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What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread


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14 minutes ago, Matty said:

Just reading a copy of the AC owners club magazine. There's this article about this invalid carriage in it.


The owner says he was finally spurred on to restore it after he met a lad called Dez at a show who told him it was the last of its type left. I thought "if that isn't @LightBulbFun I'll eat my hat" 😁

Hah! :mrgreen:


I have never (knowingly!) met Ted, the owner at a show, but I have indeed conversed with him quite a bit :) 

and indeed, while not quite the last of its type left, there are very few Model 67's (or Fibreglass AC Acedes as they are also known) still in existence, of all types (Mk14 Mk14A Mk15) only about 12 or so are known about, so I was very enthused to get in contact with him about his! and very pleased to see it be restored! 

and his Model 67 AC Acedes Mk15, is AFAIK the only Model 67, that I know which moves under its own power let alone roadworthy! (which I believe it also is :) )


TL;DR, I think a little bit of an artistic licence is being taken or things have gotten lost in translation! but I do believe he is indeed talking about me :) (I know he also Met Stuart Cyphus, My predecessor so to speak and good friend of mine, at the NEC a couple years back so he may be thinking of that as well)

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14 hours ago, DavieW said:

Just out of a Saxon gig in Aberdeen. It's only taken 40 years to see them and was not disappointed.   Biff is awesome for 71. 

I saw them supporting Dio in about 2003 at the Astoria in London, was an awesome gig!

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I don't have to work outside in the rain on a steep road or in a public carpark anymore!!! It's taken 21 years of slogging but finally I have wangled some way to have some indoor space to work on vehicles and bugger me it's just amazing, I've got some PVC tiles on the floor, a big bluetooth speaker, a coffee machine, bright lighting 🤩

It's late november, piss pouring with rain and I changed the discs and pads on my van inside, in the warm* (11c), with some drum and bass on in the background and I didn't get hypothermia or anything! I don't want this to come across as bragging, I'm the luckiest bastard alive and never imagined I'd get something like this.





The masking tape on the floor is the line where the workshops, storage and offices will be built but there's still plenty of room to mess about, I might even be able to put a 2 post ramp in if I can work out where is best to fit it and still get both vans inside

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Young people keep liking the Maestro, which makes me feel a bit old because they're noticeably younger than I.  The woman at the gym who wanted a chat because she hadn't seen a Maestro in ages and it reminded her of her old Escort.  The two lads in the Vauxhall Viva HB who gave (and got) a thumbs up while I was stuck in traffic.  The school kids arguing about what the Maestro actually is as they were walking past it, one of whom was adamant it was a "weird Mk2 Golf", which isn't that far off the mark really.  It's also great watching people in my rear view at traffic lights trying to surreptituously take a photo before the lights change, many don't manage it and end up holding everyone else up, so I'm causing mild second-hand chaos most days.

I dunno, sometimes I think I'd like something else but most of the time it's a very easy car to live with that other people really like to see, so I reckon I'll stick with it a bit longer since it's doing a good job of reducing stress in one aspect of life.

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just caught the beginning of shed and buried with fuzz (thought it was a new one)

he was in the first one for the first half

and not at all in the second

is he on a shit hot gig there or has he twigged cole already

or has he got the sack cos the first 10 secs of being at the fellas yard he perved over a guy buss :D (and tried to make cole buy it :D )

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Grinned through most of East Ayrshire today heading for/returning from a family appointment @ Masonhill near Ayr (plus a few side trips around Ayr itself). An awful lot has changed in the past 40 years but not the people. 
(Mind you I'd just love to live in Sorn so I could sorn a car in Sorn) 


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Just now, AnnoyingPentium said:

Never thought I'd hear anyone say that. :D

To be fair it was utterly raining cats and dogs on the way in (so no '99 ice cream at Seafield in Ayr) and it was pitch black on the way back out. Maybe  the rose tinted 'specs  were turbocharged,

(Mind you the Main Event at The Crem had a play out to ELO's Mr Blue Sky and - it was when we came outside - that was the real Grin Moment)


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