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  1. Bravo @morrisoxide that's quality!
  2. Some thing rings a bell that Soberano is brandy or cognac. *Useless anecdote* Shortly after I was born, Fatha_Outlaw was working for the local council, driving a J4. He rolled it avoiding a speeding LandRover (SWL701D?) coming the other way.
  3. That's very cheap, even in that condition (at £360 in bids with no reserve at time of me writing this). If I weren't moving house and trying to avoid projects I'd be very tempted. Body panels are hard to get so you'd have to be lucky or skilled at fabrication to sort that rear arch out. Still, it's almost scrap money and if you wanted an Ambassador it's potentially not a bad starting point if you're willing to do a bit of work. Here it is a few months ago when the filler wasn't quite so evident. I'd love to be able to take it on; my mate Eddie Shit had a 2.0HL back in the day, 3rd most comfy car I've ever driven (Renault 20TX #1 in case anyone's interested, with my Citroen GS Pallas second) Personal circumstances dictate otherwise - if I'm going to be made redundant, I'd have the time and @Amelia can teach me how to use my own welder, as she got the hang of it! Oh, and I'm sure* SWMBO will be well chuffed to have something else parked up in the grounds of Outlaw_Towers, especially when I haven't touched the Capri in 2 years....
  4. On ebay Fred https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/145579851001?hash=item21e53c3cf9:g:95MAAOSwyUxltmjm
  5. So, is it electrical power steering or something? Battery low, therefore you can FRO? The best cars fix themselves anyway. 😀
  6. Marc Juan Escort, with racing provenance, and a BFO V8. Cheap(i too. Currently £520 no reserve. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/145577730750?hash=item21e51be2be:g:nn0AAOSwggVltM-H Oh.
  7. Rusty rear ending fun. £241 so far, no reserve, Chatteris. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/196219955426?hash=item2daf9ee8e2:g:MGUAAOSwdtZlumqY
  8. Proper Merc. £220 so far RNM, Harlow. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/296199997607?hash=item44f6e548a7:g:2EYAAOSwNMtlu9MU
  9. Some one buy this and be next year's calender centrefold. Currently £360 Bournemouth.https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/145579851001?hash=item21e53c3cf9:g:95MAAOSwyUxltmjm
  10. Really not sure if I like this or not. Base car - yummy, no probs. Add Intergrale RIMZ - yeah why not? Everything else.....hmmmmm.... Oh and £12 bags start, with reserve. Don't like that.https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/276313563997?hash=item405592635d:g:GcUAAOSwhdFlu3a5
  11. Old Merc. Would Like To Valet. No mention of BRAN FINED although, in this case, perfectly entitled. £330 Sheffield https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/186273191364?hash=item2b5ebf55c4:g:ZgcAAOSwtgNltPG7
  12. Everyone will do that once. Maybe twice, once while living at your olds, using a fragile old washing up bowl whose indented handles snap off under the weight of iron-filings laden 10/40 from a Mk2 Capri, then again a few years later using an old metal Castrol GTX tin, that someone may have forgotten to screw the cap back on, all over the 6 month laid driveway. My friends* eh?
  13. This. If you're moaning about "senseless destruction/what a waste / blah blah", put your hand in your pocket., you fucking whining shitebags. I'm feeling especially angry today; it would have been my brothers 52nd birthday. I'm not going to apologise either. But to everyone making assumptions/accusations/snide comments about banger racing, can go fuck themselves. We've had this "discussion" over and over on here, and it's FUCKING BORING. I'm not going into a long spiel of defence, it's been done before, but if anyone wants to argue the point, I'm here. If anyone wants a fucking straightener at a motorway services or something, bring it, Unlike some people, I'm not putting anything online that I wouldn't say to your face. At this point IDGAF, I've got loads of shit going on. And yeah, in this forum's constitution, it states "Don't be a dick". I might be, but before you accuse me of it, look at your own posts, before you start with that level of hypocrisy.
  14. Bit of a series.... Yesterday I left home at 6am for a journey to Peterborough, which would normally take 2.5 hours, possibly 2.75 including a stop either at Cambridge services for a wee and a McD's or Brampton for a wee and a Wendys. M25 had other ideas, gantry signs say J29-28 30minute delay..... I pulled into the pez station at Stanstead at 8.15, which is normally no more than 50 minutes away, even in the van. No sign of any crashes, road works or other fuckery. Why can't the gantry signs tell the truth - I'd have found an alternative route, rather than sit there like a dick. Anyway, left meeting at 2.15pm, as I was going to the O2 last night to see Depeche Mode. More gantry signs warning of impending delays, so I diverted - trouble is so did everyone else. I reckon I was still ahead of the game, but not by much. Collected Moose, then chum, drove to Forest Gate to collect other chum, and get on the tube. Yeah, in the ULEZ, but whatever. Fancy a beer" said Chum One. Two pints of Budweiser and a large Pepsi Max.... nigh on £23. FFS. (DM were GR9 btw). Massive queue to get into Tube Station, got back to Chum 2's house 00:20. Which, as I found out about an hour ago, means I've got to pay ULEZ for yesterday and today, despite it being one trip. FFS. Lastly, just been out to get some bread and fizzy pop, and encountered an absolute throbber verbally abusing a female member of staff, who was clearly getting distressed. I asked him to calm down, to which I got the standard "Fuck off you fat cunt" response. Well mate, you need to google "Fuck around and Find Out" to explain what just happened. I'm tired, you're an arsehole. With a fat lip and a fucking headache. Why are people such twats?
  15. That tinworm is giving me TEH FEAR. Good luck,
  17. Bro' definitely had one as a kid. Might be in one of the many boxes I've still got to go through, although he took a load of stuff from mother's and flogged them before he went to lanzarote.
  18. Stuff like this is why I'm not allowed a gun. £1295 Portsmouth https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/314866500263
  19. Can't wait* for the repeated relistings until it eventually finds its correct £500 start price. "The car has been fully serviced by me with the inclusion of lucas oil stabiliser - for both engine and gearbox. (If you know classic cars, you'll know this stuff makes all the difference in the life of the engine )" "Central locking for the boot was never included in the Maestro" Bloke / car is in Tilbury, we should be thankful it's not upside-down and/or on fire.
  20. Can assist in collection/whatever
  21. @Pete Are you in Grays? Sure I've seen your red transit before....
  22. What does Danny Dyer drive I wonder? Getting in the way @ Lakeside this pm, a Citroen C5 with the numberplate YO 02 LAG
  23. WCPGW? Apart from everything. GIFB.
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