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  1. Up for auction, a Ford Popular 1953 Ford Popular Pick-Up (handh.co.uk)
  2. It's not the wide wheels that are unusual, it's a Superfast version having the white grille/bumper piece. Nearly all Superfast have a chrome one.
  3. Thing seem to have swopped round these days. 10 years ago you could pick up loads of cheap stuff at fairs and bung it on fleabay, Now it look like it's better to play buying roulette on fleabay and flog the stuff at fairs.
  4. 1993 SAAB 9000 Aero Turbo (handh.co.uk) Bit leggy for the price!
  5. 1993 Rover 216 Coupe (handh.co.uk)
  6. 2002 Audi TT Quattro Coupe (handh.co.uk)
  7. Common theme in the Mini world. Usually a body plonked on a Suzuki SJ410 But sometimes someone bucks the trend and goes the other way.
  8. Judging by that sun strip, he obviously does a lot of wishful thinking.
  9. Carrying on with the Volvo theme, here's some Minichamps.
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