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  1. I've got three grand cash and I'll give it a really good home
  2. As a kid I stuck the bathroom plunger on my 7 year old sisters forehead, she spent about ten minutes ragging at it to get it off which I found absolutely hilarious, but not as hilarious as the mark it left on there for about 2 weeks
  3. Also just take an extra tablet if you're really bad
  4. T6 is awesome, done a lot of lanes. Doesn't have the articulation of the t25 or a diff lock, so I've kept it fairly mild. T25 is getting some bigger tyres on, I reckon. Theyre 235/75/15s which are wider than the ones on there (215/75/15), but they look narrower here: Thankfully when fitted to a (blasted and painted, german mefro) wheel they plump out and seem decent: The front tyre is very close to the rear of the front arch when on slight lock, so I'm going to have to do a bit of trimming. I'll keep the bit I trim off in case I want to put it back on. It's due an MOT in a few days, wish me luck!
  5. I'm a cyclist and I live near a road junction, I would probably rather be run over by a lorry than hear any more "beep beep, stay clear, this vehicle is turning left" warnings that trucks now have fitted that wake me up all fucking night. If you are on a bike, on a road, stay out of the way of anything really big like a truck. If you need a loud tannoy message to remind you of this, then I'm afraid that natural selection has chosen you to do something very noble.
  6. Yep, ocular migraine. Fucking shite they are! I get em now and again. Get some paracetamol down you now cos there's a good chance you've a headache coming. Stay somewhere dark and stay away from screens for a while. The day after I have one I feel totally wiped out, I lose about 50% of my IQ, so don't plan owt for tomorrow. Stress and eye strain can bring them on. If you wear glasses, get your eyes tested to make sure your prescription is right. If you don't wear glasses, get your eyes tested cos you might need to.
  7. There's someone selling a nearly new set of stock boge/sachs shocks on one of the t25 facebook groups
  8. So interesting that I barely noticed the ghost of a 1940s man sat on that bench
  9. Not a word in it about parking or storing vehicles, but they have sent me an email saying "any vehicles not related to business purposes will be presumed abandoned and will be towed away πŸ˜…". Other tenants have a "no motorhome" clause but mine is missing that too. My big camper van is my personal vehicle, the other 2 vans are loosely for business purposes (one a VW T25 pickup and one a T6 transporter, both commercial vehicles) so my argument is that I have driven to work in my personal vehicle. Everything gets used once or twice a week, but since I'm always here at 6:30 and leave at 7pm, it looks like they all never leave. There's a new manager on the business centre and they've got a bee in their bonnet about trivial shit like this while the rest of the place falls apart and is overrun with waste and the internet/phones don't work.
  10. Business centre still getting arsey about me having my vans parked here. They're all used regularly, all commercial vehicles and 2 of the 3 are owned by my company. I'm always at work well before anyone and leave after everyone else so to the part timers from the council it looks like my stuff never leaves. I rent two units and have a max of 2 vehicles parked outside overnight, with 5 in total in the day including my staff There's a delivery company with one unit who have 30+ vans parked overnight and 30+ staff cars here all day and somehow I'm the problem? The next time they give me grief I think I'll struggle to be as polite as I usually am
  11. I hope they don't want you to put it back in the box to send it back 🀐
  12. Surely this means there's a transit tipper with a motorbike engine in driving round pinching manhole covers
  13. Yeah I've gotta say I was surprised when this little flatbed turned up - it was only a 3.5 tonner so it's overweight on the rear axle even with a focus on. Bloke said he'd been called in as a backup but his main truck was off the road and he'd told them he could do the job but only collect small cars. Reckoned they had sent him out to 5 vans already that night and he reckoned he wouldn't get paid for any of the failed jobs.
  14. Yup I had the same with the RAC about ten years ago 4pm I set off from work in my old t25 and when changing into 2nd gear "spiritedly" there was a massive crunch and the van no longer had any drive. Coasted to the side of the road, Looking underneath the gearbox casing had burst and there was metal and oil coming out of it. It wouldn't even roll properly. Called the RAC and told them it was totally fucking fucked and that there was no point sending someone to try and fix it. 6:45PM a bloke came in a transit to have a look and confirmed by the pool of oil and cogs that it was indeed, fucked, so he booked a recovery. 8:45PM another transit turns up with an A frame which was no use as the van wouldn't roll. 10PM, a 3rd party agent with a tiny flatbed turns up, won't take it because he'd be about a ton overweight. Finally got it picked up at 11:30PM and was home just after midnight.
  15. I can't believe you got two round lamped mk1 astras next to each other! If someone asked me how many were left in the world I would have guessed about 1 and a half
  16. afaik brazing isn't a bad shout for joining body panels, like where you'd be "tack tack tacking", but you need decent surface area for a joint so you can't butt them up, they need an overlap
  17. i hope it doesnt work very well
  18. We're like pistonheads only without the big budget or the ability to comfortably make eye contact while talking to people
  19. Having my entire weekend wasted - I'm being dragged to an incredibly ill advised party hosted by my wife's mates who are in the middle of an awkward divorce, but for some reason she has suggested having "one last party" in their marital home. It's a couple of hours drive away and it will fuck up most of my Saturday, then we won't get home til 3AM on Sunday so that's yet another day wasted as I'll be too exhausted to really get anything done. I'm driving so can't even have a drink to take the edge off, I barely know any of these people and my presence is completely pointless other than to avoid my wife having to make some excuse as to why I'm not there - "He's very busy with work and really needs to work all weekend to try and keep on top of things" for example. It wouldn't even be a lie. Realistically, not one of these people actually gives a shit if I am there, and they will only even ask where I was out of politeness or to demonstrate that they've remembered I exist. I find prolonged social gatherings like that incredibly stressful - I'm fine for a couple of hours, but these things always go on and on for hours longer than is reasonable, so by the time we do leave I'll have been deep in a state of despair for some time. I'm probably on some part of the autistic spectrum for sure, but even so I do honestly think that if you went round and in confidence asked everyone at these kind of parties if they actually genuinely wanted to be there, I would predict at least 80% of attendees would very much rather be sat on their own sofa in their pyjamas instead of being stood awkwardly around someone else's house waiting for the earliest polite opportunity to fuck off home. I wish we could make it acceptable to be honest and sincerely say "Look, thanks for the invite, I appreciate the thought but I would really not enjoy that at all, in fact it is pretty much my own personal hell, nothing personal though"
  20. Last month I paid £980 for one😡
  21. It's doubly irrelevant for me as I am sadly not allowed within 500 yards of either of their houses anymore, in fact I'm probably breaking part of the court order even quoting a post about their boobs.
  22. I had a 100bhp mini and never had any gearbox problems, on account of it never managing to cover enough miles between engine rebuilds to stress the gearbox
  23. "πŸ’€β˜ πŸ’€ Never double cross a man who owns a vectra b and was born in november and is married to a sassy woman called irene and has a border terrier and used to be a plater-fabricator and learned life at the university of school of hard nocks πŸ’€β˜ πŸ’€"
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