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  1. That's all I have been doing all weekend!
  2. Just brought the Xedos to Heathrow, my wife arrives from Hong Kong in the morning. I haven't seen her in 2 years ☹️. An absolute joy, wafting along, cruise control on, leather armchairs to sit in. For a 23 year old car it's a peach. And I can keep an eye on it from my hotel bedroom😁
  3. 280,000 miles and MOT until next week! Spotted near euro car parts in Midsomer Norton.
  4. I would love a big single, well purchased sir
  5. I reckon it's an old 1980s Fantic, looking at the fins on the engine.
  6. Near Shepton Mallet today, obviously getting a millionty mpg's. Original plates and dealer sitcker in back window.
  7. Sorry, my eyes are drawn to the Renault5 LeCar.
  8. Parked near work, don't think they have moved in some time.
  9. Ooo, thanks for that. I'm due there in the next couple of hours.
  10. He's got a Speedfight 2 50cc, unrestricted 2 stroke. Last of the safe ( able to keep up with traffic) 50cc bikes.
  11. Burgman given some love. So far it is all I expected it to be. Won't get used too much over the winter. I need to replace a fork seal but I can't do that until I have put a new front end on my son's Speedfight and MOT'd that.
  12. The northern Bumflam is now a southerner 😁
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