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The daftest shite creations...


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1 minute ago, AnnoyingPentium said:

These two really fucked with my head



Most of them are also set up so the front is the back too


They're from a film by some bloke called Michel Gondry, haven't had much success tracking down any youtube clips though

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4 minutes ago, D.E said:

This Escort has the rear lights of a Ferrari F355 and the front ones of a Peugeot 306 (I sadly do not have any pictures of the front). It should still exist but inspection expired well over two years ago.


This is one of those rare cases where the rear lights are worth more than the whole car.

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6 hours ago, Spiny Norman said:

Two ends of an AMC pacer welded together, fair enough. But the whole shell appears to be sitting on top of something else.


Looks like there's an AMC Javelin inside. Just to complicate matters.

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On 6/8/2022 at 12:45 PM, Zelandeth said:

Think I remember my folks having a photo of that from back in the 80s too.  Looks like it must be utterly terrifying to drive!

I think its been rebuilt a few time over the years, theres some pics on their site, think it was last rebuilt in 2019. http://www.derbyrollerworld.co.uk/the-boot.html

Its classed as a Volkswagen Rollerboot on the MOT check site.


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