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  1. For me FMS933Y is on a Corgi Plaxton bus. Odd because almost all I remember having non dated Irish plates.
  2. That Si looks immense but £7k? And what would you do with it with 5,000 miles on the clock. You could use it every day and treat it like you’d bought a new car but at some point something would break and you’d be off the road a month of Sundays finding the part. So other than that you’d need to garage it so it becomes an ornament. Wonder what the story is with it? A bereavement perhaps?
  3. Yeah they’re shite on fuel, good back in the 1990’s when getting 30mpg from your carbed Sierra 1.8 on a run was an achievement. Sometimes on those the CTS can cause crap fuel consumption or a lazy stat. Change it for a 92 deg one, they did 2 different stats on the Zetec, changing it for the hotter one meant it would show more central on the temp gauge as well but in truth the Zetecs always ran on the cool side compared to the later Mazda based Duratec units in the later Mk3.
  4. Problem with the Clio is they were slapdash when they were new so the years won’t have been kind. I don’t know about unstressed those Fiestas always seem to be driven within an inch of their life. Is it the same unit as the Mk5 think that was a Rocam? Guessing these are a Focus unit?
  5. Could be a roll of carpet. I’d like burying with some of my tools, save the bastards from flogging them off for a pittance. I’d feel sorry for the pall bearer though, those tools and the King Size Matchboxes are fucking heavy.
  6. ‘Are you constantly changing your car on a fortnightly basis changing from one heap of shit to another?’
  7. I used to get 40-45mpg on the motorway on the 2.0 Mk3 petrol. The old petrol Mondeos are giveaway money these days so if you don’t mind the fuel economy they can be a bargain. Incidentally I found the Mazda units in the Mk3 much more economical than the Zetec in the Mk2.
  8. The Mondeo petrols are crap on fuel, I found the Zetec really thirsty unless you drive it like a nun, which was impossible as it has fuck all torque unless it’s revving it’s tits off. The Mk3 2.0 petrol was better maybe 33 mpg, but the diesel reckon on another 10-15mpg more depending how you drive it.
  9. £7-800 if it’s a good one and it’s tested? Again no idea tbh. Whatever someone with money in their hand will give him.
  10. What like a sort of sealed bid tender?
  11. What sort of reaction are people looking for? It’s the 26 year old Mondeo it’s not going to cause a furore at Christie’s. Why can’t people just think of a bloody price they’d be happy with and put it up for that. That’s assuming they actually want to sell it.
  12. Mine will all end up in the skip one day I expect. In the meantime I’ll enjoy them until I’m in the pine box.
  13. Didn’t Corgi it Lledo do a Mk4 Transit? I know Britains definitely did.
  14. I think it was me with the Majokit. Think we got them from Trago Mills in Falmouth in about 1990.
  15. Can’t believe you’ve ruined that Lledo. They’re collectors items!!! 🤣 Seriously make sure you stamp on it repeatedly before it goes in the bin.
  16. I never seem to have much luck with retapping the base, the post usually snaps. What screws do you use?
  17. Isn’t it funny how as a kid a lot of your memories are about your hobbies. I can remember playing on the table in a pub in Filey when I’d be really young with a red MC toys Escort like that. Same holiday we picked up a Bburago Fiat Regatta in the toy shop. Even at that age I was fascinated with oddities like the Regatta rather than Ferrari’s etc...
  18. Employers are realising now they can skank their employees over as they’ve no chance finding a job elsewhere at the moment.
  19. £550 sounds a bit optimistic for a car that hasn’t run in over 12 years. £150 maybe.
  20. Shitehawks. No disrespect to Rover 214 owners but it’s probably not been nicked to flog on and ring which leads me to think some pond life has joyridden it, hopefully it’ll be found in a lay-by or something not burnt out.
  21. The white JEEP was originally issued in the USA in 1983, then in the U.K. in the early 90’s, it’s the same casting. Funny to bring it back after all these years!
  22. sierraman

    406 time

    Very good cars but most of them are falling to bits now. For £325 you can’t go wrong. I’d just check carefully it’s not completely fucked, run it over the winter then if it fails the test catastrophically in April chuck it away and get half your money back.
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