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  1. Went past that this afternoon. Have they changed hands again?
  2. Changed the battery in the remote key fob for my Golf this afternoon. It took under a minute. I've been putting it off for two years...
  3. @jakebullet RSPCA. People that do this shit to innocent animals should have it done back to them three times over. I fucking hate it.
  4. Maybe we could power wind turbines through all the hot air coming ouf of the YouTube comments.
  5. That looks absolutely lovely. Let us know how you do. Not going to lie, quite envious about the privet...
  6. 'It's only done 280K but it looks like it's done 400K!'
  7. Obviously not your Grandmother (scandal notwithstanding) but I once knew a Nun like that called Sister Mary (can you think of a more generic name?). Out and about on her scooter, habit flapping around with a crash helmet on, well into her 80s when I knew her. Quite a character to say the least...
  8. There's one I've seen around here looking a little less-than-reputable. They've tried for non-descript but have failed. It's a Corsa C van. The most dull car you could imagine but oddly distinctive. Also reminded of an anecdote Lady Grumpius' father shared. Years ago he used to smoke around in a black 3.0 Alfa 164. Surprisingly, he was a University lecturer (after having worked in car rentals for 35 years. Long story.). Talking to one of his Italian mature students, they asked him what he drove. He told them. The student's eyes light up. 'Ahhhh... Mafia car....'.
  9. East Kent - Wolferton via Lechlade and Cheltenham yesterday. Wolferton to East Kent via Cheltenham today. Some of the nicest roads I've driven on in a long time but bugger me I'm tired. How you professional drivers put in hundreds of miles a day, I'll never know. Not like my car is particularly uncomfortable or anything, either. I'm just a fat bastard.
  10. Mk2 Focus is an absolute arseache. Actually, it's more of a headache as you have to dangle yourself upside down into the passenger-side footwell after hinging the fusebox down and cutting your knuckles in the dark. It's behind the centre console. Much worse if you're a fat fuck like me and all the blood rushes to your head. Once you've done it, you'll get up and fall over with the headrush. Then never, ever do it again. Sod that.
  11. Rarely a truer word spoken. A few years ago I was in a band with a couple of solicitors (total twats, the pair of them) and one of them couldn't even move out of his Mum's house in his mid-30s because he spaffed his money on hookers and blow, getting taxis from London to Gravesend regularly, etc. Loved the party lifestyle and that's where his money went...
  12. When I was a kid this was usually a sign that Dad had tried to cook breakfast.
  13. It's amazing how long my hair is given the fact that I work in IT Support. The fact that I have any left at all is remarkable.
  14. I would joke but I would almost guarantee that some clueless member of staff will call me tomorrow asking why they can't log into Facebook. And I'll have to politely tell them that it's got nothing to do with me and just because it's on a computer doesn't mean that the magical IT man can fix it...
  15. I can just see the wonderful, short-term, entirely GDPR-compliant Facebook temporary solutions board now looking at that and rubbing their chins...
  16. it's not DNS. There's no way it's DNS. It was DNS.
  17. Had to fill up with diesel. Was out anyway. Tried four stations, only had super unleaded (included a 12-year-old in a school blazer and tie telling this to drivers - obviously a family-owned franchise). Eventually found one station with diesel on an old b-road that used to be a main road 40 years ago and thus has an oversized station for the number of cars that go past. Had to queue for about ten minutes. It's really, really mad down here. Nothing in Canterbury. Nothing in Sandwich. Nothing in Ramsgate. Eventual success was somewhere near Wingham. What really did horrify me was the queue at the attended petrol station outside of Sandwich. It's right next to a level crossing, and cars were queueing up as you have to wait for an attendant to come out and operate the pump. Some utter twit decided that driving onto the railway track before it was clear the other side was a good idea and was actually stopped on the track. You'd hope Darwin would intervene but sadly there are other people on the trains too...
  18. What the? Wow. I think that camshaft out to be framed or used as some kind of furniture piece. That's seriously impressive. And even more impressive that the car is still running. You can see why they're used as taxis all over Africa, thirty years and change after production!
  19. That really is sex on four wheels. The good kind. Not the kind behind the bins at the community centre with Dodgy Doris after six pints of lager.
  20. Nice work mate. You've now gained +15 to repair skill.
  21. Would they treat you with the same loyalty? 7% for that much more responsibility says no.
  22. It was an idea imported from somewhere else - Australia I think - and I had the dubious pleasure of being in the first pilot training course when it came to the UK. In short, it was about helping people that were upset or struggling and ways of approaching those kinds of conversations. It wasn't a good two-day course and seeing as my job already involved direct suicide prevention, not a lot of use to me anyway as it wasn't anything particularly new or interesting. I didn't think much of it and in my view, most workplaces would be better off not exploiting their employees instead.
  23. @Zelandeth Yeah. Half-emptying the shed, used engine oil, garden clippings and numerous boxes, shoving it in the car and then driving back with it to unload again might have resulted in some kind of psychotic episode...
  24. Why the fuck did I book the tip at 0930 on a fucking Sunday? Thank you past me, now I have to get up...
  25. You've just reminded me. Driving out of a garden centre in Ashford the other day, a brand-new Rolls-Royce went by on the main road. Private plate and everything. Except it was wonky as all fuck. I laughed like an absolute drain the whole way home...
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