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  1. as sgtbebrvagatrottov says, Every single fuel injected or diesel car completely shuts off the fuel when you are coasting, but if you know it into neutral then it'll start using fuel again. There's no advantage to coasting unless you're driving something with a carb, and even then the benefits are quite minimal.
  2. I was expecting to pay about £350, maybe £450 tops for a quick waft over to save me upsetting the landlord at work by doing it myself in the carpark.
  3. Yeah, I didn't really notice it at all until the front bumper fell off on tuesday! (Luckily as I was pulling in to my parking space so I didn't end up running over it) There was a smear of fibreglass filling the hole, but the wiring loom sat right over the top of it hiding it all. He's not even started on the sill yet. Dee, the guy who's doing the welding is in Forest town, near Sherwood Pines. He's done me a few bits before - he can properly stick metal together and fabricate stuff, but he's happy to work to a good standard without turning everything into a full on resto. Hard to find someone in the middle ground, I hope the bill isn't too huge. I just need to find a painter now, the last person I went to quoted £2k to do a "commercial spec" paint just of the bottom half.
  4. There's a dude that makes up all the common parts - that inner wing is available premade to drop in, but they're £170! They guy I'm using is pretty good so he's happy to knock them up. I put a pair of handmade rear lower corners on last year, they were £75 a side and honestly the fit was really poor. Arches/Wings/Sills etc are easy to get but they're all crappy Klokkenheim panels, so they're a bit flimsy and don't fit great, hence why we're just fitting the arch lip - I bought a pair of wings at £160 just to slice up. There's two types of sill available - Klokkenheim or Custom Campers. The Klokkenheim ones look more similar to the original and are cheaper. The custom campers ones are just folded sheet metal and aren't the right shape, plus you can only buy them in "half" sills, but they are nice and thick. I went with the Klokkenheim ones.
  5. The welder has started chopping bits off. I've gotta say it looks better underneath the crusty arches that I was expecting:
  6. It'll be permanently on the roof, probably fixed with a low profile frame bolted to the roof bar anchor points.
  7. Most of the stuff in my camper runs off the batteries, even the water heater if needs be. A 200w panel like this will generate more electricity than I use in summer, even with the fridge running, so I can camp indefinitely without running out of juice and probably get away without using any gas. On an overcast day or in winter it won't generate as much, but will still probably account for half of my usage. And yes it'll keep the batteries all brimmed and in good health when the van is stood unused.
  8. Bumped into a bloke in the corridor outside my workshop who fits solar panels. Casually asked if he had any spare/orphan panels kicking about. Result: Brand bastard new, proper 205W panel, not chinese rubbish. £30!
  9. Dropped the Talbot off with the welder this afternoon and just said "get it tip top" with more of less blank cheque. He's sorting all the arches, the passenger sill and a few other bits and bobs. It might look shite with the little wheels, but it is nicer to drive. I will deffo be putting the big ones back on, after possibly painting them silver. I rang up about a couple of Ducatos today, both had sold to people making campers out of them - It seems like a lot of people are having the same idea. Today I was talking to a friend across the road from work about my camper conversion, and he specialises in machining and making patterns for castings. A really nice bloke with a fantastic workshop, I could just wander round it for hours. He very kindly offered me the use of this massively expensive bastard: A whacking great CNC machine that will take a 10x4 sheet of lightweight caravan laminate and cut it with incredible accuracy. Instead of cutting all the units out by hand with a jigsaw and router like I'm used to, I can draw it all out on the PC, drop a board in the machine and come back an hour later. No fuckups, and I can automatically lay everything out on the PC so it will save so much wasted wood and a huge amount of time, too. I can also be a lot more adventurous with the design, too. Really looking forward to getting cracking. but it'll be a shame to sell the Talbot.
  10. He doesn't usually do VWs, but I've met him a couple of times and he's a trustworthy guy - try Simon at Custom Campers (google him). He's a bit of a talbot specialist and he's over your way (Sandbach). I went to buy a couple of doors off him 18 months ago, I was skint at the time and couldn't afford the 4 I needed. He said just take them and pay him whenever! I must say I am avoiding crew vans for that exact reason - Back when I used to convert vans for a living we had a few ex-railways T4s and absolutely nothing would get the stink of fags out of them. We stripped them absolutely down to a bare shell, TFR and jetwashed everything inside, outside was fully resprayed. Door cards, handles, seats, seatbelts, headlining, cab mat all replaced! Short of removing the dashboard, we did everything. Even a can of brake cleaner sprayed down each air vent! They would smell OK when left open, but park them up in the sun for an hour and when you opened up the door it was genuinely as if someone had just smoked in there 10 minutes ago. Both vans were just the same, it was doing our head in! We got lucky in the end - one sold to a chain smoking pub landlord who went through the best part of a pack of cigs while looking round it, and the other went to a woman with no sense of smell!
  11. This is up for an MOT soon. I reckon it would scrape through, but it could really do with a passenger sill, and the drivers side rear arch repairing properly - Spartacus riveted a repair panel on which looked presentable, but I decided to pull it all off to "repair it myself" but never got round to it, so just covered the sharp edges with duct tape. I Now, I'm not doing the welding myself - I really don't have time or space. I'm going to get the guy to tidy the front arches up too, They're not that bad but will need a 6" section on each to be right. Then I can just paint it up to the bottom swage line and it'll look much tidier and last a good few years yet. I thought I'd make the guys job as easy as possible and removed the fridge and wardrobe bottom and back to get access - a load of pipes and stuff sit just where he'd be welding, plus there's insulation and stuff in there. Saves him burning the van down The sill has a few random "fat" spots and has about 9 coats of various underseals just hanging on it: No point messing about patching it, take the lot off! Next I put the standard wheels back on, it'll make things easier for the guy to get wheels on and off (the knobbly ones use wobble bolts so are a pig to fit) and really it could do with them on for the MOT as the offroad tyres tread protrudes a little bit too far on the front. While the wheels were off, I decided to pop the rear drums off and change the handbrake cable which was looking a bit crusty. The first drum was a bugger to get off and I managed to split the retainer and pop a piston out of the wheel cylinder like an ABSOLUTE CLUMSY TWAT Luckily it all went back together fine and all the bleed nipples moved easy. For once, everything bled up fine!. The old handbrake cable was a bit overdue! Back on the little wheels now! It looks rubbish, I'm so used to it with big ones on, these look wrong. I'm thinking of selling this eventually - A while ago I told myself I would absolutely never sell it. Without being able to just dip out camping, I genuinely don't know how I would have made it through the last couple of years. Ideally I was going to push it into a corner of the unit and bit by bit do a mega restoration on it over a number of years. But I need to be realistic - I don't have a unit yet, and now running a business, won't ever have the time to do that. The van deserves more than just driving it into the ground and MOT bodging - it's pretty good underneath as far as these go. I'm doing the next best thing - I'll get it welded and painted up to a good standard, lash it full of dinitrol etc so it'll last and someone else can take it on. I really could do with something a little bit bigger with a rear or fixed bed. I usually wake up about 3 hours before my wife, so when the bed takes up the entire usable space in the van it's a bit of a nuisance in a morning, I can't get up and ready without waking her up. All the ready made vans in the layout I want are well into 5 figures, so I reckon I'm going to get the modern equivalent of the Talbot - Citroen Relay/Peugeot Boxer/ Fiat Ducato and build my own camper into it, bit by bit. They can take a traditional double mattress horizontally across the back, which is perfect, and the sides are pretty vertical which lends itself to roomier feeling bathroom/showers. A full camper conversion will take a good few weeks work, but just getting a bed into one could be realistically achieved in a weekend, so that's what I'm going to do.
  12. Nah, they're chocolate fakes so aren't really even worth that much new. People with VW T5s love them, for about three weeks until they're all 50p shaped.
  13. I seem to recall it's bespoke, and Jonny Smith (with the fast one) had to get one custom made at great expense.
  14. Holy moly, he's gone and done it! What a cracking thing, it looks absolutely great. I look forward to reading more about it!
  15. I have put very very serious consideration into this, I don't know if I could cope with the midges but being on some weird outcrop of land only accessible by ferry or 3 strange bridges being rained on all the time sounds flipping brilliant.
  16. Summer can absolutely fuck right off. It brings all the amateurs out to otherwise nice places, and turns them into horrible places. Pubs full of dickheads, Pleasant countryside places full of dickheads. These people seem to stay at home for 361 days a year and as soon as the sun comes out they all swarm out to HAVE A NICE DAY OUT AT ALL COSTS and destroy everyones chance of any enjoyment. Thankfully they have a shit day and go home until the next time it is very sunny. People who aren't ordinarily dickheads are driven to dickheadery by the weather and the fact that they are surrounded by dickheads. And to top it off, it's uncomfortably hot and means I can't sleep. I would be very happy for it to rain 6 days a week, year round.
  17. I was away camping last night with the dog. On a quiet field out near Buxton, next to a little quiet country lane. After a nice lay in this morning I had a few cups of tea and a bacon sandwich (shared with dog obvs!) and a quick walk round the field before we set off back to work. I heard a "fruity" noise in the distance. A bloody 1987 ERF E14 comes plodding past, fully loaded with aggregate from a quarry, down the hill with the exhaust brakes on and off. What a sound! and to see one of them still working for a living properly warms my cockles and has put me in a good mood all day.
  18. Last night I went camping, and there's a nice pub (Royal Oak) a couple of miles away where I went for my tea and a couple or three pints. Lovely stuff. I'd booked in last because it's always very busy, even when operating at full capacity. They've had to rip out 20% of the tables on account of coronabukkake precautions. 7:45PM a group of about 9 or 10 people come in. Americans! Noisy! Stereotypical! "We've got a table booked under XX name" The waitress pokes at the computer a bit and you can see her face dropping. "We've got no bookings under that name or for this amount of people tonight, sorry" "We have, we've even got a booking number!" More computer poking. Reference number is not anywhere like the format this place uses. "Here - Look, I've got the confirmation email" They'd googled "Royal oak" and booked online to eat at the first one on the list, unaware that there are probably about 900000 Royal Oaks. Much animated tooing and froing followed. I can laugh now, but I did basically the same 15 years ago. Only when applying for halls of residence I realised that there are two universities in Bristol, and one is shit. Guess which one I'd applied for and been accepted to, thinking it was the good one? Jokes on me really, they ended up having to wait an hour for their dinner. I ended up going to Hull University.
  19. A while ago I bought a 2nd hand server cabinet thing off ebay. £80 I paid. Went to pick it up and the guy was fucking loaded - genuine loaded, not dodgy. A few porsches, an AMG Gwagen and such, I would say conservatively there was £400k of motors outside the place, he was shitting money out his arse. I was a bit bemused - I'm not a rich man by any stretch but I'd much rather skip something than invite "ebay" people to my house to collect it for £80 - I usually expect to turn up to some bombsite to collect that kind of stuff. Anyway, I paid him £80 cash and took the cabinet off away in my van, down his driveway and rang him up to get him to open the gates to let me out again. Three weeks later he cancels the ebay transaction to get his £4 seller fees back!
  20. Agreed on the gti not being that fast, I test drove one expecting it to be an upgrade to my 106xsi back in the day and was left pretty disappointed. Simple cars underneath though.
  21. The germans have probably got a really good word for the bittersweet feeling of "fixing something without being precisely sure how and not really being all that confident that the fix will last"
  22. I haven't got a DVD drive in any of my PCs but I could probably do a USB stick. Or I could put them online for you to download privately?
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