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  1. £1 in 1981 is reckoned to be around £3.86 now.
  2. Not been taxed for 40 years but last pic is obviously not from 1980.
  3. 'Don't poke it, don't even touch it, you'll only make it worse'. 'Gaaaaaaaaahhhhh!! What did I fucking just say? Now look at it'.
  4. How did that Corsair get there?
  5. 'Oooh, that's a really good answer but it's not the right one'. (In Roy Walker voice). It's a rail crossing at Broughty Ferry, near Dundee. Good try though. What's the estate car? I didn't know.
  6. Do you really want to know? Really really?
  7. Guess what the estate is. I had to look up DVLA. A mate had a W-reg Ascona 2000SR like that one. His first auto, a 3-speed. On the first night he had it he was fucking about with the selector and managed to put it in 'park' at about 35mph with busy traffic following behind. Slithered to a stop sideways right across the road facing the kerb.
  8. Check out that van with the windows.
  9. Early Mk1 2-door porn. Must be worth sixty farzand pahnds as the base for a Twin Cam replica,
  10. They'd have the whole street fenced off these days because of 'elf n safety'.
  11. Actually looks very solid. '£9995 m8'.
  12. Vorcksaul dealer in Dundee. The pics I posted above are Dundee.
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