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  1. My parents house had the disused railway between Braintree and Dunmow behind it, which we used quite a lot. There or the Sand pits, depending where we kept the bikes we owned as a group of friends. Now the Flitch Way walk, where motorbikes are banned.
  2. Just love the Honda 90, great memories of thrashing them around fields for hours on end. And despite the 100's and 100's of scooters and small bikes I see here every month, I can't recall seeing a Honda 50/70/90 at all.
  3. The whole of the Civil Service is fucked. HMC&E rebranded as HMRC, SOCA created to be Britains answer to the FBI. Then rebranded as NCA. Same staff, same work. HMRC's border staff (those you see (or used to see!) at ports and airports) removed from HMRC and integrated into UK Border Force (I think) then moved again into some other rebrand of "Border Something or Other". No one has ever said why rebrands were needed, nor stated the cost of all of these changes, and things such as new logo'd uniforms, stationary, marked vehicles, payroll etc must run into millions and millions. Whilst all the time implementing "new" pay deals (in effect pay freezes) pension cutting, and all that goes with it. I'm just glad I retired when I did, as I am sure my open and vocal criticisms of senior staff and the working methods that were introduced by "revolving door" management. They were drafted in from elsewhere and had no idea of what front line staff did to protect society. Oddly HMRC staff administered the Furlough scheme, but never got a mention by the Government when they were handing out plaudits to other front line staff. Rant over.
  4. It's odd, but since I fitted mine, I haven't recorded any fuckwittery at all. Not a single thing. Beforehand, fuckwittery seen on every drive.
  5. Got the Street Triple ITV'd (Spanish MOT) this evening. Luckily one of the centres is just 10.minutes away. All they do is MOTs. Take you current ITV and Spanish "log book" to the office, pay your €23 fee, and wait your turn. I was the only one there, so i was waved straight on for the bike to be tested. 5 minutes later I had a new ITV, valid for two years. Bit odd not chatting to the tester like I had done for years in the UK. I missed that.
  6. I cannot clear it from my phone. I eventually got access to my laptop (running Windows 10) and printed what I needed from there. I cleared the pdf from my list of printers. Still cant understand how it got on to my list of printers on my phone, which it still is there, and my actual printer which was working perfectly on Sunday, is "greyed" out so I cannot change default to my actual printer. Fucking pointless waste of time and effort really!!!
  7. Spent two hours now trying to print some screen shots needed for tomorrow. Everytime I press "print" the dialogue states I have to save to pdf, which then puts me in a loop. All the solutions I can find on internet show fixes from laptops, and I dont have mine here. Don't even know why my printer (Brother B210 laser) started to do this! Looks like I've got to go to the local computer shop and pay a few Euros for three bits of paper....
  8. I'll never forget one of those BMW's pulling up at the pump next to me in the petrol station on the Highway, not far short of Tower Bridge in London. It was January and bloody cold. As the scooter stopped, a foot clad in a stiletto shoe came out of the apron. A rather striking woman then proceeded to fill it up. I couldnt think of anything to say to her except "its cold". Incidentally, TTT in Sudbury, Suffolk have (or until very recently, had) a very similar looking Benelli scooter in stock, although I forget the price. First (and last) one I have ever seen.
  9. That is lovely-I thought it was going to be the Raptor. I really miss my Mito and looking for one over here. Nothing like a small, highly tuned two stroke My nephew has a Raptor (ex -Wuvvum) which despite being rebuilt meticulously and ridden with care, keeps breaking. This is my favourite photo of him with it the last time it shit itself.
  10. This is still in the basement garage of the family house in Spain. I was told last December that it was going to be towed away and scrapped. Al that seems to have happened is that it has a thicker coating of dust on it. V6 engine too.
  11. Sticking it up for sale here. Might do someone who needs to get their possessions back to the UK before Brexit
  12. Borrowed a mates Fiat van- I have never seen a van with so many hooks to tie it too. There are twenty, in all eight at "foot" level, six at waist height and six at head height. Don't think it's been easier way to strap a bike down so securely with just four straps. The bike needs a good check over and the dust removing, as it's been parked up for 11.5 months.
  13. Two days short of seven months after I received an offer for my house, it got to completion stage today. Solicitors and Estate Agent paid, new owner moved in and is happy, and it's a huge weight off of my shoulders. I'm having a few beers tonight!
  14. I agreed to buy last October, but travel plans and Covid meant a severe holdup. Well, finally picking it up tomorrow. It's a Speed Triple, and, at the grand old age of 61, it will be the first Triumph I have ever owned. I do hope I like it.
  15. Will do (in my best Spanish, and with a Spanish email address this time 🤞
  16. My Avensis is now on 177,500, though only the last 2500 have been in my ownership. Apart from petrol and replacing a punctured tyre, I've done nothing to it. But the law here in Spain on UK registered cars means I must get rid of the Avensis within the next few weeks. Hopefully I'll sell it to someone that needs to get some stuff back to the UK. Still not decided what to replace it with. Cars here are both expensive and with higher mileage than in the UK. And I have to consider that many are for sale because they have been flogged to death! Seen quite a few 6 year old cars with 300,000 kms on the clock. Maybe I'll get something 10 to 15 years old with knackered paint(hoping it will be mechanically fine) rather than something a couple of years old with low mileage.
  17. As Billy says, riding long distance on a small bike can be tiring. I rode to Czech Republic and back on a Yamaha 125 scooter. Even able to use motorways, average speed was about 50mph as lots of fuel stops (85 miles to a tank, but 100mpg). Wringing a small bikes neck mile after mile, planning overtakes and fuel stops, and maintaining speed at all costs can take it out of you mentally as well as physically. Good idea to take two days to do the trip and to enjoy your first ride, which will always be memorable.
  18. Wanton destruction In this is NOT for those of a sensitive nature https://youtu.be/WLMTf5FuUgE
  19. Glad to see you will be back on YouTube with some more crap. I'm no fan of Rovers, but look forward to you sorting it out.
  20. I don't think that will be making an appearance in my shed. Might be onto a Suzuki T500, but bloke cant decide if he wants to sell or not. Been told he has ben dithering over selling it for about 5 years. No photos or other details as yet, other than its T500 for sale. Or not.
  21. Exchanged contracts on my house sale today, so should have the proceeds next week. So in preparation this afternoon I have been pursuing the bike section on Milanuncios.com to see what's about locally. Mid 80's Suzuki GS850 popped up, part restored, been sat for 5 years, an eady fix. Had one of these for a couple of years, did massive mileage and it never, ever went wrong. Then I saw the photos... There's restoration and there's restoration. I needed a swift drop of eye bleach after seeing that rear end. Why? Just why?
  22. We crossed the Grossglockner Pass in Austria last May. As we were going down from the summit we were stopped by a bloke in Yamaha clothing waving a flag As we waited, a Niken came around a hairpin bend and stopped in a carpark. You could here something scraping the tarmac for about 50% of the bend. Then another. And another. And another. About 10 in all, everyone scraping pegs (or something) as they came round. The road opened as as we went past all we saw were "thumbs up" from the riders, all smiling and laughing. I'm not brave enough though...Hope you thoroughly enjoy it.
  23. No idea if bikes are hired around here. You can borrow one of mine. Here you insure the bike, and so anyone over 25 can ride it as long as they have a licence. You are over 25, aren't you?
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