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  1. Yes it is the same car, was owned by a Allegro Club International member for many years before @garycox and sosomeone elso had it, it then went M,I,A for a while but i found it being sold in the next town from me, apparently it was used as a street prop in the new Cruella de vil film soon to be released, the chap I bought it from had four cars from the film, a W123, a Triumph Toledo, a Jag and the Allegro
  2. Thank you, I'm learning as I go with different techniques I've watched people use over the year's, all I know is you can't weld to rust so I chop everything out and go from there, two bits of angle iron in my large Vice with a couple of clamps has really helped me to be able to make the floor panels, the side of the inner sill I used some old plywood, made the shape required twice then clamped it together and tapped away until I had what I needed, i find it interesting finding new ways to do things
  3. Some may have seen that a bought an Allegro that needed a little bit of welding, well as it often turns out with such things that little bit of welding turned into quite a lot of welding, the right hand side has pretty much turned into a pile of ginger coloured dust but after hitting it quite hard yesterday I've made some progress, Before During and up to date (not in anyway finished) I still have a long road ahead of me, the driver's side front wing has to come off to get to the bottom of the A pillar and inner sill area as the Racing Ginger has travelled the complete length on the right hand side, the near side is so far Solid which I'm quite happy about, I've got to make good the front tie bar mount, again on the right hand side as it looks to have succumbed to the Racing Ginger also, will be fun working with 2mm steel the reason why I have to rebuild this is due to the non availability of them either new or second hand, this I have found is an issue with Allegro's, mechanical parts are reasonably easy to get but anything else is quite hard to find, I've joined the Allegro Club International to help in this regard but still availability is an issue, no fault of the Club but I think due to how people viewed Allegro's in the past so parts probably just got binned, anyway it's going to be fun I hope when it's on the road.
  4. Three months of hard work but look at the results of your sweat and tears ๐Ÿ‘
  5. They had one of these in American Pickers, Mike and Frank bought it for Danni D But I think she look better with this Scooter
  6. What Tickman said โ˜๏ธ
  7. That quite a mangled flange, I had a quick look on't interweb and found a picture of the rear exhaust box , I believe the mangled flange is stuck on the internal round flange gasket thing, they need to be replaced when renewing the rear box to save leaks of exhaust fumes, they normally just fall apart in my experience so a hammer and a screwdriver/chisel normally sorts that out, if height is an issue for swinging a hammer get it up on your ramps and see if you can remove it then
  8. The exhaust should be reasonably easy to fix i would have thought with the extra space under the CRV even though I have never been under one, like the extra windows in the Caddy was it converted for wheelchair access?
  9. Looks like nice thick metal on your Minor, I've been annoying the neighbours today with cutting and hammering sheet steel for my Allagro but I don't think the metal is as thick as yours which makes it fun when welding ๐Ÿ™„, keep at the good work ๐Ÿ‘
  10. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2454811277955781/ Leyland Sherpa Camper
  11. Ah excellent thank you, I shall ๐Ÿ˜‰
  12. Is @garycox still on these fine pages? Would be good to know a little bit more about the car's life prior to my purchase
  13. Why thank you ๐Ÿ˜†
  14. Just a thought, can you get some of those adjustable top mounts that the Drift/race guys use for the City Rover with perhaps some modification ( I know not very Hub nut/Dollywobbler ) ? I'm sure it would take quite some internet investigations but could keep it on the road ? As I said just a thought
  15. I will need to dig the welder out for this purchase, deposit left and hopefully should be at Rusty towers in a couple of weeks 1275cc low mileage, not to bad body wise but will need some welding, paint, oil seals and an M,O,T
  16. Mr Boll loving the update, who knew that lockdown could be so good ? Keep up the good work very impressed
  17. Good to see it going to someone who needed it, To all who entered into the Roffle thank you for making this sale happen, Also a big fanks to @TheDoctor for carrying out the organisation and money's The Wife's happy so everything is okay now at Rusty towers lol
  18. This was on a Megane
  19. I have always liked the mk1, when they were new I was working on them, I still think they are good looking, my love for these probably stems from being able to drive them, when they revised the suspension and fitted the rear spoiler was when I thought it looked fugly in the rear, I agree that you don't really see them now, a proper Marmite car
  20. Found this in the field where Ambulances go to rest at work
  21. The BMW hasn't been taxed since 2001 and has had an unrecorded colour change
  22. Thank you, I'm hoping to get it looking a lot better in the paintwork department but leave it standard and enjoy it
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