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  1. Bugatti Traction Engine - Rolls Royce Road Roller
  2. Sharon's People Carrier - Karen's Angry People Carrier -
  3. Chairman Mao's sports car... Big Wheel version - And let this be an example too any dissenters -
  4. Turns out Lada have merged with Great Wall. They can't agree on the number of wheels, or the size of the windows. This one is more like it -
  5. 'Plus chic et moins cher. Accrochez-vous' = 'More chic and less expensive. Hang on.' I mean that doesn't really help - is it implying that the only alternative to a Samara is a cheap, cute, out of control Ostrich?
  6. This is how it should be done, not as aestheically pleasing but it keeps the muck on the outside -
  7. If a FIAT and a Suzuki made sweet, sweet music... It's actually a prototype made by Steyr Daimler Puch to enhance the line of Panda 4x4's that they made for FIAT. Only one was made, which is a shame.
  8. I always thought that allowing the sliding door to slide into the body was a bad idea - contamination, water into hidden areas etc.
  9. Who'd of thought it? Is this a thrupenny bit? No, it's 1962 SAVA S-70 which used a 55 hp Barreiros EB-4 engine and a BMC cab. They also assembled these - The SAVA J4 Which went on to become these - It's still a J4 underneath, but SAVA were by then owned by Pegasso who wanted to modernise these. They were made well into the '80's and are still to be seen in use today. IVECO took them over and dropped the J4. Other SAVA products, often marketed as 'SAVA-Austin' look very familiar as well -
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