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Stars in Shite


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I don't know any current celebrities so have this instead!



Edit: for @Pieman

John Lennon (of The Beatles pop group) with his wife Yoko Ono (artist)...


I have no idea who most of the people pictured in this thread are and most likely still would not know if they had their names listed haha!

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Maybe pushing the remit a bit given he was neither a star or a celebrity, but Colin Powell was fond of a broken Ovlov or two.


As did Jerry Seinfeld seen here in his P1800


David Letterman had a 960 with a V8.


Kurt Cobain loved his 240.






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I remember my brother telling me that he’d seen a famous bands drummer visiting a mate who lived opposite, or down the road, whatever, and he was driving a Skoda yeti. He got talking to him and he said “nobody recognises me in this, it’s great!”

i will try and find out who it was, no pictures obviously. But I can fully understand why famous folk would have a run-of-the-mill shite piece to use for day to day jobs… 

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