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  1. Glad you are back on this. Excellent work again.
  2. Tickman


    I think nowt special will be appreciated
  3. Tickman


    Posh looking keys! Also TWO of them!
  4. Tickman


    Another peugeot 406 of questionable quality to be despised by domestic management?
  5. So it has been a month since the MOT and fixing the Civic. It was in the best shape it had been for quite a while so the obvious thing and usual approach I take was to sell it. It didn't get advertised as someone needed transport for a new job and this fitted the bill. Currently have the work van and the Insight to use until something else comes along.
  6. I've liked that post because of the friends you have. I hope the bounce back journey is fun. Make it the adventure you want it to be.
  7. Good stuff, take it easy after the anesthetic, no important decisions. Shall we link all the roffles for you here?
  8. Shit planning on you bodies part having a FTP on a Friday! Speedy recovery hopefully.
  9. Safe travels. Good start so far
  10. Honda Civic type r to match the current gear knob
  11. MOT was on Thursday. Drivers side headlight aim was low which was adjusted and I got some advisories. The knock was the drop link on the passenger side and the ball joint on the drivers side wasn't going to last another year so these were attacked today. The ball joint comes as a lower arm complete and a decent one was £160! I was a little shocked. Getting the ball joint undone was a war involving the grinder. This it the nut. Finally for today was one of the rear coil springs that if you looked very closely from a certain angle you could see that most of the bottom coil had broken off. So that got swapped too. It needs a couple of tyres soon so they are getting done on Tuesday after work then I'll do the tracking and it can go back into normal use. In the meantime I've been using the economic car and a mostly motorway run at 65-70 returned this. More than happy with that. That will do for another while.
  12. I thought it was bad enough having to follow at 27 mph in the terrible* weather we had recently. When I managed to get past I was back to 60 with no issue.
  13. First out this year was this, went to @gm on one of his many raids to Scotland. Replaced by this In OUT In Out In Out IN OUT OUT IN In IN OUT I think that is everything.
  14. Fingers crossed for the seal. Quite in-depth tinkering especially with cold fingers.
  15. I've used the same place for the last 12 years, it costs me £50. I get on with the tester, he has pointed out things in the past I have missed and has been a little generous on some occasions as he knows it gets sorted straight away. I don't know how you make money on the £40 nevermind the £35 for the trade. The equipment, training and experience isn't free but people only see the £50 an hour and assume that equates to a wage.
  16. What an outstanding plan @barefoot with the still buying but not drinking.
  17. Liked for the pass and not the insurance hassle. £1000 seems about right.
  18. Congratulations. Enjoy all the new adventures
  19. Angle grinder and a power file are invaluable for jobs like this. Happens to us all when a technically quick job turns to shit.
  20. The Civic has a knock and now a rattle on the front left. Investigation points to the top mount and possibly the drop link on the same side. Nothing is falling off and it will be doing a lot less mileage so it can wait until MOT time at the end of the year. The headlights were a little* cloudy, before and after. Then looking underneath the rear springs have helpers in, one was trying to escape. As I won't be dragging anything heavy they came out with a bit of effort. Stance while removing them. This was easily and safely achieved by doing this. Tidy up time.
  21. When they did a set of tyres on my work van last year they used the rattle gun to put them on and then someone else checked with the torque wrench that they were tight enough. Unfortunately the torque wrench just clicked on every bolt. I used a breaker bar to undo all of them and then did them up properly. There was no way they would have come undone with the van tool kit. Same as everywhere, some places are great and others are shit.
  22. It was the spigot that was holding the ones on that I've had a problem with. I ran the grinder round it to clean it up and it was perfect after that.
  23. Next up the Civic that has done 6,000 miles since it arrived at the end of May. Quick oil change, it was obviously desperate to get it out so it made a bit of a mess. Then the top up. Then since I'd done some underbody cleaning today I thought I'd do a bit more. It looked a bit grotty and looks a lot better after. Think that is enough for a bit unles something falls off.
  24. Yes it is. It came with the car. I think @Asimo is the man responsible for it and it has stayed with the car since.
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