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  1. This was at a recent show in Alicante. Not seen one here before. Looked quite original, but on the other hand, it could have been restored at some point.
  2. Love mine, its more than the sum of its parts. 24.5 bhp is good enough on the tracks I use it on, and can push it along at 120kph on the motorway if needed. It's only downside is it's a bit heavy. I'd rather it lost 20kg than gained 5bhp.
  3. Anywhere near you do ultrasonic cleaning? A clean in that will clean everything perfectly. Well worth the money getting them done.
  4. I've a Himalayan, bought it new in 2019. Primary reason to buy it is I live where there are loads of unpaved roads, and at a fiver under £4000, absolute no brainer. Done 32,000 kms (20,000 miles) now with nothing more than oil changes and one tappet adjustment. Can do a (mess free) oil and filter change in ten minutes. Valve adjustment check takes 30 minutes at most. The seat isn't that comfortable, but a slab of 20mm gel and a sheepskin cover makes it ten times better (or 10 Times less worse). As I ride lots of gravel roads I fitted Continental KTC 80 tyres, as the wider tread give more confidence on these roads, and are passable on tarmac. The standard Pirelli MT60's are good on asphalt, and OK on gravel. Finish is still excellent, but then it doesn't see salt strewn rads, or much rain. Paint showing no UV damage from the sunshine here, as it is parked outside. Mine will happily cruise at 110 kph, 80 to 90 mpg is average. Parts are cheap, and their dealers (at least here) are very good. As for gloves, take a look at the upper priced, professional cycling gloves. Some really good ones out there.
  5. There was a Classic show in Alicante, and, as is usual, some of the more interesting cars were in the car park. And this in the main hall. Not seen one for years.
  6. Saw this on Saturday outside a local supermarket. Lovely condition with no lacquer peel. Personally I prefer these to the GTE's, a bit more subtle and just as quick.
  7. The local police here have three Zeros now (replacing their 300cc scooters). Spoke to one of the riders on one the other day, and he rates it highly. He didn't know what the range was, as they only patrol locally, so 100kms a day is about the maximum they do, and that's all town work. He says all the riders like them, as they are very quick off the mark BUT a couple of times he has nearly run over pedestrians that step out in front of him. I liked the one I had on loan, but it was not suitable for my 60 mile motorway commute into London. Not ruled one out, seeing as now I no longer commute. My main issue now is the cost, and Zero have the market to themselves. Will Honda/Suzuki/Yamaha/Kawasaki have a competitor in that sector soon? Its not looking likely.
  8. Was a good bike, sold it to my nephew he rebuilt it twice after blowing it up twice... It's in bits in his garage waiting for its rebuild, but with two young kids, that might be a way off. I had a 33 bhp 125 Cagiva Mito. It took a different mindset to ride it to its full potential, but was so satisfying once mastered. Four stroke 125's are a different kettle of fish, you'll be fine with it. Chinese engines last if looked after. Let the engine warm up before thrashing the tits off of it (you will soon be doing that) and keep it clean and you'll have your money back. Just enjoy yourself.
  9. Biggest error that pissed me off (so much so I didn't watch all of the first episode)? A standard gold bar (those held as gold reserves by central banks and traded among bullion dealers) weighs 400 troy ounces/12.4 kilograms/27.33 pounds. The characters pick them up like they weigh the same as a packet of biscuits.
  10. After Tony Blair. He is a hero there.
  11. I visited Kosovo a couple of years ago. Many men in their early 20's had been given the first name "Tonibler".
  12. The BF Goodrich tyres on my Doblo were fucked at less than three years old because of UV damage sidewalls cracked on all four. Loads of tread left With no snow and little rain here, and the Doblo being as slow as Hell means I can run the cheapest I can find. They will probably succumb to UV damage way before they wear out.
  13. More to the point, what was the point of installing the digital dash, then sticking a bloody great brake fluid reservoir right in front of it?
  14. I still keep looking for cars like this, as it can make sense for someone from the UK to fly down and drive it back, especially as the Lexus drove so well. It wasn't perfect, but it was priced not much over scrap value. I sold it on for precisely the sum I paid for it here. The V5 transfer was done on line at time of purchase with the new owners name and address on, so that it could be taxed, and thus legal to drive back.
  15. No such thing as cheap secondhand cars here in Spain. It seems that it has never been the case. My only out is to look on the local internet forums for UK registered cars that have been driven here, and are no longer wanted, are too expensive to put on Spanish plates, or would never be allowed to be driven on the roads (for instance, RHD vans). And there are too many traders are looking too. I was lucky enough to get in first for a UK registered Lexus GS300 that the owner drove here, before finding out he had 30 days to register it or scrap it.
  16. I was lucky in that my employers supplied all my riding kit, but the stuff I was issued in 2000 (Rukka) was inferior to that I was issued with in 2010 (Rukka again), which was far inferior to what I was issued with in 2017 (Hideout). I still bought some of my own stuff for when not riding the work bikes. Best thing ever has been my Exo heated waistcoat. Warm even without it being plugged in, an able to wear that and a t-shirt under my jacket through the winter.
  17. I somehow suspect that with the improvement of riding kit and camping gear today as versus the 80's, you wouldn't freeze to near death riding and kipping in a tent there now.
  18. I pass a scrapyard near me a few times a week, and have done for a couple of years. Some of the vehicles I have noticed have been there all that time, with just a few bits visibly missing. Not allowed to enter the yard though, but would like to see what's in the middle of the yard that I can't see from the road, simply to photograph them
  19. I became the 18th owner of this back in 2016. And it was in bits for about 9 years. Sold to its 19th owner in 2022, all rebuilt and pumping out a mighty 33bhp
  20. Here's the former fire engine when the current owner bought it. Not surprised he is selling it, it needs some work to get it to something that has a use.
  21. I misfuelled my Honda today-put diesel in it. First time I have done that in over 50 years of riding. Massive inconvenience too. Maybe it's God's way of telling me to go electric?
  22. Mackenzie Crook owns and drives this (although not in the TV show)
  23. Alex is a great bloke, and his enthusiasm and knowledge of the Electric motorbike industry is second to none. And he is realistic in what the bikes will actually do in the real world, and not simply quote manafacturers figures. I really would be interested at what it is like to live with day to day.
  24. I had one on loan in 2019 (DSR?). It was bloody quick on overtakes and easily faster off of the line than any of my big V-twins (including a Guzzi V1200). But for me, it was not a viable proposition, as the 60 mile motorway commute into work saw the range plummet to around 10 miles left when I got into the office. Ridden in stop start traffic where regeneration kicks in, it would be great. Plus my employers didn't like me plugging it in at work and thus paying for my commute! Hope you enjoy it. My local cops like theirs.
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