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  1. Can I ask the websites for the Aussie places? The surf will need new suspension soon.
  2. Drove past this place today. https://goo.gl/maps/ragpSmpwagZCLvsY9
  3. Ooh a rubber snake in a box. Actually, its a door rubber. The drivers side inner one is fooked. New (second hand) one fitted with minimal issues. I think I will need to expend some effort in a post winter clean now. 😨
  4. I would lightly sand the bumper to get rid of loose rust and give it a coat of matt varnish to keep the look.
  5. The Surf had a full engine service (fluids & filters) 2 years ago. It will be getting done again this year, along with new fluid in the auto box.
  6. My A series truck was exactly the same. Whoever thought a 3 litre V6 petrol engine would be a good idea in a 5 1/2 tonner.
  7. "Jeeps", warm beaches and cute babes. Whats not to like.
  8. I was working in the East Midlands motorway control centre on Friday (testing some electronic equipment) when a major incident occured on the M1. A 113 ton mobile crane had caught fire and promptly brought both carriageways to a standstill. It was probably the biggest vehicle fire I had witnessed. Not because of the size of the flames, but because it took 2 1/2 hours to extinguish them. Fire engines were arriving using both carriageways and at one point there were 7 appliances in attendance. During the course of the incident, there were 11 appliances in total that had visited the site, including 3 specialist foam and water tankers. I expect some insurance company is having a bad day today as I am guessing 113 tone cranes arent exactly cheap or easily picked up on Autotrader. I missed seeing it getting towed and would love to have seen what they used for that.
  9. https://va.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_rr5bdkwHm41w5pr9j.mp4
  10. Officially its a Rolls Royce resplendent in Beige. And its ULEZ compliant. Fuck you Khan. 🖕
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