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  1. OMFG !!!!!!! the new Renault Alpine..........it’s here !!!!!
  2. Another night away, another evening meal In contractor corner with site workers who can’t blow their fucking nose and constantly sniff snot back into their throats and talk with a mouthful of flem 🤢
  3. Nice car, I like the way your keeping it original May be worth changing the plastic thermostat housing to a metal one when you change the water pump. You probably already know but try and get the front end as high up as possible when you refill the cooling system as they are a pain for air locks.
  4. Cant replace just the worn bearings in my washing machine, have to replace the whole Drum. Oh bother
  5. Always remember when Hyacinth said something to her neighbour Lizz about not wanting to go in Lizzs Metro as Hyacinths Rover “Shines more” even thought the Metro was a couple of years newer.
  6. When I spoke to my wife about 10 mins ago, she said the fire had all but gone out by 9ish. To be fair if we’d have asked him he probably would have put it out as he’s a sound bloke and it isn’t an everyday occurrence. I don’t know why but it really really pissed me off this morning, beautiful day and someone having a burn
  7. Beautiful morning and it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day weather wise, so why the fuck my neighbour at 6am decided to fill his burner bin with old feather edge light it on fire then ponce around it smoking a cigarette dressed in his dressing gown like Noel Coward I have no idea
  8. Stopped for fuel on the A419 this afternoon nr Swindon, there was a very attractive young lady at the pump next me fueling up an N reg Vauxhall Mountery 3.1
  9. My new company car was supposed to be delivered next week, now it’s been put back to the 1st week of September. The lease has expired on the car I have now so that’s being collected end of this week, not sure if the lease can be extended, probably can’t as collection has now been arranged. so it looks like I’m in hire cars for the next few months 😳
  10. How does the 4x4 work on these ?
  11. Maybe worth speaking to the manager, as it wouldn’t be worth the salesman’s time as there’s no commission to be made.
  12. Are these FWD with a switch to activate the back axle for 4x4 ?
  13. I would love to get a Suzuki Alto fx. I came very close to buying one just to keep immaculate and not use but I just don’t need another car
  14. As long as that third axle has drive ( although not sure how it could be done) im on board
  15. Following this “outfit” as it leant over in the corners, the pics not great as my wife took it and didn’t understand why I wanted a photo of some “stupid trailer”
  16. Reminds me of when I changed the springs on the back of my old ML270
  17. My mother in law WhatsApp video calling my wife 3 seconds after I arrive back from work every night of the week.
  18. Something definitely amiss with that Lacetti, I drove my Grandads Automatic Lacetti once and although not really my cup of tea, it actually drove quite nice.
  19. The Merry Hill shopping Centre in Dudley have something similar based on a Volkswagen T4 Transporter. Il try and get a pic next time I’m there as I think it’s still in use.
  20. I’m not sure how much they go for second hand but apparently it was costing BMW around £2500 to replace a steering wheel when it got nicked. A work colleague has one of those flat bottomed steering wheels in his T5.1, they really do look good.
  21. My Eldest Son is a mechanic at a BMW main dealer, he says the biggest issue they are having is steering wheels being stolen from new 1 series on the forecourt. at its worst about 3 a week were being stolen by the same thief (takes him approx 4 minutes from smashing the window to running away wheel in hand) every time as they caught the guy on cctv,
  22. Also when I was a kid, I remember when my dad towed a triple axle trailer loaded with a land rover 90 csw using a Series 3 Land Rover swb powered by a 2 1/4 petrol engine that burned more oil then petrol . An iron fairy crane overtook us on a dual carriageway going uphill, I just remember the driver pissing himself laughing at us 😂
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