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  1. Next up the Civic that has done 6,000 miles since it arrived at the end of May. Quick oil change, it was obviously desperate to get it out so it made a bit of a mess. Then the top up. Then since I'd done some underbody cleaning today I thought I'd do a bit more. It looked a bit grotty and looks a lot better after. Think that is enough for a bit unles something falls off.
  2. Yes it is. It came with the car. I think @Asimo is the man responsible for it and it has stayed with the car since.
  3. It is by far one of my better purchases. It has a few niggles which should eventually get sorted. If I hadn't bought it there were a few others lined up to be absolute winners.
  4. That was quick. It's a bit better. I've not gone overboard obviously because I'm lazy.
  5. It's one of those days again. That'll do Will get a go over underneath at some point in the future.
  6. A few spare minutes today so I thought I would prioritise the work needing done. It hasn't been serviced in a little while so first off was take all this apart. New Stereo fitted, new pollen filter fitted and dash cam in place. Then I plugged it in Then before packing up I decided to do the oil change. This needed changed. Undertray off and back on with no bother. That's about it for today.
  7. There have been a few changes recently. This became mine after some money changed hands. Then next in was this Which was to replace this that left today Think that about covers it all.
  8. Vehicle Smart app is ace, it gives a one month reminder and shows everything at a glance.
  9. Hopefully the silence means whatever you were after is working.
  10. You really are doing us all a service by buying all these and vetting them.
  11. Some proper work there. Well done finding the worn down key on the pulley.
  12. Agreed, my light footed youngest got this on a trip from Glasgow to Cardiff Got a poor 66 on the next fill up!
  13. That's is an amazing level of effort to go to for not fitting a set of pads.
  14. 1.8 Vectra estate. Random running issues and with the eml light on even Vauxhall couldn't fine the codes that put it on. My wife got the tannoy message in IKEA Edinburgh that it had decided to roll out of its parking space into another car with the handbrake still on. Got rid and bought the Morris minor. At the same time I had a company van, it was an ex BT escort van 1.8 diesel and it was the biggest piece of shit I've ever had the misfortune to drive. This was the main reason I left the company after less than a year!
  15. @garellikatia in the last 12 months it has had a Crank position sensor as that was failing when hot, a new battery at the start of the year, oil and air filter service and a look over checking brakes etc, if it has a pollen filter that will have been changed too finally it had a new accessory belt and idler pulley last month. There is a track rod end in the glovebox that could do with fitting, can't remember which side but they are sided so would only go on the one side. This was a verbal from the MOT tester to get to it before next year.
  16. That looks very good for the money. Odometer is reading 14,000 not the 140,000 in the advert. I wonder how many times it has been round. That looks like you could struggle to get better for the money
  17. That looks lovely. Safe and enjoyable trip home.
  18. SLK went back to @Jim Bell as it was his and I was just minding it. To aid with logistics after it threw a spanner in the works, idler pulley off, the 206 came from @davehedgehog31 but only stayed briefly before @gm won the roffle. That leaves me with the Minor, still waiting for me to pick up where I left off ages ago, the Civic which does excellent daily service for my better half and the C1 which does excellent daily service for myself. having less cars means I should be able to continue with fixing stuff, I can't see that happening!
  19. This bit was in place but broken until one day when I opened the window and it vanished off the face of the earth!
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