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  1. Houseboat c/w Perkins diesel.
  2. Yes, it's gone to Mr Honda, the nutter. Car obviously knew it was going, the bloody rear drum stuck on when Eddie tried to leave with it. I had to tap* it with a hammer for (honest) only the second time ever. I hope it does him, and probably some other Shiter in a few months when he passes it on, proud. It's been a good ol' bus for me.
  3. There's a good Bill Bailey joke about all the Little Chefs being built on ley lines, many thousands of years ago, and then the roads came in after and connected them all up...
  4. djoptix


    That is impressive!
  5. djoptix


    I've bought a trailer. It's called Terry. It's 750kg max weight so it doesn't have brakes and I can tow it on my post-1997 license. I'm quite enjoying it. Who else has an exciting trailer?
  6. ^ wow, I didn't know that was a thing.
  7. Yep, we had a 1983 Peugeot 305 GLD.
  8. Fuck off! You already hijacked my BX thread with your waffling about bloody Invacars. Don't ruin my chance at calendar fame as well!! 😛
  9. You are correct! Also there is no rust at all on the carpets, seats or interior plastics.
  10. One year. Ridiculous. Later on I'll post some pictures of the Fucking Massive Mower being used to chop the brambles
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