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  1. Central Glasgow, just outside their LEZ, very much an absence of much decent other than:
  2. Welsh rain my friend. Combined with the horizontal breezes it’s like Karcher on steroids. I’m dying to checkout the upper body and head apparel needed for this oddessey?
  3. I think we had this on a different thread but how about a Sierra Pezz Turbo?
  4. Only cars I can remember having a 5* petrol sticker were the Rover P6 (particularly the V8 but that's because a local giffer had one) - there were probably more but any there were really not that many cars around - I'd guess less than 50% of households had one in our village and two? Two! Luxury, lad. Converting 5* to 4* was just a case of retarding the timing and moaning about the poor performance. LPG has a higher octane rating but less energy than unleaded (my last LPG/pezz car was ~10% down on LPG - 10mpg instead of 11mpg )
  5. I used to half inch 2 star from the greenkeeper/groundsman job I had to put in my dad's Triumph Herald for when we went out on the (improbable) pull. It pinked like crazy on long uphills and my poor old dad was driven batty by the 'problem'. I never did confess.
  6. What's the car with the dented wing behind the dud on the BMW bike? I'm stuck with a wedge but don't think the bonnet/wing line is right?
  7. An awful lot of cars come without that little aide-memoire (looking at you Mr. Bini) so you never know it's running cool unless you plug in a reader. It has a 'bong' if it goes over but just a secret smile if it runs under.
  8. It's a 96 minus 3? My late uncle ran a 96 for a time which he would delight in demonstrating the freewheel clutch to us kids on the long downhill section of the (then) new Ayr bypass. Meant nothing to us sprogs
  9. Bwahahaha! Heard that before about Binis Maybe you got a lucky escape?
  10. p.s. also found a wee article about the garage and a certain Black Safrane @andyberg
  11. Exbourne Cross Garage (en route N.Tawton > Bude) . Attended service but I always pass after closing time. Cheapest petrol for miles too. Nicked this photo off Google StreetSpy (dated 2023). Due to be passing in June 2024 maybe I'll get there early enough this time. The garage does has never come up on Google as selling petrol (?) but it is on petrolprices.com
  12. Oh I dunno - he's got his little, doggy rollies, a bit of the wacky backy and an armchair. He'll be fine (until the driver hits the brakes hard and ends up wearing the chair). Oh, hang on, LDV/Freight Rover you say? Brakes you say? Ah - chair'll be fine - maybe the owner of that one did?
  13. There's electrical issues then there's VooDoo Black Magic shit - the former usually involves dancing naked in the pissing rain swearing at the thing, the latter is fitting a new battery Failing either, yeah - stick it up at £550!
  14. I bought a Mk 1 1.8 diesel Mondeo (LX) with v.low mileage out of Letchworth Car Auctions around 1998 that was just coming up for three years old - bidding was rather fierce - later found out that there were a couple of taxi guys in the bidding. One came over afterwards and passed me his card. It was an OK car - I spent zero on it other than fuel/oil/filters and did about 10K miles motorway/autoroute but the light beige seats and trim were not a good colour for heavy use. I later flogged the car to him after about 9 months as I needed a 4x4 - he happily gave me the agreed trade in figure for the 4x4 (which was about 30% higher than the auction price).
  15. Thanks - I've stuck some of his other stuff up on other threads here - it looked like the Welsh Valleys but I was not sure if was actually Scotland. (I do wonder if there's be different stuff in the car parks in both countries?)
  16. Ahhh - thank you. It used to be quite cool walking around the little back streets there on a wet night seeing all the wee black Citroens parked around the place like a 1950's French film noir - just needed a load of Les Flics to leap out yelling 'You're nicked, sunshine' (obvs. in French). There were still a lot of small trades around Central London back then - hoover shops, proper ironmongers, gearbox places. I once came back on the bus from Clapham with a two piece exhaust for the Vitesse from a specialist place down there. Never got a second look. All pretty much all gone by 1990-95 as property prices really took off (and I guess mail order did too).
  17. Yellow Capri for me please. Coal mine? Any idea which one? (GoogleFoo says meh)
  18. I lived down near Waterloo East BR Station 1981-82 and there was a guy under the arches there that specialised in older Citroens - he'd usually have a few Avants scattered around on the resident's parking bays like the one's you've pictured. I think he was actually located in Brad Street (always sounded like a wholesome, preppy US actor to me). He lowered himself to assist with the manifold studs on my old Vitesse - top man. Googlefoo is unclear as to whether he's still around but some of his motors seem to be
  19. One has a self-adjusting facility and the other doesn't?
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