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  1. The other one I like a lot is the 1968 Chevrolet Astrovette. GM were piling-on the concepts, weren't they... Grabbed a Mettoy 'Computacar' earlier this year (see quote above) but it's been tucked out of sight in the box since. Did find out it was licenced from the 1969 Hasbro 'Amaze-A-Matics' range: AstroVette is not catered-for quite as well, having the MPC kit in 1:25 and Matrix's $100 model, but that seems to be it. Never seen a smaller scale rendition The real thing was originally pearlescent white, then went to orange for many years after retiring from the show circuit. It still lives-on today at the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky (the one that had the sinkhole upset a few years back) where it is back in its original colour
  2. and Playart in 1:64 was before Yatming's version and Pilen in 1:43 and Guisval in 1:37 also AMT and Grip/EHM did kits in 1:25 So pretty well catered-for, in comparison!
  3. Brenda loved the Mako Shark II concept so much, she would stand next to it even in the pits of winter when it was nippy out Fun Tat Friday Fact: This was the 1965 concept that gave us the third-generation Corvette In 1969 it was converted into concept Manta Ray. This lives with the other concepts such as Chevrolet Astro I (modelled by Corgi), at the GM Heritage Center, Detroit.
  4. Found one to confirm https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/313637659795 US $119.99 Buy it now
  5. The Mako Shark must be worth $50 on its own
  6. Ohhh they're interesting! Approx 1:40 scale? They'll be Ideal Motorifics and I want them pretty please
  7. 53.05635849647969, -0.12420088881974571
  8. King Cobra as a Kenner, two colours. Just 'No.1027' on the base. MB132 Ford Mustang GT as a Matchbox, four colours. Modified casting too, with mahoosive engine and rear arches. Just 'Mustang' on the base though.
  9. Dirt Digger as a Kenner, in two colours Sand Racer as a Matchbox, one colour
  10. Like buses... the Daimler Fleetline DMS, named by Matchbox as The Londoner and released as 'Superfast', which gave it an incongruous wheel set. Not into buses at all, but picked this one up as it's got Matchbox 25th commemorative livery. Bit of a sucker for that sort of thing. Apart from that, I had no idea our Tiny Tom had joined the Insulate Britain mob.
  11. Dinky Alfa Romeo OSI Scarabeo - one I've never had and now you've got me in a tizz about getting one too. Ahhhggrh
  12. Merci beaucoup! I bought this one on French holiday in 1981. Surprisingly in good nick still too!
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