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  1. The car I most enjoyed was a 1979 Capri 3-litre S which had an uprated 3.1 engine with 270 Piper Magnum cam (possibly a 285) and lowered suspension. 33 years ago. It wasn't the most practical of cars and I have had many better cars since then but, at the time, - WOW. Quick power steering, perfect seating position, and the twin-exhaust Essex V6 soundtrack through larger bore pipes did it for me. It was so basic and easy to work on.
  2. Still showing as taxed. Due May 2023.
  3. Do not paint. What a gorgeous coupe shape. Those rocket tail-lights actually provide extra thrust upon acceleration if you switch them on. Vulg on here fitted 4 to his Austin Princess.
  4. It looks like he's crossed the middle line of the road. You're not supposed to do that.
  5. Two door versions of the Audi 100 C1 and C2. (But not C3). They are gorgeous.
  6. I know where that is. Interesting big-wing Mk1 there.
  7. Someone really has to shout "SHARK" there.
  8. Makes you realise how fragile the 17 sunroof model must have been in a car crash.
  9. I think it is an Avenger after zooming in on the door-handles.
  10. Pic taken in 1940. Ford Model A body (1929/30) on a Ford AA truck chassis with aircraft wheels & tyres. Built for snowy Nebraska winter.
  11. Like driving up the east coast of the Isle of Skye. Many times.
  12. Green TB2, on the streets. Any more info on it?
  13. Well I think that's being very considerate, the dog must get very lonely during the day.
  14. I made the huge error of parking a Mk3 Capri 3.0S in long grass for about a year, 1991/2. Fucking idiot. There was an unbelievable advance in underbody rot over that time. Sold for spares / repairs and scrapped in the 90s. It was only about 12 / 13 years old.
  15. The 2-door Cav was a good looking car. I can't remember actually seeing any. I hope some still survive. Must be extremely rare now.
  16. Suit, tie, socks, and sandals. A bit of effort put into that picnic though
  17. There are a couple of restored Capris around, but make your own mind up as to originality there. The X-pack Mk2 3-litre Capri and TR7 and Dolly Sprint and the SD1 3500 seem to have disappeared Long time ago.
  18. It most definitely does. Thanks to TripleRich on here and the owner of the car. Can someone post a link to the resto? I only have phone at the moment.
  19. The first thing that comes into mind is TripleRich's resto of the Sweeney Consul 3000GT. Will try to sort out link to the thread but am idiot. Hope the coupe is being used.
  20. Cannan was given 3 life sentences (three) in 1988 for murders and rapes But apparently he's 'eligible for release' from prison in October this year, in 5 months' time. FFS, put the cell-key in the bin and switch off the light. You wouldn't want him living next door. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Cannan https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disappearance_of_Suzy_Lamplugh
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