is a little sedate.
  17. Took the Safrane to its first local car show. Ok turn out. But why is there always a few knobs in newish BMW 's that think their cars deserve to be in a car show? Entering the area with their heavy bass booming out of the car and massive (ly stupid) spoilers.
  18. Bath. But could also go to Bristol airport or Bristol branches if they are short staffed. I am actually looking forward to it, if only for the 8am start 😁
  19. Europcar. I'll be a driver picking up or dropping off cars. They have promised that I will never use public transport, there will always be a 'runner' to collect me. There will be some car cleaning, which I don't mind. I do like a clean car! I'm just after as minimal amount of stress as possible. I thought the airport was going to be it but then an American company took over the company I was working for and ruined everything.
  20. I will be starting exactly this on Monday. The airport has become too stressful with the new, American, management. Glad to hear you have been doing it 25years, it must be ok then 😁
  21. Safrane sometimes does this, especially if there is a slight incline/decent in a car park. But the Safrane 'creeps' on zero throttle so maybe it's that 🤷
  22. It's a keeper if only for the fun of getting " oh yes my car has a gun rack" into a conversation 😂
  23. When the Merc was new that was a super luxury big barge. But a modern(ISH) family rep car is bigger! I'll have to get the Safrane next to the Merc and compare them.
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