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The "WTF is that?" thread


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Every now and again I see something I just can't identify. Thought I start a thread so the hive mind of AS can help work out what these mystery vehicles are.


Any ideas?


48011740688_71c50759b3_b.jpgScreenshot_20190605-190910_eBay by RS, on Flickr


48011740498_6219bae380_b.jpgScreenshot_20190605-190919_eBay by RS, on Flickr


Not the Transit...

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4 hours ago, Eddie Honda said:

Moar pictures if you can stomach it here: https://www.andre-citroen-club.de/forums/topic/100508-ds-wohnmobil-unglaublich/

In its "better" days:

Bloody hell.  Unglaublich indeed.


That picture of "my" DS is taken at the house of the chap I bought it from - I went down there intending to drive it home, but it wouldn't start as the fuel pump had gone, and the chances of finding a DS fuel pump on a Saturday afternoon were zilch.  I got it delivered in the end, then fitted an electric ticker pump.  Sold it to a lad who was going to restore it, but not sure what happened to it after that.

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11 hours ago, Stanky said:

Its like a 1970s vision of the 'hearse of the future'

That crossed my mind too, maybe like something a funeral director would use in the 'UFO' TV series.  I think it looks fantastic.

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22 hours ago, Jon said:

Thanks Eddie, you've saved me a lot of searching!


I did find an image of wuvvum's old DS though, so it wasn't all wasted time.


Was an ex-BBC camera car for horse racing and such like, from memory.

A cycling club now owns this and have  turned it in to Tour de France replica camera car. 




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14 minutes ago, Rovorsche said:

What was the design brief for the the Green Box ?

Oooh , I would like a vehicle more likely than any other to fall over with the unique driving position of standing up negating the requirement to install a seat.

The comments on that DS-world site are funny.

no your thinking of the design brief for this :mrgreen:


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What always amazes me about creations like that green camper is that at the end someone stood back and went ‘Fantastic it’s finally finished’ then went off and had a celebratory pint. Me, I’d have thought ‘Bollocks. I’ve wasted a fucking shit load of time and materials making this abomination’ 

Yes it’s definitely a ‘one off’. Looking at the link hasn’t he made rig rear doors from Formica laminated chipboard? 

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