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  1. One off hand built car, there is no other like it........................ In The World! I Likes it!
  2. http://www.twinkletoesengineering.info/turd_huge_5255.jpg
  3. If they pay themselves in dividends they will get quite rightly shafted by HMRC. If they pay themselves a salary AND reap the rewards of risk through dividends as the law allows I dont see a problem.
  4. Its a great idea in parts but I was confused earlier when it all kicked off. What are you clapping for ? The NHS people! So I peered out the window and asked "Is there an Ambulance out there ?" No, but we all do it I went back to stirring dinner (Not a euphemism) and cogitated. Its something to do, keeping a routine of some sort but that isnt the only option. Wearing my cynical hat, I think this is a disguised way of getting people to check up on each other, if Ethel and Cedric dont open the door................
  5. Maybe they dropped off the tree because they were ripe ?
  6. Making Tax Digital! Under the guise of streamlining the process I went down the route of linking my company bank account to Xero. After a bit of cocking about the process shuddered into life and all was good. Until today, Co-operative business banking is not compatible with Xero until April and that is an estimate. I don't know if the issue is Co-op but suspect Xero are the culprits as a number of banks are affected with the same estimated date. Either way its a shitty thing to be changing systems to introduce failures especially just as end of year returns are due. Somebody somewhere needs a P45 for this kind of screw up and a weapons grade wedgie as they are thrown off the premises. Moving a company account is a tedious affair usually with face to face and form filling, not an option at present. Any recommendations for a replacement business account?
  7. I have to wonder how much this would be worth, if it wasnt almost empty and eight years past its use by date ..... Discovered in a bag we used on holiday a long time ago
  8. Happy, Dopey, Grumpy, Doc, Bashful and Sleepy have stripped the Red Wine aisle at Sainsburys. Hopefully they saved some for Sneezy who has been self isolating for months.
  9. Be careful with that stuff, it can mess you up in a big way. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-48599963
  10. Rummaging my way through a box of Bog-Roll ordered well before Orville-19 reared its head I found this
  11. I thought the blurry PhotoPhuckit links were all broken ones. I done learned a thing.
  12. Best* in 1.6 NAD form with an AM/LW radio although I think this is a Popular Plus, I seem to recall the one I had to put up with didn't have a rear wiper "Escort Popular" also seems to be one to only image hunt in safe search mode, this internet is all bloody filth I tell you! 1988 E models appear to have a rear wiper but 1987 E's dont - A question probably not asked for around thirty years For a trip down Misery lane I hunted down the performance figures for this trusty steed https://www.automobile-catalog.com/car/1987/942470/ford_escort_1_6_d_cl.html Top speed: 146 km/h / 91 mph 0-60 mph (sec): 17.9 0-100 km/h (sec): 18.9
  13. My wife had an appointment for a surgery assessment cancelled today because of OMGVirus stuff. The specialist she was going to see is still doing surgery privately, if I have £18K sitting around but the NHS say" FuckOff Virus people first for everything" as of today.
  14. And my current favourite All hot links to b3ta.com https://b3ta.com/challenge/coronavirus/page1
  15. A pop up advert in a local online newspaper made me grin. An online chat filter tool to counter harsh language in social media, no idea how it works and I certainly wont be using it but is the name accidental or intentional. If you have a problem on-line, and nobody else can help you need to engage the twohat filter https://www.twohat.com/ How do you pronounce that one ?
  16. Three bags for a milk float motor ? https://parts.asm-autos.co.uk/find-auto-parts/year/2017/make/TESLA/model/MODEL X/itemTypeCode/ENGINE/sku/MjUyNTQwNy1hbTAx/?engineSearch=1 Might need some witchcraft injected into this bit to make it work though but could be fun in a Reliant Kitten.
  17. Just been reading some more details on the death of PC Harper on the BBC. The poor man was minced almost to death over a mile by thieving travellers dragging him behind the car because they wanted to escape justice at any cost. Going to stay off the internet for a while lest I type something that upsets this very special group.
  18. Today a catalogue from Viking-Direct dropped through the door so I flicked through the "Most popular" bit and the sections for handwash and loo roll have been strip-mined With the exception of this 24 rolls for £5.99, surely a bargain! 48 rolls for £10.99!!11! Oh Noes it has a one-star review So the crazy ones ones getting tazered for Charmin do at least have standards and their bung holes, even still suffering involuntary spasms from the taser are worth more than one-star bog roll. ★ 1 out of 5 stars. · 11 months ago Would not buy again It's just cheap and no frills...not anything to suggest a bargain buy by any means. ✘ No, I do not recommend this product.
  19. Several things about the advert made me chuckle - Its done 500 miles on a new crate engine and beaten everything on a RWYB dragstrip event, nicely run in then - £13,500 and the budget only stretches to a scrapyard fuel pump - MegaSquit Slipper : I thought this was some JML homeshopping advert for extreme Incontinence Footware One of these and a pair of footless fishermans waders..... I may have nicked the idea from the Big Yin for this.....
  20. My Mother did technical illustrations for BL for quite a while and I think some for Unipart. A lot of the BL illustrations related to cars being shipped to India in pieces to get around the import tax, keeping it in the family my Dad built the transport boxes for CKD (Complete Knock Down) to contain the parts being shipped. I dont know how well they got on with re-assembly though, as he always seemed to come home with his lunch tin filled with nuts and bolts after the stripdown hade been done.
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