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  1. Quite liek the curly windshield wiper
  2. Would like to see her Woollarding a monster truck.
  3. Saw it in 2017 at the Walton Bridge Breakfast Club.
  4. Quality thread that made me do quite a few LOLs. 11/10
  5. Athena seen here in 2012; did a DVLA search and it's taxed until June 2024.
  6. up! Black In 2023, absolutely vital to get these two words in the right order.
  7. Back to the original topic; still Renault but no photo Renault Trafic Sport
  8. Never did find out if this was a legit Limited Edition.
  9. Mitsubishi Lancer, previously seen in the Mismatched Panels thread. Mitsubishi Mirage (with wet paint) 1980s Nissan Sunny
  10. The same guy owns these two. That's him in the RX-7 wearing a color-coded vest. Mitsubishi Colt
  11. Seeing as I'm in here again (lazy), here's some '70s and 80s tat. 1985 Nissan Bluebird
  12. Of course there is* Every vehicle must pass an emissions test and an "inspection" prior to annual renewal of the registration. No idea what the emissions are like on this privately owned PUJ
  13. Mustang II update: since the removal of the CPT, the car has been moved to the other side of the road. So technically, it's not a "dumped car".
  14. If there was an automotive equivalent of IVF octuplets; they won't necessarily be identical.
  15. Previously seen in the Cat Piss Tarp Challenge thread; there's been no typhoons lately so I presume the CPT was ripped off by human hand.
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