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  1. Nah. If @sdkrc was in Stalwart territory he would already have bought another limo.
  2. Probably some moderators stepped in and deleted some of his content because it didn't meet their vague guidelines on safe spaces and being a supportive community. Or whatever it happens to be today.
  3. Another mini update. Scudo in for MOT today. It needs a CV gaiter, a wheel bearing, a rear wheel cylinder probably, and could benefit from some new rear tyres. It also needs a back box putting on it - I only discovered the other day that I've been driving around without one all this time. It's honestly not noisy, in fact it's quieter than the white one ever was. But hopefully I can get a back box on it and it'll pass on Friday. Another year of motoring awaits, I think.
  4. No it fucking isn't, it must have known I was being nice about it. Threw a ton of terrifying error messages at Mrs Optix on the way down to Devon today, ended up being AAd back from Brean to Bristol. Fucking car
  5. If you mean SK** MYJ, it's still doing sterling service over here.
  6. Didn't do the Cupra (formed from the words Cup Racing) and then take it to ridiculous levels with the trim designations? Cupra R Racing Cup Edition or something... ie Cup Racing Racing Racing Cup etc etc. Like Fast & Furious gearchanges, but with Cup and Racing
  7. Mini update. Silver Scudo is bloody brilliant. Got two pipe tubes on it now, my ladders on the roof, racking in the back, USB charger in the front. Does almost 50mpg on long runs. Comfy seats. Non starting hasn't recurred, I am 99% sure it's intermittent wiring going to the in-tank pump - there are a bundle of wires under the passenger side which are exposed to the elements, last time it refused to start I fiddled with these and it started immediately and has been fine ever since. Thinking about chopping it in for a LWB crew cab Trafic, but also a bit torn because it's so good. MOT coming up at the start of August, so I'll see what that brings. If it flies through I'll probably get the AC regassed and keep it forever
  8. This is such a happy story. It's going to make it all the more heartbreaking when the SRS light comes on and you have to scrap it. (amirite @jamescarruthers)
  9. Seriously though, I would be interested. Mrs Optix loves 900s, we had one when we were first married and would love to surprise* her with another. New engine of course...
  10. Twenty randoms for the scrap value roffle.
  11. 17, 44 and two randoms. Looking forward to my bobbly collection mission.
  12. Mrs Si is tethered to the boot divider eh?
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