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  1. Wait for it... HONDA JAZZ obviously. (Just give those i-Shit ones a swerve)
  2. Just thought I'd pop in and add a little update to this. I have loose involvement in this with it being a friend's car belonging to Tommy. After a seized front alternator bearing, subsequent bursting of a heater pipe put it out of action for a while and 3 MOT passes later, rust has finally caught up with it. Nearside front floor / jacking point / inner sill: Offside front floor / jacking point / inner sill: Going to have a think about it, but will probably fire the welder up.
  3. Mk8 Fiasco? Don't think it's that hidden if you open your eyes. Ditto Picanto: I don't see where you can't get a croc clip on.
  4. All I can say @Split_Pin is just chalk it down to experience and move on.
  5. Rescind his membership... IMMEDIATELY!
  6. Do they still do "D" plates there? (couldn't see it on that Gov page)
  7. Replace it with this one tomorrow
  8. The Sipani Dolphin was much better.
  9. Already posted 21hrs ago by egg, just further up this very page. Welsh slacker.
  10. I've still the clutch to do, have another go at sorting the exhaust joints, fix a bust front driver's side spring, etc. Never mind all the money I've given the taxman. I think it'll be an ok steer when I get the alloys sorted and with matching boots all round.
  11. June 1998 - £20,470 March 2017 - £100 Depreciation - 99.5%
  12. Shhhh! Honestly, I just borrow it occasionally from Tommy who lives a stone-throw from @captain_70s
  13. Except the gobshites at the NCTS were told by the RSA less than an hour after you posted that they weren't an essential service... https://www.rsa.ie/en/Utility/News/2020/Statement-from-the-Minister-of-Transport-Tourism-and-Sport-Shane-Ross-and-the-Road-Safety-Authority-RSA-in-relation-to-the-National-Driver-Licence-Service-NDLS-the-National-Car-Testing-Service-NCT/ (I've got one due the 4th April and they've only just got all the ramps back in action at Naas)
  14. I'm no legal beagle, but I'd have thought it a S.42 offence under the RTA1988. £100 (or mibbie fifty?) but non-endorsable... Last time I did that was just after I passed. Polis pulled up beside me and shouted to through the window to put them on. Good ol' Frank Leitch R.I.P.
  15. For reference, my genuine Honda Jizz exhaust is stainless. Different grades, as some of it is magnetic and some isn't. Not cheap, but then the longevity of them is worth it.
  16. No NCTs on anything pre-1980 in the RoI and goes back to rolling (on a 40 year basis) in May. Reliants are classed as Motorcycles for VRT, Motor tax, (lack of testing) and tolling purposes, which mean freebie on the M50 and East Link tolls.
  17. That's incorrect. €56 pa for over 30. Under 30, 2201-2300cc it would be €994 (anything before 2008 is Private Car Standard.)
  18. Look what the cat's dragged in... https://www.donedeal.ie/vintagecars-for-sale/1985-audi-100/23510415 Price €2,950 €2,500
  19. Where he said it was! Fish Quay, North Shields. It's The Ballards Smokehouse development https://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/6199165
  20. Nearly there, I double checked. It was "L.E.Perei Auto Devices" Might be more chance on finding info trawling old copies of The Motor or something. PEREI GROUP LIMITED Company number 00761224 Incorporated on 17 May 1963 Previous names: L.E. PEREI AUTO DEVICES LIMITED 31 Dec 1981 - 01 Aug 1996 DELTRONIC LIMITED 17 May 1963 - 31 Dec 1981 DELTRONIC LIMITED Company number 00387824 Incorporated on 25 May 1944 Previous names: L.E.PEREI AUTO DEVICES LIMITED 25 May 1944 - 31 Dec 1981
  21. I don't know how the right hand replacement went on HOR 572L. What I do know is that it was resprayed only about ten years ago. I sold the paint, it was more than enough, but whoever was doing the spraying ripped the guy off for more than quoted and extra paint. There's some photos fresh after respray here. http://dafcars.proboards.com/thread/1213/littlebelter-bestel-combi I see Tony has it now. http://dafcars.proboards.com/thread/3681/daf-33-van-project I don't know why people use different lights when the correct ones are available. Look at my Flickr of all the ones in The Museum.
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