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  1. Holy shit, I updated it!!!! Five tickets left! I'd better do the work on it and get some up to date pictures in case anyone wants to change their mind...
  2. I will update the Slowest Burning Roffle In The World this evening! Sorry for the delay chaps/chapettes...
  3. Apologies if you've already seen this. Stancey bois take a trip to Austria in their cars featuring MOAR LOWZ, taking pictures all the way for the 'Gram. On the way there, driving in convoy, they pull over at a service station which is NEXT DOOR TO A POLICE STATION. Of course the German Plod all dash out, all the cars are impounded (opinion is divided on what grounds, but seems likely it's because they have illegal plates, stretched tyres, airbag suspension which is not legal over there, or all of the above), €6000 plus of fines are handed out, cars go off for TUV inspections. Of course the first thing they do is to bitch and moan about it on Facebook. Cue approx 2000 comments so far, about 25% "Fuk them Kraut cunts u can bet German cars don't get pulled, its coz your English" etc etc and 75% "HAHAHAHA look at those stance twats". Stancy Merc Sad millenials Police picture of said Merc State of that. This happens Also this happens https://www.captiongenerator.com/1393082/Hitler-reacts-to-stance-mongs
  4. All updated - sorry for delay - happy for this roffle to be a slow burner. I really must get some more up to date pictures of it. There's some lacquer peel on the bonnet. On the other hand, I'm going to put the decent bumpers on it soon and I'm definitely going to replace the wing. I have put the VVC alloys on it now as I decided that the tyres on the 6-spoke TF wheels were dangerous.
  5. Ooh exciting! I'm up and living vicariously through your collection shenanigans.
  6. Yes, I imagine so
  7. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/319287948784225/
  8. Was somebody on here kitted out to create vinyl stickers in short runs? Or did I imagine that? (I might have been thinking of t-shirts...?)
  9. indeed - so you're down for four (?!) total? You madlad...?
  10. Done sir! You won't* regret it!
  11. Of course, you evil/lovely/both man/woman/attack helicopter.
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