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  1. So glad I live in mainland Europe and don't have all the faff with the channel, tests, locator forms, etc. If I had to do all that, I'd stay at home. As I don't, its easy just to throw some clothes into the bike panniers and take off.
  2. I've just been riding my 22 year Honda Dullville from Elche in Spain on my way to meet up with some Czech mates in a town some 80 miles south of Prague. Checked the oil and pumped up the the tyres was my prep. I think breakdown cover that came with my insurance covers the whole of the EU. Stopped in Perpignan on Monday night, and been using D and N roads since leaving Perpignan. Last night I stayed in a studio near to Le Creusot, and tonight I reached Heidelberg in Germany. I love riding in rural France, and from Le Creusot to the German border were fantastic. OK, they might have a 80 kph limit with speed cameras here and there (and well hidden), but just to bimble along in the sunshine, taking in the sights, smells and sounds is just perfect. Bit of a shock to get practically straight from them onto unlimited speed German autobahns. Honda will cruise at 130 kph without issue And tonight in the restaurant I was asked for proof of my vacinations That maybe because when the waiter asked me a question in German, I answered in a mix of English, Spanish and French. No drama though, he accepted my certificate that I had downloaded to my phone. Will be heading back to Spain on Sunday, so may thrash out a long day on the Sunday, and spend a bit longer bimbling through quiet France. Oh, and it hasn't rained a drop. Roads were soaking in a few places on Monday afternoon, but seems I was riding on the edge of the rain belt. I've ridden just over 1,450 miles so far, and not a single ache or pain. Unbelievable really for what is a bike most hate. Sorry for the derail, but I just love France, although Spanish weather swung it for me as a place to move to.
  3. Probably explains why I've seen very few red cars here in Spain.
  4. My Samsung phone has decided it doesn't want me to access my Hotmail account? and won't let me access their "reset password" until tomorrow. Cunts.
  5. I took a couple of videos of my garden as family and friends wanted to see it. I just did one continuous shot as I walked round with a little bit of commentary. Rather that send it to each of them, I uploaded it to YouTube without editing and sent them the link. It was very simple to upload and quick, as I did no editing at all. I think that is where the time is consumed
  6. That is some progress. Congratulations on coping with your fear and getting it done.
  7. https://www.bmw-motorrad.co.uk/en/world-of-bmw/off-road-skills.html The course was a bit expensive, but included everything-bike, riding gear, instruction and basic accommodation. I just took my own helmet and gloves. The instruction was just superb. The course looks to be structured differently now, but the intial ride (Level one?) was excellent, and instilled confidence in riding on loose surfaces, balancing and what the bike can do. Since then I've only ridden on the more gentle of gravel roads, as crashing so many times on the course did teach me that more serious off roading and I are not compatible.
  8. I probably would have then rang them from the car park, see if they would book me a table. If they did, I'd go in, look at the menu, and then tell them there is nothing they have that I want. Better than booking and not going in.
  9. I treated myself to the two day BMW off road bike course in Wales. Instructors were the brilliant Simon Pavey and Nick Plumb. I rode one of their almost new 650 Dakar's. And I near wrecked it. At every obstacle, encouraged by Plumb and Pavey, I never quite made it, hitting the floor everytime-they made it look so easy on their GS1050's. At the end of the second day, the damage to the bike was a dented and scratched petrol tank, badly scratched side panels, bent handle bars and both levers, instrument cover broken, buckled front wheel and rear light in pieces. No damage charges, everything included. Absolutely shattered after two days, but very surprised at how many dropped out at the end of day 1. Also attended a few car launches which were proper experiences! The Nissan Primera at Donnington Park, the Honda Civic at MIRA (limited to 100mph on the bowl), the Ford Focus at (I think) Bedford and a few more lesser smaller launch events at stately houses. These were all years ago, and each one was advertised in a national newspaper, although never see these things advertised now.
  10. The LS400 I had. Lovely supple ride, great V8 and auto gearbox, comfy seats, great wafting around, and could go if you needed it too. Plus Toyota reliability plus a bit more. Miss it a lot. My Saab 9-5 too, one that had many modifications. Suspension, turbo and intercooler, lightweight wheels, big discs and calipers to name some. Just great on the back roads, but just OK on longer drives (road and exhaust tone). Brilliant cup holder. Now I drive a 1.3 Doblo. Only thing that makes it nice to drive is knowing that it is highly practical.
  11. Just heard that my mate died yesterday. Knew his illness was terminal, but still shocked to get the news. RIP Lee.
  12. I burnt out the clutch on my Guzzi V1200 Sport 2v getting it stuck in deep sand a few years ago. It was ok as I nursed it for the next few thousand miles before slipping got too much. Had it changed as I didn't have the space (the frame has to be lifted off of the engine), specialist tools or knowledge to do it my self. I has completely knacked the flywheel too. £1500 bill, but that included a major service too. Very much doubt I will ever bring it over to Spain so.looks like I maybe selling it soon. One of the few bikes I have kept for more than four years. Fantastic bikes, vastly underated.
  13. There is a great book, The Wrong Way Round by Chris Donaldson, who rode his Guzzi LeMans from Belfast to Australia in the early 80's. Seems they are capable of really taking abuse!
  14. Loved those Audi adverts. Although my favourite car advert is for an R8. Just not a Rover R8...
  15. My internet was very poor for most of last week, switching off for long periods. Really was pissing me off as it seemed to be off just when I needed it. So I sent a WhatsApp message to the company to see if they knew what the issue was. 15 minutes later one of their vans is at my front gate. Technician comes in, plugs my router into his laptop, says the router has an issue, and pulls a new one out of his bag, plugs it in, and all good. The big grin is that I sent the message at 19.40 hours. On a Friday. Some services here are crap, but others restore my faith in moving here.
  16. I have a white Doblo, and my neighbour has a black Citroen Cactus (I think that is what it is). Parked beside each other in the sunshine, his car is too hot to touch, where as mine is more warm than hot to the touch. Don't know what the interior temperature difference would be, but it must be similarly huge.
  17. He should try to get a grasp of English grammer as his "new toy".
  18. Prefer the CL350 that the Indian dealer near me has in. Sadly destined for renovation for the owners private collection. Wanted one of these for years
  19. He might change his mind and accept it...
  20. Had a visit from a fellow AS'er who is holidaying not to far away from me. Great to put a face to a name and to actually have a visitor! Even better when he tells me of a scrapyard not too far from me that lets you take things off yourself. Even sent me some video footage of his visit there after he left here Good to see you mate-welcome back anytime.
  21. Just been watching the Olympic 1500 metres final for women. First thing of the Olympics I've seen. The commentary by the BBC was appalling. Laura(?) Muir won silver and the commentator said things could not have been better for her. Er, perhaps getting gold would have been better. Then stating that everyone in the Stadium wanted Muir to do well. Maybe all the Brits there, but everyone? Really? They ran out of things to say, so went on to say that she is probably a great vet too. I won't be watching any more. BBC can go to fuck.
  22. And do fuck all to attain cleaner air with the money they take in from motorists. Probably all gets swallowed up from the costs of administrating it. Pointless as it simply shows the tfl are doing something when it appears they do nothing. Building cycle lanes is not an answer, especially when it remove one lane of traffic, which then all grinds to a standstill causing stationary vehicles to pump out more noxious fumes.
  23. For those not convinced of the harm of whatever shit is in the air. Bike parked at work in the LEZ in Lower Thames Street in that there London. I used to put a new white cover over each work bike every 6 weeks (thank you KTM), because by then they had gone grey, had a sticky coating on them, and they smelt revolting. Nasty if this is what gets into your lungs. I don't know what tfl do with the money they collect for LEZ as whatever they spend on reducing pollution/cleaning the air is not enough. My former colleagues tell me the bike covers still need changing after 6 weeks. So three years on, no change. My old job was finding the bastards that ripped off millions from the VAT and Excise Duties. And yes, some frauds were many many millions. And we always found lots of cash in the homes and businesses we searched. Large amounts of cash is very difficult to get rid of, can't buy anything of real value with cash, not without it being reported by the trader taking the cash as they don't want it either. There is a limit to the portions of chips you can buy, how many have haircuts you have and how many times you can wash your car.
  24. You could have downloaded some ads from Spain, such as this one, to show what a bargain yours was. €3,285 https://www.milanuncios.com/fiat-de-segunda-mano/fiat-doblo-411720146.htm And yes, doing so would of course be equally irrelevant.
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