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  1. I do keep looking at MZs and Jawas. I have a great CB250, I love it. It is not quick and I am more than happy to plod about on it at 50ish, it suits me just right. Though if someone was to offer me an old dinger like this Minsk or an MZ I would probably bite their arm off. I guess another way to look at it is, how much was a Lada 10 or 15 years ago, now look at the price of them.
  2. I always fancied an MZ, a while back you couldn't give them away, but now the prices are going up and up. I would say this would go the same way? It seems any 2 stroke now is worth money, quite rightly I say. Big fan of 2 strokes me. It looks tidy. I guess a lot depends on what you will use it for, and how easy it is to get spares. If it was me and I had 900 spare I would be bloody tempted even though I know bugger all about a Minsk.
  3. Shit yeah, cash out. Its a guaranteed £39k yes you could win more, but as it stands now that's £38k more than you had last week. If you lose it in a couple of weeks you will be gutted. You have 38k now, but only MAY have 90k in a couple of weeks. You are a winner already
  4. You mean the cool Benetton Honda's of the 80s-90s. They are a good everyday bike, before they got all race replica and sporty. Kawasaki did some good colours on the ZZR600, they were pretty bullet proof too.
  5. Yeah, the Alfa is 10th August. I see the government have planned it well though. All the cars in March were given 6 months extension, that takes them to September. Add on the cars that will now be due anyway from August, so that's double the demand for the next 6 months. And I read earlier that Baroness something or other that is in charge of this says that MOT stations are currently at 70% capacity. Good luck everyone getting an MOT on time, just pray you don't then have to try to get a re test. I may be lucky, where I work does MOTs anyway so I might get in on time.
  6. Fixed the 12v sockets on the Alfa today. I bought new ones, and after taking part of the dash apart it still didn't work 😡 Because the hand book says the Radio uses the same fuse, the radio works so it cant be the fuse, right? No. Because Alfa the hand book is wrong, the sockets have their own fuse. replace fuse, working sockets. Oh joy. Glad I went to check after only replacing one.
  7. Took the Alfa into Bristol today, popped to the Chinese supermarket. Traffic in Bristol seems back to normal now. The car performed faultlessly, ice cold air con, no overheating in the traffic and heat. Dead comfy seats. The only minus point I am finding is the clutch is a bit heavy for constant town work, but I guess that's what my Tacuma is for. Its managing around 30mpg which isn't too bad as it's mostly short trips or town work, with the air con on. I do feel kind of special driving it. Its a wonderful place to be. Below is the outside temperature near IKEA in Bristol today.
  8. My Alfa is due August but I have booked it in for next month. Lucky its not my daily so not too bad if it fails. I could wait until August to see if I get a covid extension but then that's Feb next year, possibly in the middle of flu season/ 2nd wave? When you could be bolloxed to get a test anyway. I think the government will run it until the scheduled end next March. If they end it in the next couple of months and there is a second wave then MOT stations could shut again and there is the risk of cars being without an MOT at all.
  9. Liking the MZ too. Wish I could try one.
  10. Old school. Definitely the best. So much better looking than the modern plastic crap. 15/10. Good work.
  11. Love the interior, nicely headache inducing!
  12. Have you thought about donating it to a Tech college so that the apprentice mechanics can use it for practice, maybe they could even be able to fabricate the parts needed? Possibility of them making videos for you to share with hubnutters?
  13. Probably no help at all but in the olden days that could be shit in the old carby. Maybe shit in the fuel or blocked injectors?
  14. Yeah I got some touch up paint and did a bit of dabbing! I guess the original colour faded a bit because it's not quite a perfect match but it does look better. I'm guessing some of the previous owners couldn't drive too well 🙄 I'm thinking about getting the rubbing strip for the passenger front door, but unless it's really cheap I won't bother. Cosmetically I'm not overly fussy, unless I create a ding then I get a bit pissed off. Everytime I get in it I'm impressed with how it looks. I know I will never own a brand new car but from 10 feet this looks it and once inside it feels it, we love it. So thanks Ken, it's continuing to be a pleasure.
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