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  1. Apparently some conversions were done from left hand drive Anglia vans. Depending on the interior equipment layout sometimes the only way into the back was to climb in through the (nearside) sliding side window.
  2. ^ Triplerich, I've never even seen a pic of a Granada-shaped Falcon on UK plates. I remember seeing Australian cars being available in the new car price listings in mid-70s Motor, Autocar, etc, and the ad pages usually showed who the suppliers were. Could be worth a look through late 70s to 1990s UK mags if anyone has any. There may also be some scanned UK magazine road tests or comparisons involving imported Australian models on line. (Trigger?).
  3. Saabnut could your Valiant have been the body shape which ended in 71? Around very late 80s, 1990ish, I did some on-site work at an engineering workshop in Stonehaven. Was based there for a couple of weeks living in a B&B and remember an old 2-door hardtop Chrysler Valiant driving around, right hand drive obv, but it was the shape from before 1972. I think it was red, quite rough looking, but great to see on the street. This body shape
  4. JeeExEll

    Youtube moments

    Reposted link to Anglia van film I posted earlier. Had problems trying to play it back on tablet. Basically, Anglia van going from Dublin to Russia and back in 1972. Film later made by driver's daughter. Anglia content starts around 4 mins but first 4 mins adds character. If the vid doesn't expand to full screen this is the reference address for the full page, vid from original page will expand (includes interesting background info too) - https://vimeo.com/41970935
  5. (In 1968), a 1964 B-reg 997cc in a light fawn colour. My carri-cot (with me in it) was often just placed in the back along with the electrician's tools and drums of cable. A few years later my younger bro came along and was brought home in something a bit more sporty. A H-reg fern green 1600E just like this one.
  6. Les Ballamy's 1172 Supercharged Supersprung Pop. Excellent. Would love to have a drive in one.
  7. Mk1 Consul 2-door. (May be a Mk1 Zephyr, can't see front wing properly). Have never seen a production 2-door saloon but maybe they exist(ed) somewhere. Looks like a long 100E.
  8. Signal green Mex in 1978. Rare colour, (with Webasto). Re-shelled at one-year-old into a factory replacement Mex shell and sprayed black at that time. Still around as one of two black 'original' Mexicos in the country.
  9. Associated 25-minute vid of 1972 exploits 'Dublin to Russia and back' in today's Youtube Moments.
  10. JeeExEll

    Austin Maxi

    The morning after 'Friday-Night-All-You-Can-Eat-For £8' at 'The Vindaloo Curry Lounge', and Bob just had to let off a lonnnngg loud ripper right there in the spacious Maxi. Couldn't keep it in. Maxi looks like it's about to be sick. It was Russet brown earlier.
  11. Is being in Cromer like being in some sort of parallel distorted world where everything is all squidgy, with long drawn out sounds and repeating echos? Like watching a 70s Dr Who episode on acid? Maybe that's the photographer's personal view after an afternoon in the pub. Look at that young lad's legs, is that normal?
  12. I know the ones you mean, from mid 1979 they were a regular production 1.6 model in L and GL trim, but in 1978 they did something like 150 round headlamp 'L' models for evaluation. At one point a couple of years ago someone was asking over £7k for this one on ebay, price later dropped to around £5k, described as 'the Holy Grail of Escorts, rarer than a RS1800'. Errm, ok, good luck with that. (A very basic 'L-spec' 4-door with a 1600 pushrod crossflow).
  13. Could it be? Some sort of Renner 20 prototype after all. Have no idea what the text says in the link though. https://www.drive2.ru/l/4386142/ I think I've just fried my brain trying to read it in a Russian accent. A starting point for further investigation maybe.
  14. This is what Renault were doing for R20 prototypes late 1974 / 75. First thought about the blue mystery car was it's maybe an earlier version, but one earlier version of the R20 looked like this, which is quite different. There's something slightly VW / Audi about the windows on the mystery car, but the Passat was already on sale in 1974. Do the door handles provide any clues? Maybe some sort of Peugeot 504 development?
  15. DVLA registered Jan 82, tax due July 83, 1748cc. (E-series Maxi / Allegro 1750 engine??). Official Maestro launch was March 83.
  16. Late 1973, for 74. Across the whole UK Ford range this was your choice of colours. I like them all except Sahara.
  17. JeeExEll

    Youtube moments

    'Go on Mister, do us a doughnut in the Zeffer'. Vid from the late 1980s, Ernie Sprague died in 2004 aged 78.
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