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The new news 24 thread

Father Ted

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3 hours ago, dollywobbler said:

What the heck is going on with the wipers?!

I was wondering how long it would take for someone to spot that… and I’m unsurprised it’s you @dollywobbler

The linkage has broken recently, so only the drivers side works at present!   

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My parents DS4 has failed to proceed today. Battery totally flat. RAC eventually came out to it ( after they’d paid for a home start they thought they already had). Car started on a jump ( 2litre HDi). Rac diagnosed a battery drain with all systems off, so followed him 1mile down the road to the stoneacre dealer. Dealer says the earliest they can look at it is the 17th but leave it with them and they’ll try and fit it in.  DS forum suggests that the fuse box is a possibility as they can let in water and corrode.

Unfortunately the x1/9 is now the other choice, but it’s not x1/9 weather in Wrexham at the moment!


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15 minutes ago, aldo135 said:

This went straight through an mot yesterday @Lacquer Peel @Jim Bell, driving as well as ever :) 


Great news fella. Glad to hear it's still serving you well man. The only bother it ever gave me was a wheel bearing, which @Lacquer Peel addressed. It's an undoubtedly great car. Hopefully many many more clean MOTs to come. 

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Well it's now November, the clocks have gone back and chod fettling season is effectively over for those of us who don't have indoor facilities.  Usually this is the time of year when I look at the to do list I made in the spring and get grumpy about how little I've got done.

This year though I haven't actually done too badly.  After a 25-year hiatus the Mobylette is road registered, running and rideable and even has working lights, indicators and horn after I eventually managed to decipher the wiring that 16-year-old me had cobbled together.  The Innocenti is MOT'd and back on the road too after five years, with a new gearbox mount that has cured the weird transmission noises and slipping clutch.  The Volvo is now drivable, with the brakes working and the engine running as it should after a carb rebuild, a new set of plugs and a voltage regulator.  I wouldn't trust it yet on a long run but it's at least usable locally.  The Maxus is also back on the road - in fact as I type this my entire four-wheeled fleet is fully road legal, which is a rarity (although the Mazda's MOT runs out very shortly).  Even the Spacy is back to being running and rideable, although I didn't get as far as getting it in for an MOT.  Hopefully I'll get around to it next year, then after that it'll be exempt anyway.

The only major jobs on the list I haven't managed to do are to get the Renault 6 welded up (and the new tyres fitted that I bought last year), and get the aircon working on the Rover 75.  Both will now have to wait for the spring.  I've promised myself (as I do every year) that next summer I'm not going to spend the entire season trying to keep on top of the fleet.  So it's a good job I'm definitely not* about to buy something (else) old, French and slightly broken...

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On 10/30/2022 at 10:41 PM, Noel Tidybeard said:





Had to take another today as the pain was terrible. 

Checked it out further, it’s 30/500mg Zapain which upon Googling is basically cocodamol but prescription only strength. Over the counter cocodamol is 8/500

I have no idea where we got it, I did have Sciatica a while ago so possibly that, I can’t think otherwise! 

Anyway, it’s bloody good stuff. Works wonders for my jaw! 

Only have a couple left though then it’ll be normal cocodamol every now and then if the pain is that bad.

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Got Covid for the first time this past week.. fuck me, it was not nice.. proper floored me and I dont get ill.. still worked through it but trying to lift a 20 kg towbar with one hand and put a bolt in with the other, lying on my back in the pissing rain whilst coughing and with a thumping headache made me question my sanity.. 

Today is the first day in about 10 I'm not misfiring and the EML isn't glowing. Thank fuck!

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