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  1. IMO the mk1s have a nicer interior. I had a hard top mk1, I really liked it. But yes the tax was a killer☹️
  2. The autoshite cab bug has a friend, black is much nicer😁
  3. Must admit I'm the same. I wired my dashcam in properly I guess it took about an hour. Haven't used it yet, but judging by the amount of times my boss downloads our coach dash cams it won't be long. It's amazing how we get the blame for some misdemeanor on the road until my boss suggests to the accuser that he will check the cameras all around the coach. Then things go very quiet and he Nevers hears back from them.
  4. I concur. Most have a simple suction cup for the windscreen and plug into the cigarette lighter. Oh wait most modern cars don't have such old fangled things as a cigarette lighter 🙄
  5. It's still faster than a modern 50. In my opinion they are downright dangerous, no acceleration and woeful top speed, even down hill.
  6. Easiest step is exhaust first. Some manufacturers, honda I'm looking at you, went well overboard with restrictions and put throttle stops in the carb and possibly meddled with the variators. My son's was restricted in the exhaust, Peugeot put an extra pipe a few inches from the manifold. I just simply cut it off and welded a plate over it, theory is it should hit 40-45 given a run on the flat. I'm 6 ft and about 14st.
  7. I have been using my son's speedfight for work, again no long straights. I get around 35ish on the flat, but feels it has a bit more to go. Up hills around 25 and I have seen 50 down a long, not very steep hill. So I would say the sfera may be restricted? Maybe take the exhaust off and see if there is a washer in the bit where it bolts to the barrel (in the exhaust, not the port in the barrel) this was a common way to restrict 2 strokes back it the day, also an easy way to unrestrict them!
  8. Is it annual or monthly mate?
  9. Good choice of runabout, we love our little CVT K11. Purchased from @Cavcraft, it's a great little car. Guaranteed to always start and it just gets on with being transport. No fuss, no bother. Plenty comfy enough with enough room. Not much to go wrong.
  10. Shame on you, that's a shite parking thread photo 😂
  11. Just looked at the blurb for this film. How desperate are writers that they need to make films like this...
  12. Yes rubber parts are shit now. Needed an exhaust hanger for the beetle as it was clanging against the chassis, new OEM* one put on less than 6 months ago. Clanging is back. First picture of new hanger, second is what mine looks like after 5 months 😡😡
  13. Took the autoshite bug for a run today. Still going well, it's a lovely drive and the roof still works and doesn't leak! Looks happy parked next to my brother's Golf cabriolet 😂
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