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  1. The New Zealand videos have to be some of my favourite videos on you tube. Everyone could see how much you enjoyed the car. Bloody well done for bringing it back. Can't wait to watch the story.
  2. VERY, very lazy spot.. Outside my house right now. @Cookiesouwest R75, my Xedos 6 and my K11. I'm sure the neighbours are chuffed at me bringing the area up a notch or two 😂
  3. Yes indeed. I love it. Its a car I have always wanted since I test drove one many years ago.
  4. Oh the other side of the triangle is now single lane, all the bus stops are closed off to allow 2 cycle lanes!! One each side of the road, its fun in rush hour.
  5. That's the dark cloud of doom hanging over it, or nasty Chinese smart phone 😂
  6. Just been into Bristol to eat at a Chinese buffet, preparing my son for our trip to Hong Kong in November, or not. Very good social distancing still and everyone wearing a mask while choosing food. But my stand out moment is returning to the car! The Xedos outsized by a bini and a golf, just shows how much cars have grown over the years.
  7. the ex @Cookiesouwest vectra continues to surpass its vauxhall status. MOT pass today with minor advisories for slightly perished Chinese ditch finders on the rear, small split in one wiper blade, rear brake pads about 75% used and some very slight play in a lower anti roll bar linkage. Nothing structural so happy days.
  8. Those pollen filters are pretty grubby, I am sure I replaced them not long after I got the car🤔 But I'm really glad she is serving you well.
  9. Love this bike. Takes me back 30 years.
  10. As promised now the rain has stopped for 5 mins. A couple more pictures of my maxi scooter. Here's hoping I actually get to ride it a bit more this summer
  11. The wonderful little micra I bought from @Cavcraft earlier this year has just passed her MOT. The only structural advise was very minor bit of rust on the offside sill, booked it to be sorted next month. Unfortunately was also advised the original dealer plates are a bit deteriorated so I may have to buy some special MOT only ones for next year. Very pleased with the car, it sips fuel and for such a small thing is really comfy and quiet to drive around.
  12. Yes I see that? Very strange. I guess he wants £1200 for it and you were the only bidder 🤷‍♂️ there is another one at less than £600 in North Wales, I don't know how to get the link up from my phone though sorry. EDIT: Strange that one has now ended as unsold????
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