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  1. Well gentlefolk, its been a looong time since I posted an update on this, so I thought I would correct that. To be honest with one thing and another there isn't much to report, this poxy virus has seen to that. The car continues to perform faultlessly, the occasional non starting issue I believe was when I let the fuel get too low in the tank and the pump couldn't lift the petrol properly. After chatting to @Cookiesouwest I experimented all sorts of things including not letting the fuel light come on and it hasn't done it since. I was due to take the car to Scotland at Christ
  2. Nowt wrong with a maxi scooter, I do fancy a big Burgman or something. They are big sellers in Europe, I can see why. Just out of my price range right now.
  3. I'm happy pottering along at anything between 45-60 on mine, seems happiest around 50-55. Max speed is somewhere around 70ish possible a touch more. Will beat most cars off the lights in town if that's what you want. For rural roads where I live its ideal. I have ridden it to Andover to see my kids a couple of times and it copes really well. That's about 60 miles each way, stay off dual carriage ways and you will be fine. Oh and they literally sip petrol, I'm getting 70+ mpg. Mind I don't rev the nuts off it, them days are gone for me. As I said to just get from A to B in good comfort they ar
  4. As long as you don't want to go too quickly they are great. I bought one from this parish. Comfy and as reliable as hondas should be. Nighthawk is the American version with drum brakes and spoked wheels and no rev counter. Ours is simply the CB Two Fifty😁 I did see this one on the Bay, a good selection of parts with it.
  5. The ex @UltraWomble CB250 passed her MOT this morning, no advisories. Dead chuffed. She really is all I need in a bike, a definite keeper. The tester said he hadn't seen one in a few years and couldn't believe the mileage on her, 60800 now. Still sounding sweet as a nut. She will be put into winter storage now along side my sons speedfight and my mobylette, out of shot as I am just changing the carburettor for a new dellorto as the 50+ year old Gurtner is well past its best.
  6. I see the MBX has the obligatory micron/all speed. Very well done that man, you are indeed a purist 2 stroke gentleman
  7. I know, but its made to look like a proper bike. Not a plastic piece of crap.
  8. Proves old bikes look best ?
  9. IIRC didn't 2 strokes of this era have a fail safe with the oil light and it did come on in neutral. I think my old KH125 did that
  10. You bloody know how to make enemies That is lush, I still fancy an AR 125. I always lusted after the AR50 as a spotty 15 year old, never got one. I was a Kawasaki fan, They did some great looking bikes. Unfortunately like all modern bikes they seem to have lost their way.
  11. Can you go away now please??? The FS1M was the restricted version IIRC, should be dead easy to make it breathe properly. Great bargain there, well purchased.
  12. YOU don't EVER need to justify a 2 stroke, you just MUST have one.
  13. I had a 2.2 estate, lovely car. But oh my did it get through some oil, especially after coming down a long hill then applying some throttle ? you couldn't see behind you. Bridged in the end. But really comfy.
  14. You all need to stop it with these pictures of 2 strokes, much want, zero money ?
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