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  1. I think some people get confused they’re selling a fucking Hispano Suiza at Coys not a 2005 Astra on Gumtree. Waiting to see how the market reacts and holding high level talks with investors. Bids under tender, Non disclosure agreements, due diligence reports on potential buyers that sort of thing.
  2. Does he want to sell the car or otherwise. Surely if someone approaches you wanting to view and has cash in their hand you’d have them round?
  3. I’d doubt very much they’ll release him, too great a risk.
  4. So in all likelihood they’d have continued until early 90’s in service.
  5. I can’t believe they still made those on a Y plate, they looked obsolete, by the time they would have been withdrawn in the late 80’s they must have looked like an antique.
  6. In the book it says it was taken by detectives to avoid anyone keeping it as a momento. The farm at Berkeley is still standing albeit derelict despite there being substantial evidence that there are bodies there.
  7. Interestingly he used a Sierra round the same time, years later it was tracked down by detectives in a breakers in London, despite finding DNA in it linking to Suzy Lamplugh they still can’t charge him. Supposedly at the time he had a black BMW 316, which lived on for a few years after he was captured, presumably as he still owed the finance on it.
  8. Probably it’s because very few that had the steel sunroof would have seen more than a few winters out of the rainwater channeled through the sills.
  9. What’s this fixation people have with swapping things? To anyone vaguely sensible it’s ‘swap my fucked car for your less fucked car?’. What ever happened to money being the medium of exchange? I wouldn’t go down Asda later and offer to swap some waney lap fencing for a joint of pork.
  10. The Mercury is the post 83 issue I think?
  11. No. Bumtree, probably is on marketplace though elsewhere. Probably wasn’t a bad buy if you could be arsed to decoke the turbot but it’s not worth the chance it’s the injectors/pump on their way out. But anyway the engine cutting out every day hasn’t bothered him.
  12. Those were literally their words. EML on but never bothered me... might bother the MOT tester...
  13. Sometimes it’s funny to put boot on other foot and see how much a seller will bullshit. Case in point Mondeo ST 2.2 diesel local to me, quite fancied one, quick message to effect of any warning lights or DMF noise... reply was ‘goes into limp home if you boot it and the tensioner is rattling’. Verdict: It’s fucked mate the injectors are bollocksed and the flywheel is singing, weigh the cunt in.
  14. I think it’s supposed to be either a US market Capri or an RS3100.
  15. Pound Toy has Real Working Rigs in and moving parts, BOGOF at the minute £5 each.
  16. Belt rarely goes, the tensioners usually seize, result is the same though 🤣 I’d stick a belt on it, kit is about £40-60 and a few hours labour. What people don’t realise is you really don’t want a belt to go mid overtake.
  17. The ‘economy’ 3.8 litre engine in a fuel crisis can’t have helped. BL were the masters of daft ideas, when they designed the Allegro it was quite a slick looking car, then someone decided that it needed to fit the E series in, though they knew they weren’t going to sell that many so the whole car had to be redesigned to fit the taller engine. Same for the 1800 doors, the Maxi had to incorporate them to save about four quid.
  18. Some people fundamentally don’t understand how the world works do they.
  19. Cause it’s automatic. A mate was nagged by his wife to get an auto, then presented with spending £6k on a 2008 Megane that I informed them could pretty much shit itself by close of business they had a change of heart. Unless we’re talking something quality, auto boxes seek to have a very limited life expectancy, a glitch with the box means it’s scrap - nobody in the garage trade is going to want to know about a 2008 Powershit that ‘just needs a fluid change’.
  20. I’d say £1,500 then be prepared to take £1,200. You’ll get no end of driveway traders offering you £800 though. Seen a lot offering 120 odd k Mk1 for £2,000 - they’re simply not worth that. £1,200 tops on a nice one.
  21. I love it when people say ‘Is this worth anything?’ when they know it’s not completely worthless. What answer do they expect? Stick it on eBay and whoever turns up first with the money.
  22. It’s all on computer based systems now, plus all receipts get chucked away by GDPR obsessed traders.
  23. But why would they if it’s not industry standard on that spec? Keep cruise on the ones that are a £1,000 more, might only cost £15-20 more in parts but that’s where the profit is.
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