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  1. Day off today,so went into town for breakfast & to look round the charity shops.I didn't find anything,but came home to find this outside my front door I hadn't ordered anything,so opened it up to find that it's the cars I won from @RichardK at the weekend 🙂.I got them out for a quick picture Some very nice cars here,my favourites so far are the Metro set,the Lancia Stratos,& the Alfa Giulia. It's my birthday today,so nice timing.Thanks again Richard 😎
  2. I'm planning to add some more cars to my sales thread tomorrow evening,7.00 ok?
  3. A few finds from tonight's toyfair Corgi Mini with more paint than the one I already have Lone Star fire engine,has been partly repainted(badly),but it's all there Some tyres for my poodle van AHC Seat Ibiza,limited edition apparently And a metal tilt for a Corgi Chipperfields Land Rover,in case I buy one with it missing.At £3.00,this was the most expensive thing I bought
  4. I wonder if there was a real vehicle like that,it seems an odd choice to use as a base for a dog carrier
  5. Some more Circusness arrived today in the shape of this '59 Chevy Poodle van I wasn't a fan of this for a long time but it's grown on me It's complete apart from crumbling tyres,& the poodles which I wasn't too bothered about anyway. The suspension has dropped,but at least it's the same all round.It would be a shame to drill it apart.I'll look for some tyres at the toyfair next week
  6. I've got the trailer,I wondered where it came from as there's nothing on the base
  7. I only browse the forum on my phone,as I don't have a PC any more.Up until yesterday,I got the version that fits phones better,with no signatures showing Now I'm getting the version you get on a PC with the text being much smaller.Is this something I've done by accident,& how can I get it back to how it was?
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