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  1. /\ Now that I like. Did someone see a photo of a Dymaxion while drunk and decide to have a bash at copying it?
  2. Couple of local spots.... Reliable old S70. Corolla outside the local pub. Fez and monster truck.
  3. As a Mk2 Focus owner this will be very interesting and I might learn something along the way. Following.
  4. Now some spots from Poland over the weekend. First a small convoy of Polski-Fiats, showing my inability to take good photos from a moving car (I was passenger, don't worry). Mk2 Golf in Leszno. Mercedes van nearby, with hot air balloon. Jelcz truck, possibly an ex fire engine, watering the speedway track at Ostrow (where I was working). Iveco/Magirus fire engine. E28(?) 5-series. E36 wagon alongside. Chrysler Sebring soft top. Ukrainian Lada Samara. Saw a few others but wasn't able to snap pics, including another Jelcz fire engine in much better condition.
  5. A few recent spots... A Disco-theque. 106 had at least two large dogs inside. Merc lurking near my girlfriend's place. Barried Bluebird. Pair of posh Beetles waiting to board the Eurotunnel. Belgian Mini estate, also at Eurotunnel. I think this is the same 205 GTi I posted earlier in the thread.
  6. In Poland over the weekend with a colleague, hired a Kia crossover of some sort to get around in. All went well until on a fairly rural road we happened upon a section of road where a muck spreader had clearly had a major malfunction, and for what must have been at least half a mile the road was fucking covered in farmyard shit! My colleague managed to rally-drive through it without incident, but it was only when we stopped later on that we realised that the wheel arches and underside were pretty much coated in the stuff, and it fucking STANK. Sadly we had no time to find a jetwash before we returned the car to the airport that evening - if the person from Europcar at Poznan airport who picked up that car happens to be reading this, we are extremely sorry and we hope you didn't lose your dinner on encountering one of the worst things I have ever smelled in my life!
  7. If I'd been in your shoes, at that point I'd have pulled over, told him to get the fuck out of my car and walk home, and driven off. What an absolute wanker! Drop me a DM if ever you need to rant further dude.
  8. Is that the one owned by the roller skating rink in Derby? I think they still have it, based on a VW Beetle (as are 90% of the creations in this thread I think!)
  9. I'm sure @chaseracer and the team would have that running again in a few weeks
  10. If you didn't get to watch live today, click the link above and go and watch the races back - they were SUPERB.
  11. Round two at Pembrey is taking place this weekend - livestream link:
  12. I have found out this evening that one of my friends has got engaged and another one has got cancer. I found out purely by chance through just happening to see Facebook statuses, as always - why can't my friends be arsed to tell me when things are going on in their lives? I don't have time to sit endlessly reading through Facebook, I only find things out by pure chance any more. I'm thinking of just ending interaction with everyone, cos clearly no fucker ever wants to talk to me.
  13. Play by their rules, there's enough big tent pegs around... (NB: before you kick me off the forum, the above is not intended to be taken seriously.)
  14. Called at the local pharmacy earlier this evening to get some throat sweets and my neighbour's daughter was just finishing her shift in there, having recently started working there at weekends while doing her A-levels. As I was leaving her dad arrived to pick her up, and apparently he takes her there and back for every shift...my grump is, the place is less than ten minutes' walk from our houses! I thought getting part time work was meant to teach you a bit of independence.
  15. Not much I can contribute but will try when it's not dark and pissing down - just wanted to say, there are some cracking pics in this thread.
  16. My uncle (the same one who ended up with the Proton Persona Compact) used to have a Fuego, the main thing I remember is when he was packing it to go on holiday somewhere, shut the tailgate and the glass clamshell smashed everywhere - he went MENTAL. My grandma also had a Peugeot 1007, in silver - my dad inherited it when she passed away and he drove it for a short while, until the auto gearbox packed up.
  17. My grandma had a Persona Compact - in purple! - which was later passed to my uncle. My other uncle meanwhile had a Tempra station wagon when my two cousins were little, and since he sold his I have never ever seen another one in the flesh/metal. @wuvvum - that Commer van is amazing, does it still exist anywhere? ❤️
  18. Broken rear coil spring on the Focus. 😠
  19. Hyundai Bayon. Had one as a hire car in Holland last weekend, had never heard of it before.
  20. In quite a few cases they have no upbringing, their parents just sit staring at the TV all day taking no notice of them, and at night get busy creating more kids for more benefit money. [/Daily Mail]
  21. It's a shame the Bennyhillifier site doesn't seem to work anymore. (EDIT) - https://bennyhillthis.com/?v=QY3WyS4dMHQ
  22. Move next door to @jakebullet - he gets rid of his chav neighbours and you get a lovely air-conditioned house, so everyone wins!
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