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  1. Would have been under the Artin brand here
  2. Have clicker So tit must have been pulled free Bobby Crocker must have been hand-painted in a rush because here he has a massive spam
  3. Oh! My Kojak is missing the beacon
  4. Well we can't have that, can we I mean, we wouldn't want to let you know about the TWO DIFFERENT GRILLES TO COLLECT on the Majorette Cherokees 😁 Not only that, this later (black one) had the gas cap, rear deck 'Chief' badge, turn-signals and door shut lines removed, along with a roof that was no longer ribbed for your pleasure. Those are present on RoadworkUK's Big Chief Cherokee with the jacked-up base. Likely recast for a run of roof and flank decoration variants to milk the life out of the casting Gee-whizz, pard'ner! Tailgates are intact DAG omissio
  5. It was rolled-out to play with the F-100 brothers just now It's a shame I let the tampo scuff away but I have had it since new Big one is a Lucky, direct from Market Blokey a year ago last week
  6. Tat Good Friday ! The only Flareside F-150 back here is the smaller-shod one in blue 'BajaBouncer' livery for 1982 only
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