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  1. I'm tired and hungry all the time ATM (more than usual....) Decided nearly 3 weeks ago to get my shit together re: my Type 2 diabetes. I know, GR7 timing right? Threatened with insulin, which I've tried before and found it to be too much pain for too little gain. So, I've cut out bread, spuds (pretty much), rice, pasta, and cut down dramatically on pastry...NO PIES??.... (I have had a couple of sausage rolls from the Wild Bean concession in the garage opposite work....) As a consequence my blood sugars have fallen to "normal" levels - ranging from 5ish to 8ish on average. So why do I feel worse than before, and making myself miserable by denying myself stuff? yesterday night, I would have gladly stabbed someone for a BK Whopper (XL with bacon OBVS), or that tube of cheese and onion Pringles that are in the cupboard... but what did I have instead? Chicken, and a couple of pickled onions. I haven't lost much weight either - 3 whole pounds in 3 weeks is less than expected, and as those shiters who have met me will testify, that won't have made much difference. At a bit of a crossroads I reckon; do I just think Fuck It, and do the insulin thing, and eat whatever I want, or persevere with the no carbs thing, and be miserable, or the third most extreme option is to give up all my meds, do what I want and hope the imminent heart attack kills me quickly.
  2. He's bought my dad's Land Rover D701SWL....
  3. @Saabnut is the man for that question, he has one IIRC
  4. Nice looking giffer owned Volvo, pretty much as far away from Scotchland as it's possible to be. (Dartmouth) £205 so far. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/275601373919?hash=item402b1f3adf:g:lcAAAOSwx4RjlgPk I've heard the term Devon scratches before, (after I pulled some old skank in a nightclub in Ilfracombe) dry stone walls etc, but what's a Devon Dent??
  5. Shirley this is 100% guaranteed Futureshite? Weird concept? YEP. Sold fuck all? YEP Laydeez and Gennermen I present a Hyundai Veloster. £199 start, no reserve, Ipswich. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/185720843317?hash=item2b3dd32c35:g:EH8AAOSwslFjrDky
  6. Moon miles 407 with broked gearbag, Alfreton currently £102 no reserve. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/266065802170?hash=item3df2c1f3ba:g:DuwAAOSwV2hjkcqv
  7. Win this and win at life. Or lose, depending on your point of view. I'm not a Niva expert, but I don't ever remember seeing one in purple, but matey in the ad says it's a factory colour..... Twincam engine (broken) no seats.... £950 so far Herne Bay (doesn't @egg live near there?) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/266054285344?hash=item3df2123820:g:a64AAOSwf1ZjpdJ-
  8. Rover-lickers UNITE https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/385317298353?hash=item59b6b360b1:g:~HwAAOSwOVRjquI3 £900 in that Cornwall, no reserve. You don't get the personal plate, but apparently it's complete. I'm sure Ceri will go and fetch it for you, with added Pasties.
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/234841555324?hash=item36ada5c17c:g:e64AAOSwedBjsBYc £621 for a potentially proper fucked R4.
  10. Don't know WTF has gone on here, but I'm tagging Sir @eddyramrod anyway (tradition, something...) £500 start for something which appears to have been painted in camo paint with a fucking shovel. In the dark. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/185720522054?hash=item2b3dce4546:g:xlEAAOSwT~VjsaNH
  11. This looks like a proper old Barge, £528 so far, no reserve, Colchester. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/125694577542?hash=item1d43fb0b86:g:8oQAAOSwAQdjg9kZ
  12. Just caught up with this, welding is something I never really got the hang of; it was fine welding bangers (bonnet corner plates and drivers door only OBVS )where it didn't matter what it looked like. Top work, and love these old things on Wellers!
  13. I'm fucking raging. For some years now, I have been sending a "Care package" to ex-pat friends in the States - mainly Cadbury's chocolate, few other sundry items that are different / impossible / expensive to buy out there, especially since they have relocated to rural Oklahoma. I have previously used UPS via Parcel2Go.com and the delivery has been swift, and incident free. This time, I made the fatal error of using FedEx (again via parcel2go). I dropped the package (a shoebox) off, everything lovely. Delivery guaranteed by 22/12, but according to the tracking it was at Dallas by 20/12. And that's where it's all gone to shit. I received an email: I replied to this within 3 hours of receipt, with all the info I could muster, except the FDA form, as I was at work, replying on my phone. The following morning I sent the FDA form reference number. I didn't receive a reply to either of these emails, I just assumed that all was well, and the time difference had sent everything to cock. I then got another email a couple of days ago (Wednesday 05.06 GMT) FFS! I replied again, quoting the contents of the 1st 2 emails, and asking that they acknowledge this one. The receipient had been copied in, and he replied too..... Did they bollocks. Today, I've had one from Parcel2Go Cunts. I've replied in fairly strong terms, complaining about FedEx's lack of customer service, but I'll be honest, I don't expect it'll get me anywhere.
  14. Beginning to think that I might actually be a massive cunt. I don't go out much, time, money and arsedness (lack of) tend to get in the way these days, but pre-pandemic I reckon I went out at least once a week, met up with the lads, banger racing , gigs. Now, I don't know whether I'vew changed, or pissed someone off, but late summer all* the chaps met up at a local pub by the river, and judging by the photos on Faceybook it looked like a "return to the good old days". Was I invited? Was I fuck. Never mind. Last weekend a similar bunch of friends* went out in That London, for the "annual get together". Was I invited? This is despite one of the protagonists walks past Outlaw_Towers a couple of times a week to visit his olds, another I saw a week before, and another I went out with the night before! I've been working in a depot for about 2 years, in every day during lockdown, then in and out itermittently since - one day a week I'm there all day, other times it's random/weather dependent. They had their Christmas party last night, and I only know about it because the cleaner told me that the blokes toilets had overflowed because someone had bunged the urinal up with silly string. I know I shouldn't let it bother me, but.....
  15. I've got an XC90. And it's true.
  16. Little Bob. It's what I call my penis.
  17. To quote my mate Monkey, "That's got hospital written all over it"
  18. "Hello Autoshite Funerals, you die, we drive, how can we help?" "Hello, my name is Mrs @Cavcraft, unfortunately Billy has bought another shitty old moped, and I've beaten him to death with his own shoes. Can you cart him off in something suitable?" "No problem Madam, we have just the thing". https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144856862868?hash=item21ba245094:g:XcgAAOSwI1hjmypM (also @SmokinWaffle)
  19. Iz on tenterhooks. Chodspeed Rich!
  20. outlaw118

    FOTU 2023

    Slightly off topic, but has Cholmoingdiddly stopped? Didn't see a mention last year?
  21. I think I'll be the judge of that, pics or it didn't happen etc. (Yes, I have exceptionally low standards)
  22. Smoll update: Workshite's EML came on yesterday, pootling along at 55, it coughed, and carried on. No loss of power or clouds of smoke, just an annoying orange light. Matey at the depot said not to be too worried (I'm REALLY not) it might reset overnight. It hasn't. I'll see what happens tomorrow. Also some one, who I suspect may live in a caravan hit the nsr quarter with his Transit tipper loaded with scrap. It's scratched about 6 inches, most of it will probably polish out, but he didn't stop to look. When I enquired as to his vision and parentage, he shouted back that I should go away. Or similar.
  23. This looks pretty (fucked) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/275570726893?hash=item40294b97ed:g:2dkAAOSwUQdjkMdQ Errr.... you mean the barn is beautiful?
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