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  1. Never had an issue getting anything for my 9-5, either on line from various suppliers or from Abbott Tuning. Quite a few independent garages across the UK. Loved my 9-5 but I would have had massive issues getting it matriculated for a Spanish registration, due to all the mods on it. I had no problems selling a 14 year old Saab, with plenty interested in it.
  2. I had a diesel 2.0 turbo for a couple of days. Was really comfortable, really nice cushioned ride, and reasonably economical. Was fairly brisk, but my Saab at the time had 300bhp so comparisons into performance weren't fair. Interior and equipment were good, think it was a Vector SE. I'd love one, but Saabs are very few and far between in Spain, so would have issues if anything went wrong.
  3. Sadly I can't help, but they are as nice to drive as they are to sit in.
  4. On my last training ride, 3 of us were riding through the Dartford tunnel, blues and sirens on, when a Micra in front of us slowed down, then slowed some more, then stopped. Most do get out of the way, others stop in the most inappropriate of spots. Sometimes better to run with them off.
  5. @castros_bro I could post them to you of course.
  6. Let me know when you can collect them, as now retired I'm at home most of the time. Thanks Doug. PM me your address and I'll get them posted to you on Monday. Thanks fellas.
  7. My mate wanted a van to move a few things to storage, so I lent him my Vivaro. He left me his Peugeot 507 coupe to use. Must say it is comfy, quiet, a real waft barge, but bloody hell it is huge. 2.0 diesel although can hardly hear it running from the inside. He can keep the van for as long as he wants. EDIT: Silly boy, it's a 407, as indicated by the exterior badges and the embroided floormats.
  8. Do you want both sets Doug? Here they are:
  9. Moving soon, so.bits and pieces for cars and motorbikes to clear out. Mercedes W124 300 6 cylinder petrol new headgasket, a slightly used distributor cap, HT leads and rotor arm. W202 C220 (square headlight, pre 1999) front passenger wing. Brand new pattern part, still in the packaging as I scrapped the car and had no need for it. Throw over panniers, one set of Oxford brand with adjustable straps, the other set from the early 80's. Will go on an LC350 ok. Prefer collection from near Witham in Essex but could post.
  10. Passed my bike test on one of these-an Nreg one in gold. Whipped out the pedals and bolted on some C50 footpegs (they are on a bar that bolted to the bottom of the engine). Got back, put the pedal set back on and returned the 'ped to my brother Much underrated compared to the AP50 and FSIE and far more reliable (as I remember it at the time) as unburstable for mechanically unsympathetic 16 year olds Totally ruined when Honda put the cable operated front disc on it and higher bars with horrible rubber mounts. Enjoy!
  11. Came across Binky when episode two was released on YouTube. It has been a long, long wait for the "paint on" episode to come tomorrow.
  12. @vaughant I'm lucky to know a great painter, and he has sorted out my race bikes, road bikes and Van's over the last 10 years. He does all sorts of stuff, from a bike side panel to full blown colour change on Ferraris. He is not cheap, but you get what you pay for (even at mates rates). He was doing some work on this last week.
  13. A Cossie one would generate loads of interest! I'd be one subscriber for you. The other thing that Rob of Salvage Rebuilds has highlighted is the price some cars fetch at auction. Some are sold at well over retail price, and with the cost of parts and labour to add to repairing the damage. Is this the YouTube phenomena at work? Someone see's a few of these videos and thinks "I can do that", as do others, and bidding takes off. Maybe he has had a few that have had issues after he has sold them, but easy to see what he has done so you go in eyes wide open. And where can I find Kiltox's videos?
  14. Dealer near me has nearly every model of those made. Interesting to see them, as I only remember the standard one, used by loads of despatch riders and flogged to death within 3 years
  15. Have a look at Salvage Rebuilds UK on YouTube. He has no problem selling the cars and bikes he repairs. Is open and honest about his total costs are and how much (pre tax) profit he makes. And the cars are all sold almost immediately he puts them up for sale. Suppose thats what comes from making decent videos and being honest
  16. I'm moving permanently to Spain very soon, so having this is pointless. Two random please
  17. This was one of my earlier CBR600 shitebags that I commuted 600 miles a week on. It ran ok apart from the dragging clutch which was fun in London. And the silver paint on the tank just melted if it came into contact with petrol drops when filling up, leaving everything that touched it with a nice silver sheen. Passed two MOT's in this state-run bolts holding the faring or panels on, just a selection of cable ties. Think it had 90,000 miles on the broken clocks too If I could buy it back tomorrow, I would.
  18. Always a market for such bikes in London. It sounds just like my last CBR600, but that was a 97 model, and that sold very easily.
  19. Garage 54 built their own Tesla Cybertruck by cutting up a UAZ truck then added some tube steel, sheet steel, perspex and paint.
  20. Must have sold my T4 8 years ago-this is even older as I had the bottom half painted.
  21. Had a drive in a fellow reps Montego Turbo when it was only a couple of months old and was so great looking. It went well, very fast (compared to my company 1600cc Sierra) but it did come with Saab 99 like turbo lag. I remember the specific day well for another reason. I was working in a cash and carry in Tottenham, a few hundred yards from Broadwater Farm Estate and left about the same time the riot started.
  22. Liked that. Nicely filmed and edited. Subscribed.
  23. I love my V-twins, or whatever the manafacturers want to designate the engine layout. Shame the SV650 I had at the time was at work so could not include it in the line up photo. Incidentally, I was riding over the Grossglockner pass in 2018 when it was closed to allow the Yamaha Niken press launch riders to come up to the top. The noise of scraping footpegs on a hairpin as each rider came round was great. All looked very, very stable.
  24. Citroen C2 auto. £500 in Colchester. Beware horse shit. https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/citroen-c2-automatic/1363732985?utm_source=com.google.android.apps.docs&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_android
  25. I rode my Ducati 900SS to the MOT place and it passed with a few advisories. Only two of which should have been noted, as the rear pads are fine. First time it's been ridden since around October 2017, and I had forgotten what a lovely bike it is to ride. There is nothing like a v-twin (or is this an L-twin?) for the noise, even though this is on standard exhausts, and the lovely surge of power. Shame I have to sell it, as it seems that bog standard ones are few and far between
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