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  1. ... and if you get it and can't do the head gasket after all, someone on here will almost certainly buy it off you for not much less than whatever you buy it for 🙂 possibly me
  2. Do it. You won't get this chance again. Plus those early three door ones are uber rare, not that that means anything.
  3. Yes, I was doing the thing where you read the first page of the thread, then reply, then I realised that quite some time had passed...
  4. That sounds horrid. ^^^ you can take that socket back to Halfords and they will replace it for free
  5. Why the fuck is ebay so shit nowadays? Full of cunts. Ebay themselves always side with the halfwitted buyers.
  6. Hi all. Still alive. Bit of a mental health crisis over the last couple of months. No major engine progress. Bob still safe and dry. Hoping 2021 might perk up a bit.
  7. I've always wanted a 1*2 but this thread is doing a good job of changing my mind. Give me a Renault 4 engine any day 🤣
  8. That car reminds me of something, if only I could work out what... Oh yes!
  9. This was the head when it came off: ...and this is how it sits now. I've taken off the old gasket, done a moderate amount of scraping with a Stanley blade and gone round all the chambers and valves with the Dremel. As you can see, the waterways are definitely gunged up, so I'm going to need to get busy with the pressure washer once I have some time for it. This makes me a little concerned that this was the state the engine was in before it stopped running, but hey ho - no point worrying about it now! This was the waterpump inlet when the pump came off - so
  10. Definitely aluminimum - magnet doesn't stick and, if I'm not careful, I can shave bits off it with the Stanley blade ?
  11. The head is alloy so I am terrified of fucking it up I already tried a poly abrasive disc on the surface of the head and immediately decided it would be a Very Bad Idea.
  12. I don't know yet. I haven't got as far as compressing the springs to take a look (I haven't got a proper valve spring compressor but I think I can improvise with a G clamp). Just cleaning all the corrosion off that one chamber has killed the brass wire brush on my dremel, so I've ordered a multipack before attempting any more and also a window scraper (which takes Stanley blades) to scrape off the old HG.
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