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  1. I cooked one like that in a campfire once. They start to massively swell up just as everything is nice and toasty inside. Crust was a bit mushy still
  2. Depending on how hungover the guys on the production line were, there is definitely a chance.
  3. In 2004 I bought a genuine, decent, 60k mile 1999 Saxo VTR for £2100. So a 5 year old "hot hatch" with FSH and all the rest, for just over a couple of grand. Closest equivalent I can find now is a 6 year old 208 GTi for about 7-10k.
  4. Nowt wrong with a fray bentos pie. When I was at uni I'd have them "for a special treat". Got absolutely wankered and emotional one night and bought a load of them and posted them each with 5 first class stamps on to my mates and family back home. No packaging, just wrote the address on some paper and taped it on the pies the put them in the post box. they all arrived unharmed. In fact, I really do need to stick a few of them in the camper van to go with my emergency all day breakfast in a can etc.
  5. Don't knock those Astronic lite boxes! I make a good living out of rebuilding the shite ECUs off em. Three years and they're knackered.
  6. Standard "main dealer servicing moan to follow: Wifes car went in for a service this morning, against my better judgement she booked it into AC and tbh they weren't too bad last year. £129 for the "full service" required. Not horrific I suppose. Dropped it off and went off in to town with her for a bit, and after an hour she got a message with "Urgent extra work your car needs" or something along those lines. They recommended the car needed 3 new tyres @ £430. In reality the rears are 4 years old and on 4.5/5mm tread, the fronts were fresh on before the last MOT 8000 miles ago. The fronts are honestly like fucking new. Matching continentals. There's easily 20k miles left in these tyres, and if AC were selling the car there's not a fucking chance in the world that they'd put new ones on! Advised the front disks and pads need doing, and quoted £350 for this. They could do with changing, I agree, but fuck me its £80 for the bits and an hours work. OS Main beam bulb had failed. AC quoted us £41 to change it, I presumed it much be a bit of a fuck about for them to bill half an hours labour for it, but I got a £3 bulb from wilkos and changed it in the car park when we picked the car up. Genuinely the easiest bulb change I've had to do, a 30 second job - I didn't even have to put my bacon sandwich down. So yeah they recommended £430 of completely unrequired work, wanted easily double what any "reasonable" place would charge for the work that it actually needed.
  7. You'll need a clit blotter for that, not a blot clitter.
  8. Put a couple of new UJs on the prop shaft, it wasn't a bad job. Also greased the fuck out of the sliding joint under the guibo. Old joints weren't horrific, the inner races were fine, but each joint had one outer that was very dry and grim. Back on, again: No more bonging noises! Yes! Slight prop vibration? boo. While I had the tools out, I fitted a new speedo cable, as the old one was making an INCREDIBLE RACKET. New cable made exactly the same noise, so I took the speedo apart to make sure it was all OK and not baggy or worn. ] Compared it all to another I had, and mine was way better, like new inside TBH, I think it was a NOS replacement at some point. So I disconnected the speedo cable from the diff, and took it down the road. Noise is still there!!!!FFS! There's a speed dependant buzzing noise from behind the dash that comes and goes at anything over 30mph. I've got to have the dash out soon, in order to do the heater blower fan and a few other jobs, so I'll see what the score is then. Hopefully, in a few weeks, I won't have to work outside as I'm just working out the paperwork for some new premises for my business. Fingers crossed. I'll chuck a cheap chinese two post lift in near the shutters to keep morale up, but the rest will have to be "electronics repairs labs" etc
  9. Aye, horrific prices to stay on basically a council estate in the woods with a couple of harvester grade pubs and a swimming pool. I just don't get it.
  10. That's a miserable commute, but at least when you get home you're two hours away from Doncaster.
  11. Doncaster was invented by Rotherham, to make people in Rotherham feel less bad about where they live. One slogan dreamt up was "At least it's not fucking Doncaster" and during initial construction of Doncaster, signs were erected on the side of the A1 at J36 saying "If you lived here, you'd be home by now. But lets face it, you'd be even more fucking miserable" Sadly, the whole project failed when on 26th November 1989, a "dome" was built on the outskirts of Doncaster. Nobody then, or now knows it's purpose. But Rotherham doesn't have one, so by any metric, it is measurably worse.
  12. I've turned the freezer back on to try and solidify all the slop, and my plan is to bring the pickup home after work, duct tape the freezer door shut and take the whole sorry lot and throw it off a bridge into the river derwent
  13. At some point probably weeks ago, someone has turned the plug off for our "overflow" freezer that's under the stairs. It's the one we keep "long term meats" in It was either me or the wife, neither of us have any recollection or reason to lean right over and turn that plug off. But nevertheless, it was off. Blissfully unaware, I opened the freezer and a load of slop poured out the front all over the carpet and the smell is absolutely unreal.
  14. I'm sorry for laughing, but I did laugh. Sorry. Years ago when I worked at Halfords, an angry man came in with a sat nav, kicking off about how it was "Playing up really bad" and "wasting his time sending him all over the country in wrong directions" but basically he just had no fucking idea how to use it and he was adding new destinations as extra stops on a route rather than clearing the old destination, so it was always trying to eventually send him back to Ingoldmells. He was having a right old rant and nobody could get a word in edgeways. Finally he shoved the satnav across the counter at me, along with his receipt from Comet 😅and asked me "What the fuck are you going to do about it then?"
  15. Honestly I can't understand how it is still possible to buy such a car at anything under 40% APR. Someone financing a 5 grand 120k a4 from a dealer over 3 years has an almost 100% certainty that the car will fail in some very expensive way well before the £200 a month finance is paid off, and when it does they will just stop paying the finance, meanwhile "GB PREMIUM MOTORS 2018 LTD" who sold it to them has long since closed down and the finance company will have no chance of viably dragging the remaining few grand out of the angry bloke who owned it
  16. That's my mates GT2. It's a lovely little thing, really clean and original. He sold an utterly rotten mk1 MX5 to buy it and it's the best decision he's ever made, but I don't think he truly realised how bad the MX5 was and how good this is.
  17. As ever, with one "fix" comes three more problems. Getting a bit tired of it now, I've spend a fucking fortune on this thing. It's nice to work on but I'm spending like £300 a pop at brickwerks every few weeks. First off, it was oddly intermittently losing power on the way home last night. I kept on driving for another 10 miles in circles near my house to try and work out what set it off. It seemed like bumps and sharp right hand bends set it off. It was very quick and back to normal immediately, and the tank is full of fuel, so I reckoned it was a loose wire on the ignition side of things. This morning I had a ferret round and found this: Not my fault, never even touched it! Must have been like it for years as it's packed with dust. Cleaned it out, plugged it back in and then took the van for another good test drive. No more hiccups, but now I noticed a really annoying "CLANG" noise every time I change gear. FFS. Rear prop UJ is baggy. It felt OK before I put it on. Obviously these props are rare as fuck and the joints are a bit weird so according to VW buffs I can't just turn up to "jeffs props" and expect him to sort it out for me.
  18. What better to do on new years eve than strip the diff out of a van? It came out pretty easily tbh! This van is super clean underneath, all the bolts flew out, not a spot of bother! Just look at them!!!: Wizzed around the case joint so I didn't tip a load of shit and much into it: Quick tap with a dead blow mallet and its apart: That's the viscous coupling right there. It just lifts out, and the new one plonks in place: Note the missing spacer on top. I used a glue gun to stick it on: (it's grease not glue obv) All done, cleaned all the CV joint mount faces up and changed the oil too. Oddly, I got 1.9L out but it only needed 1.5l to fill it. It fucking stank. Considering they are supposed to last around 80k miles, this one appears to be the original one and has done double that: All back together, drives great! There's always something though - Any T25 with it's original plastic coolant hoses really needs them swapping. They have metal inserts in the ends to give the hose clamps something to bit on to. These inserts rust and work their way out, and the hose slowly works it's way off: You can see where the knurling is - that's where the hose should ordinarily sit! Lucky escape. I've shoved it back on, it'll be fine for now - I've pressure tested the system to 14psi and it's fine, but it will eventually work it's way off with heat cycles. I'll order a set of pipes and fit them when I get chance.
  19. I had the same experience. First two I was good as gold, but the booster made my arm ache like I'd been hit by a car and I felt rough as arseholes for a day or two. The way I see it is there's no way the jab can be as bad as the Covid it's protecting you from, and at this stage it's not a case of "if" you'll get it, but "when"
  20. As a pair of antisocial bastards with no kids, me and the wife now point blank refuse to go round the houses at Christmas. Neither of us have a lot of family anyway and it's so nice to not have to be held hostage in an unfamiliar house surrounded by people we're not that keen on.
  21. 100% guarantee that any car with a name is absolutely shagged in on way or another. If somebody is mental enough to call their scruffy motorhome "betsy" they're definitely not going to do anything proper about the galloping rot in the sills and frame, and will just "drive around" the fact that it takes eight minutes to get it into reverse because the engine is falling out
  22. Hateful things, I developed ptsd and claustrophobia wiring them up for him.
  23. As I say, my mate really enjoys it and has been at it for years now! I think I'm probably just a miserable bugger TBH as I didn't even really want anything to do with my own wedding either.
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