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  1. Do you reckon, with a straight run, you could fit a second hand clutch and flywheel in a week? On day 5 would you also require the customer to come in after work to help put the thing back together? 🤣
  2. I think it’s difficult for garages to attract new trainees or younger staff in general when they could be earning considerably more in another trade like electrical or plumbing.
  3. I’ve got a few Focus pumps, I’ll have a check if the connector is still on them.
  4. You’ll need a bigger one than that for the viscous fan.
  5. How many gearboxes have you heard blowing up from being used for engine braking? Sitting on the brakes is just bad practice. That said in the other extreme I had a lift with someone a while back that went down the box sequentially at every junction instead of 4th/2nd etc block shifting it.
  6. Quite useful those. I used some to make some new eyes for an Owl Bird scarer.
  7. They did a Mk3 Granada Taxi as well, 2.5D with same features. Listed in as late as the 1990 brochure.
  8. They’ve always been disposable, things wear out that aren’t economical to fix. Cars 40 years ago were much more wasteful, they’d be completely worn out after 6 years. There’s more ‘old’ cars on the road than there has ever been.
  9. If you were a garage proprietor and you, as they do at the moment, have a pick of what work you’d want to do you would pick these straightforward jobs, timing belts, service, brakes etc etc. You wouldn’t be entertaining the following... Welding up 15 year old cars - financially it’s not worth it if you factor in the time required plus everyone knows Wally the Weld from down the pub that can weld sills on for £15 and think you’d do the same. Fucked engines - replacing the engine in anything is expensive and it involves other big ticket jobs along the way like the clutch and fluids. Plus finding anywhere reputable that sells recon engines as opposed to ‘repainted engines’ is difficult. People sourcing their own parts - its part and parcel that the garage might make 20% or whatever on the parts. So the customer gets some crap fake Mintex discs of eBay for them to fit to keep the price down that either don’t fit or are counterfeit. Enthusiasts - Seen what an easy job it is on YouTube and want to stand over your shoulders watching you and telling them how to do it. Its only natural any given garage can’t be arsed with the above and stick to those jobs that take maybe hour and a half but budget the customer for 2 hours. That said with the boot on the other foot there’s a number of garages that haven’t kept with the times because of retirement or cost of diagnostic equipment etc. That’s the outfit down the road from me.
  10. I’ll start... 12 bent valves... 11 broken rockers... 10 days waiting for Auto Doc...
  11. No point beating yourself up about something happening that’s outside your control.
  12. Have you gone ‘it’s got reclining seats this car, do you want to try them out?’
  13. They had bigger ashtrays and a panic alarm for the driver fitted. I’ve not heard of any survivors though sadly.
  14. That’s the Commercial Vehicle book of the same range. I’ll put some more pictures up sometime.
  15. They are fitted for the police with a Run Lock, so when the copper jumps out to give chase it’ll keep running but cut out if you touch the pedals.
  16. This is classic Bburago, a Fiat 131...
  17. Ah ha. This is the pedal TR7 I remember.
  18. The 1/18 E Type is a lovely model. Built 2 from the kits they did in the 90’s. I’ve got the commercial toys version of that book as well, liked the TR7 pedal car by Triang in the back, one of those must be worth a bomb now.
  19. Ex Police, there’s another ‘would you/wouldn’t you?’ I’ve no experience directly but the ex Panda cars always look very ropey, they seem to get kept a long time as well now, our local has only just got rid of the Mk2 Focus. The big response/motorway cars used to be silly cheap but now they seem quite expensive for something that’s had a life of bouncing up kerbs chasing folks or doing 0-100 down a slip road to catch a speeding motorist. Seen a few that get sold off early with engine problems which makes me think maybe they’ve had a bloody hard life despite being serviced on the dot.
  20. Unless you’ve an Escort with the speedo drive chewed up by the diff bearings being fucked. 🤣 Going off topic slightly but wasn’t the old Nova able to be started with some fucking trickery with the hazard switch? Or was that bullshit as well?
  21. We had one. Or rather the wife had one to learn to drive in, fucking hell that was the scene of many a row. Life lesson learnt ‘leave driving instruction to the professionals’. It was in that bright red colour so possible ex BSM. The one we had would have been maybe a 1.0, it had the heart of a warrior, the engine took all sorts of abuse but the body fell to bits, one day a bit of corrosion turned into a foot long hole. Bashed it flat, filled it, gave it a cost of underseal and fucked it off sharpish through the local paper. The one thing that bugged me on these was the bulb behind the instruments seemed to be built in, ended up swapping the cluster with one from breakers to sort it.
  22. Ha ha the imaginary drill that winds the clocks back.
  23. Think it should be easy enough to avoid, steer clear of low mileage VAG diesels. Especially 4-5 year old ones sold by some driveway trader type. I did spot a 61 Mondeo a while back, 253k, recent engine and clutch, out of curiosity I asked if it had been cabbed (the advert didn’t say). Only on being quizzed did the seller declare it had been a taxi. Then you start to think what else has he been dishonest about.
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