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  1. I had a Mitzi Delica L300 for a few years. Bouncy but great fun round town and at festivals where the 4 wheel drive got you out of the mud.
  2. The ubiquotous Mazda E2200 loved by carpet fitters due to its 3m long load bed.
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/125310683649?hash=item1d2d194a01:g:6DcAAOSwl8dic~5p
  4. Do not go anywhere near Dediserve (or any variations of that name). I know of another forum that had a shit ton of grief with them with downtime and poor support. When the server finally fell over, it was discovered the system backup was also stored on the same hardsware host. They lost loads of data. I use Namecheap, but that is for a very low traffic level forum. They have been good, but I dont know about their high bandwidth hosting options.
  5. Brave as fuck, Respect. Agree with the rear seats. If they were there originally, be good to keep them. Also makes it a bit more useful.
  6. Spotted this yesterday. Looks properly shite. Spectacularly failed its last MOT 12 years ago.
  7. Tis a beast. Bonus points for the green strip on the number plate. Chip oil burner?
  8. This girl has some skills. 😍
  9. I watched it the other night on Amazon prime. Well good way to lose 90 minutes and remember the old days.
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