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  1. Charlie Croker drove a Cambridge? Who knew?
  2. Trik-Trak was licenced from Transogram in the US by Tri-ang, which is likely why it seemed an odd fit to the rest of the range. 1968 does seem very late too. I have a story to bore you. Around ten years back we were out at my Wife's office 'do' and at some point around a restaurant table, one fella piped-up that as a child he always wanted a Trik-Trak and did anyone remember them. Blank faces all round - including me. So, him being a decent fella and coming-up to his 50th birthday soon, I hatched a plot. I got hold of a set, bought blind through fleabay. Thankfully, it was
  3. Found it! Yes, the famous 'Spot-On-for-a-pound' Alpine from Essex now sports a full set of tyres and Tiny Tom has just found out he can reach the pedals after all. He really ought to get that spares list together again.
  4. All the Spot-On chat reminded me to go through those project boxes and dig out the stalled Spot-On Landcrab rebuild. IIRC it was a fiver for the pair, so being a skin-flint, I tell myself it was a £2.50 Spot-on. Do remember being cheered-up as all the others bid on went for around 6 times that and still had missing parts
  5. Yes please @155V6 I did look today funnily enough. He wants £20 for the Lotus by Fleischmann If he will do a discounted deal on the two for us, while the cash is under his nose, even better! Cheers!
  6. Post Lady has been All from same seller for a tenner Corgi FIAT X1/9 in the seemingly less-common blue with FIAT/Bosch/Cibie stickers, which means I can convert and paint a spare white & green one Corgi Honda Prelude in tidy enough condition so I can paint / convert / dispose of a sun-faded one with glazing problems Dinky Corvette Stingray with flame stickers surviving for once. Never had one of these Dinkys before, ever.
  7. Apart from the Aston Martin DB6, Rolls Royce Silver Cloud and the Jaguar MK10; there was a Batmobile, the Spectrum Saloon Car from Captain Scarlet, Bentley S3 with a canoe on the roof, Ferrari 500 Superfast, a boat on a trailer and a horsebox. And a horse. So either as a standalone car or a sort of a 1:40 scale Minic Motorway
  8. The Magicar sub-brand was a bit more than that, they were sold standalone or with a slot track set. There was a peg that could be attached, to make it follow the track guide. Will dig out earlier posting
  9. Probably the largest Spot-On collection on display is at the Brighton Toy Museum
  10. Spot-On Catalogue 5th Edition 1965
  11. It's been on for a few weeks now, but the all-important (to me) rear piece is missing
  12. Statistically, Benders do come in many colours
  13. Stoved-in Dodge could be an excellent engine and glazing donor for my one back here
  14. We were already teased last Sunday: That was when we still had a summer!
  15. So what the secret here then? The side tipper? Either way it's all your fault 😉
  16. Went to BIG CAR BOOT. It should be renamed small car boot as it was a near-desolate field. Still charged £2 entry though, despite my protest at the lack of stalls. At least for my £2 I got some exercise out in the open, whilst struggling to place many of the different languages spoken, along with the opportunity to get trench foot. Came away with three things: a roll of £1 tape ; a 50p Matchbox loco ; and other 50p Matchbox loco Will see if the Matchbox locos return more than the cost of the visit.
  17. It is. The reason it is missing the sticker on the other side is because it came with a separate decal sheet to finish it off
  18. If anyone is in the vicinity and gets hold of it could they also grab the Fleischmann slot car too please 😎 I asked him (politely) but he still refuses to post:
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