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  1. Welcome to the shame corner. New joiner
  2. Crikey what are the chances? It's Majorette Copper Volvo day
  3. Yep, sent all I had to @155V6 who was forming a collection of colour variations
  4. Never, no. I'm not making it up, there is a Matchbox void in this area of the country. Also missed out on the Moving Parts '83 Buick Riviera in red. In saw one or two, left it, but then never saw one again
  5. Had to import a silver one. Have never seen the other two in the flesh
  6. I am a spanner. The donor (in my head) got repainted some time ago into a Jerry Leadbetter homage No, I don't know why either. And I didn't know there is this (tattier) 'touring club de france' example back here, in the funky copper colour! Would be shame to break it, but it is an excellent donor... Which means if someone else REALLY wants the tailgate-less Volvo instead of daft me (if they were pipped at the post), then they are welcome. Otherwise into the CogBox #22 it goes and 'touring club de france' becomes a pickup. Probably*
  7. Today, Post Lady delivered this little lot. Damn eBay clicky finger.
  8. Late last night, when everyone had gone to sleep A surreptitious box opening happened. 'Support is here in difficult times, please just ASK'. And don't forget that MEON VALLEY MATTERS. Ten minutes later... half-way down! I may have to give Lions a call... Ten minutes later... oh my word what have I done A pang of guilt swept over me. So if there is something here that someone else was really really after, just PM me
  9. Cheers! I'll go with your latter suggestion. It helps calm the shakes
  10. Went for a stoll at lunch. Popped head into charidee shop. Saw this and thought of you ,but pretty likely you already have several @bunglebus It's a 1:64, but didn't have right glasses on to read brand
  11. @Datsuncog 50p yeah, I'm sure there is a donor back here somewhere Do like that colour. It's on the Majorette Citroen CX I had as a boy
  12. Oops sorry wrong screen grab. 1:43 = £17.95 direct from manufacturer Before you ask, no thank you I don't want it, so please don't encourage me. Please don't. No.
  13. Crikey they are cheap even direct. Which means most that are on 'bay are scalpers and chancers So show him this ^ if he thinks it's worth £££ (but maybe put your thumb over the 'sold out' tag!) @Datsuncog
  14. Up there, top right, see that Before you ask, no thank you I don't want it, so please don't encourage me. Please don't. No.
  15. Not Dinky release that one, as you know the casting was originally one of Kidco/Universal. The Dinky were in yellow, red, or blue. Came with or without two types of stickers (on the red and blue one below) The non-Dinky / non-Kidco unbranded one above is the yellow one, with waddayouknow, the same FLASH stickers and wheels. Might have come in on the same boat, no less. For some reason the piggy has latched onto that, so as he likes them, perhaps if your green one might be had if it's 50p...
  16. Well if he let Nemesis nab the Ruby for just £2, let's hope it would be no more than tenner for the lot! When you go back at lunch, would you be able to wear something like this and use some projected influence? Along with a Jedi mind-trick.
  17. It seems the Atlas Editions SS1 Airline are around £30 boxed. So for a few coins, yes The Ford Anglia/Thames Ice Cream vans are available everywhere for a fiver, so not rare. Would run to a fiver. @Datsuncog Would he do £10-£12 on the Renault + Anglia + swoopy broken Jaguar
  18. Alright. I'll bite. How much is that Renault Goelette. They are gopping, but the own-brand livery appeals - even if not period-correct as the Goelette was new for 1947 If only because I've been in the store and ought to go back. It's been open there for 112 years, you know
  19. @Datsuncog Is it wrong to be interested in these two Not sure what the red one is And why have I a daft yearning for Ice Cream Vans recently.
  20. We had a Westland Sea King Helicopter fly over earlier. It came back and stopped, hovering above, making a right racket. We haven't seen the cat since. It lowered some heavy cargo down to our garden, causing much curtain twitching throughout the neighbourhood. Whilst I was signing the delivery note, Farmer Tom appeared from nowhere and staked a claim to it - before I got the chance to look at it. Which is just as well, as the wife was in. Good delay tactic there, old Tom. The note states it was sent over from deepest Hampshire by a @danthecapriman
  21. Yes, 1966-67 Old Cutlass, probably a Hurst 442 or wannabe with that supercharged engine poking out the hood. Thought it might be the Monogram 1:25 kit but too many differences and kit was moulded in white with plastic moulded much better than that I think. Looks much cheaper plastic with less detail, so wondered on Eldon, but came up with nothing better
  22. Sorry yes I perhaps misread anyhow. I was just identifying, it's not worth bothering on that General Lee. I'd be happy with a fiver on the Marlin - if those pillars are good and the glazing isn't cracked. But please don't go there especially for just that. Top tray is majority Mattel Hot Wheels and recent (last decade). Odd ones out are the late-1970s Matchbox in bottom right corner: Ford Model A and the Donald Duck buggy. Perhaps the two above Donald aren't Hot Wheels either, but not sure.
  23. Could give this fella a kick as he was doing just that https://www.facebook.com/MakeMatchboxGreatAgain/ Seems to have given up on them too now though. No post since July.
  24. The Corgi Marlin is probably worth that if the screen pillars aren't broken/bent, which seems common on that one (like both I have here!). The Yellow lorry is a the Corgi ERF Cement, would struggle to get a fiver in that condition Middle tray has the mid-seventies orange/yellow Matchbox SuperKings DAF car transporter which is the most valuable there. Do you recall price on it? Likely more than a tenner if the ERF is ten! Bottom tray has another of those DAFs looking nicely faded. The gawky Dukes of Hazzard General Lee is a stunt car and they go for £5 without much trouble. The late-seventies Matchbox Mini Ha Ha is worth picking up if tidy, not rare though, I have about four of the blighters
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