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  1. And knowing we never got soft top K11s, I'm willing to bet it's an auto as well. I remember seeing a JDM import for sale last year.
  2. I'm rather surprised it's lasted so long its shat its throttle body as opposed to its gearbox. My HBOL showed what light combos on the LED strip meant what. The MAF suggestion was from my dad's experience with the family K11 which went all kangaroo when the MAF went on one journey. Reading into it a bit, the fact your car sounds fine when revved suggests something else though. Don't give up on the wee thing just yet. There aren't many really early K11s bimbling about anymore. Besides, yours has just been welded so has a much better chance of surviving the weather.
  3. Apologies if this has already been tried and done, but has the ECU been interrogated? There's the LED strip on the side and the OBD1 port as well to approach it. Also, MAF sensor, but I'd expect this was already done.
  4. Fumbler


    I really should try Woollarding so I can be Mr. Woolard Woollarding on the Woolard family vehicles.
  5. Right, I thought I'd put this in a separate post owing to size and subject. I found out that the wheels on the BX are actually light grey, and I like it a lot! I have An Question regarding the colours. Do I: Go stock and have the wheels grey and the trims silver- Or, Have both the trims and the wheels grey? I've got a bit more freedom to do cosmetics on the BX, as the Micra doesn't really need any and is silver/grey throughout. It would be a shame to break up the dull appearance.
  6. OK so not much has happened. Instead, I bimbled back to Somerset for the final stint of college this year. Have some vehicle statuses: BX: Working Micra: Japanese Yes indeed, all is currently going well. The Micra has acted as as very good commuter car and the front brakes have been fixed. I've yet to do the welding on the sill but I'm waiting until I get a proper MIG welder before doing repairs. I'd like to make sure that the repair structurally sound. I also need to buy a can of cavity wax and drill a hole in the patches I made for the crossmember. I forgot to do it last year
  7. The BX found a friend in the forecourt. Very enthusiastic and appreciative owner!
  8. Every day is a schoolday. FCA eat your heart out.
  9. He's brilliant. Been following him for years.
  10. Spotify has borked itself with the Microshaft error 00xc0000142. Compatability mode, scannow and all that stuff hasn't fixed it. Even editing the registry values hasn't given any joy. I wonder what's gone wrong in my hard drive to do this?
  11. Micras are nice but low-geared and shouty because of the undersquare engine. It would probably be as comfortable as the Primera on the motorway. If you find a prefacelift one, chances are it'll either be a low-mileage old person's car that's been well cared for, or it'll be hanging on for dear life, barely scraping through MoTs. Their interiors and seats are much better than facelift cars IMO. They're excellent commuter cars and family hatchbacks but have limitations when going at speed for long amounts of time. I'd still say the Corolla is a good idea, especially on the corrosion resista
  12. It's not the nicest looking thing but it'll do very well. Something that doesn't cause stress due to bodywork or mechanical issues, a robust interior and benign driving style and comfort level. Yes, it'll probably be as fun and interesting as a new fridge, but it shouldn't let you down if you get a well-kept one.
  13. Failing that wouldn't an early 2000s/late 1990s Corolla or Avensis estate do you well? The one thing I would hope for one of those is that they're not as shouty and uncomfortable as the Primera you had. Something that is reliable, low maintenance and holds a good amount of luggage points to a solid Japanese or German car in my mind. Preferably someone that doesn't have the propensity to rust either. Perhaps a late 90's Corolla wouldn't be a good idea on that front.
  14. As I stated earlier, Halon is very good at suffocating fires and living things. You're right saying CO2 will kill people in a similar fashion, especially in enclosed spaces. It's not so bad out in the open to vent halon and CO2. The fact the extinguisher is still holding pressure is quite good, but it's still a halon extinguisher. Some quick googling shows they haven't been manufactured in over 20 years. A nice prop, yes, but I still wouldn't rely on it if it were me. A dry powder extinguisher isn't much after a quick search, as is a carbon dioxide one.
  15. Yeah it's a brilliant fire suppressant. The problem with it is that it's so dense it displaces oxygen nearly literally everywhere in the place it's released in. Halon 1211 IIRC was able to completely suffocate someone in 15 seconds flat.
  16. I'd say hand it to the fire station, otherwise a local fire extinguisher supplier will take them in. Halon will kill you in 15 seconds flat if exposed to it, it was that good at smothering fire.
  17. Ah that's right! I get interference from the washer motors and the wiper motor.
  18. Looks like removal of the rear subframe will be your best bet. While you're at it, you may as well re-run the pipework on the subframe and the pipes leading from the front to the back. Only reason why I say this is because it'll be a really opportune time to get it done, plus the state of the rear end doesn't bode well for the state of the plated hydraulic lines. Looking forward to all this work on your cars. Still digging that little 311 you have. I'll have a drive in one someday.
  19. Aye, the good folk on the BX forum concur. I have the suspicion this radio doesn't have RDS but it definitely should have supression built in. If not there's a cavern behind the back of the radio for me to fit one!
  20. That nose just looks so right on it.
  21. The stash is in Uckfield, so not all that far away as roads go. All A-roads too.
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