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  1. Thanks for the thread link. Yes the chang Jiang now uses a parallel water cooled twin engine now I believe, sourced from CF motor??
  2. Thank you Ken. Two of the bikes I have make me feel good. My GT 185 and Olga. I may be weird but I could look at both and just study the lines and shapes, each are beautiful in their own way. The GT sounds amazing too and I love the power delivery of a 2 stroke. I can't wait to hear Olga's rumble. I'm sure riding them will be like chalk and cheese.
  3. Yes it has. Been dealing with a family bereavement this week, making plans to go back to Hong Kong for the funeral. I have put the battery on now all the lights work. Neutral, main beam, indicator and battery light. However the starter motor just clicks. Giving it a gentle tap with a hammer results in a slight stutter then back to clicking. I am going with the starter is a bit gummed up from standing, it did turn over very slowly when I first got Olga with a jump pack. I'll whip the starter off when I come back from Hong Kong and see what's what.
  4. I for one love the retroshite musings. I was following the original thread before it was deleted. I love pretty much all the cars that come up for raffle, I have entered a few and have been genuinely gutted I didn't win. The only trouble I find is that with so many decent cars, and bikes, up for grabs it has the potential to financially ruin me! Keep up the good work and hopefully one day I'll get to shake your hand.
  5. Battery ordered, I couldn't wait!! So near to getting her running fingers crossed. Should be delivered by the end of the week. More updates and hopefully a video to follow.
  6. Carbs back on Olga, new throttle cables attached. Airbox hoses sorted. I took the tank off and had a peek inside, it honestly doesn't look too bad but I'll get some of the rust killer I got for my GT and give it a treatment. I put the new spark plugs in and made up some fuel line. I haven't bought the battery yet as I wanted to make sure she will fire before chucking another £50 at her. I rigged up a remote fuel supply and connected my spare (too small) battery and jump pack to her. After a few turns she tried to cough into life but then my jump pack died. I'll order the battery soon and try again. I think I'm winning!
  7. Yeah they do a fair bit of stuff. I got my tank rubbers and throttle cables from a Ural shop on eBay, based in Ukraine. They are a bit cheaper. Another place is Russian Garage in the USA, cheap but shipping costs seem a bit excessive.
  8. New tank rubbers arrived today. Doesn't really show in the pictures but it's a good improvement. Onward and upward.
  9. After spending a small fortune, to me, getting the 75 through the MOT in August it has repaid me by deciding it no longer needs both track rods😡 properly loud clunks over every bump and a nice wiggly front wheel. Good job it's such a nice place to be or I would be getting all Basil Fawlty on it.
  10. Sorry all, work and birthdays got in the way. Not much progress to be honest. I bit the bullet and got an ultrasonic cleaner and this morning gave the carbs a blasting. They seem to have come up a lot cleaner now. So all things are ready for reassembly, just awaiting the throttle cables to arrive then I can have a go at starting her probably for the first time in about 3 years. She has good compression and I did put a spot of oil down the bored just to help things along. Cables hopefully will be here at the end of the week/ early next, they have left Ukraine. New airbox pipes are here and fitted. I have fitted the new indicator lenses, they are proper orange now. And all indicators work after a bit of jiggery pokery with the wires.
  11. Let's hope the powershite is not complaining about the new fluid ☹️
  12. Quick update, not much going on as it's my birthday but I thought I would treat myself with an hour's tinkering before Mrs.Berg gets home from work. New seat cover fitted, not perfect but much better. It kind of keeps in with the 'well used' style of the bike. I still think that when she is back on the road then I will go for the twin saddles as per original. After almost a week of bathing in WD-40 and a good spray of carb cleaner the throttle slide is now free! So Monday will see me strip and clean the carbs properly, throttle cables on order. Airbox hose and new fuel pipe arrived this week so I am still on course to try to have her running as soon as the cables arrive 🤞
  13. Went out for breakfast to a local tea room. 30 mins before the end of serving. I got there and about 30-40 cyclists had just turned up. I asked if I could jump the queue to order as they weren't having breakfast, got a straight no from everyone of them😡 bloody selfish attitude.
  14. That's exactly it 👍 thank you
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