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  1. Powertrack slot car, I have the track here ready to accommodate pretty please
  2. Is the Batmobile the red bat wheel version
  3. @bunglebus The 1982 Hot Wheels Rapid Transit city bus at the back in the HW photo That's old and faded and gone all beige
  4. FFS Been clicking the trigger finger again Commemorative 55th Anniversary, 60th Anniversary and USA edition 2015 special job thing But I'm not into buses at allᵀᴹ
  5. Yes 'Series II' that ran for the four intervening years, evolving into the IIa (horizontal slat grille, central speedo etc) The 'Series III' revision for 1956 was marketed as the 1000 from then-on
  6. Shantou Zhehong copy of Tomica's Mitsubishi Fuso 'Aero Queen' tour bus There are other colours available, including an equally eye-searing mint green
  7. When it comes to that sort of money I just buy a donor and paint the blighter
  8. I hope the handful includes the R107 Merc even though I've already got a boxed one
  9. In other news Some more shonky HONG KONG plastics arrived the other day In the shape of a 1950s/60s W198 Mercedes-Benz Roadster with a Hard Top ideal* for Tefal Heads Very likely mid-1960s and has the ubiquitous friction flywheel motor. Dunno, might be 1970s after all. It has an OPENING THING that confirms the 300 SL six cylinder, rather than the 190 four Complete with missing luggage rack, but that's about it, as it even has the headlights still fitted The silver-chrome paint does not photograph very well, so here is its detailed under crackers instead It's approx 1:32 in scale and the motor sounds like it's as dry as bone. Unfortunately this one is all glued together so will worry about that later Another fiver. Why do I do it? Just because...
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