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  1. GM G body Chevy Monte Carlo,Buick regal etc.
  2. Yes I think only on the V6 & only front 1/4 bumpers on RS never rears. The early RS2600s came bumper less & I think with plastic side windows from factory as gen homologation specials.
  3. Twin lights were avl on late prefacelift 3000E
  4. Probably a couple of engines looks like I tractor for tractor pulling events.
  5. In that scene it's actually a modified lancia as I believe it was deemed to expensive to destroy the Aston which I think still exists as do one or both the E types & all 3 minis & possibly the landie.
  6. The MK1/2 escort van was the same from doors back too it also used 105E Anglia rear doors & rear 1/4 bumpers (the MK2 van had square frt bumpers as per car). The MK3/4/5 cortina EST used the same shell (only the rear doors/ wings, scuttle panel ,frt valance panels,slam panel differed on the mk3). Same for MK1/2 Granada EST.
  7. The black ford people carrier is an aerostar
  8. Wallace's holiday transport.
  9. Mate recently picked up a hospital bed only been used for training ( was like new) from a supplier they'd offered it various charities Inc Ukrainian ones. All wanted it delivering to them or weren't interested!!
  10. Re state of roads in the UK it's down to the fact that like everything else maintenance has been cut into the bone, a survey recently said that in syorks that if not one bit got worse it would take 10 years at the current rate to fix them all !!!
  11. Because there virtually gaurenteed the rent.
  12. This is common practice they're only interested in rent collection you' ll find even less response if you're an owner occupier or private renter as your a nuisance to them as your not a source of income so they have no interest in you full stop.
  13. Was in big Tesco today no single matchbox or hot wheels only multipacks halfdoz of mb doz hw.
  14. Dismal failure no pineapple or stancešŸ˜²
  15. Cortina never available in corgi juniors range.
  16. No longer therešŸ˜¤šŸ˜„used to go round that daily in the second half of the 80's.
  17. It's ok it drove perfectly fine & it's not her job to sort this sort of thing hubby or the garage see to it.
  18. I've said before blame that tosser brewer.it costs pennies to fix cars.
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