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  1. That was John Woolfe, who had previously been very famous as a team owner and in the UK drag racing scene. As for the thing on the Eifelland, that is a periscope used as a rear view mirror!
  2. Hop over the fence and find out what those aircon units are really there for.
  3. With all the shit you seem to put up with, my advice to you would be to move abroad and get a new identity.
  4. I've seen that last one (the Eifelland-March) in person at Race Retro. It's even more horrific when you see it close up!
  5. That's just reminded me of something too - I passed my driving test on the day I left sixth form ahead of doing A-levels, a couple of weeks later I drove to school to take one of the said exams, reversed my Rover 100 into a parking space and clipped the Peugeot 406 in the next space, leaving a scratch. Panicked for a few seconds, then remembered that said 406 belonged to one of the deputy heads who was a complete tosser, so ignored it. Got away with it too, and have never told anyone else about that before.
  6. If my sister treated me like that, she'd get the shit kicked out of her. Isn't this the same person who once ran you over?
  7. Spotting a few classics leaving the NEC today on my journey home - noticed a Morgan, an ADO16 in beige, a beautiful convoy of four Capris including a white Tickford on the back of a beavertail, and I think I saw a blue Wartburg (only saw it for a split second heading in the other direction so it may not have been).
  8. A good friend of mine did a rallycross at Croft in one of those a few years ago. Until she raced it I'd forgotten their existence too!
  9. My take on life after the last three years? Everyone thinks everything should revolve around themselves all the time because they've forgotten how to interact with others. The vast majority of people all hate each other. Nobody can be arsed to do their job properly and there's no incentive to do so. Those in charge seem to want to keep everyone as downtrodden as possible so that they eventually just give up. And ever since I have had the virus it's as if it's attacked my brain and removed the parts that allow me to enjoy things - and I almost constantly feel dirty and as if I shouldn't be allowed near other people. Could this have been its real intention? To turn everyone against each other and spread hatred and suspicion?
  10. Will Gollop's 6R4 is the opposite of shite, it's probably the most successful Rallycross car ever!
  11. I vaguely remember that happening at a sprint event at Mallory Park a few years ago - a chap who normally competed in a kit car contacted the organisers to say it wouldn't be ready and got permission to compete in his tow vehicle. The said vehicle was a SEAT Altea!
  12. You may jest, but it's bindun in NASCAR... And as for British GT, this is a current car!
  13. I think just two of those were built for the 1994 BTCC season, one is now in Volvo's museum in Sweden and I think the other one is in a private collection. You may notice that the Montego estate I posted is in a tribute livery to this car - the car that was a meme before the word "meme" was invented! I may be completely wrong here, but I believe I read that it was only partly a publicity stunt and the car was partly designed as a test bed for FWD ahead of the 850 saloon being introduced the following year, the team (TWR) having been used to working with RWD cars.
  14. From 7:30 onwards some Brummie bloke starts talking bollocks, just to warn you.
  15. Commentated on those a few times too - they are absolutely MENTAL and even make motorcycle racing look sensible. I'm going to enjoy this thread, rubbish racing cars are something of a speciality of mine.
  16. FTFY. (Allegedly he was why the 107% qualifying rule was brought in.)
  17. Nice to see that car still going - I remember its original owner Dan Rooke winning titles in that when I first commentated on Rallycross.
  18. Pieman

    Bus Shite

    Spotted at the Standlake banger racing track, being used as the track shop.
  19. What do tradesmen doing jobs nearby do when they are making regular trips back for bits and pieces as and when they need them? Oh wait, no tradesmen near you ever do any work, do they?
  20. Ignoring the flowers bit...I HATE it when people do that. Friend or family member happens to mention in conversation something that happened a few weeks ago, and when I act surprised that I didn't know they say "Oh didn't you see when I put it on Facebook?" No I fucking didn't, because I don't have time to sit reading people's fucking Facebook statuses all day. They even do it when they have good news that I might be interested in - if you have something you want to share with me, then tell me it or pick the phone up, don't just stick it online on the off chance I might read it. Reading the last couple of pages of this thread...I definitely agree with having completely lost all enjoyment of life. I distinctly remember saying to a friend at the beginning of 2020 that I'd finally got my mind into a decent place and was actually ready to try and have a proper social life and make an effort with others....and in response the world bans everyone from socialising or enjoying anything, making everyone live like I had for the past 34 years. I think the feeling of not being allowed to enjoy life has never gone away for everyone - it certainly hasn't for me. Even doing my job (commentating on motorsport) doesn't hold any interest or enjoyment for me any more, and in general in life I feel almost like my mind is shutting down completely. Another grump while I'm at it - I've just got back from a work trip to Germany, and one thing that struck me while I was over there is that not only was everyone I encountered very friendly and positive, but everywhere I went was neat, clean and looked after, and clearly everyone takes pride in everything there just as I have seen in other countries. In the UK it seems sometimes as if no-one takes any pride in anything any more and an increasingly large area of the country looks completely neglected and dirty, the vast majority of people cannot be bothered to do anything properly, the only thing we are renowned for any more is incompetence, and an increasing number of people don't seem to want to work and the only thing they want to do is make TikTok videos. Is it only me who sees it this way, or has this country become so downtrodden that everyone has given up?
  21. I've never sold a car to the public - in fact I've only ever owned three cars, the first one got written off in a smash and the second one I sold to a friend's mother. I'm starting to think I'll run my current Focus into the ground and then banger race it, maybe to raise money for charity.
  22. Whoever mentioned the Fiat 500L - I had a diesel one as a hire car in France last year, and it was the most gutless vehicle I've ever driven. As for some of the Far Eastern stuff, I commentate for the Hyundai Coupe Cup sometimes so still see them a lot, there's a Proton Coupe races with the Classic Sports Car Club's Tin Tops series, while Daihatsu also made the cool little Charade hatchback (pictured below) which did some rallying in the 1990s. As for the Proton Impian, I remember the rather rubbish ones that raced in the BTCC in the early 2000s, but I have never ever seen one on the road.
  23. On Thursday, when talking to my local mobile mechanic who is an ex-oval racer, and I mentioned another driver he used to race against who used to campaign a Stanza back in the early 2000s. (The formula he raced in was basically find a 1600cc or less car, strip it out, stick a rollcage in and away you go, it was a great way for newcomers to go racing.)
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