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  1. Ah, forgot to say. I think I found the reason for the little cars thirst... Front tyres at 20 and 21psi, rears at 16 and 14psi πŸ˜‚. All sorted the next day, 1 fill up later and she is averaging 36mpg on a 4 mile commute through villages, up and down hills max speed 40mph. She is a joy to drive, I'm a K11 convert as I'm sure my wife will be. Thanks again chum.
  2. I'm near Bristol, which is kind of on the way to Liverpool from Tavistock if I can help with a lift or anything.
  3. So this arrived yesterday. Its a cracking little car. It replaces the (soon to be bridged, lockdown not withstanding) Clio for my wife. Its such a lovely drive and no where near as gutless or revvy as I was expecting. Many thanks go to both @Cavcraft and @Lord Sterling for all their outstanding efforts over the past couple of days. This forum is full of wonderful, kind personages. In this bleak year it has been a light for me. I hope one day we will all get to meet. Stay safe everyone and thank you.
  4. I had one, went to the TT and Nurburgring on it. Never missed a beat, comfy even after a whole day riding. Regret selling it, now it's bean tins πŸ˜”
  5. A good decision, they are good bikes. A bit like an Astra πŸ˜‚ just an bike, no fuss, no rush, comfy, economical.
  6. Thanks for the kind offer but I think I have been really lucky with my bike, it has been well looked after. Even the original exhausts are pretty rust free. It's stored in the shed for the winter now. Started it the other day, still sweet as a nut.
  7. Tis yours. PM your address and I'll get it posted.
  8. If this is in the wrong place please move, but I thought I would stick it in this thread as its for bikesπŸ˜‰ I have a tyre pressure monitoring system for bikes. I have never used it, I don't know how good it is but it is free. The sensors fit inside the tyre, I guess like in a car. There is a digital display for monitoring and it has warning beeps πŸ™„ for low pressure I think. I believe it will fit most wheels from 16" upwards maybe smaller wheels too. I never fitted it because I never seemed to keep my bikes long enough! And I don't use my bikes enough either, I check the tyre pressure
  9. Yeah I have one of these beauties 😁 fortunately mine runs sweet as a nut and have never had to take anything apart. It does sound like you have a but of crap from your take stuck on the float needle hence the pissing everywhere. As to how to take the carb apart I don't have a clue unfortunately. But you should be able to take off the float bowl without taking everything else off πŸ€” Sorry I can't be any more help. Good luck. I would probably do as you are going to do and stick the other tank on after giving it a good swill round to get rid of any crap.
  10. I would be happy with any 80s/ early 90s 2 stroke 125 😁😁
  11. Ah those were the days. Typical 1980s High Street parking, best times. Much like.
  12. Race ya.... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'm not a fan of BMWs although I do like the interior styling of this age of them, and the red lights on the dash at night🀭 And yours is a nice blue 🀣
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