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  1. Hope you're feeling better mate. I had one like this a few years ago where I gradually lost my vision as I was driving. Usually mine are just fuck-off headaches with a sore neck. I was quite grateful to have something else for a change but it wasn't much fun at the time. I just slept it off in the end. I've had one where my arm tingled before as well. But out of the hundred or so that I've had, those are the only two times it hasn't had the headache.
  2. If the engine gets going without issue, you can have roast spider for tea. I'm sure the cat will help if necessary.
  3. I think @Datsuncog missed a trick not become an author of political or historical satire. Maybe both. 'Flashman' meets 'The Thick of It'. Maybe call it 'Thickflash'.
  4. Get a slightly rusty Pearl double-braced boom stand and stick it slightly out of the passenger window. Works well. There was the time that I'd been playing a show and had so much gear in the car that I could only use 2nd and 4th because of a stand obstructing the gear stick - but that didn't really matter in the Ka...
  5. Grow a beard and wear your hair long. Also, a drum kit in the back helps. I did once overtake a Pagani Zonda in my Ka on the A2 near Dartford. That was the highlight of my driving life.
  6. I never got bullied in my Mk1 Ford Ka. I put this down to the fact that the passenger side was covered in dents...
  7. We've had a 2009 Cooper Clubman D for about six months and got it at about 54K. At 59K the clutch went although the warning signs had been there since we got it (but we didn't know at the time). Ended up needing a DMF and clutch replacement and that was expensive. It also likes to pretend that its bulbs are playing up (sensors) but this comes and goes and the handle for the bonnet release snapped (and has since been fixed). The warning sign on the clutch was that the pedal was heavy and then we couldn't find the torque band. Then it started slipping and gave up the ghost fairly rapidly. Ours has the Ford diesel engine. It's a nice engine and gives decent performance. It handles nicely and it's a pleasant place to be. The ride is a bit hard for my tastes and the seats are a bit small - but I'm 20-odd Stone. It's a really nice car and I like it, although the boot isn't as big as you think it is (even on the estate) but it is good fun to drive. You can get more bagpipes into most other estates and we all know how important that is.
  8. @Supernaut It's only when you look at the gaping armour plate gaps at the back of their T34-85, you realise just how shoddily built those things were. British Leyland had nothing on the Soviet Union.
  9. I've been driving a 130PD for the last six years. It's brilliant and incredibly easy to service.
  10. We were quoted something like £240 for our AA renewal this year. We cancelled it and then bought it again for more than £100 less and it includes more on the policy. Absolute clowns.
  11. Whose bowel are they licking? Just for clarity.
  12. I would have just sent him this back captioned 'Bus Wanker':
  13. Not sure your Fabia would get as far as Medway at the moment...!
  14. On that note, found this at Medway Services the other day. Didn't pick it up. It was right next to the Lorry parking and still switched on:
  15. Not quite as bad as my other half trying to force her Focus into reverse on the motorway after driving my car, which has 6th in the same position...
  16. Wouldn't have hurt the performance.
  17. My partner's Dad tells the story of a 1.3 Escort that his hire firm had delivered new and three months later, the engine completely shit the bed. They checked the engine number and it turned out that at some point, it had been hired and a chancer had done a swap. They had no practical way of working out who'd done it. Pretty good wheeze if you ask me.
  18. Mate of mine's Dad had a Triumph 2000. Passed it down to his youngest daughter (the car is 50 years old this year). They recommissioned the Triumph for her wedding. Needless to say it broke down on the way, so had to hitch a lift with a passer-by in full wedding regalia and a cadre of bridesmaids. True Autoshite stiyle.
  19. I've been playing around with a OnePlus Nord 5 for work the last couple of days. Doing some InTune device management work on it to make it into a dedicated locked-down camera with some secure file storage stuff going on (Microsoft Flows for the win!) but I have to say, that for £300, I've been really impressed with it. I don't know much about Android phones and I haven't had to 'live' with it at all but the hardware feels really good quality, the display is great and it's been very responsive. Not sure on battery life as that's irrevelevant for its eventual use-case but if you are looking and have that kind of money to spend, I'd put it in the comparison list.
  20. Non car-related grump. Trial in Canterbury today for a prominent event that happened just over a year ago. The bastard is denying murder, despite brutally killing the victim. Without giving away too much, the bastard lived quite close to me and I wish I could go back in time and throw him in the river...
  21. And if you're halfway decent, you can take an early retirement and work as a locum. I remember my Dad considering that when he retired a few years ago. In the end, the cost of registration and insurance meant that he'd have to work more than he wanted to cover it but if you want to semi-retire, there's plenty of locum work. Walk in, do a shift, piss off and leave the job at work.
  22. Something something, clutch, something something, other half, something something, on their way to work, something something, recovery by AA, something something, hopefully by Monday. Great morning.
  23. The main issue I see is totally unroadworthy vehicles through lack of basic maintenance. Go around any pubilc car park you care to mention and look at cars bought new in 2020. I'll bet you that at least a few have utterly fucked tyres. Look at all the cars in the car park and I'll bet you at least 10% have fucked tyres. The issue is, they're just not picked up by the Police. So whilst most of us might ocassionally let them get a bit lower than they should, we're not running cars with totally bald tyres and you can't see the cord. It's alarmingly common. So bi-annual MOTs are stupid. Not only that, it doesn't help the 'cost of living' in any meaningful way. The price of an MOT is fixed at about £55. Any additional cost is due to an MOT failure - so what the government are in fact saying here is that they're happy for cars that would otherwise fail an MOT to be on the road.
  24. If I need evidence of that assertion, I need look no further than a mirror.
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