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  1. I also spy a Majorette Renault 5,& a Siku Peugeot 205 CTi
  2. Thanks,but I meant the one next to the yellow digger thing
  3. Can anyone identify the white car top right corner under the P&O container?
  4. That's brilliant,at least we know they are out there 😀
  5. I missed the Cararama Ford Puma when I was on my way home in my Ford Puma 😂
  6. A few bits from the charity shop this morning The red truck is interesting.At first glance I thought it was just a generic plastic toy,but it's actually Ford Cargo shaped The writing on the front doesn't say Ford though,it says Ashok Leyland The makers name is Centy Toys,an Indian company so this is probably my first Indian toy vehicle 😀
  7. Tuesday was local toyfair night,so I took Miss_155 along as she'd never been before.There wasn't much there different from last month,so all I bought was this Corgi Bentley T Series This is a nice model,& everything opens I love the colour,it contrasts nicely with the Rolls Royce I got a few months back Miss_155 found this metal pig & Dumbo the elephant.Total toy fair spend including admission was £9.00 😀 Then I had a delivery today from @Dick Longbridgethe Siku Mercedes bus & Corgi Transit Really pleased with them both,but no idea where to put the bus as the Siku cabinet is bursting at the seams😁 The Transit sits nicely with the Matchbox Sierra,I'm sure someone will do transfers for the Hotwheels Sierra soon though
  8. I had to go to Pets at Home for some kitten toys,so had a look next door in Halfords for Hotwheels.They had some cars I hadn't seen before like a black Studebaker pickup,Toyota Land Cruiser in a sand colour,& a Mooneyes '56 Ford Panel Truck in matt red. A quick look online suggests these are from the C Case,which comes after the one with the Sierra,so might be worth a look if you have one nearby 😉
  9. I went to 3 different Tescos last night & today.No Capris,but I did find these in the one I just visited 😀
  10. I've just been to a Tesco that had the remains of a Matchbox case & seen these I don't recognise any of them from the last mix,so it looks like there is new stuff out there.
  11. Could I please have the Siku bus & the Corgi Texaco Transit? Thanks
  12. Just black for now,the next version will be blue
  13. Sorry you're suffering so much.I tested positive last Thursday,but apart from a sore throat & occasional headache,I haven't felt too bad.
  14. A surprise delivery yesterday was this Corgi Junior Ironside van I saw it on FB Marketplace on Thursday,it was fairly local,but I'd just tested positive for Covid so couldn't go to collect.I paid him to post it,& thought I'd get it next week. I got a knock on the door yesterday morning,old chap had bought it round for me 😁 Looking back,I think I saw this at a car boot back in the autumn,but didn't have enough left to buy it. Really please with this one,it's not mint,but still very nice,and complete
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