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  1. I thought you exercised good self control πŸ˜‚ I agree, if I was after a runabout then it would be OK, a cheap way into 75 ownership. But I think Audrey will be a much better car. Have a good holiday mate and don't come back with any new cars!
  2. Oh, and the MK2 is awful. They tried to modernise the retro interior, and not in a good way.
  3. I admit I had a PT Cruiser. I always wanted one, and I loved all of it. Well almost all of it, mine was a 2.0 auto. My god was it thirsty, 20-22mpg in town. High 20s and occasionally 30mpg on a run. I miss it apart from that. It also defined 'cramped engine bay' rather well. Changing spark plugs is not a 30 min job. Battery hidden under airbox. If you have a diesel there was no room in the engine bay for the battery, it was put under the passenger seat, on its side! So needed to be an expensive gel type. Would I have another? Yes in a shot, but a 2.4 manual. Allegedly quite a bit b
  4. Edit. If he knew you were there then why did he run??? No tax? No insurance? No licence? No mot?
  5. This. At least get him charged with something mate. It may be your word against his but he will have damage to his van.
  6. Contact the police, he has left the scene of an accident without giving details. By law you must do that, especially as you have his number plate, and his van will have marks. Was the van signwritten? I bet he thought no one was in the car...
  7. Sons bike failed. Last MOT was in 2016. Rear shock, no damping. Front suspension slightly seized, it's a weird single sided affair, I think it's the bushes. Tiny, and I mean tiny, hole in the exhaust. I really should have noticed that, but could mean acquiring a suitable expansion chamber πŸ˜‰Nothing major so it's the bay of E to source the required items.
  8. I would be happy with any working 2 stroke😁 Taking my son's speedfight for its first MOT in 3 years tomorrow. Bought as a non runner in 2019, been a COVID mission for me. It's a 2 stroke version but it's not quite the same. I have had a run on private* land and it appears to be unrestricted which is a bonus.
  9. I wish I could buy a thundercat for £300 with an MOT. Not jealous at all. But the KE s a much better bike 😁
  10. A cracking little car getting some man love 😁😁 Must remember it's a Suzuki not a vauxhall, must remember, must remember.
  11. Before this thread descends into another shit fest. Let's keep it clean without digs at individuals. Yes we all have differing opinions but please act grown up about it and be polite. I may be a reasonably new member but I didn't join this forum for some of the things I have seen recently. I hope we can all be gentlemen, and ladies, and be mature about it. This is not a go at any individual, just a member that sits back a lot of the time but is getting frustrated as to how some things develop on here now. I thought that's what Facebook was for πŸ˜‰
  12. Two vauxhalls and a Rover, it won't stay that way for long...
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