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  1. Rusty old biscuit tin for sale, but very little help re colours (you're probably way ahead of me but I'm bored) I've put a message on the lost Glasgow page on FB, see if anyone knows anything.
  2. Or something similar; the drivers seat bolster was knackered on mine, and something that certainly looked like horse hair was poking out. Stick the alloys and decent boots on, it may be enough to change your mind a bit.
  3. To totally mis-quote Mark Twain "Bean is a good Mini spoiled"
  4. Ebay have decided to re-jig their selling pages again, and so far, I hate it. Excuse me for the following, may get confusing... a while ago I was happily using what I will call Version 1. Not long ago, Version 2 popped it's head up, but the option to return to Version One was still there. Now, we've got version three "Seller Overview" and you can't even get back to version two. Twats.
  5. CX in Norn Iron, may need HOT SPARKLE STICK ACTION. £1250BIN https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265131300998?hash=item3dbb0e9886:g:exAAAOSw199gT41K
  6. Jesus Holy Mother Of FUCK https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333969411827?hash=item4dc220cef3:g:LFAAAOSwpGFggA02
  7. I'd whip the bolt out if you can and check that the thread hasn't been partially stripped - i had to do the strut brace on mine, it only took about half a turn to make the clonking noises go away.
  8. Top work as always Sir Trigster, always wanted one myself, came really close when I bought the Capri. GR8 FRED WUD REED AGEN 571.35/10
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2019-BMW-220D-M-SPORT-AUTO-GUARANTEED-NOT-RECORDED/324579745681?hash=item4b9275df91:g:ybIAAOSwse1gfU-j FIVE GRAND???
  10. Spears and Rapier new* Peugeot. Might* be fucked. £10 so far no reserve Chelmsford. Seller has interesting feedback.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/peugeot-5008-spares-and-repair/224432756491?hash=item34413c170b:g:Y8EAAOSwW3pgfvHs
  11. There's at least 3 people in the corridor outside my office having a socially distanced discussion. All have their own offices, and access to the internal phone system allowing multiple call participants. Shut up you fuckers, how am I supposed to have a nap with this going on???
  12. @Borsuq 126 having it's bath....
  13. I can't be alone seeing the BMW grille in the photos above??
  14. I've got a Bissell spot cleaner you can borrow if you want it, give the seats a going over should get rid of the smell. Working at Basildon Shitfarm (Courtauld Road near Cricketers Sainsburys) so can bring it in with me if required.
  15. Posted 7 hours ago 😲 Y THO?
  16. @LabRat after playing with Chinesium
  17. Unfortunately not, it's a bit of a mission
  18. Where is it? I'm off Facebook and the work firewall won't let me access it.
  19. No plaid shirt=no deal #onlylongtermshiterswillunderstand
  20. @SiC Just my twopenneth... I had a 1982 520i and for various reasons (impending mortgage, looming bills - clutch and welding etc) I got rid of it. And 20 years on, it's one of only 2 or 3 cars I really wish I'd kept. And that includes a 1275GT. Horses for courses and all that, but the Mini was a real laugh and all that but it was also capable of rusting-while-you-wait, and having to take the bonnet off for any routine maintainence became a ballache, as opposed to the headache if I'd left it on. I WAS determined to run it on a budget, time and moneywise as I had a lot of things going
  21. About 5 minutes ago i knocked half a pint of water off the desk onto my crotch. 2 minutes ago a courier rings me to say he's in the foyer with some kit i ordered, and needs a signature. FFS
  22. Shame, people on here should know better.
  23. That looks the nuts now, the silver rimz with the black innards look ACE
  24. Mahindra E20 (no me neither) BOGOF but both appear to be in advanced states of fucked-ness. 1800BINS or best offer Wigan. Where the pier is, apparently. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mahindra-E20-s/203341852653?hash=item2f581e6fed:g:u64AAOSwe2Rga4U6
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