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  1. Ope, had to re-upload the image.
  2. A friend of mine in Utah had a rather unhappy ending to 2023. He pranged a deer while driving back home in the small hours this morning I guess this is what happens to a 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix when you hit a grown deer at 65MPH. Fortunately he wasn't hurt and the car still drove. What stings is that he had only just put new head gaskets on, replaced the water pump and replaced the starter motor after the solenoid failed. I feel sorry for the fella, he put a lot of work into keeping the car alive only for this to happen. Life is a real bitch sometimes.
  3. The US car industry from that time had a really nasty habit of making all manner of weird things metric on a whim (usually important bits too!), while leaving everything else as Standard. It was almost like if they updated or changed a part or assembly, they'd have that as metric, whereas everything else around it was 5/16" or 1/4" etc. Happily though, they never used Whitworth. Another happy thing was that, with time and lots of salt, the fasteners usually re-sized themselves
  4. Yep, I've found page loading to be quite slow over the last few days.
  5. Who needs an airbag when you have BUTTONZ!
  6. Apologies if this has already been mentioned but holy oof! Never good when you find advanced burnage like that. With that shorted cap you've found, you'll need to desolder it and then test the same spot on the board and see if there still is a short. With that damaged and burned area though, I'm suspicious of that chip that's mounted to that heatsink. It may have failed short which has caused those tracks to lift and burn up. It looks to me as if it once looked like this: A fibreglass pen would do wonders in scraping away all the charring and further revealing where everything used to connect to. A schematic diagram would be a godsend in this case.
  7. I quite like that, wouldn't mind having another old smol petrol hatchback.
  8. Capacitor juices do nasty things to circuit boards. Give the board a wash with some isopropyl alcohol and you should be all good. Don't be too alarmed if your replacement caps are physically smaller and look a bit funny on the PCB. I don't know what voltage yours are rated for, but I've got a few 16V 100uF capacitors and they're bloody tiny!
  9. That temp readout rebuild is just fantastic. I love the attention to detail you have.
  10. Not only were all three dimmer switches broken, I was greeted by this lovely thing. A qualified, accredited electrician wired this up 15 years ago. Why he didn't press the switch against the wall, pull back out and check all his connections were tight is beyond me. It's 20 extra seconds to your install time for extra security. I'm not grumpy because of a potential fire risk, I'm grumpy because of the lack of pride the guy took in this work.
  11. Ah, that's what mine was like before I had the spheres changed. Afterwards I was able to squish the back end down quite easily by standing on the bumper, then marvelled at how it magically floated back to normal height after a few seconds. Fine work as always😁
  12. Ope, it looks like the bootlid's been resprayed in the past. That might explain why it's all suddenly bubbling off.
  13. Big patch of lacquer just peeled off. Arse.
  14. AMAZEBALLZ work. Great to see another one being made roadworthy again! This isn't helping me trying not to buy another one though...
  15. Hopefully this hasn't yet been posted, but, come on chaps, what's not to like?
  16. Quote of the year material, surely.
  17. It won too! Against that Previa. Boy that thing hit hard.
  18. I'm at a derby in yankland about to see some stuff get destroyed. Is this a Mondeo/Contour?
  19. You should buy it, you know you want to.
  20. Brother's old P38 did something similar in a hot carpark. We were see-sawwing for ages before the engine decided to work.
  21. Love this, description slightly weird though-
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