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Stars in Shite


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1 hour ago, garethj said:

Ted Moult from the Everest double glazing adverts with his Vauxhall 101.  He was a farmer who evolved into a TV and radio personality.


The advert was filmed at The Tann Inn, the highest pub in Britain.


The pub is called Tan Hill.

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12 minutes ago, New POD said:


The hill is called Tan Hill. 

The pub is called tan hill inn 

I once played pool there whilst walking the pennine way aged 16 (1983) 

It rained. 

You’re right it is correctly the Tan Hill Inn.  My parents live not far from it but I’ve only been in once. Normally it’s surrounded by a hundred camper vans who have gone to escape the crowds and fail to see the irony.

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