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The new news 24 thread

Father Ted

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supposed to be sat on a tube that attaches itself to frank whittles invention today

got cancelled in feb cos of medical

this got cancelled cos of same medical

but am going to gig this weekend - just a bit closer (big burd woulda been quicker)

had to speak to them today and they might have said come in tomorrow or next week - theyve said 17th which makes me happy and possibly another gig next week now

work are gonna love me cos due back at work 14th :D

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The same 75 tourer was back at my place tonight that was here in May.

New rear wiper, bumper off to replace a headlight washer and investigate why the bumper isn't sitting correctly. The headlight washer was broken by a low speed parking nudge but I think it has caused more issues.  It's not wildly out of alignment though and all the holes line up. Also adjusted the headlights as they were too low. Who knew that self levelling lights actually had manual adjustment too. I'll need to see to mine in that case as they also point a bit low.

The radiator fan was making a racket and the theory of the nudge causing more issues is further evidenced as a PAS hard line was pushed back and fouling the boss. Pulled back into its clips and cable tied in place, now well clear of the fan.

Further supporting that is the fact that the  intercooler has a leak and is weeping oil.

I also noticed that it has an unusual inline thermostat in the top hose. Normally it just pushes inside the hose and you don't see it but this was a large metal item that sat between 2 sections of top hose. The whole lot was leaking and I recommended getting the more usual type and buying a new top hose.

It's coming back for a full service and oil change in the next few weeks.

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39 minutes ago, Rust Collector said:

After a 4am start yesterday, my partner gave birth to our first child today at 9:50am. We are still at the hospital as it was a difficult labour, 

Congratulations! Great name too.

In slightly less exciting news, I fitted the replacement OSF caliper to the Laguna today. Easiest job ever and it even gravity bled itself. Fortunately there’s no damage from its crappy packaging.

the old caliper was pretty corroded and consigned to the scrap pile!

I also spotted this lovely Minor on the school run. The elderly occupants had been lent it for a few weeks by a relative as they’re waiting for their brand new car to be delivered! 



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1 hour ago, Rust Collector said:

my partner gave birth to our first child today

Many congratulations!  Being a dad is even better than owning a Talbot Tagora… (I imagine… never having owned a Talbot Tagora)

It’s hard work, but totally worth it. 

1 hour ago, Rust Collector said:

childbirth is absolutely wild.

Yes, yes it is. You see your partner in a whole new light! 

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2 hours ago, Rust Collector said:

After a 4am start yesterday, my partner gave birth to our first child today at 9:50am. We are still at the hospital as it was a difficult labour, but baby and partner are both happy and healthy.

After exhausting lists of hundreds and hundreds of names in the lead up to the birth, we finally decided on ‘Jensen’ today. ‘Austin’ was a close second 😁

Huge amount of respect to my partner, childbirth is absolutely wild.

We were gonna call our latest Jensen after the Interceptor but went with Dax after the Cobra kit cars since we have a girl named Shelby 😂



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On 02/11/2022 at 11:46, Bren said:

Much hullabaloo over Matt Hancock going on I'm a celebrity.

If the cost of food keeps rising we will all be eating insects.

Well it wouldn’t hurt us. Insects are 50% protein v about 30% for lean beef, although I’ve just had a nice steak , and wouldn’t have taken kindly to having a grasshopper stir fry instead.

It’s  just what we’re conditioned to eat. Look at a prawn . It doesn’t look that different from a locust, but one most people would eat readily and refuse the other ( me included).

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First FTP of my motoring career.


Basically, out of nowhere, the Mercedes started running rough, letting out lots of white smoke and smell of unburned diesel.  Lost almost all of its power.

Oil, coolant level were just like before, the car didn't overheat and gave me no lights on the dash.

Left it alone for like 3 minutes and when restarting, it ran just fine. But I couldn't risk it happening again so I drove it to the shop.

And of course, insurance gave me 48h of rental car, meaning I can only have it on Monday.


No car for the weekend since the Audi is decommissioned.



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46 minutes ago, Ghosty said:

I've just had a similar thing with an errant Auris rolling past my MX5 and hitting a Fiesta down the hill! 

This is why my cars are always left in gear!  That and having spent a bunch of time in Saabs.

I had my moment back in ~2004 when I came back from college to where I caught the bus to find my car having snapped the handbrake cable and having travelled the full width of a not small public car park unattended.  It wound up perfectly parked - just on the completely opposite side of the car park to where I left it.  Given how busy it usually was there it's a miracle that it didn't hit anything!  Never trusted a handbrake after that.

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Babies? Great fun 😉 [... Says he, never having fathered one]

Nearly crashed the car, other day [troo stories].... SWMBO trotted out a tale of her, extended, family.

Baby boy born, name agreed, Hubby trotts off to register birth and promptly writes up :-

John Thomas (surname)

..... I simply burst out laughing (must have been more dangerous than texting on the go 🤐)


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Had to go to London yesterday as the good lady forgot her passport was about to expire. Parked in the usual (very expensive) Q-Park on Park Lane. Did see something far better than the usual rubbish Lamborghinis and wrapped Teslas.D46866D4-E7E1-45DE-971F-048AEDC49A72.thumb.jpeg.bd2619fafb916d306c6739069b204c54.jpegDCB9CBB0-D856-4DB3-8C1B-1D4DBA481E15.thumb.jpeg.957ee5cd91f8bd95008de279021ca668.jpeg

Emma needed a little help it seems.


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