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  1. I have a steep bank separating my garden into two levels. Local farmer flew up the slope in his tractor, whereas I never drove up it in mine for fear of it tipping over I got him in to make a gentler slope between the two levels, so now I can use mine to maintain the trees and weeds.
  2. Was riding up to Melle in France, when I came across this lot by the side of the road in Burguete. There was a Fordson Major parked up, very much like the one I drove for a few weeks back in 1975. No Massey 135's like mine, but a similar Erbo or two. The 166 was big.
  3. I remember Steve designing and machining up an air cooled clutch on his 660 racer. Took many hours of work and more than a few quid in parts. It was rubbish, it either slipped or dragged. Standard clutch refitted, air cooled clutch in the parts bin.
  4. Faraday bags/microwave oven are the places to put modern keys.
  5. Nice. I had a couple of brand new ones as company cars, first a China blue Y plate, then a green B plate, both 1.6L's. Many years later I had an E reg SRi130 as a runaround, which got thrashed everywhere in the time I had it. Wish I had never sold it. All were much better to drive than the Cortina's that preceeded them (MkIII, IV and V).
  6. Had my 660 engine rebuilt by Steve Ruth in Acton, Suffolk. What he does not know about tuning the 660 motor isn't worth knowing. Our Supermono racer also tuned by Steve, and did 2 seasons racing without any mishaps at all. Tuned for reliability than outright power, but you don't win sat at the side of the track.
  7. The Met Police are happy to knock bike theives /theives on bikes off if they refuse to stop. Helmet or no helmet.
  8. I remember the large rear plates that were seemingly fitted to all FS1E's from 1974 to 1976. At least in Essex that is. Looked like billboards.
  9. Been driving since 1976, and owned about 20 cars at most, starting with a rusty and knackered Rover P5B, and presently driving a Fiat Doblo 1.3. On the other hand I have been (legally) riding motorbikes since 1976 and I think I have owned around 300 to 400. Most I ever had at one time, all insured, taxed and MOT'd, was 15. From 50cc French mopeds to 1290cc V-twins, and everything in between.
  10. Very sad to hear these scumbags are still stealing bikes. Heard a former colleague had his BMW R1200RS stolen from the car park at Westfield Stratford, and another former colleague his MT-09 from Canning Town two days later. Cunts, absolute cunts.
  11. That's the distance the car has been driven since new. Happy to help.
  12. I did my Advanced bike course in 2001 at Conway where Brunstrom was Chief Constable. Legally doing 150mph on the roads around Bala was great, and two fingers up at him.
  13. Of all the cars fitted with Rostyle wheels, this probably tops the lot of looks.
  14. Cavalier Mk2 1600L. Green exterior, even greener interior. No photos, but remember the reg as B161 OEL. Tax due 1st April 2000, so no longer on the road.
  15. Nope. All my bikes in the UK have now been sold and have new homes. Snotters indeed!!!
  16. Ah, now I understand. I think I read a couple of weeks ago Finland had been cancelled. Can recommend Valencia,you can see 90% of the track from the "azul" stand, and its where riders do their burnouts after their race, and also practice their starts. Also a trip to Cheste on Saturday night is a MUST. Streets just full of bikes bouncing off the rev limiters and doing burnouts. Plus some engines in shopping trollies being murdered. It's a week or two earlier than usual, so not 100% sure I'll be there, but I'll do my utmost to be there.
  17. Was in Italy recently (on two wheels, not four) riding through the Dolomites and then the Italian Alps. Was very pleased to see the large number of old Panda's still on the road, and not rusty like the ones in the UK were at three or four years old. Enjoy your trip, despite the heat.
  18. We had a few VRS's at work. Not one got killed, despite many hamfisted people trying to rev them to the limiter from cold. Took loads of abuse that other cars could not. One with a suroof, in yellow, is particularly sought after for some reason
  19. Now that is fucking fantastic. My late brother in law had a number of VX4/90's and had he still lived, he would have built something along those lines. Really hope it all works out OK.
  20. Didn't you get loads of messages from numbskulls telling you that "it is overpriced so you won't sell it"?
  21. Shed built Viper V10 bike goes for its MOT. Lots of engineering there that you would never think of doing. Brilliant bike builds on every video.
  22. Both should be in the ebay tat thread. I fear sarcasm is not something recognised at times.
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