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  1. Mine have plenty of pull on them, but granted the ratchet will wear. Good practice to oil the cable properly first as well.
  2. They don’t care about someone with an old car or someone running an older car as it’s what they can afford. They won’t tell you this but really they’d wish the above people would fuck off as in their eyes they want the place full of electric cars and ‘successful’ people.
  3. I’d go with the Halfords Autocentre on balance, they’re not mechanics but it’s a starting point to wing it into something else. Use it to broaden your knowledge, don’t expect working at Halfords to get you any credibility working at an actual garage though unless they have a commission basis on brake pads.
  4. Annoying but bumper from co-part and back on the road. Could’ve been worse...
  5. No you got the chrome grill on the four cylinder ones as well. Was a standard upgrade back in the day along with Ghia interior lights.
  6. Picked up an RS2000. Also saw this absolute masterpiece... they also had a Manta B.
  7. Attended the ‘El Rastro’ car boot in Benidorm other day, nothing worthy of note apart from a Corgi TR7 that was fucked. Did pick up a Wiha screwdriver though. As you do on your wedding anniversary...
  8. Currently in Spain, seen a place selling 1/24 Talbot 180 for €25. Finding it hard to resist despite having nowhere to put it. Less so but still strong want for a €60 1/18 Renault Fuego...
  9. ... and it will be arriving at EMR on the 13th of December...
  10. But I’m wrong, you can’t give anecdotal experience... 🤣
  11. They go for a good £10-15 so good spot there.
  12. I know plenty of brummies, salt of the earth folk but there’s a lot of crap cars on offer round there.
  13. No pictures but one of those flexible hose clamp pliers that work on a cable. Pretty much essential on a modern car tbh.
  14. So true. That said I’ve had our Focus nearly 5 years next year, I’ve spent a few quid on bits to keep on top of it this year I’ll have you know! If anyone doubts the above advice, I’d suggest a trip to Cleckheaton Trade or whatever they call themselves this week for a snapshot of what crap they are selling. An acquaintance who buys and sells won’t touch anything VAG round that area, too much of the tackle he comes across is bent, fucked, badly modified, never been serviced or just plain dodgy. Cornwall used to be a good shout for decent older well looked after cars, I picked up a Sierra once from Penzance, at that time it was a bit special as the arches didn’t have a spot of corrosion on them which at the time was unusual. Not the cheapest but a good source nevertheless. My old man lives in semi rural Somerset, loads of tidy Mk1 Focus, Astra G etc that’s probably never been out of the county and serviced on the dot. The place to go for err that sort of thing.
  15. Some parts of the country you just wouldn’t buy from, the cars there are just rough, West Yorkshire, Birmingham etc. Loads of rough Cat S stuff cobbled back together with stolen parts being retailed off bombsites.
  16. £1,500? It would go up in smoke before I accepted that from WBAC. I’d start looking from £2k upwards, there’s fuck all generally worth having at less than a grand.
  17. Hmm didn’t know the Capri was back again. Might pick one up to customise.
  18. In typical ‘don’t offend anyone’ style What Car reviews the Vectra.
  19. Found a Tesco with new stock in. Particularly like the Renault Megane.
  20. Some did have some very opaque blue windows.
  21. He just brought cheque blank titled out to me for the£320 last time
  22. Or just ring the scrapyard up and have the money in your account straight away...
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