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4 minutes ago, Spottedlaurel said:

With captions where necessary....

Colt Sapporo and Lionel Blair, early 1980s?

Lionel Blair looking particularly funky.

Tom Conti, Bentley and Land Rover (1994)


Alan Minter + RX-7 at Hitchin Mazda, Mazda Club News No. 7 1986


1979 Colt Sigma estate + 1400GLX - Ken Goodwin

Ken Goodwin? No, me neither.

Kevin Keegan and Datsun 260Z, 1974

Even I know of Kevin Keegan (pre-perm days here).

1986 Nissan 240RS FXI1813 and UB40, Custom Car 11/86

Last time I checked the Nissan 240RS was still around.

Judy Simpson (Nightshade) and Hyundai Pony

Judy Simpson later became Nightshade in Gladiators.

Thought that was Claire Balding at first glance!


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