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  1. Delighted to report that the Alfa drove to Birmingham and back today, a distance of about 150 miles, temp gauge at just under 90 all the way. Seems it is actually fixed!
  2. Re HGF, it will be fine, stop worrying 😏 Re lowness... yes, it's definitely a little lower than it should be. I miss it! Glad you're having fun with it though and the Alfa is keeping me busy anyway...
  3. Much the same as when I last posted 😔 However, the MGF is now in its new home, Saab is going, Alfa will be going soon, and then I should have a bit of space to get the engine up and running.
  4. Oooh yeah, any way up that's well worth saving. Put a 1.6 back in it and restore it to bog stock to a high standard: most long term money Put a 1.9 in it and make it go faster: probably not worth much less Put an Mi16 in it, period upgrade style: probably will never make as much as if it was standard, but you wouldn't have to do it to such a high standard, and it would be very quick.
  5. Might sell the wheels to recover some funds and put these on it, thoughts? DON'T WORRY, I"M JOKING
  6. @sporty-shite has some timing tools which he is posting to me. Might as well do the belt while I'm in there. Does anyone know if I will get away without locking the bottom end? I can't find much guidance online except a very good video for the 2.0 where the technician uses a dial gauge [possible wrong terminology] to see when the cylinder is at maximum lift and presumably the engine is at TDC, then keeps an eye on that gauge throughout - but I don't have one of those gauges and don't especially want to buy one. Can I just turn the engine until the cam lobes line up with the locking tools
  7. I'm all good thank you @Cookiesouwest but I really appreciate the offer. Thank you. I can put off the sale of Saab #1 for a bit while I sort the water pump and/or get an MOT on Saab #2.
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