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  1. I mentioned to my dad that the BX wants a topping up of water to get rid of the low coolant warning. Seems water is disappearing from the expansion tank somehow. This was his suggestion 😳
  2. As the BX's MoT on Wednesday slowly creeps on me, I ventured up to the unit to do some things. So far I have: Replaced a dodgy boot strut Fixed the choke pulldown and the car is happier for it Filled with £15 worth of petrol Checked lights Found there is indeed no exhaust leak. Instead it's condensation boiling off the manifold Found the spare key does start the car- it's just the barrel is a bit stiff with the spare. All-in-all, a good hour's work done. Here's hoping it doesn't fail (too badly)!
  3. That chrome grille trim was standard on all facelift models from 1998 onwards.
  4. It looks delightfully shonky. Great buyage.
  5. Ooh it's a late 90's one. Does it have the 1.0 SPEED MACHINE or the 1.3?
  6. Firefox has automatically made the theme dark by default and I have no clue how to put it back. Thanks, Firefox- Thirefox
  7. Sounds like a similar story here. Weirdly enough, the identical year/engine BX I found at Chevonics had a Valeo keyset and ignition barrel. Delightfully confusing.
  8. Ah yes, the "remove tumblers" method. My suspicion is that the door locks are more worn than the ignition barrel, or, at least, the driver's door is. I managed to unlock it once with just the key blank.
  9. This could easily have been a work email 🤣 "Dear Technicians: It has been brought to management's attention that some individuals throughout the company have been using foul language during the course of normal conversation with their co-workers. Due to complaints received from some employees who may be easily offended, this type of language will no longer be tolerated. We do, however, realize the critical importance of being able to accurately express your feelings when communicating with co-workers. Therefore, a list of 18 New and Innovative 'TRY SAYING' phrases have been provided so that proper exchange of ideas and information can continue in an effective manner. Number 1 TRY SAYING: I think you could use more training.. INSTEAD OF: You don't know what the fuck you're doing. Number 2 TRY SAYING: She's an aggressive go-getter. INSTEAD OF: She's a fucking bitch. Number 3 TRY SAYING: Perhaps I can work late. INSTEAD OF: And when the fuck do you expect me to do this? Number 4 TRY SAYING: I'm certain that isn't feasible. INSTEAD OF: No fucking way. Number 5 TRY SAYING: Really? INSTEAD OF: You've got to be shitting me! Number 6 TRY SAYING: Perhaps you should check with... INSTEAD OF: Tell someone who gives a shit. Number 7 TRY SAYING: I wasn't involved in the project. INSTEAD OF: It's not my fucking problem. Number 8 TRY SAYING: That's interesting. INSTEAD OF: What the fuck? Number 9 TRY SAYING: I'm not sure this can be implemented. INSTEAD OF: This shit won't work. Number 10 TRY SAYING: I'll try to schedule that. INSTEAD OF: Why the fuck didn't you tell me sooner? Number 11 TRY SAYING: He's not familiar with the issues... INSTEAD OF: He's got his head up his ass. Number 12 TRY SAYING: Excuse me, sir? INSTEAD OF: Eat shit and die. Number 13 TRY SAYING: So you weren't happy with it? INSTEAD OF: Kiss my ass. Number 14 TRY SAYING: I'm a bit overloaded at the moment. INSTEAD OF: Fuck it, I'm on salary. Number 15 TRY SAYING: I don't think you understand. INSTEAD OF: Shove it up your ass. Number 16 TRY SAYING: I love a challenge. INSTEAD OF: This fucking job sucks. Number 17 TRY SAYING: You want me to take care of that? INSTEAD OF: Who the fuck died and made you boss? Number 18 TRY SAYING: He's somewhat insensitive. INSTEAD OF: He's a prick."
  10. I'm going to book the BX in for its MoT tomorrow for next week. I won't be able to do it but father has said he's cool with delivering it round the corner. It was also apparently admired by a Xantia driver, so there's smiles all-round. The bonus is that if it fails, I have at least a few more weekends to scrape the carnage off the ground rectify the issues. Emissions has me worried because carburettor and manifold leak, and the oil leak it has which I'm determined to fix. I am sure all will be well* come the day. I caved and bought the correct alternator(!) because I'm feeling rich and getting tired trying to invent new ways of shimming out the pulley. This at least gives me the excuse to take the weird one apart, repack the front bearing, paint it up and properly align stuff at my lethargic pace leisure. I also got a spare key cut for it... but apparently it only operates the doors. I asked why and father said "feck knows" so that'll be fun figuring out what's going on- I may have engaged the steering lock when I parked it. Or, more likely, my Simplex spare key is just a teeny tiny bit wrong for the super high tolerance ignition barrel which I definitely and totally cannot pull the key out of when the car is running. In the meantime, the Micra is still bimbling along and I should really pull my finger out and weld the sill.
  11. Reminds me of when I drove @Rust Collector's Skoda Favorit. It certainly takes some adjustment to the terrifying vagueness.
  12. +2 on the robbing bastids comment. That's £360 I won't see in any form ever again.
  13. This is interesting. Didn't know stuff was being changed.
  14. Not if we go in the same direction as the US has done
  15. I need to get another old bell phone. I currently have an AT&T 2500 clone that somehow made it to our shores. It's built so damn well it's unbelievable.
  16. Decided not to fuck with strange brakes: Skill: -10 Man Points: -5 In all seriousness though, farming out this kind of work at this time of the year is probably a very good idea.
  17. That's it! I looked up the GV suffix and it says Ipswich too.
  18. Oh hey I've just noticed it was registered in the same place as my Micra. I think it's Bury St. Edmunds area?
  19. That's worse than Vauxhall's red paint. Our red Jazz of similar age turned dog dick pink, but at least the lacquer didn't peel.
  20. Just started another month block at college and it already feels like I've been here for weeks doing SFA. This'll be one looooooong January.
  21. Both calipers fucked or a blocked front proportioning block thingie?
  22. Fast charging is good, but depending on the battery type, it will cause a lot of wear on the cells.
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