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  1. I think I am getting the hang of clickbait titles As my third hand (still attached to my friend I hope) had something crop up, no progress on the Sonett today, so it was another day gardening. Main task was a patch of grass that I have always cut with the mower on high due to some large stones hiding at the surface awaiting the chance to attack the mower blades. Plan was strim the grass down with the wheeled strimmer to find the rocks, dig them out and then a test mow with the blades in the normal position. First get the equipment out All went to plan with three digger buckets
  2. When I had my classic car workshop, I always offered a 50-50 warranty. When asked if that meant we would pay half the repair costs, I would explain it was 50 yards or 50 seconds, whichever came first.
  3. Today after a day and a half of strimming and mowing trying to get the steadings tidied up a bit (a job I have successfully put off for 36 years) I decided it was time to have a look at the 2 stroke Saab Sonett as it has a date at Prescott at the end of next month and has been ignored for the last 2 years. The coating of dust gives the game away. Got it started fairly easily, much to the annoyance of the wasps in my shed, and I still smell of 2 stroke despite just coming out of the shower. The timing was miles out, so after i had RTFM I connected up the new strobe light (the last on
  4. I used to subscribe to your channel, but have ZERO interest in eVs so unsubscribed. Would follow a chod channel again if you do it.
  5. What do you mean? It was dinged by a supermarket trolley at Asda!
  6. Aah, a single cylinder Lister diesel for ultimate emmpeegees
  7. Had my second Vauxhall Astra jab today so a lot of messing was the order of the day as I have just returned from another long weekend away. I had to fetch my digger home, and now that is done I should be home for a few weeks. The two pallets on the trailer were a gift from my friend, made from 1-1/2" thick boards. One is going to become a height adjustable workbench in my shed (it will go on my 2 post ramp) to enable work on the Kubota, lawn mowers etc and the other is going to be the same for my friend. The Disco did the 860 mile round trip perfectly, although the fuel injec
  8. I have been approached by the Dundee Transport Museum as they are thinking of putting on a Swedish Day where anything made in Sweden, car or commercial will be very welcome. Current available dates are 4/7, 25/7, 1/8, 15/8, 22/8 or 29/8. Would anybody be interested? Obviously 1/8 will clash with Saabfest and I feel July is too short notice but open to any suggestions. Being the home of the SVM can we do something?
  9. I had planned on updating this as I went along, but life got in the way! Anyway, the Fiat was delivered to its new home near Oxford and this old friend returned to the fleet What a difference! Handles better, goes MUCH better, still spits flame on over run. What more can you ask for! From Oxford it was down to Crawley where it was unloaded (and these pics taken) and on Sunday a short run out to a biker cafe to have a look at the bikes and give the Cobra a shake down. Very very happy with it now, happily sits at 1100 rpm in 5th yet 110 mph in third (on an overtake on the
  10. I am with Ian on this. It is not yet a classic, if it survives long enough it *might* become one but there are still plenty of better ones for not a lot. It was bought as a daily not a show car and once you start spending on it, it is easy to get sucked in. Either run it til it dies or sell it if you can. For all those saying save it, I believe that Ian has it for sale, so feel free
  11. After about 8 or 9 years ownership, one is leaving the fleet this weekend. Whilst a lot of fun when working, on the few occasions it failed to FTP, almost every journey has seen a problem. It even broke at SF18 when out and about. When the new owner visited last year, it FTPed twice on the test run! He still bought it so a true shiter at heart! As the Disco needed a proper test to make sure the Injection pump conversion had gone to plan, what better way than sticking the biggest and heaviest trailer I own on the back and travelling 460 miles in really heavy holiday traffic! Glad to say
  12. I live in the triangle of Cairn o'Mount and the Slug Road. I am away both weekends but about Tues PM to Fri AM so if you need anything I have a trailer and a workshop complete with 2 post so shout out if you need.
  13. About 5 minutes longer than it takes you to stop worrying about it and checking it every few minutes. Once you are confident, it will fall off.
  14. I am going to try to get down for this one so @davidfowler2000can be classed as a local!
  15. My Green Goddess is 1956 with 6.5k miles and my 1934 Rolls Royce 20/25 Sports Saloon has just under 15k miles
  16. Sadly no more photos of the Disco work as I was stuck inside working and my friend doing the work is a luddite! Old injection pump removed, replacement fitted, new belt and tensioner and all back together. First test run, better pick up but still glacial My friend checked and we were not getting full movement on the throttle cable. Electronics from the pedal removed and some adjustment and test run two. Better, but still not right. My friend opened up the fuel pump (easy to do on a manual, impossible with the EDC) and ..... Third test run and it now goes like I always thought it should. It i
  17. Went to chuck some diseasal in the Disco and this was about to pull out from the pumps. Nice driver moved forward for better photos but apologised for not having time to stop and chat!
  18. The last few days have been a bit manic! Saturday the buyer of my old lift turned up on time with a couple of strong mates, a Transit tipper and a bunch of cash. Twenty minutes later they were away and I had a gap in my shed. Sunday saw the start of the long put off tidy up, but with limited success. I am not good with tidy. Sunday my friend arrived an the old 2 breaker electric board was changed for a 6 breaker, additional sockets were installed and some of the wiring changed from temporary but fine* to permanent, a job that carried over to Monday. Yesterday, the ramp installers arr
  19. Please change the title to the original artists - Sutherland Brothers Band - not that pseudo plastic tartan twat stewart (small s)
  20. I ordered the new ramp (from Automotech - direct to save them the ebay fees) who were excellent. They promised delivery for Tuesday next. All good. The next day I got an email from Palletline to say it was booked in and would be delivered Monday. Even better. I received a daily email to tell me its status. Excellent. This morning it was hammering it down with rain, to the extent that the field opposite that floods evey couple of years from the adjacent river had flooded! Unheard of in the summer! s so I decided apart from moving the motorbike to allow better access to the
  21. Can't let this thread go without posting this
  22. After 11 years faithful service, my cheap Tesco kettle has started to leak from the sight panel. Of course, at the moment I am just ignoring it and mopping up after each brew, but as I see it I have 3 options. 1. Buy a new kettle 2. Use Tiger Seal to fix* the leak 3. Both of the above and have a new* workshop kettle. Hmmmm........
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