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  1. Would Sir be interested in our special vehicle range? I think the Kia Light Tactical Vehicle (KLTV) would meet Sirs requirements quite adequately. https://special.kia.com/en/main.do#
  2. 1970. That Minor is only 1 or 2 years old.
  3. Early 1920 - this couple have taken their well-used Rudge and sports sidecar onto the beach for a holiday. Note the decorative disc wheel covers on the wheels: no worry about covering the brakes as there are none on the front and sidecar. There's also a lucky shamrock and stuffed black cat mascot - won at the amusements?
  4. Now that's a lamp standard ^. @LightBulbFun - any idea what it is?
  5. martc

    Bus Shite

    Glasgow Queen Street station on 30th September 1978. In the days when trains to Edinburgh Waverly were top 'n' tailed by Class 27 locomotives, 27212 is the lead loco.
  6. Britt Ekland and Peter Sellers at the Radford showroom in Hammersmith, London 1965. The new luxury Radford Mini De Ville was a wedding gift for Britt.
  7. A West German border guard is given flowers as he welcomes East Germans to Rudolphstein, Bavaria, the day the Berlin Wall collapsed on the 9th of 1989.
  8. Blimey, does he provide 'extras'? Insert some smutty comment about his ice creams needing a good licking here....
  9. Could be Algeria - The last two numbers are the 'Wilya' (province) the vehicle was registered in, but these only go as far as 58... Embassy plates also end in two digits (representing the country) but they are much shorter, the example below is for an Italian embassy vehicle - http://www.worldlicenseplates.com/world/AF_ALGE.html#GI I'm not aware of any rules about foreign plates characters having to be in Latin script, but I guess most countries will use these characters for ease. I have definitely seen long distance HGV's with Arabic script number plates in the UK.
  10. No it's not, soz. More details about the photo, note it's date. The astronaut is Jack Fazakerley; Jack, aged 10, was selected for the British space programme on height alone. Budget restraints meant the UK rocket was a quarter of the size it should have been. The photo also shows the head of the programme, Jenny O'Brien (15, left) and the Chief Engineer waving Jack off. He's about to board the Bedford CA to travel to the launch site at Sefton. Note the police out-rider (who has momentarily lost control of his bike). When they reached the launch site they found that someone had knicked the rocket. The whole sorry escapade was quietly forgotten about.
  11. Prototype Volvo P1800S, 1967, known as the 'rocket' because of it’s oval shaped tail section. The car can be seen in the Volvo Museum in Gothenburg.
  12. martc

    Bus Shite

    PAZ-3206 4x4 school bus. Designed to take Russian children to school in safety even at -55C in the North of Russia.
  13. Moskvitch 403 and Kamov Ka-18, 1960.
  14. The scrambling scooter is a WFM Osa, made in Poland. Osa means wasp in Polish, is that Piaggio's lawyers knocking at the door?
  15. The Runcorn Bridge, almost complete in 1960.
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