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  1. And on a personal note, apologies for my tardiness in frequenting these pages but I've been working away from home these past few months, which halted abruptly last Tuesday when we went into Level 4 lockdown, with 6 hours notice. I'm not grumbling though, as I bloody love to be forced to go home and get stuff done! Might even dust off the camera and crack off a few needless photos of toy cars for the enjoyment* of 5 men on the internet I don't know. Or work on the countless things to be done with my largely non-roadworthy fleet. One of the two.
  2. Rather like old car-ficionado @barrett, I too have a 1/43 126: And here's its box, along with various detritus contained therein, some of which I'm aware doesn't relate to this toy model. These photos were taken for @bramz7, who I believe now has a life outside of AS, although he did agree to buy the 126, along with a couple of other items. Good job I managed to get a snap of it in Rome before it was allotted to the 'sold' box in the garage:
  3. 30 minutes to resolve the situation of missing obsolete car bits: faster next time, please!
  4. I've used Castrol Magnatec/Edge for ages, mostly as it's a brand I'd heard of and I'd buy it when it was half price or whatever. Mrs_Jon's Clio 172 doesn't seem to complain about Castrol Edge and the Jondeo has had 155000km of whatever 10w/40 was cheapest - Shell, Mobil, Castrol etc. It's only in the last 7000km that it's been running on the 10w/30 it should've been having all along, apparently. Doesn't seem to have hurt it as it's still earning a crust at 443000km. So, in conclusion? Erm, not sure. Just use whatever isn't too shit and isn't too expensive. Solved!
  5. And whilst I'm spamming with photos and looking through my archives, I remembered I have this one, too: Again, nifty box art. Contents not quite as nifty, especially with that high top. It is suitably wonky though, unlike later issues. Perhaps a little too wonky, in hindsight. No zinc pest, just a missing screw and a front bumper. I've also got this modern issue Tatra 613, which despite paying over the odds for and having no age, I can forgive as it's BLOODY LOVELY. Almost makes me wonder how much a real one would cost - and how tricky it would be to get over to NZ...
  6. Actually, I just remembered - I DO have a Zil - and I've photographed it! Sadly, it's not the 'real deal', just a James Bond partwork I bought some time last year, during a miniature shite drought period. Still quite nice though and not too expensive. Plus points for brutalist architecture. I imagine the person in the backdrop had no doubt just finished scrabbling around for potatoes, or something. And here it is, not at all looking imposing, or striking fear into passers-by, through its sheer existence. It'll do, until @datsuncog feels like he's had enough of his kosher one...
  7. Hi everyone. Had a slightly easier time at work this week (only about 60 hours, this time) and I even managed to go to my favourite model shop, too - cheered me up no end, that did. So there'll be more photos to come as and when I have the chance. That said, the thing I present to you today, I bought on Trademe a couple of weeks back. The box art, though nice, tells many a lie: Said contents are neither this shape, nor have opening doors. Not sure what the number 2 and accompanying arrow are telling me here. A nice bit of 'back-o-the-box' art work, to jazz things up. No guesses for what the contents are, if you've read the bumf above - indeed, I revealed on this thread what it was last week! And ain't she a little beauty! Sincerest apologies for low grade potato images, as these were snapped whilst Mrs_Jon was out for a 'run' - about 20 mins jog 'round town. I'm pleased to say that it's absolutely flawless and nary even a sniff of the dreaded zinc pest. The images on Trademe weren't clear enough to decipher the numbers on the base, to see if they corresponded with known good/bad issue numbers but I figured that it looked vaguely Lada shaped still and seemed to be in one piece, so I bought it. I mean, it's only money, eh?! I will say that the blocks which represent the door handles are a little bit disappointing but that truly is nit picking; on the plus side, I simply can't think of a better shade it could've been painted in. That said, this isn't truly representative, as it's a little darker in real life. Jeepers, this is really a very low grade photo here but it does show the opening bonnet, so I hope you'll forgive me. I promise to update in the distant future with it framed in some borderline dystopian backdrop, with some funky brutalist concrete backdrop, or next to some withered old ladies scrabbling for potatoes or something. For now though, enjoy my line-up of current Novoexport castings. I'd love a Zil and one of those forward control vans (Zaz? Vaz? Something like that) and one of those hatchback Moskvitch things but I'll bide my time until they turn up - after all, it's as much about the thrill of the chase as the acquisition, eh 'shiters?
  8. Hey @AndyW201, I went to my favourite model shop yesterday and picked up a boxed Vanguards Fiesta Supersport in black for a tenner yesterday (it seemd rude to leave it there at that price) and they had one of your Cavaliers boxed for a tenner, too. Sounds like it might be worth buying, to ship back to the UK for mini-tax. Much of the distinctly British castings seem to sit on their shelves and steadily get reduced, which is how I managed to pick up the Astra SR for £4.50. In fact, they had another of those too and I'm sure it was on sale!
  9. Here's my Spot-Ons: And my Not-Ons: Still plenty more I'd love to find, as and when they choose to crop up!
  10. Mine has air con but no power steering. I think the bulged bonnet was used on automatic 205s and seems to be a common swap for people modifying them. Seems like Peugeot were ahead of the game with your model! It's mostly plastic trim panels I'm looking for - some interior bits, the rear panel inset into the boot lid - and in fact, much of the exterior trim bits, if I'm honest! Would love a replacement front bumper... I've used micksgarage.com to buy service items at more affordable prices. The company is based in Ireland but international post is very affordable, or even free beyond a certain amount. Sourced brake discs, pads, shocks, filters, front indicators etc. from there. Or even Ebay UK can be helpful. NZ has an overseas postal service which cuts down on shipping here (youshop.co.nz), so not sure if Aus might have something similar. Let me know also if there's something you're struggling to find, as I broke another 205 years ago and kept all the bits barring the shell. Sadly, it too had front end damage, hence no bumper in stock...
  11. Hi Steve. Here's our very second hand Japanese import 1.9 GTI, which we've had for 10 years, over in NZ. It's been a loaner car to family members for the last 5 years or so, on and off, hence the war wounds, inflicted by others. It's never been off the road in our ownership, though I'd love to assemble some bits and spruce it up, as it's way beyond shabby chic. If you know of any cheap 205 bits, let me know!
  12. Even after a deer strike, you still don't have the shittest 205 front bumper on autoshite. Behold that accolade courtesy of a family member who pranged ours - and his resultant 'fix'. 205 bumpers are hardly ten a penny in NZ...
  13. Not to sell but I reckon there's still one of those Britains Chevys in the toy cupboard in my old bedroom at my folks, as my brother had one. I've only the vaguest memories of all the gubbins on the back, so most was likely jettisoned of into the ether mere moments after the box was opened. But until you posted the image, I'd totally forgotten these existed! Bit of a strange casting for Britains, though.
  14. Apparently, for a Size 3 box (35cm x 26.5cm x 20cm) weighing 1kg would be $38.01 to send to the UK - or about £19. Not too shabby, I reckon! Happy to go personal shopping for you, if you'd like. Those dimensions and weight should cram a fair few carded diecasts in the box...
  15. It's like you took the words right out of my mouth! 😉 In other news, apologies for my lack of presence on these pages of late but I'm currently embroiled in looting in some serious coin on a job, which is consuming much of my life. As a result though, I bought a nice old 1/43 Russian Lada wagon in pea green as recompense the other day, so life could be worse! Expect needless photographic updates of period things set in front of period photos, when time permits.
  16. Currently on 50.7 p to 1 nz dollar. Sadly, the Moon VW had a broken plastic bubble, which. I'm sure would irritate the sorts who hand out good coin for these. But at c.£4.50, might be worth a pop, if I find intact ones? Let me know if anything proves too irresistible.
  17. Live 'out at the shops' update, for those interested in modern castings of old VWs.
  18. Frankly, I can't believe you've stooped to the depths of buying a later P6 without the 'radio' strip speedometer and chrome grille. 2014 @barrett is turning in his grave! Lovely motor, though.
  19. STUNO won't but I might! Looking for a subframe/K Frame for a VB Commodore, to accept a 308 motor. I'm sure there's plenty more on my list but that's the stickler for the moment. Let's hope that any tazering administered was nice and gentle... And good luck with the job hunting! Fingers crossed on today's interview outcome.
  20. You want one? £3.50, delivery at some point in the distant future!
  21. Picked up this Gama 1302 a few months back: Perhaps not Maxwell levels of ill-executed wheels but a close contender, at least. Quite endearing though, it certainly dates it to a period release when the 1302 was current. The doors open but aren't too hideously bulky, which is a bonus. It also came boxed, complete with Gama coin still inserted in the base. Certainly seems to lend itself well to period backdrops, anyway. Even the gawky front end makes me smile, rather like the badly proportioned Sikus of a similar period. It's also in bloody good nick, so was a nice score for £5. Or 20 times the price of @155V6's Siku Kafer.
  22. OK, no need to rub it in.
  23. Jon

    Ambitious towbars

    Not very ambitious, more incongruous: The singular time I've used the tow bar on our 205. In fairness, I only fitted it to use as a bike rack mount - which I haven't done yet. Only been on about 7 years or so..
  24. That Siku 914 also looks interesting! All this talk of Maxwell Toys spurring off from that very boxy bus led me to remember that I have one: Originally, it would've been placed upon those hideous little wheels the bus has, despite being 1/43 scale and the bus looking to be more 1/64. However, a previous owner put some Spot On wheels on, so likely a case of devaluing both this model and the donor. Looks the part, though. Note also that I think this was my very first photo I took of a diecast with a suitable backdrop, way back in January 2019! For anyone who wants to see another endearing Maxwell abomination, check out the 'Mercedes 1100'....
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