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  1. Thanks to all who have posted on here as I wasn't going due to the expense of it all and being somewhat unwell, lots of lovely motor's to drool over from the comfort of my death bed, favourite picture has to be this beauty
  2. Great to meet two fellow AS members @Andyrew @Six-cylinder yesterday I just wish I didn't feel so unwell but glad the 107 has a new lease of life, happy motoring
  3. I had a good look at it today and everything seemed to be okay, all nicely greased, locking spring in place no cracks, I have been thinking about it today and I wonder if I had pulled up on the stick which had popped it off perhaps ?
  4. Allegro update, I have been really rather busy with RPE of late with de'rusting the spares cars suspension components which has involved striping down of the front hubs, brake calipers, rear trailing arms and rear beam, I have a large bucket with HC acid in it that has really helped removing the rust from the hubs, calipers and anything else that would fit, hours of wire wheel brushing happened followed by priming and paint, the calipers, hubs and driveshafts got the Hard Hat Rustoleum paint, the rear trailing arms, front lower arms and rear beam got zinc primer and then the Jotun and yes a selection (all) of the restored bits are being kept indoors to keep them from going rusting again in my metal shed over the winter as it sweat's, I was also lucky to bag a new old stock front caliper on eBay that I will be removing the piston's from for one of the calipers I've painted as I only needed two and the cost of the caliper was the same as buying one piston RPE has had very little done to it this year what with the weather, builders/scaffolding and life just conspiring against me so today I thought I would get a bit more welding done as the sun was shining today, the floor still has some thin bits that I wanted to get sorted, firstly I cut out the thin bit then made a piece to fit, a quick clean up and then welded in on the outside the lower inner strengthener of the A pillar needed a new piece putting in after I had cut the rust out from it earlier in the year, a cardboard template was made then transferred to a piece of metal to fit the hole, this was mostly welded in as the light began to fail the welding got some zinc spray primer on it to stop the flash rust and then packed all the gear away and went indoors for a nice cup of coffee, the welding will get dressed back where necessary and then primed with Bonda rust primer but that's for another day
  5. This morning I was going to have a look at the Allegro with a view to do a little welding seeing as it's actually sunny, first off I needed to move the wife's C70 as the driveway is now full to bursting, i got in put it in reverse and slowly moved backwards off the drive, it was at this point with the C70 halfway across the road that I lost all gear's accept reverse yikes! So I popped on the hazard lights and pulled the gearstick gator up to find that the ball joint had dropped off, i went indoors to find some tools and then proceeded to take the three screws of the top of the selector to give me a little more wiggle room, I had a few good people stop to offer assistance with a push but as it was stuck in reverse it wasn't going anywhere, I did have one cock womble who said that "I need to move car" I explained to him that the car was stuck in reverse but I think that may have been lost in translation somewhere as he just kept saying "move car", now this situation was not great but other people had squeezed past without any issues but not him, I said that if he turned his van (small) around that he could get out the other end no problems but he wasn't having any of that and just got more angry with me, I told him that I've given him a solution to the problem and walked away at which he started calling me a wanker ! The wife and my 6+ foot Son came out as they heard my voice getting louder at which point he drove past the stricken Volvo and drove off calling my wife and Son wankers too ! All very pleasant on a Sunday morning I think not, back to the C70 I found the required tools and managed to get the ball joint it back together then took it for a little drive to make sure it is working condition as this is the wife's car and I don't need her to be stuck somewhere, little drive confirmed that it was back in working order, the central gear selector was the one that had dropped off which I think is for reverse only, so back on the road now thankfully
  6. Might well be a Community first responder who are completely voluntary and have to supply their own car and equipment other than the A,E,D defibrillator which is rather expensive
  7. If it was Stig Blomqvist at the wheel then yes
  8. We have both arrived safely back to Rusty tower's with the Volvo from @Matts_Rusty_Bus, the C70 ran faultlessly the 100 odd miles doing what Volvo's do best, no Pez shot I'm afraid as we were in a hurry to get back home, the M25 was okay for the M25 but mostly moving, round near the Watford side we came across a Bini in lane 3 that had buried itself into the back of another car and had no lights on ! That was a slightly hairy moment with cars ahead darting left and right but we both got through unscathed, My A3 did 223 miles today, average on board M,P,G on the way back was a stunning 32 mpg, The C70 did 108 miles, on board mpg 29.2, both driving at 60 mph, how accurate are these on board computers ? Poo count still 0 Rest breaks 2 Hairy moments only 1 thankfully Thanks for all your help today@Matts_Rusty_Bus
  9. I can confirm she is a woman who smiles
  10. Arrived, driven the car and the wife say that it is lovely, money transferred and homeward bound for a few hours on a Friday night back down and around the M25
  11. As MrsRusty is in need of some new wheels I thought I'd better have a look on hear to see if there was anything that took her fancy, it turns out that there was something of interest to her so contact has been made with the Vendor and a impromptu 2 and a half hour road trip is now underway Poo count 0 Stops for rest break 1 Steed of choice the Quattro albeit sideways
  12. I would think that the rear screen has as you said been replaced at some point, the trim's on these can get caught in the bond as the screen is being fitted, the screen apeture is quite small which doesn't leave a lot of room for the bond to sit on, you might be able to seal it in situ but only once it's all really dry but you could also be waisting your time to if it's loose across the top, obviously the best route would be to remove and refit by a screen fitter who understands what he's working with
  13. I've absolutely no idea how corporate companies go about using other manufacturers parts? The Volvo V70 mirrors came as a shock to me but it's really a thing, I had to look on the underside of the mirror to see for myself as I couldn't believe what the Aston Martin tech was telling me
  14. Aston Martin V8 vantage use 04-06 Volvo V70 door mirrors Met police Mercedes sprinter riot vans uses a Maestro bonnet pull cable to drop the front shield Older Rolls Royce barge's use Citroen spheres
  15. If only we could smell the steam 😭, looks like a lovely place
  16. Spotted this Van with R2D2 Theme, turns out the owner is the Guy who builds all the Droids for Star Wars
  17. I totally agree with you, the accountants got control of the company and the mighty Mercedes Benz name got pulled through the mud because of it, around the same time the electronics became much more advanced but with them came issues, I used to remove and refit rear screens on all of the range at MB under warranty due to the antenna contact pads under the glass falling apart, the paint issues came down to the new and improved water based paint, the underseal was cut down and both led to the early rust issue that we are all aware of by now, Personally I like the W210 in estate form, if I was to purchase one I would want the 300/350 TD but they are mostly scruffy, with electrical gremlins with to the moon milage, the W211 is now becoming affordable if you don't mind getting your hands dirty and are a nice steer
  18. The front spring cups falling off is a very common problem with the W210
  19. I had no doubt that you would get home in a Civic, well collected Sir
  20. Had a chance to get the MGF up on a ramp today, so while it was up itook the opportunity to steam clean the bottom of the engine and gearbox as it was covered in years of old grime and oil, not a bad result
  21. I remember seeing Cortinas like that when I was a lad, my father would take me to the local custom car show in Staines Middlesex I think it was once a month, all jacked up at the rear with a red light as you say, epic stuff
  22. It was raining when I woke this morning and continued to do so for the rest of the day, so when I got home I thought I would check on the Allegro and the water ingress situation, this is what I found so it looks like I was successful with the door membrane, the missing door membrane could well be the reason why the car has rust on the right hand side, if it's been missing since the drivers door was replaced that would have let the water creep in for years causing the rust to set in, I'm just happy it's dry inside now
  23. Due to the welding wire running out last time I was working on the car I had left it how it was, I returned to RPE today to find I had a small amount of water inside the car after last week's rain, a quick feel of the bottom of the door card confirmed my suspicion that the door membrane had either split or was missing letting water in, once I had removed the door card it was plain to see that it was in fact missing, this door the drivers door is not original to RPE and the membrane had been removed while it was fitted, so while I was in there I changed the door handle and the chrome trims as these are not correct for a Series 3the door membrane here I got from the spares car, I used stretched butyl tape to seal the plastic membrane to the door then taped up the bottom section as Austin had done in the factory, I will wait and see if this works before I look at the door seals.
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