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  1. I was expecting a few days off but the welder I ordered late Monday afternoon was delivered at 15:00 today! Top service from ebay seller tools4trade! Put together and briefly tested this evening, so maybe back on the enima tomorrow.
  2. More pictures and details! You can't leave it at that! Very nice!
  3. Today has been frustrating and zero progress made! First, this morning I ordered 8 new tyres from two suppliers. A set of Uniroyal Rainexperts for the 900 convertible as the ones on it date to 2006 and two keep going down, as a result the sidewalls have suffered. No problem with those. I also ordered a set of Toyo Proxes for the Sonett for the same reasons (though these date to 2004) and as the car is going on the market soon, it was time to change them. I then received an email saying their carrier will not deliver to me despite their advert saying they would (understandable, I am in a backwater* 10 miles from Aberdeen, the oil capital of europe) so did I have another address, not in the area, they could deliver to. They were sorry about the inconvenience though! Order cancelled, refund received and another order placed. After wasting half the day on tyres, it was time to get the welder out. Last time I went to use it, a few months ago, the feed would not trigger. A friend came over, stripped and cleaned the rheostats so it worked but the feed itself needed setting. Another friend called in today and being a good welder offered to set it up for me. Out to the shed we went, plugged it in and......... nothing Same non feed problem. After much fiddling we both came to the conclusion that the rheostats need replacing. Unfortunately this is an old and obsolete model so spares are not readily available, and it would require the old ones stripping out to see if we could find part numbers and then see if we could source replacements. Over a cup of tea, I decided that perhaps now would be a good time to buy a new welder which would give me time to source bits for the old one. A look on evilbay found a good deal for a 150amp Sealy unit from a supplier I have used before so it should be here on Friday! Looks like another week with no welding though my friend offered to loan me his but I don't like borrowing tools so we shall see.
  4. Now. I have no intention of restoring this, rather I would like to get another year or two's use out of it. To that end, I have decided now might be a good time to get back into welding. I used to be fairly proficient with oxy/acetelene but that was 40 years ago. In the late 90s I borrowed a MIG welder and taught myself how to stick a couple of bits of metal together, but good I was not. In 1998 I started my classic car business and employed a guy who was a brilliant welder, so I stopped gobbing bits together and let him do that. I sold the business in 2011 and since then on the occasions I needed welding done I got a friend to do it. A couple of years ago, I bought a decent MIG welder with good intentions, but have never used it. Now would be a good time...... First, get the Enima on the ramp and remove the front wheel Quick look around to see what is what. Behind the wheel I spotted another bit that will need a repair, but should be a simple* patch A closer look Back to the task in hand, at least access is good A tap with the hammer, and it gets bigger Remove the uderseal to see what we have got then out with the grinder to get back to solid metal At this point I remembered I had not bought any sheet steel, despite planning on doing do. Now, where to get some steel...... Always new that Iveco would come in useful! Next it was to the crunchy nut cornflake box to make a template which was then transferred to the removed section of Iveco. I dug out my guillotine last used in 2011, oiled it up and cut out the first patch As it was getting late and I have not yet upgraded my shed lighting, I decided to call it a day. I don't like welding/grinding late on as I like to remain near for an hour or so after completing work in case of smouldering leading to fire. Also, I have not swiched the welder on for 2 years so I am sure I will need to fiddle with it for a while before I can see how much of a mess I make.
  5. A distinct lack of decent internet connection means no updates on the grass cutting! Suffice to say that a lawn that reached my chin gave the Kubota 2850 c/w 1.75m flail mower a decent work out. Many cuts later plus cutting up the large tree that was victim of winter 2019/20 winter storms kept me busy, along with drinking red wine whilst sat in the shade of my linden tree! The old Disco performed perfectly apart from one wheel having the nuts slacken off a bit (common problem on LR alloys) and developing a small oil leak. Not bad for 3000 miles at an average of 28mpg, half towing. Now back home, and first cure the oil leak. This was easy, the newly fitted oil filter had worked itself loose. This is the second time I have had a filter back off this year, after 40 years of never having a problem. IMy thory is the sealing gaskets are now made of a different material meaning they require more than hand tight, so from here I will tweak them up with the strap tool. Next job was to get the Toyota Emina ready for an MOT as it had expired whilst I was away. I made the fateful comment "should be easy enough" and it has all gone down hill since then. First was to change the headlamp bulb that failed last time I was out. An easy job, but whilst I was under the bonnet I noticed something that looked suspiciously like rust. Oh dear. The other side in the same area looks to be not far behind
  6. I would like the ignition bits please and happy to collect when suits
  7. To and from a pre-booked MOT is the only exception, and then direct journey only, otherwise it is illegal full stop. I got away with it for a few months on Swedish plates, but that was a few years ago and I would not risk it now.
  8. Guys, just a heads up. It is illegal for a UK resident to drive a foreign registered vehicle in the UK. Insurance can also be dodgy. Post Brexit, you will be a magnet for plod. Not saying don't do it, but be careful. Punishments can be severe.
  9. Try a new rotor arm from a reputable supplier if it has been changed in the last few years, there are so many shite ones about these days it is a regular problem.
  10. @Andyrewbefore you buy a calliper for the sake of a bleed nipple, you need one of these Nipple Therapy Kit (fraserbrowneng.co.uk) I borrowed one for the Holden and it saved my skin as new callipers are NLA for that.
  11. Whilst I have many, many boxes of 9000 bits, the only large mechanical bits I have left is an aero 3.61 gearbox and the last 9000 headed for the bridge a few months ago. When I get home I will check the boxes but don't think I have one.
  12. I had a couple when I had the workshop. What do you need?
  13. T'was me that had the Saab! It is currently awaiting its turn for some work before (hopefully) returning to the road
  14. In future can I suggest www.saabits.com - better service and much nicer people.
  15. Not much to report as grass cutting makes for boring photos, but I do have a visitor at the moment
  16. Yes, I used to do it with a Mk1 Transit and trailer for the company I worked for back in the late 70s!
  17. Well you asked! It is a 1989 Kubota L2850 which spent its working life on golf courses in South Yorkshire. It has close to 5500 hours on it, so not huge numbers. Because it was only ever on golf courses, it was fitted with grass tyres, but when the rears wore out a set of super singles as fitted to artic trailers were fitted. I suspect they will never wear out the tread! It is fitted with the Kubota 4 cylinder engine and has 4WD, high and low ratios and in addition has a "planter" gearbox which when engaged in low 1st gives a speed of about 200m/hr, the idea being the operator can get off and walk behind planting by hand. I bought it about 5 years ago and brought it here where it does general tractoring duties but mainly drives the 1.75m flail mower. As to things going well, the car owner phoned me from Montrose today and informed me they had heavy rain and about 12c. He was quite upset when I said I was sitting under the tree in shorts and tee shirt with a cold beer
  18. Visitors can always be accommodated and I am hoping things will have returned to near enough normal next year to resurrect the International Shitefest idea. As how you get this life, hard work, saving, remaining single and most importantly Bullshit! Today it was a bit cooler at 26c so had a look at the pug. It was parked in November 2019 expecting it to be for 3 or 4 weeks so no lay up precautions were done. It had been established the battery was dead so decided to see if the spare I had with me could be made to fit, but whilst the size looked ok this one is my winch power battery from my trailer as it is well past its best. Removed the old battery and was amused to see a quality* brand (Pro-bat) but surprised to see it was an 063 as my spare is also a 063. I also noticed my battery (a YUASA) weighed approximately twice the old one! Connected up the battery and gave it a try. It fired once immediately much to my surprise. Another couple of tries and it spluttered into life and settled down to a smooth tickover. Blew up the flat tyre and drove it out without issue. Not bad after 22 months sitting. Left it outside tonight as rain is forecast and it might* save me washing it tomorrow!
  19. Sorry all, just too slow my end this evening. Might try parking outside a MaccyDs next week, but that would mean fewer beers!
  20. Yes, I do. Fitted new tyres as the old ones would not hold air so I can move it around. The plates required on the sills ended up needing new sills, so it was put on the back burner for a while. Hopefully this winter.
  21. Fantastic work! I nearly bought this to go with the GLT estate I bought from the same estate but decided one rusty Volvo project was enough. It is a good job I didn't as it would be bean tins by now! So pleased to see it being done!
  22. If you remove the bumper AND the brackets so there are no sharp edges, it is perfectly legal to run with no bumper. If you cannot remove the brackets, wrapping them in foam will also work.
  23. Several days later, large quantities of beer and slightly smaller quantaties of red have been consumed. The weather is not helping with peak temperature today at 32c which was a couple of degrees more than the previous few days. Tomorrow is supposedly warmer! As a result, my daily routine has been a late start, a walk to the village about 1km away to collect a fresh baguette and a couple of croissants for breakfast, usually eaten while watching "Grizzly and the Lemmings" and my favourite "Les Lapins Cretins" on French childrens TV. After breakfast, fire up the lawnmower to go over the previous days cut areas, with the blades still on the highest setting As it is a bit* dusty, as soon as the temperature gets too hot, it is time for lunch and maybe a cold beer or two, sitting in the shade of the linden tree. . When it cools off a bit, it is time to fire up the bigger mower and attack the as yet untouched bits Fortunately, both mowers started easily once the batteries were charged, as they have been untouched since July 2020 (the Kubota was on charge in the pic hence the side panels being off. I am making progress with most of the first cut completed and some second cut Once bored and/or hungry I stop for tea (under the tree) and the time to play with chod. My friend left a couple of cars here in November 2019 while he went back to the Bahamas to sail his boat back. Sadly, things did not go to plan and standing on a bit of wire from a wire brush saw him ending up with a leg amputation and then of course Covid. He is back in the UK at the moment but the cars are still here. Time to resurrect them. First was his 1966 Triunph Spitfire Mk2. Battery charged for 24 hours, a turn of the key and we had life! Drove out and back into the garage fine. Next, his everyday car, bought from this very parish. Unfortunately this ones battery refuses to take a charge, so tomorrow, possibly I will see if the one I brought down with me as a spare for the Kubota will fit Realistically, I have probably done 2 days work since I arrived on Thursday, with the remainder either faffing or sitting under the tree drinking beer, but I really don't care! Life here is hell* and I am making the most of it!
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