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  1. Has @HMCowned this yet, and if not, why not ?
  2. I wonder if the new owner, owns a Clio ?
  3. @SiCYou want another one ? The horn works lol
  4. I thought that was the cassette slot in the middle, until you said that 🤦‍♂️
  5. These get more and more appealing as time goes on. Said no one EVER !!
  6. I thought it was just me that felt like this !
  7. You sick fucks "liking" a motorbike accident !!
  8. This is what i was thinking of
  9. I think it said Lambda on the front grill
  10. Anymore of the ahem...............Daimler lol
  11. Can you get T shirts to fit an insect 😕
  12. camryv6


    Don't you remember There's something about Mary, don't go on a collection with a loaded gun
  13. Do you mean ooof! i can still remember your fun* with your mini lol
  14. Fucking hell, properly registered too !!
  15. That Fiesta "identifies" itself as a Focus
  16. ok i will do some googling, thanks
  17. ok how does one rip it ?
  18. That's the problem i have, i copy the cd onto the computer then transfer it to a usb, but don't now how to convert it so the usb will play ?
  19. How do you covert a cd to a usb ?
  20. The Volvo, if the tyres rub, you will have to roll the arches lol
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