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  1. This sounds like it will definitely give years of trouble free enjoyment
  2. I'm half tempted to just shut the balancing valves completely
  3. EGR is used to help with DPF regens etc, so just mapping that out on it's own is often only a temporary fix and down the line you'll end up with other problems. Many mappers refuse to take EGR off without doing DPF delete as well. The DPF delete comes with it's own problems, on these engines in particular a DPF delete is incredibly obvious from the exhaust gases which stink absolutely acrid, and from the fact that the turbo is very audible, I reckon before too long the MOT is going to wise up a bit.
  4. I have never, not even once seen those matrix signs showing any accurate or useful information, and I used to drive up and down the M1 every day for 8+ years Sorry, I tell a lie. I was once in the most incredibly thick fog with visibility about 40 feet, crawling along in traffic. I got underneath one of the signs and you could just about make out the word "fog" on it. Thanks guys.
  5. In the business center where we work, every radiator in all the communal areas and most of the offices (25000+ sq ft total) has a TRV. Every TRV is turned up to full. They have all the windows open because it's too warm. Every few days I will walk past the rads in the communal areas and turn the TRVs down. By the next day they're all turned back up to full by the fucking numbskulls who work in the offices. Give me fucking strength.
  6. Yes, I can sort of understand them doing something like this to balance the numbers that they're pressured to balance, but to tell you that's why they've done it is a bit mad
  7. You never fail to deliver!!!
  8. Yup viewranger was good, then it became outdooractive which is total dogplops to say the least. I just use OS maps app now, it's actually pretty good and not over-complicated, but for simple stuff I just have a compass to stop me going in circles, I try and avoid using my phone as much as I can when out and about. The green compass is my old one which is the more accurate of the two..
  9. Treat myself to a new compass a few weeks ago. Went camping the other night up on kinder scout, highest point in the peak district - a featureless barren plateau of heather and peat with massive holes in it, so you can't walk in a straight line. It goes on for miles and miles. Woke up in't morning and there was a lot of fog, so I couldn't get my bearings from the sun or owt like that. Had a bit of breakfast, dropped the tent, packed it all away and then got my compass out to navigate directly south across the heather. 90 minutes walking later, becoming a little worried (it only took me 45 minutes to get to where I was from the edge path) I emerged totally disoriented on what I eventually recognised as the North edge of the plateau. Can anyone spot the problem here?
  10. correctamundo, Also called Pentosin, CHF11S, CHF202
  11. We use gallons of it, we get it from westway oils 100l at a time. They charge about £12 for a 1 litre bottle but if you look on ebay you can get it from other sellers for about £9.
  12. Nah, they cats are just worth whatever the scrap dealer will pay for one with that particular part number on, contamination makes no difference. cats on hybrids are probably no cleaner than the cat off a normal car
  13. No I'm saying blame the shit system, not the mechanic. If he spent the extra half an hour on every undertray, he'd be skint or sacked in a few weeks. The system makes it impossible for him to do a proper, honest job
  14. I genuinely don't think they do this stuff out of malice, I think the "system" just ends up this way. The guy doing the work is given set times for jobs so if he spends half an hour extra trying to sort the undertray out, it comes out of his own pocket and he'd have to jump through hoops to try an get paid for it, so the procedures just mean they order a new undertray. Doesn't make the shafting any better, but I always subscribe to the "do not immediately attribute to malice what could otherwise be attributed to incompetence"
  15. Yes it's just the USA where they're sold without any immobiliser. They break the steering lock, pop the switch off the ignition barrel and turn it using a USB stick. People thought the USB was some sort of "hack", it's not, it just the right size.
  16. It's so easy to steal a lot of vehicles nowadays, you need the right tools but they are easy to get. Peugeot boxer/ducato/relay. Ignition lock has special security features to make it unpickable, but the drivers door lock doesn't, and they're the same key. For <£100 you can get a "self setting key" which you put in the drivers lock, turn side to side a few times and it forms to the correct keying and opens the door. Once you're in, plug an immo bypass box into the OBD connector, then use your new key to turn the ignition on and drive away. No damage, no noise, you're away in under a minute. Gone are the days when people would nick a car on the way home from the pub to save driving - they're nicked with a purpose nowadays. That said I am quite convinced that a fairly significant chunk of the Golf R/S3/M135 thefts are "arranged" by people deeply upside down on finance. I'm also even more convinced that every single Golf R part for sale on eBay is from a nicked car. Same goes for all the high spec VAG interiors, steering wheels, stereos, bumpers, everything. Every bit of it is nicked.
  17. Not this one, they must come in threes.. Blue fiesta, Birkin lane near Wingerworth. https://goo.gl/maps/2SvRpFwLG7maEsTa9
  18. 😄 I came past this over the weekend when there was still a mk6 fiesta buried in the wall and a very angry homeowner gesticulating very aggressively at the pillock who had just crashed it
  19. There's a nice bakery near our new unit. Real good gear - Focaccia bread, Croissants, Cinnamon rolls, them pecan plait things, all that bollocks but incredibly nice. Last week I bought £12 worth of fancy stuff, ate half a cinnamon roll and brought it all home, left the bag on the kitchen side and went in the shower. Dog ate the fucking lot. FFS Friday after work I popped to the new unit to have a clean up etc, and the bakery was still open (they seem to be going 6am-9pm!) so I bought another bag of lovely stuff. Left it on the kitchen side. Went in the shower this morning. Yup. It's all in the dog again. FFS
  20. Those battery testers that halfords have are absolutely shite. They are no substitute for a proper load test. I used to work there! To overly simply things, Instead of measuring the voltage drop at 250A for ten seconds to properly simulate real life usage, they measure the drop at 0.25A for a split second and then extrapolate from there (and make some huge assumptions) to work out what would happen at a high load. In many cases, it's a valid measurement, but very often it's not an accurate assessment of the battery health.
  21. To be fair I am one of these "not a big fan of em but they pay for themselves with tourism" lot, and honestly it's not the royals themselves I have much of a problem with. I'm just totally flabbergasted that in 2022, as a supposedly democratic, developed nation we reacted to the totally unsurprising death of a 96 year old woman that none of us had ever met in the way that we did. My issue is with the media (and to an extent the public) rather than with the royals themselves. They're just bags of blood and guts, the same as me or you and they deserve no more or less respect than any of us.
  22. I wasn't really referencing the medical situation really, more the petrol station incident. I'm very aware the medical system in the country is on its knees. However the reaction to this is this is where I'd differ. Instead of taking my frustrations out on whatever stressed out, overworked member of staff is infront of me, I would vote to improve the situation. This is definitely something that's a generational issue and there's plenty of statistics to back that up.
  23. They've had all their life to become completely sure of all the things that they're wrong about.
  24. Your neighbours are dickheads, there's no doubt about it, but it's unrelated to whatever the latest bollocks is going on with the queen. A sizeable majority of people have no idea (nor interest) that there's even any silence to observe, and you really can't expect everyone to know about it, especially not dickheads like your neighbours. TLDR: Queens dead, sorry if you're upset but objectively she did absolutely sod all to help or even interest 99% of the people in the country so people are all going to have different reactions to it than you have
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