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  1. Things, can only get purple Can only get purple, if we see it through That means me, and I mean you too So teach me now that things can only get purple They can only get, they only get, take it on from here You know I know that things, can only get purple
  2. Remember ‘Amaranth’ ? Crikey. That is of its time I can’t remember what I just went upstairs for, but I can remember the name and the shimmering effect from that Rover colour… But I’m better now.
  3. Knew about the Argentine SIAM Di Tella and its Argenta stablemate But not that they made a crew cab body. 200 of them too
  4. 'Dong Feng' translates to 'East Wind' I get a bit of trouble with that too
  5. Better not tell you more about SIAM then How about a two door Magnette Coupe Or their Austin Freeway grille variation, named Morris Fordor 1650. (It was brand Morris for some reason after SIAM were acquired by IKA) Also modelled by IXO and also in same partwork series SIAM built A55 variants, the pickups named Argenta That also came with Magnette or Riley grille, in A55 MkII commercial form Also was modelled for same partwork
  7. You need to get yourself a Volkswagen one of those now A model was released in the same part-work series that your Dodge was in
  8. Corgi Toys Qualitoys chapter excerpt from CogBook™ above ^^ I read somewhere that Tom Karen at Ogle designed the truck. Cleemput and Karen were friends apparently. There must be a sketch somewhere if it's true They are coming to get you Just look at those transfixed Giraffes. Totally deafened by the gas turbine engine
  9. Turbine Trailer For dragging behind one of the 'Gas Turbine' trucks. Qualitoys by Corgi, yes. Short-lived series from 1969 Never seen one of those, quite scarce I think.
  10. @Datsuncog Maker was KENTOYS. but I don't want it sorry
  11. To be fair, there are more clunks coming from my body these days, I barely notice what's going on with a car. Plus I put music on loud too. Wassat Sonny, speakup?
  12. Yes James May is an old mate of John Bentley, who produced Top Gear in later years. It was John who ported the format, with presenters, to Fifth Gear
  13. Not sure what happened to that exhaust hanger. The MOT is only just over a month old and wouldn't have passed like that. Maybe I, or my wife, caught it recently on the stupid upright flappy metal things at the school car park entrance. They do ground out on the Mini One Seven
  14. 1st series (1978) was Barrie Gill and Angela Rippon, introduced by Tom Coyne from the Midlands Today programme (because a BBC Pebble Mill production) It was the 2nd series (1979) that they were joined by Judith Jackson and Noel Edmonds The 3rd series (1980) was Noel and Frank Page, both Barrie and Angela had left The 4th series (1980) was when Sue Baker joined Paddy was with us from Series 27 (2019), crikey has it been that long
  15. There is a page on that Cougar https://www.maronline.org.uk/cougarbird-calling/
  16. Yes IXO. From a partwork of 60 models Published by Eaglemoss or Altaya depending on territory (both part of DeAgostini)
  17. Great photo, interesting colours It was taken 1973, when the Jochen Mass car was No.38 and in those colours. The car is Surtees TS15/09 and not seen again after 1973, thought to be the one lost to a transporter fire over winter. Perhaps Majorette could supply the Volvo 145 behind the transporter, with a bit of work to de-245 Transporter is single rear axle, similar to UPH 877F used by Team Surtees in 1976. Very similar in fact, although above the cab front design is not slanted. Perhaps it is the same transporter and the 'transporter fire' in 1973 necessitated a part-rebuild? It was modelled by Jada Kits Yes could build around K-40 Matchbox Delivery Truck which has 'canvas' sides and twin rear axles Alternatively K-19 Security Truck is single axle and has lower skirting. But both are facelift D-Series... Or just call the whole thing off.
  18. Ah but it was a sunroof car - see roof top at 47:00 and inside at 47:20 It was an export 504 Ti Automatique, you can see the badges in the shot when driving onto the on-ramp
  19. The Champions was a 10-page promotional comic from Matchbox, which collected together a series of 10 one-page adverts that appeared in Tiger in 1972.
  20. How about the Rouge Persan (Persian Red) of the car Charles Bronson drove off a train, to cure claustrophobia. Yes you read that correct. The film is a bit shonky but the car stood out mainly because of the colour! Oh and it drove off a train. Not only that, what with a whole empty field, he just had to clout the electricity sub-station in the middle of it. Jackie Pruit : What's that thing where you get scared of being cooped up in iddy-biddy dark places? Charlie Congers : Claustrophobia? Jackie Pruit : That's the fella! Well, I think I've got it! Charlie Congers : Fasten your seat-belt. Jackie Pruit : Why? Charlie Congers : I have a cure for it! [Congers drives their car off the speeding train straight onto the field]
  21. Found this snippet on planetdiecast.com The wooden/resin mock ups where made at Binns Road, these are the ones shown in the 1977/78 trade catalogues. The diecast models where produced in Hong Kong by Lintoy then sent to Binns road for evaluation by the development department. They came unboxed in the bubble wrap packets taped at the opening end in boxes of 6. None of the wooden mock ups have ever come to light as yet and only a couple of resin mock ups exist
  22. I had the original top one in orange I only remember it with a broken screen, so it couldn't have lasted long before it snapped No idea where it is now. Probably in the box with all the others my Mum gave away to a neighbour's kids, without asking Pre-production trials included this But not this
  23. Magazine advert, 1977 In the other Leyland XJC livery Bonus Prototype CONVOY
  24. Maybe it wasn't a dream. It was a PREMONITION 😲 : Uncanny colour scheme matching, on same day, what are the chances eh, shocker
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