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  1. Yes, he does a lot of historic rallying and racing these days, including sharing his old BTCC car with his son Harry. (edit) Yes it is his, I can just see a BRDC emblem on the number plate, and Nick is a member of the BRDC.
  2. Wondering if that belongs to Nick Whale, ex-racer and now Silverstone Auctions owner - he did used to race BMWs.
  3. I like Autoshine Cars on YT - he cleans cars that are so fucking filthy you can barely see any of the interior or work out what colour they are supposed to be, and it's oddly satisfying to watch.
  4. I overtook that on a motorway somewhere a few months ago, but I can't remember where now.
  5. When the same complainers are the type to post pics of everything but their own shits on Facebook.
  6. My Focus is unofficially called Podge for the same reason, christened that by a friend because its number plate ends in POJ. I tend to call it a few other names when it gives such frustrations as recalcitrant acceleration!
  7. Cats hate humans and will do whatever they can to piss them off in any way possible, but they know they will get away with it because they're all fwuffy and cute and we wuv dem so much.....well I bloody don't, I see through their bullshit and avoid them as much as possible, the scheming horrible little twats.
  8. What a load of balls. If she doesn't want to drive, I'll buy that off them as Christmas present to myself. Anyway, making me grin yesterday was watching the Top Gear christmas edition at a friend's house...how cool was Chris Harris's BX 4x4 GTi?
  9. Anyone know what this is? Photo taken in the USSR and pinched from Pissedonheads.
  10. We've got the shops doing that on one side, and the BBC and the papers telling us we'll all be dead by March on the other side....
  11. My mother does that a lot of the time too. Nothing to do with dogs, she just fucking hates talking to me.
  12. My girlfriend lives in Penistone, and everyone in her family, even her 84-year old grandma, calls it "Penis Town". I'll endeavour to take pics of any comedy graffiti I spot for this thread - sometimes I wish a large proportion of people's humour extended beyond drawing cocks on things.
  13. According to the precedents in this thread earlier this week, that's your fault for not fully making sure everyone had stopped.
  14. What's the weather like up there on that high horse of yours?
  15. It appears I have a stalker.
  16. If I remember rightly he WAS indicating for the roundabout further ahead.
  17. To the bloke in the bright blue BMW who nearly ran me down by ignoring the red light on the pelican crossing I was using earlier today, I hope you catch Omicron and snuff it, you fucking blind cunt. (It's not the first time I've nearly been hit by an ignorant twat on that crossing either.)
  18. A few recent spots... Fanny Magnette (with a very noisy dog in the back!). GORGEOUS '67 Impala - parked outside a Supernatural fans' convention at the NEC. Pleased to see the owner had left the original patina instead of painting it black. Rover 100 "1.1" - Doovla check reveals what appears to be an MGF conversion. Here's Johnny! And a slightly scruffy Defender to finish.
  19. These look like ordinary MR2s, don't they? But what's this? Yep, that's a K Series engine - according to a thread I've just read on RR, four MR2s were fitted with said engines to be used as test mules for the upcoming MGF! Sadly* all were scrapped at the end of testing.
  20. I hope your grandson realises what he did there. And it's nice to see someone with a similar view of humankind to me! 😝
  21. Sales blurb for bike racks always used to include "Not suitable for a Citroen AX" - because, of course, the bootlid is plastic. Obviously the owner of that one didn't/couldn't/wouldn't read!
  22. Talk about a grand entrance to the forum - WHAT an awesomely shite and brilliant car! You're going to fit in very well indeed here!
  23. That's the story I was trying to remember earlier - I used to know a guy (since emigrated to the Far East) who lived in Colne and raced Legends cars, I think he had something to do with that garage and had lots of info on the Wartburg rally cars of the 70s.
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