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  1. As a youngster I had enough trouble with Triumph Toledo/Dolomite/1300/1500 distinction without these poodling around too The shot of the red one seems (to my eye) to have more of the ADO16 about it - maybe because there's more of the doors/sills visible?
  2. Auction? If you have the time, take a punt on something. If it's really bad then pop it into a different auction house (i used to do Exeter/Plymouth like that - bought/sold some crap but had a couple of good 'uns)
  3. I fell over it reading an old article on the ADO16 - led me to https://www.mginfo.co.uk/leyland/?q=node/27 The view below could almost be a dead ringer for the N reg Triumph 2000 that I got to punt around as a teenager (not ours - my dad had a Toledo 1300 )
  4. Austin Apache - S.African thingy that looks (to me) like Dolomite or Toledo meets Allegro.
  5. Oh I dunno - I had a Triumph Toledo in the (lower) green colour as displayed on my monitor. Not a bad colour really. Shite car 'tho
  6. I was reading this from bottom to top (humour me) and I was thinking 'Outback clone' and then I got to the opening post - indeed may your itch be scratched. Nice looking car - enjoy
  7. Scary, I guess you don't go up to that, knock on the glass ... "Excuse me officer, can you tell me how to get to Trafalgar Square?" On another thought - that would be shite in a confined, urban, flowing public disorder situation - you'd end up crushing kids in prams (although I guess that's not a problem in some countries).
  8. Wonder what the inspiration for that roof ensemble was?
  9. Turns out it was these - do the parts sellers know something I don't?
  10. Thought my bottle of 100 year malt for my birthday had arrived (yeah, fat chance)
  11. Owner didn't want to spring for a KrookLok whilst he was away on holiday?
  12. No idea tbh - took our 'new' 1998 940 down to the West Country for its first long range trip and my father in law was 1000% delighted to have a tour around the local giffer places (recycling tip, garden centre - the usual). The window ledge is perfect to rest an elbow on and the view out is tremendous all round. Long bonnet is a consideration but nothing worse than my old Outback (counter balanced by the fact that a cambelt change is appropriately easier). Only complaint is that the driver's seat needs restuffing under the butt and lumbar area as it kinks your neck a bit on the headrest.
  13. Wafty barge - 500 mile round trip, mostly motorway with analogue cruise control, velour and t'missus. 30 mpg and we risked the sun roof. 🙂 Happy Days. Back to work now
  14. I've never had a cheaper quote from Direct Line - they're always mega high - I just do the tarty Martin Lewis thing every year and then fill in the Direct Line form for giggles. My theory is that they have a big retained customer base plus there's a narrow (sucker?) target demographic that they try to grab on a low quote and said demographic is the one least likely to bail? Saga I used the year I turned 50 to insure an MGF as a spare car and they were cheap as chips. Never again.
  15. Damned by faint praise..... Yes! Anything is better than boring black (or white or grey - what is it with naff colours these days?)
  16. It is fugly but the panel fit is not actually too bad so I was figuring an 'official' Land Rover Specialist Vehicle type or fire engine type conversion before I found the foley link. Early 80s throwback to a 70s or earlier infill design? It just looks shite to be honest - at least they've parked up with an empty space either side as it's probably got the turning circle of a bus (my old 109 V8 was bad enough)
  17. According to the macho Urban Man types (Pininterest) this is a 127 CSW ? Yours has twin snorkels so I'm thinking an RAF V8 Rapier type one that's been refitted? edit: www.foleysv.com/defender-130-conversions.html
  18. I jumped through a lot of hoops for the impromptu auction purchase at the end of March. Online bestist quote was £190+£40 cashback so I told Adrian Flux £150 was my best quote and they matched it. My main policy is on the wife's Bini so I'll swap that over in November after the usual shoparound shennanigans. I won't be going multi-car as I've never yet found one that is competitive on price or seems to allow swapping cars in/out without an 'admin' fee. The van insurance renewal though has come in way under any other quotes for two years running. Weird
  19. I wouldn't have the patience to stop and eat - I'd be off - nice purchase (Has it got overdrive?)
  20. #metoo (or is that bad taste) My (unpaid) social secretary (t'missus) fills in some of my blanks but, otherwise, that's it!
  21. I need a complete manifold to tail pipe exhaust system (incl cat) for a Volvo 940 petrol. Generic suppliers abound but does anybody have a recommendation for a preferred supplier? (Supply only so ship out to the Welsh Boonies)? Quick wrap up of this one - mild steel components are seemingly plentiful but mixing pipes from different manufacturers has been the cause of much pain in the past. Only 1 or 2 offering complete cat back systems circa £200. Stainless made by Jetex are available - found one online place at £370 delivered (vipmotorsport) but their online price is so cheap that I feel it may be an error - we'll see. MIJ exhausts seem to get good reviews and will weld up a custom stainless job while you wait - handy if you are near them I guess. Cat/forward is really only a company called BMCatalysts - they do sell direct but cats2u.co.uk offer the same components + fitting kits at a more competitive price. I'll add in any grief/positive results from the shipping if they are worth a note
  22. Image above was Anson Terrace - look slike it is now a Lidls car park mostly
  23. Liverpool, 1967, awaits gentrification
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