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  1. Just thought I would ask. Is this bikeshite?😂 It's my kymco k pipe with a neck snapping 8bhp. Feel free to rip the piss if so desired. But it does live with my 1962 Mobylette, the blue one.
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    Pics of Laguna!!
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    Hi all, I found this forum through hub nut, top man. Anyway I have been reading various posts and totally agree that old stuff is much better than the new stuff, having said that I have a Laguna!🙄 But I do also have a 1962 moped that I love to bits, it's an ongoing resto project ( usually over each winter when I don't ride it) My perfect car would be something french from the 80s or 90s, possibly very early 2000s. I love the big wafty ride and style of the bigger french stuff but also have a soft spot for the small cars. I look forward to more reading and hopefully getting to shitefest next year.
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