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  1. Because it's hard to make a plate out of "gentile".
  2. TH15 WAS A quite unremarkable Polo driven by a lady who probably wasn't Sally James
  3. Didn't have an old trials bike in the bed. DISAPPOINT
  4. A very unusual kei van import; Subaru Dias Prius from a time before Uber An unusual plate this far dahn sahf A local car that AT LONG LAST has been wrassled by my camera. Spot of the Year so far.
  5. Not a giffer mod per se but I find myself inexplicably annoyed when I see a panama hat on a parcel shelf.
  6. Unlicensed since January 2002, I wonder what caused it's early retirement and subsequent not taken away by scrapman. I sense human tragedy. Anonymous Korean appliance. WANT A very welcome change from the ubiquitous Citroën H. '64 'bird wearing an Arizona Historic Vehicle plate. Apparently, these plates are made from Arizonian copper. Genuinely fascinating. To me, anyways.
  7. C124 looking very nice. Integra looking a bit Type R Concerto looking a bit poggy, peely and scrapey. Looks very good from the O/S; not so much on the N/S (not pictured but trust me) Oh, there was an ST220 estate. Never knew that.
  8. No April showers yet so had a wander for a couple of hours. Found a (Westernised) kei car. One of them 'tings that@dollywobblerhad to move on. This one is off-roaderised TO THE MAX* Oooh, 'Blade. 16" front wheels are nothing to be scared of. Speaking of inches, here's 88 more. P38 looking very nice.
  9. March kind of ended with a sporty* Corsa 316i (I've heard this running, might need a new camshaft) Some say that the future is electric... ... while others say the future is hydrogen. Some BL types might have said "let's park this somewhere and someone might want it in the future". February 1973 to be precise; late registration madness. I've got a passing interest in construction vehicles, so I spent a few minutes watching the boom being retracted on this Liebherr. I was stood across the road with camera in hand, waiting
  10. Saw an Iso Grifo this morning with the plate 1 GFO A dream car from my childhood.
  11. Aaah, thanks. That's answered a question I asked myself at the Brooklands Winter Classic Breakfast in 2018.
  12. Starting to notice these now that they are disappearing. I'll always notice these even though they'll never disappear. LWB Transit camper that retains it's "van" profile; unusual, that. 100% certain the same guy owns these artifacts. Check out that mid-90s signwriting. Mobile phone numbers didn't always start with 07 99.9% certain the same guy owns the A35 and Bentley up there aways ^^^^^^^^
  13. An ideal weapon for most anything that isn't in Londinium. Some sort of dirty protest going on in the back there. Well, this looks cherished. Right next door, oooh. I'm reliably informed that this shares a driveway with an identical twin registered E3WOO
  14. Marching ever onwards, the lack of wheel covers is contrasted by the presence of OEM headlamp covers. Grand HiAce; much less common than most other JDM people movers. L300 much less common than most other vans. An ideal weapon for the Londinium school run.
  15. Three unspectacular spots to conclude the month of February; these Volvos fascinate me for some reason, in much the way that later Saab 9-3s do. Maybe I should emigrate to Sweden. Still loads of these around but nice to see nonetheless. The future, today. I'd like to think a Luddite was trying to syphon petrol out of it.
  16. i spotted the Stellar this morning in Walton-on-Thames; has it returned to it's previous Surrey home in a Christine stylee?
  17. Could also be a Y(1)THO? but might just be me and my wonky eyesight.
  18. Spotted this VN SV5000 in leafy* Surrey back in 2012; last MOT expired in July 2018. It wasn't in perfect condition even then, I hope it's not now decaying like that VC up there.
  19. Just stumbled across this page, I'm such an ingénue https://en.uncyclopedia.co/wiki/Autosite
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