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  1. These are all fantastic, each and every one of them.
  2. That's brilliant, I never knew that! Reminds me of the De Tomaso Mangusta, which is a cool sounding name in itself - but Mangusta is the Italian word for mongoose, an animal noted for its ability to kill Cobras...
  3. My girlfriend's funeral today, which understandably has left me in a bad way mentally, especially having not slept for the past two nights, and I also came down with a cold yesterday. The service was a perfect send-off for her, but something always has to spoil it - namely the seven cars I counted that overtook the funeral procession when we were en route to the crematorium because they were too important to wait behind it. Fucking disrespectful arseholes! And then I get home to find that Amazon had dropped a parcel of ours at the chav house next door (not our doing or instruction in the slightest, we weren't here) and in response Miss Chavette had left a note through our door reading along the lines of "Don't have parcels delivered here, and stop slamming car doors cos a baby lives here, have some respect". I'll be replying along the lines of "I'll have some respect when you behave like ordinary human beings rather than stereotypical bone-idle chav cunts, and also stop shouting at each other in your garden at 2am and waking me up - some of us have to go to work, not that you understand what that word means."
  4. As I've posted elsewhere - them scamming the public is absolutely fine, but if you call someone a "scammer" in a comment thread, that is HATE SPEECH and gets your account disabled - not suspended from posting or anything, completely disabled with no warning!
  5. It is indeed - thank you for that. Looks to be the same one as in this Twitter post I found while googling it.
  6. Thanks guys. Next test - found this photo on Facebook, taken in Gran Canaria. Anyone know what this is?
  7. Bikes have some that are impossible to remember - the worst name for me is the Honda CBR1000RR-R.
  8. What is the car in this famous ad? I can see it's a 1940s Yank of some sort, but can't identify the model.
  9. When our local one of those came round last year, I think I annoyed them a bit cos I went outside to donate a bit of cash, and promptly ignored Santa and got talking to a couple of the organisers about the vehicle he was on - a Renault Master ambulance conversion. Saw a post from the Rotary Club the other day saying when it'd be round again and I asked if the old Renault was still going - they will probably now avoid my street so they don't have to talk to the sad old nerd who likes old commercial vehicles!
  10. From the "WTF is that?" thread - 1965 Datsun Bluebird 410 Deluxe. What a great looking car.
  11. This appearing on a dashcam compilation - I haven't heard this for about 20 years and it made me burst out laughing!
  12. I've heard of a carphone, but that's ridiculous [/mostobviousjokever] Reminded me of this thing...
  13. I remember it from this book which I read at my grandparents' house when I was a kid. Which is on Amazon used for less than £4! *orders*
  14. Slightly off topic - my boss has been to Macon a few times to film at the speedway stadium near the town, if ever I go there I'll try and get a then-and-now pic.
  15. I didn't notice the metal GB plates until you pointed them out!
  16. Looks like a Vauxhall Cresta PB to me, but I'm unsure how one of those would have ended up in Poland.
  17. All they've done is make it look like a used tampon.
  18. That's not the chassis of that six-wheeled CX that used to have its own webpage is it?!
  19. Maybe not a good time to say that I saw one of those on fire on the A5 last Monday...
  20. Here's an idea - hire her a car for a banger race meeting, that'll prepare her nicely for when she inevitably crashes the Corsa in a few months. And, as an aside, if I'd ever told my parents to "fuck off" or "mind their own business" when I was in my late teens, I'd have got a black eye.
  21. Spotted this delivering potatoes to my local chip shop today.
  22. I know the guys behind the 309 estates - yes they are banger racers, but they are what banger racers should be in my eyes. They race purely for a bit of fun, always racing silly cars whenever possible and doing their best to entertain, and only racing really rusty old rubbish that is way too far gone for the road. Their build diaries of some of them are brilliant too.
  23. Pieman

    Ford timelord

    Outstanding footage there, great to see the Nordoff Robbins race at last. As mentioned in the interview Cauty is clearly as high as a hang-glider - he can't even keep the Nova in a straight line!
  24. This thread has reminded me that the last time I visited Peterborough services was to clean up having just shit myself while driving, after coming down with a bout of diarrhoea just before a long journey. Have never dared go in there since. As for Tibshelf, I had probably the most rubbish McDonald's I've ever eaten in there (northbound) and also the place was filthy with litter everywhere. Haven't been back there either.
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