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  1. That's fine, but THEY broke it. THEY should pay for a new one?? If I borrowed your car and broke something you would expect me to replace that part at no cost to you. In my opinion unless the garage covered their ass in the first place by saying removing the undertray may result it it breaking the. I would be telling them, you broke, you fix...
  2. Surely if they broke the undertray then they should replace at their cost??????
  3. I have a pov* spec ML320, I only use super unleaded. * Compared to an AMG
  4. Nice car, I just despair at some people's grasp of the English language 🙄
  5. Just a trivial bit of news. Got this for the ML, surprising how much better it looks than the standard leather one.
  6. If you bin them early we don't get content for this thread 🤣
  7. Cracking car there. Definitely deserves a lot of love. Must be time to start its own thread, unless of course I can't find it?
  8. How has no one thought of this? Car based, check. Chod, check. Get one bought.
  9. Only came in for an MOT, can't see it being spinal friendly mind...
  10. Ah yes, a proper shape for a posh English car, none of this bloated German nonsense. Well bought. Asking for others tho, when's the roffle?
  11. You will have a very long wait chap, the GT isn't for selling. Brings a massive smile to my face every time I ride it. The cat however.... I do like these modern Chinese copies* of old bikes. Sometimes I think about chopping the scooter in for one, mainly because as I scooter rider I am inferior to others 🙄 There is a chap that comes the opposite way to me as I go to work, usually I don't get a nod but the other day I took the GT to work and, would you believe it he nodded back. I shan't be nodding to him anymore😡
  12. I know I know it's early but decided to put the GT into the back of the shed for the winter. Here it is with my commuter and my project ( which is now at the front of the shed so I can finally get it sorted🤞) oh and bonus cat!
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