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  1. Kentish Hopper. I remember those - they were phased out when I was about 10 I think. I remember talking to a teacher at my Primary School about them and wondering why they were called that (I was about 6). I've always known the high street (which I know isn't the high street...) to be pedestrianised so it's really odd to see it jam packed with cars like that! Lovely stuff.
  2. Having fun with my Dad at his birthday meal.
  3. This at the tip: Followed by this at the seaside:
  4. Just driven through Goole. Didn’t meet Steve the Welder from the ‘Sad and Single’ thread though...
  5. By what they say to each other about themselves and their lives... Could equally be angry toddlers pretending to be adults. It is hard to tell sometimes.
  6. I'm continually astounded at my ability to wind up lonely, bitter, middle-aged men on the Internet. It just brings joy...
  7. I neva dun nuffink rong!!!
  8. I would laugh it off. Except that it's just as likely to kill someone else as it is its owner. If I see it around here (ten minutes from Dover) I'm on the blower straight away...
  9. Went past an N reg one last weekend on the M2. Made me smile. They really have all disappeared.
  10. Manager managed to talk to the grand overlord today. She's got all the players on the court at the moment, so can say what she likes. Has managed to negotiate me an extra £100 a month on top of the extra £100 a month I'm getting at the moment because I've taken over a lot of the responsibility for someone that's left. There are two of us doing the job of three. Even better, in a couple of weeks, I will be doing half of what I'm doing at the moment to cover the staff shortage, from 20 hours extra (of contact) a fortnight to 10. Which is massive, actually... EDIT: I mean, by their own figures I'm saving them £1600 a month - but I don't think I'll ever win that argument...
  11. Dan, I've just noticed your new user status. 'Toilet Blue' is something I've been saying for years and until now, only Lady Grumpius' Dad understood what I was on about...
  12. Until last June, I lived two minutes from that pub. I never saw anybody much there, so well found...!
  13. The Library is alright. I used to work for the local Mind association there a few years ago. Was interesting. Swanley was my area as well... Anyhow. Back to Invacars!
  14. Having worked in Dartford for three years, I never plan on going back...
  15. Hope this wasn’t you, Stuboy!!! https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/may/15/g4s-ambulance-staff-left-message-saying-they-could-beat-up-patient I’m sure it wasn’t, but holy Hell...
  16. Dob him in. He'll kill someone before too long.
  18. Had an all-staff meeting yesterday at work. At the end, the new Grand Overlord showed us a video of all of the good things that have happened over the last year. Which was actually quite nice. If it hadn't gone on for ten bloody minutes. The worst thing is that everybody was still lapping it all by the end, braindead...
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