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  1. Oh boy, - MIFA = Minging Incredibly Frightful Arse, sorry, Maximum, Intelligent, Friendly and Artistic. I kid you not. And apparently it's 'The Future'. https://saicmaxus.co.uk/mifa-9/
  2. ^^^ it's not in the middle of the parking space. And it's over hanging a bit at the back.
  3. BelAZ-549B experimental mining dumper with a gas turbine engine from a MI-8 helicopter, 1969.
  4. Stadium is a good word for them - much better than rectangle. Perhaps 'quartic' as an alternative?
  5. martc


    Meanwhile, further East... Der DDR. And on a cotton plantation in Uzbekistan, 1963 -
  6. Yes, yes you can! A mere E511 for a set of 2 rings + E87.50 for an oil scrapper, price per piston. (for the curious E = euro, old keyboard don't you know) https://www.cmsnl.com/honda-nr750-1992-n-england_model3529/partslist/E__1300.html Incidently, would they be better called rectangles rather than rings?
  7. For all the great variety and diversity of the human species, I find it reassuring that after a certain age we all pull the same face when putting our socks on.
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