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  1. It seems to be around those prices around here now. Had my car for the first time in a fortnight to get new tyres fitted and passed a couple of petrol stations and clocked the prices. Driving of course so can't be certain of exact prices but near enough. May have been less at my usual Sainsburys but I didn't need any so didn't go that way. Won't need any for a month so hopefully the prices will have fallen by then.
  2. CO11N WR on a Bentley GT at the doctors this morning.
  3. Must have gold flakes in it.
  4. Magican tin openers are good, for a while. Work well and usually last me about three years. When the last one broke I bought a thing from AldiLidlB&M that looks like a medieval torture instrument. Works well, baffles the grandkids.
  5. Getting my Moto G30 to play music. The old Huawei Y33 was simple enough but a) it loses the SD card after a while, can be five minutes or ten hours, seems to depend upon which amplifier it is being played through, or headphones. It doesn't work at all with the harmon/kardon amp - no sound and it even turns it off. How it manages that on a seventies amp is beyond me. It is only used as an MP3 device. Just dragged some music onto the G30 and it has taken about an hour to get it to pay for more than thirty seconds. Haven't a clue how I did it and will probably never manage it again. And this is probably in the wrong thread too
  6. If you do replace the boot, there is a YT video that is basically OK but there is also some errors with it. I had to have one done for the first MOY on my first C5. It was £13 and about another £20 for fitting as they were doing other work at the same time.
  7. Good luck with that but with the attention lavished on it up to now you shouldn't have any problems. Be prepared for drop links though, I had to have lots of them, probably the way I ignored speed bumps, just went over them at the indicated speeds. I always had Lemförder links fitted as they last longer. TRW are said to be good too.
  8. The one in South Shields is, usually abbreviated to just 'chi'.
  9. I saw it on the Northern Echo so it will be in most local rags. Thought I had seen it on the Beeb. https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/19823041.bt-face-angry-backlash-campaigners-axing-landline-phones/
  10. Shame that BT are discontinuing landline phones. https://www.efax.co.uk/blog/bt-2025-switch-off-how-will-it-impact-you-and-your-business chucked mine out years ago, sick to death of spam calls. Hate phones at the best of times so a good excuse.
  11. Three long haired daughters and a wife with long hair, never a problem. But my youngest son, on the other hand. That ⇈ is nothing in comparison.
  12. Lovely! A spectacularly hideous beast. BMW, Audi, Nissan, Landrangerover, Cadillac et al will now have to up there game to out-ugly that heap.
  13. I expected a load of problems when I went into my local branch of Santander. They were perfectly happy to hand over £3k but did ask what it was for and commiserated when told it was for a new boiler. No fireworks around here at all, an unusually quiet night.
  14. I think it is GOM with me, I have an aversion to family gatherings, everyone talking at once and I am unable to follow a conversation, or TV on and yackking in competition. Crap on the TV too.
  15. Of course they do. Then go off and do what they please anyway.
  16. My daughter's cats have been left pretty much on their own for three months while she has been in hospital, her kids are never home, only pop in occasionally to feed the cats, otherwise it is left to me. Most of the doors kept closed but the kids have left them open and the cats have shit and pissed all over, especially the kitchen that had no door on it - removed in 1990. I hung a new door to keep them out but despite being cleaned a dozen times it still stinks. Doesn't help that I can't stand cats and dogs.
  17. https://www.itemfix.com/v?t=stgp13
  18. myglaren

    E10 Fuel

    I hadn't seen any deterioration either but when I filled up a couple of days ago (E10) and then did the sums I found the car had only done 222 miles red light to red light and 23 mpg! It is always a bit rubbish but about half what we usually get. I don't have the car until tomorrow to check but may of course have made a silly mistake writing the mileage down. I usually tale a photo of the instruments but the phone wasn't having it, damned thing just does as it pleases.
  19. I have loads here and the majority have lasted very well. One in the dark stairwell is permanently connected and has been on for five years now, its predecessor lasted about five years and I think was spiked by a heating engineer working on the boiler - it is connected to the boiler. The only other one was a huge cob bulb in the bathroom which lasted two years. And an LED strip on top of the kitchen cabinets - overheating as I didn't provide a heatsink for them. Otherwise I have chucked a couple of early ones out that were a bit crap and replaced with improved ones.
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