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The "WTF is that?" thread


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I've got quite a few oddball ones I've found online over the years


35566983361_71daf2742f_b.jpgThe Maxwagen GEP14G VW Based Special by RS, on Flickr


35583201941_72a1ddbac1_b.jpgDSC03951 by RS, on Flickr


These are all from some obscure film by Michel Gondry (l'ecume des jours);


35713961465_226e6517da_b.jpgmichel_gondry_citroen_gsa-06 by RS, on Flickr

35713961155_04ee8ee3f9_b.jpgmichel_gondry_fiat_uno-01 by RS, on Flickr

35713960115_43b304fd87_b.jpgmichel_gondry_peugeot-104-04 by RS, on Flickr

35674487156_33cfd0c3a2_b.jpgmichel_gondry_peugeot-205-02 by RS, on Flickr

35713959545_4904abe8e8_b.jpgmichel_gondry_peugeot-306-02 by RS, on Flickr

35713959105_5ea09c0bd5_b.jpgmichel_gondry_peugeot-404-02 by RS, on Flickr

35713958245_0f73d88672_b.jpgmichel_gondry_renault_4-02 by RS, on Flickr

35713957905_038ae401bb_b.jpgmichel_gondry_renault_16-02 by RS, on Flickr

35674485556_9fbb7e3126_b.jpgmichel_gondry_renault_18-03 by RS, on Flickr

35713956505_a1f5366697_b.jpgmichel_gondry_renault_19-04 by RS, on Flickr

34904649863_0ebc729196_b.jpgmichel_gondry_renault_21-01 by RS, on Flickr

35713955375_6ca4872aae_b.jpgmichel_gondry_renault_espace-03 by RS, on Flickr

35713955465_b2c3ba6494_b.jpgmichel_gondry_renault_espace-02 by RS, on Flickr

34872771954_83c69c9a42_b.jpgmichel_gondry_rue-04 by RS, on Flickr

48578484002_d63f13ff89_b.jpg14926_510344435682612_950414678_n by RS, on Flickr


34904646633_9ba8f9bc7f.jpguglybastard by RS, on Flickr

39600928554_e0724836ed.jpgFB_IMG_1518852658245 by RS, on Flickr


35545372822_8e989c8faa_b.jpgvw465 by RS, on Flickr


35609037101_d4d49af82e_b.jpgpost-19639-0-52720500-1499273638 by RS, on Flickr


34951260323_fa76db6a46.jpg004_pics by RS, on Flickr


34951258083_81317f017e_z.jpg53 by RS, on Flickr


35591460812_017f47ee4f_b.jpg84 by RS, on Flickr


34951253423_273d7df33b_z.jpg181e2725 by RS, on Flickr


34919990124_497319e29f.jpg133241 by RS, on Flickr


34919987804_63f110610c.jpg694573_zpspmlamido by RS, on Flickr


35629372281_a4014b76ed.jpg365094683_19ac8b69ac by RS, on Flickr


34951231153_16e0677e46_z.jpg10018047506_ba0c634a46_z_zpsccw3bobo by RS, on Flickr


34951227813_e2715bfbf1_b.jpgbeetlebus_3 by RS, on Flickr


35591427692_ee6fd653e3_z.jpgCyclops_zpsae0866c7 by RS, on Flickr


35629341131_2cd6a44836_z.jpgFibronShockQRabr85 by RS, on Flickr


35720139446_a2a120058c_z.jpgGurgelBR-800furgao by RS, on Flickr


35720139136_c458559d14_z.jpgGURGELG-800MAXI-TAXIQRDEZ82 by RS, on Flickr


35720139016_50ec2d21ae_z.jpgGURGELTUQRFEV74 by RS, on Flickr


35720138976_6244e5db87_z.jpgGurgelVan-GuardM3set80 by RS, on Flickr


Gurgels are weird!


35373237410_4077665d1e.jpgjiakechong10 by RS, on Flickr


35720132326_7e5d9f10f5_z.jpgPAGDACONQRJUL84 by RS, on Flickr


35720125376_2aa1f57ee1_b.jpgVW_Porsche_locomotive_by_Kotbaum by RS, on Flickr


36584410036_ce8d27b386_b.jpg4tHvOxF by RS, on Flickr


26127906168_037624c695_b.jpg59ef26b985600a647147d027 by RS, on Flickr


42412244335_1441c2085e_b.jpgFB_IMG_1531210628993 by RS, on Flickr

43316578951_6a9e8539bc_b.jpgFB_IMG_1531210632979 by RS, on Flickr

42598529804_5dce473b8c_b.jpgFB_IMG_1531210636467 by RS, on Flickr


32090133637_68abdb0f85_z.jpgFB_IMG_1549476612911 by RS, on Flickr


46866929492_d43173b6af_b.jpgFB_IMG_1548759474271 by RS, on Flickr


47230663711_cfbffa510d_b.jpgFB_IMG_1551256710403 by RS, on Flickr


48065455476_31f490865f_b.jpgFB_IMG_1560584877576 by RS, on Flickr


48223742296_81734db678_b.jpgFB_IMG_1562518690043 by RS, on Flickr


48559481712_4efcd425e8_b.jpgFB_IMG_1566058819525 by RS, on Flickr


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On 6/10/2019 at 12:51 PM, skoda_fan said:

Featured in the latest PC mag. Built by a man who rejoices in the name of Friend Wood!?

Also in CCC a million years ago; I was surprised no-one took a mould of it and made it into a kit, the fuel economy is something else!

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On ‎8‎/‎19‎/‎2019 at 1:49 AM, vulgalour said:

Looks like it could be another of Erwin Wurm's shenanigans.  You know Erwin, but you don't know Erwin, he's responsible for this nonsense which is all ace.





I like his stuff.  It's all stupid, in the best possible way.

Also a Wurm Porsche at MONA in Hobart, Tasmania which is one of the best things to do should you ever be in Tasmania.

Image result for fat porsche tasmania museum MONA

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I would say that I took this very photograph;


I uploaded the photo with a dozen or so others to FOTKI hosting thing, who held me to ransom, wanting me to pay them money. As the caption says, it was taken at Deva-Dubs & rods show at Chester Racecourse and that bloke and another spent much of the weekend persuading it to fire up and run, which eventually it did, but it drove & sounded like it only had one gear, I suspect it was a semi-auto. The story went that the owner bought it as a new car and immediately did this to it, he & his wife then covered something like sixty thousand miles in it before laying it up. What you can't see is that there's a fourth (steering) wheel at the back, it really does have a rhomboid wheelbase! As you can imagine, I captioned the picture 'Earnshaw Diamond'.


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