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  1. Shouldn’t need any ptfe tape on the strut as I’m sure the air pipe is a push fit fitting with a rubber o ring, be careful driving it around with an air leak as you will ware out the compressor
  2. Looking at the MOT history it’s had its sills and rear spring mounts repaired on every other MOT since 2010ish there’s also the issue of the May and Schofield immobiliser that will fail at some point which will probably scrap the car
  3. What’s are they like to live with ? Parts availability etc ? What’s wheels fit ? Are the front wings bolt on ? I would be greatfull for any info you have on these sorry for all the questions
  4. also what’s this keyhole for ?
  5. Just out of curiosity, how easy are these to get parts for ? Did a google search last night and found body panels are available but just wondered about brakes, suspension parts etc
  6. What about if you need space and go off-road but don’t want 2 cars ?
  7. Fuckin BBC 2 this ain’t the Interview with the Vampire that I remember
  8. goosey

    Stars in Shite

    I swear I saw an episode of this where Tweed was trying to do a quick 3 point turn in that Jag to give chase and ended up backing it down a dirt embankment by accident like a bellend - the baddies got away although I may have imagined this
  9. That Limo tint with gradual fade looks exclusive to fuck
  10. I remember seeing a documentary on YouTube about Michele Mouton who drive for Audi, apparently the Spanish are the worst for trying to “touch” the cars as they go past at one point in the pits the Mechanics were removing severed fingers from the Air Intakes
  11. This got me googling the price for a brand new heritage Bodyshell 11 bloody grand !!!
  12. goosey

    Stars in Shite

    “Who signed for this Van?”
  13. We got this new apprentice at work and he keeps doing this weird grin like he knows something you don’t and in reality he probably knows fuck all that’s really important or worth knowing
  14. Applied the parking brake in the Merc earlier and got a load bang and a slack parking brake pedal n/s cable has failed, was only replaced 6 months ago 😡will pick up a new genuine one tomorrow
  15. Sat waiting since 8am as I can’t get on-site till my RAMS are approved, and the only guy who can approve them won’t answer his phone.
  16. Oh yeah definitely, only a Mug would replace brake discs in pairs *
  17. To make peace, Try and hug your neighbour while wearing filthy shitty overalls and greasy work gloves, bonus points for shaking his hand and not letting go
  18. Saw something similar but it was an old man washing his Ford Fusion using the water dispensing machine/tyre inflator, he’d also bought all his own kit with him. The guys missus was sat in the car shouting at him to hurry up because of the queue he was causing
  19. expansion vessel on the combi boiler started leaking, just in time for the cold weather 😢
  20. Looked like the pic was took at Habberley Valley car park nr Bewdley
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