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  1. I dropped off the Xantia at my Shitroen Fondler and it should be ready when I return. When I left, and as allured to above, the Xantia was going to a new owner, one of my Saabs was leaving and an addition was being made in exchange for the Saab. Despite being away from home and the world of work going mad, the collection count is now three higher than when I left. Firstly the Xantia is staying, the prospective new owner succumbed to something more modern and boring (a turbo diesel Fiat) and I am very happy about that. It means I will have a spare car again, and it looks like it will immediately be required as my neighbour has just had total clutch failure on his 3 year old, 20k mile Toyota Landcruiser! I offered him the use of one of my 4x4s but he declined as he is in his mid 70s and has never driven an automatic! He can borrow the Xantia for shopping runs when I get home. Next, Malc dropped me a mail saying common sense* has prevailed and he has too many projects so was going to change his mind on having the Saab. This made me happy as I really did not want to part with the Saab, but sad I was not going to be getting his project. Malc then went on to say that the project could be available for cash, a very reasonable price was agreed and I did a bank transfer before he could change his mind . As a result, since I left home two vehicles are now not leaving and an additional one is arriving. That went well*. The new project is a make I have only had one of, and that one was a non running major project that was too much work for me so got sold on PDQ. It has sat in a corner of Malcs shed for many years after a an FTS just after he got it. Hoping to collect it mid next week if I can escape this boat as planned. Talking of work, that is going great*. As I have mentioned, I plan on retiring at the end of Feb when my ticket expires as I have had enough and all my old bosses (who have become friends) have retired. Whilst the new bosses are nice enough, it is not the same, and I suspect that there is a bit of tolleration rather than acceptance as the new bosses inherited me and had no say in my hiring which is understandable and they have not seen first hand what I can bring to the party. A few days, I was going through some of the multibeam echosounder images we have produced (not strictly part of my job, but because I am like that) and spotted what I thought was a potential problem. I requested some further scans by the boat which appeared to confirm my suspicions so I sent a copy to the beach with my theory. Oh dear. Because I am the only offshore construction representative on this boat (they were short staffed and experience told me I could handle it fine) I have been working extended hours. Since I flung the shite at the fan, ny hours have been get up at 0530 CET (0430 GMT) start work by 0550 and work through to about 2230 CET. This is a long day and not allowed by legislation, but you do what you need to do to get the job done. In addition, the meeting room is 5 decks below my office, and the canteen is another deck down. We have at least 3 meetings a day, plus 3 meals a day so I am averaging 45 to 50 flights of stairs a day. The result is I am fairly knackered as I am too old for this shite. Whilst on a port call a couple of days ago, my boss and his boss came to visit to look through all the data to basically see if I was right or talking out of my backside. What I did not know was one of the other reps who I have worked alongside occasionally for the last couple of years who is nice socially and a PITA to work with, saw this as an opportunity to get his contract (currently expiring in May 24) extended and had been showing my bosses how all this was my fault, I had not been doing my job properly etc etc and how he could take it over and do much better. I tthink he had had some success as when the bosses arrived, their attitude was distinctly chilly towards me, fortunately I cared not. After a few hours talking and looking at the data as I had, they came to the conclusion I was right and they do indeed have a problem. This problem is going to require further vessels and will cost many, many millions to fix. By the end of their visit, we had a very warm and good relationship, and they went to great lengths to thank me for spotting the problem and highlighting it to them. This post has taken me three days to put together, I keep falling asleep in the evenings whilst typing it. What has spurred me on to finish it this morning, is I just heard the other rep who was trying to stab me in the back was called into a meeting yesterday and was told his contract was terminating on the 20th December as his services are no longer required! Karma is a thing!
  2. Small contribution sent as a thanks for helping to keep me sane*
  3. Just had a call out of the blue from a good friend. In conversation he mentioned he recently bought this He says the cable brakes make it "interesting" to drive but has said I can have a go next time I am down to see him!
  4. If the rear engine is exposed because the front is hanging off, there are bigger problems than a bit of tape! Must be a slow news day....
  5. Saabnut

    Rover P4

    More than that, I have 2 ......
  6. Yep. Still parked in exactly the same place, not even opened a door on it since that photo. However, I shall be reiring March next year and the Astro is number 3 on the resto list, so hopefully it will return to the road in the next year or two.....
  7. Well, that didn't go to plan - the perils of kolleckshunning on your todd. Left home with a full tank of diesel so the next stop was at the destination. Access was very tight, so I had to block two roads with the Disco and trailer, so loading and strapping was done in a rush, not even time for tea! As a result, the next (potatocam) pic was on the way home So what fine* piece of chod is it? These pictures were at Coldstream where on the way down I spotted the cheapest fuel I have seen for ages at 141 for petrol and 151 for diesel. Bonus AS points as the signs say it is a Great Wall dealership Will have a proper look tomorrow, but I will drop it with my Citroen fondler for the new clutch cable to be fitted!
  8. Today’s transportation sun is out but it is also raining
  9. For a change it is not actually raining, but it is looking very grey! PC = 1 Breakfast:
  10. There were some nice cars amongst the grot. In about a week, Morris Leslie will publish the auction results, along with any unsold items that will accept a bid.
  11. Pleasant day spent at the auction, bought nowt, bid on a few and the shite selection was better than for a while. So, two days left at home before heading back to Norway, so what better way to spend one of them than a kolleckshun. The target vehicle is 250 miles away and of course is not driveable, no point in making these things easy! So got back from the auction, hitched the trailer to the Disco and swapped the trailer number plate. Lights were checked, tie down straps thrown in, then a charged battery put in the back for the winch. Finally, the remore control for the winch, and to be on the safe side, I have also put in the winch wander lead as a back up. Alarm set and tomorrow the fun starts......
  12. My catalogue is out in the car but assume this is the NG900 that sold for IIRC £300. Plus buyers premium of £300 (10% +VAT min £250 + VAT). Tidy bodywork but a replacement rear axle in the back. IMO the NG900 is the worst Saab ever built and the only Saab I have had and not liked. I was not tempted
  13. Anybody else going to this? I will be there with the Tayside Classic Car Club with one of my Saabs
  14. After a few days of catching up with paperwork, attending teams meetings and sorting flights and hotels for the next trip, I headed outside to do some car stuff. After 3 FTS (Failed to Start) I started to question some of my life choices . First the Disco decided it did not want to start. Since the rebuild, I screwed up something in the ignition wiring so the key in the ignition beep works wrong and the heater plugs fail to work. Being a TDi this has not really been a problem until the -3C temperature this morning. A set of jump leads, some ether and my 9-3 on the other end of the jump leads soon had it running. Next was the ever dependable AX with the 1.5D lump. Today, the glowplug relay died so again no start with minus temps. Decided this one could wait so left it for now (anyone know where the relay lives on these?). So, into the shed where the red Royce decided it did not want to start either. First, I suspected the fuel supply, as the gauge does not work, the seal on the tank filler is rubbish and as a result evaporation can be a problem. Off to the local* filling station for 20 litres and put it in the tank. Still no start. Took off the dizzy cap and removed the rotor arm, no sign of sparks. Found some wet and dry, cleaned the points and checked by flicking the points open with a screwdriver and good spark so put the rotor arm back in and the cap on. Still no start! Suspecting the Autovac unit (vacuum operated fuel pump) I stripped that and found all OK and fuel in it. Suspecting a blockage in the fuel line, I removed the pipe into the carb, plenty of fuel but the pipe developed a pinhole so had to trim that back. Tried again, still no start. Back off with the cap and rotor arm, flick the points, good spark. Decided to turn it over whilst watching and only one spark. WTF? I could see nothing wrong, but set the points on the distributor cam lobe to check the gap, though I knew it would be fine as it was running fine when put away a few weeks ago. Except it wasn't. The gap should be 15 thou (0.015 inch) but was nearly 0.25 inch. Aaah. Of course, by now it was dark, and my BA spanners I need to reset the points are in the little used toolbox in the dark corner. Choice was to go in to the house for the torch I forgot to take with me as it was charging, or turn everything off and open a bottle of red. Settling down with a glass of red (easy choice was made!) I started looking at cheap shite for sale, confident that I would not buy anything, not least due to a lack of time before going away, especially as I am going to the classic auction at Errol for a day out Saturday. We all know what is coming next, don't we! Yep, a collection mission is now on for Sunday, so good job it is a non driving project so Disco and trailer required. If it stopped there, it would be bad enough, but........ Just after I had done the deed, my mate and fellow shite fettler Malc called. The upshot of a coversation mixed with red (turns out Malc was finishing a bottle of red as well, he has good taste) is we have agreed a deal. He is going to have one of my Saabs that is sitting in the one day queue, and I am getting one of his projects renowned for rust and electrical problems. WCPGW? At least he lives locally so will pop in by and have a look tomorrow.
  15. Keep doing work like this and shite photos do not matter! Fantastic job!
  16. And as a bonus, he is bringing it close to me, a real rareity!
  17. Some on here may not realise but my red estate being so well fettled by @GingerNuttz was purchased from the same deceased owner estate as @juular blue saloon which he so magnificently sorted. When I bought the estate, I was told that there was a spare tailgate for it and as above this was tracked down and delivered. When I collected it I was told there was a full set of doors for it as well, so I went down for them the other day. These have been filed away for posterity as amazingly the doors on the estate are fine. However, whilst collecting them, the gentlemen who had been storing them for the deceased owner asked if I knew where the blue saloon went. When I told him I did and I was still in touch with the owner, he promptly gave me a 5 speed manual gearbox for it. The box was bought as a good spare, not used, donated to the owner of the blue car, again not used and has been stored outside but under a CX roof panel (long story) and all appears to still be free. As my estate is an auto, and it was destined for the blue saloon spares pile, would you like it juular? You can either collect or I will drop it in when passing, there is no rush, it can live in the barn for now.
  18. Back in 1976, I attended my (and possibly the) last Motor Show at Earls Court. Amongst the haul of goodies, I acquired a few Panther brochures. I am not* a hoarder, so I still have them, mainly because no one has ever offered them a better home! So here we go: Very much of its time in the prose used Also included was a J72 Price List. Printed without prices! Then there was a reprint of the June 72 Auto Test report of the J72 And a reprint of the Ugust 74 Motor report And that was all the literature they had on the stand. They did have a J72 and a DeVille on the stand as I remember but no literature as I made a point of asking! I really liked Panthers then and sadly I still do although I have never sat in, driven or owned one.
  19. Admit it, you all know what I am going to say! Bought about 15 years ago for £600 with no MOT, strong money back then but the shell was solid. Expenses have been a new roof (£1600), a few bushes and a rear calliper and now needs a tailpipe. Had a bit of welding a couple of years ago. Total costs about £300. Value today? £5-6k. Today, Turbos make strong money but N/A cars don't so a useable car can be had for around £2k. Most will become MOT and Tax exempt over the next few years, so will continue the rise in values that they have at last started to receive.
  20. Being a glutton for punishment, count me in again!
  21. My 900 Carlsson was off the road for two years before work started. It has been in bits for 14 years now! Hopefully next year work will restart.....
  22. Ta. Insurance company have appointed a surveyor who should be here "in 7 days" but I have also arranged for a friend who is a traditional builder to come and have a look. Apparently it is quite common at the moment, the ground has become so waterlogged that the weight of the gable wall causes settlement, he has several on the go at the moment.
  23. I thought I had got away scot free after the recent storms, like I have for the 40 years I have lived here. The last week or so, whilst sitting in the living room, there have been more than the normal amount of creaks and settlement, but nothing really more than you would expect from a 200+ year old house built with 24" granite walls. Yesterday I was fitting a new outside light and noticed a crack running down one of the side walls. A check on the other side of the house showed a similar crack in roughly the same place. Looks like my gable wall is making a break for freedom This is probably the last bit of peace I will have for a while as I now have to start the misery of dealing with my insurance company.....
  24. 300 miles? Sounds like you have been nicking them from my manor! Whilst I am not there, if it all goes tits up, you know where my place is and you are welcome to drop it off/have it delivered there.
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