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  1. Needs fixed with fire. It is the only way!
  2. Some people have too much time on their hands don't they!
  3. Good result finding someone that will do the necessary for a very reasonable price.
  4. Trailer returned this morning and I had to go the the workshop to drop off and pick up some stuff. I put the lift on some wheel skates and got it to roughly where I wanted it Then I had a quick look at how the uprights fit. That was quite easy. Next the fun* bit of getting the wiring sorted.
  5. At least I wasn't using all the throttle as I still had to return the trailer!
  6. I've already had my first booking haven't I @Supernaut
  7. That would not be trailered, only trailer things that can't move themselves. Does not look at the SLK that was trailered up...
  8. Trailer collected and a quick stop at Asda taking up about 8 spaces! Then headed off to the collection address. Google maps took me down some narrow enough A roads then onto some winding B roads but it was no bother to the super Saab which didn't skip a beat! The thing was loaded and @jaypee and @320touring arrived at this point. Many straps were added and we headed off. Just as we were about to turn out of the driveway @Supernaut@sdkrc trundled past. We headed off to Forfar in a slow convoy and 90 minutes later we arrived. Then the fun was to begin. everything was unstrapped and the light* bits brought in first. Then the main event. I had an idea of a plan but Neil asked me to measure how wide the access road was, 2.9M the cargo was 2.8M. we went for it and ended up with great success! it went a lot easier than I had feared but it was hard work! Afterwards we went for some food. so what the fuck did I get? Why this of course! Massive thanks to @JimH for holding on to it for soooooooo long and loading it and... You get the point. None of this would have been possible without everyone mentioned. I am really lucky to have some amazing friends.
  9. Yeah, go and potentially infect someone selling a car. What a completely selfish attitude. There is a fair bit of science behind the timings of the tests for a reason!
  10. Some outstanding pictures there.
  11. Trailer booked. Bag of stuff sorted. Helpful friends roped in. Excitement tinged with worry about the logistics but it will be fine!
  12. At the time when I did the maths the SGS 20l bottle worked out quite a lot cheaper. The 30l even more but the 20l was heavy enough to shift.
  13. Sounds like you need to buy something else quickly....
  14. I'm sure there might be some way of putting it back on...
  15. If it just the side panel then you can take one side of the spring shackle off to fit the panel over. No need to remove the axle.
  16. As updated in the collection thread of @davehedgehog31 the Saab has made its way to Dundee for a bit of a workout. Budget first fill Anyone that might be interested in the Saab let me know but bear in mind the MOT is only until the 4th October.
  17. This was left in the Saab and I successfully removed it so it can stay with our intrepid adventurer! I didn't want it
  18. Did a few miles in this yesterday and it is excellent at overtaking a Honda Jazz doing 30 in a 60 limit without any effort. Gaps to pull out in are now big enough where in other cars it is worth waiting. After 15-20 miles there is definitely a coolant smell inside the car so UV dye ordered to try and track that down. Other news, incoming later today something practical to get some stuff done!
  19. So I took this to the workshop to have a look over. There were priorities like coolant warning light etc but Roof off first. Wonder where it went? Found it! Still room under it but possibly not for a weekly shop. Next was the grot, not the rusty kind. Yuk. This got cleaned up a bit as well as Roof drains, might be worth keeping these clear. More yuk Much better. Didn't clean the car, just the gross bits. More shakedown runs and getting comfortable enough to stop hearing things and wondering what is about to fall off or break!
  20. Just trying to see the bloody picture on the phone with the sun!
  21. First impressions, it's Very yellow. No surprise there but in real life it seems more yellow if that is possible! Once tyre pressures were sorted it plods along very nicely, it makes noises when you make it go quickly and the coolant level warning light seems to just be a poor connection with the sensor. Very few miles have been done in it yet but I hope to change that soon enough. Not many people who trust you with a car they just won so thanks @Jim Bell
  22. The GSR has been getting quite a few extra miles on it and the lure of something different had been in the back of my mind for a while. The GSR is still a favourite for no real reason, it just is right for me. A couple of Roffles have been entered with the real desire of winning but my cunning plan fell flat on its face and no winning tickets were purchased. On the afternoon prior to the last Roffle I entered there was a message in a group chat asking if a certain number came out would anyone be interested in taking the car for a bit. My reply was Yes and a bit more Yes. A few hours later and the number was drawn! I messaged and said that I would love to take it on but understood if that wouldn't happen. A week or so later and it was in the hands of Mr Freeman on behalf of @worldofceri
  23. True to his word the exhaust departed a couple of days later, My youngest whos car it is sent me a picture of the exhaust hanging off the back still attached by one rubber. She was pissing herself laughing especially at the car that had been tailgating her then backed right off for some reason 😂 This got replaced at a cost of about 7p because bits are so cheap. Poor Mr Hedgehog was mortified when he found out but I pointed out it was exactly as described. It is a great little car and highly recommended.
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