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  1. Yeah AFAIK the branding only lasted one year after launch. Being from 1978/9 it's most likely a Princess 1.8HL. If it were from 1975 it would have been a Morris 1800 if I have my facts in the right order.
  2. Princess HL I'm pretty sure. Morris and Wolsley badging was ditched very early in its life.
  3. Specialist who was going to look at the BX is off ill. Damnit. Luckily, I'm home next weekend as well and the car should be seen to by then at least.
  4. In BX news I've got a couple things to do this weekend: Fit new boot strut Fit coil Swap carburettor lids over after cleaning the old one This is more of a note to self because I'll probably forget once Friday comes.
  5. I've just remembered I was going to make a report on FOTU 2021, but that's a rather long time ago now and I've not much to add. What I can add are a few factoids about the K11 Nissan Micra, which I learned when two Nissan Fitters stumbled across my car at the event. Here goes: Weird Facts About The K11 Normal People Wouldn't Care About, As Told By Guys Who Worked There At The Time The K11 is fully galvanised apart from two pieces. Perhaps this isn't a fact few know about but I certainly found it interesting- I was sure it wasn't, hence why most have crumbled away to nothing. According to the fitters, the Micra is made out of Durasteel, which, if you type into a search engine, either comes up with a tiny Nissan ad from 1998, shit tons of Star Wars fanpages, or asbestos-filled fire doors and wall panels. The two places not galvanised are the front crossmember, which is just ED coated mild steel, and the inner brace for the outer sill. Why did many of these cars get scrapped after 10 years? Simply because the sill drains would clog if too much underseal was applied at the factory and the gap between the brace and the outer sill was so small that they couldn't get any protective coating to stick to it. Apparently, the gap was so small you couldn't get water between the two pieces of steel. So, it was left untreated and free to rot out. If you had a model with a sunroof, you were especially unlucky, as the sunroof drains deposit water behind the rear jacking points. Water would collect and after enough time, they would form their own drain holes and fail the MoT. The removable panel on the inside of the boot is recycled steel. They recycled scraps from their presses to then make the inside panel on the boot. It's secured around the perimeter with slippy-screwey things. The binnacle was inspired by a rugby ball. Nobody knows why. The engine sizes deliberately mimicked the Mini. I'm sure this is probably a well-established fact. Needless to say, Nissan engineers were obsessing over the Mini so much that they engineered their engines to have the same displacement. The Micra Super S wasn't very sporty. The only changes made were special bumpers and wheels. Pop-out window models are very easy to break into. One of the fitters told me they were doing PDI work on finished models. Their line manager came out and announced they were going to investigate an issue with pop-out rear windows making cars easy to steal. He walked up to a Micra SLX, punched the latch area of the window and it popped open. From there on, he could fish in a wire coathanger and unlock the doors.
  6. Just bought this With a view to someday, at some time, fit it to the BX. Rather surprised I found one to be honest.
  7. It feels like that, for sure. Hopefully having it up in the air this Friday will tell all.
  8. This morning, the BX has now decided it will sit at the correct ride height on every setting. I R Confuse.
  9. Most likely the whole plane. At work, everyone in the department I work in got pinged in the space of a few hours, despite not meeting the person who tested positive at all in the last 3 days.
  10. Cheers! Much appreciated. I've got one on order but can cancel if you've got one.
  11. Sale? Yeah, about that. I'm rather embarassed to say this, but nevertheless I believe I jumped the gun a bit on jettisoning the BX. While my family was on board with getting rid of the car when the suspension went all wonky, my dad had a stab at the height control situation and made it sort of better. Then he booked it into a local specialist. Turns out he likes it. Who'd have known? It's fair to say that in driving the Micra on the motorway and doing long distance, I began to really miss the space and comfort of the BX. Indeed, when I pulled up at home and saw it in the dark, I thought I should give it another chance. Sort of surprisingly, the car concurred... well, it would if it was a living thing, but it isn't one. What happened is that I made sure everything electrical still worked (which it did), then I had a go at moving the height control lever without the car running. Indeed, it was now stiff but moved throughout the range. Then, *clunk* and it moved easily thoughout all the settings. I started the car - took a bit of cranking to fill up the bowl but it started and ran. It sounds brilliant with the new starter, so at least that was a good replacement. Then, I ran it through every heing setting once pressure was built. This is what it looks like at normal ride height: Intermediate (slightly higher) ride height: Maximum height: I couldn't get it to raise to max height a couple of weeks ago. Something clicked back into position and it's now working 75% correctly. Even though the rear raises up to the normal ride height, the front stays settled. When I set the lever to the interediate setting, the front raises and the car is at normal ride height. Setting the lever to maximum height makes the front and rear raise up. For the car to actually be drivable, the height lever needs to be set at the intermediate setting, which is what I'll leave it at so the garage can diagnose the fault. This points to a linkage fault as opposed to anything else. It'll be interesting to see what's failed under there. Needless to say, A ground clearance inspection and adjustment, once it's fixed, will be called for, just in case this issue has causes some mechanical borkage to occur. This is now what I have to set the car at to get the suspension running again. The nearside strut has stopped squeaking as well. What hasn't change is the amount of horizontal play in the top mount, so it still definitely needs replacement. I also need to buy a strut vent/return hose from Chevronics, along with a large jubilee clip. Doing this will allow me to bodge the broken one at my leisure, for when the offside one eventually breaks. It'll happen at some point. I also attempted to change the ignition coil. They said it would fit the BX. Great, but not my BX. The connector pattern is all different! Fortunately the correct one should be with me next week. Languishing in failure, I decided I should re-time and tune the engine some more. After doing so, ignition is now 9 degrees BTDC, and I managed to make the mixture leaner with negligible idle RPM loss. That should help with the engine running and emissions. I've also discovered another oil leak: around the distributor mount. It might just require tightening down or something. Regardless, it ain't oil tight and helps explain why I've lost a touch of oil since changing it.
  12. They're set in the coil epoxy unfortunately. Luckily, seller accepts returns and the correct one was sourced for half the price.
  13. I needed some cheering up so I re-ran the Micra's insurance quotes as renewal's next month: That's rather good. I paid £1800 last year for black box insurance alone. EDIT: Ran the numbers on the BX as well and insurance dropped by £600 to £1411. Nice!
  14. Yep, these are H4. I have a socket or 3 going spare should you want it at some point. Includes free mucky H4 bulb.
  15. BX booked into here: https://www.kandmcitroen.com/ They did the clutch on my dad's former boss' BX17 RD back in the 1990s and do hydopneumatic stuff on the side.
  16. Smol parking My parking's exeptionally shit though. I was in a rush... probably!
  17. With error margins a mile wide and dubious mathematics, I can safely* conclude that it's still more aerodynamic than a cow.
  18. That's a familiar sight! Going Kent direction I see...
  19. Our company is hot on this stuff. It appears to be a collaboration between HR and management and requires training. I think it's something like immediate councelling should someone go south mentally, with these "first-aiders" having various tools to help and/or direct people in the direction of professional help. My line manager was undertaking this course but dropped out because the training was "utter bollocks", so it's likely more of a box-ticking exercise providing little help.
  20. In a surprising turn of events, my family have said they want me to keep the BX because they like it. Quite the different tone from last week, that's for sure. All of this is thanks to my dad rediscovering a hydropneumatic Citroen specialist a couple miles away from where I live. He's even booked it in for me. Going to have the garage look over it first, but the car might hang onto me for a little while yet... I'll try to get the place's name and post it here should other PSA lickers the the South East need work done.
  21. Glorious with extra glory. I should think fettling with the carburettor some more should help with your top speed. Ignition timing could also be something to look at if it hasn't already.
  22. Somewhere in outer Vancouver. He was able to transfer his job in mining to an office over there which helped get his income secure. He still had to amass funds to prove he could sustain himself long enough to get a job IIRC.
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