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  1. Wonder if when the market is flooded with them how many will have old bases riveted onto new bodies and be passed off as originals?
  2. Which ones they got? I’m passing Lidl tomorrow for work.
  3. We did have Siku at our local shops for a really brief time, I got the XJ40, Suzuki Santana and the 7 series from there, a little later they did Tomica. The cheapest on the pecking order were either Matchbox Super GT or Corgi Juniors, a little bit above that would be Hot Wheels and regular Matchbox. A Motorcity set or a Superkings would be well into birthday money, though I can remember being in hospital overnight and getting a Superkings ERF Fire Tender which at the time was probably worth having the horrific stomach cramps and the industrial grade laxatives I had to take. 🤣
  4. Siku trucks were a thing of absolute craftsmanship, far far beyond what we could afford as a kid but I’ve picked a few up over the years and they’re really well made.
  5. I suppose it’s off the back that you could work in a pet shop cleaning birdshit out of cages and so long as you can scrape together £1,000 a month after your board they’ll sign you up for one.
  6. No different I suppose relatively speaking to someone paying £14,000 and then paying £1200 to insure it.
  7. Even in the pitch black you can tell the bodywork is fucked. Surely you’d wait until daylight to photograph it?
  8. You’d think with this one they’d have cleaned away the stains on the seat where he’s been tumping his Mrs.
  9. Just reading that advert now, what a fucking fool he is with the Bora, 209k on the clock and it’s been remapped... also taxed until the New Year, how’s he work that one out? The tax ends when he transfers ownership! Coming to a branch of EMR near you! 🤣
  10. The only thing ‘fin’ about that is the injector pump.
  11. Why’s the front look like an Opel Admiral?
  12. Bullshit they’d get stolen! Why do people have to talk bullshit like that in these shops? I’d call them out 🤣
  13. Sounds straightforward until I have a go 😂
  14. How do you get all the transfers? I’d love to do a replica Mainline bus but no idea how to do the decals
  15. If you were to describe 1997 in a colour it would be purple. It was the ‘in’ colour. You could even get a purple Mondeo.
  16. The older Ford based TDCI with the VNT so the 130hp ones were really prone to it, throw into the mix an EGR that was constantly clogging and they were a nightmare. An ‘in service mod’ was to drill a hole and tap it in the turbo to allow you to spray a shot of Mr Muscle in.
  17. I like those SD1, I still have my childhood one, it’s battered as fuck but accurately represents how I remember them. I don’t know if I’m a completely sad bastard here but I’d have a few favourites that I always had as ‘my car’ when I spent hours on the living room floor recreating a scrapyard with my old crocks.
  18. How come some Dinkies of that era are screwed together and some are riveted?
  19. They’ll do it albeit rattling and smoking a bit.
  20. Jesus people are asking £15 on eBay for the green Escorts
  21. Most likely the vanes clogged up causing the actuator to crap out.
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