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  1. Fantastic image, thanks for that. Imagine what that beasite would be worth today. The rhomboids were a great & rather futuristic shape, takes me back to when I read " Charley's war" in Battle comic as kid.
  2. The FD Victor was a bloody cool looking car, the VX4/90 trim level just made it even cooler (god those wheels look brill). Great shape & the interior is great too, black vinyl rocks. Really like those, not seen one on the road in forever.
  3. ETCHY

    P-reg Ford Ka's

    Picanto's are alright, they're still small cars.
  4. Very nice motor. A mate of mine had 2 Omega's, a pre-facelift & a facelift, he did a lot of miles & seemed happy with them. I always preferred the pre-facelift both outside & in, the design looked far better IMO. I really didn't like the later grille. Cool leather too.
  5. I think that's a superb idea. I'd watch it.
  6. Because many folk are obsessed with power not range. Especially if you read car reviews. Yes range is mentioned but check out something like carwow and all that irritating twat goes on about is power & launch times etc etc - stuff that is basically pointless but many arseholes are into.
  7. ETCHY

    Youtube moments

    I wonder what the film is that's shown in it with the DB4 being chased by the Wolseley ?
  8. Here's the aforesaid vacuum cleaner, I put a taller stability base on it but do have the original tub. Lovely old thing, it just works. The folding carry handle on top is actually made of wood it was like that when I got it, quite skillfully made to look like the original, i've left it on as it's somehow more "Autoshite" ! Perhaps we need a garage vacuum cleaner thread ?
  9. I was in the garage earlier mucking about cleaning an old vice & using my old Numatic Henry that lives in there, the base of it is off a different one but the top/motor is one of the originals badged Numatic & has no cable rewind reel, you just bundle the cable up & hang it off a hook on the back. It must be from the 1980's but the bugger still works !
  10. One of the big things we need to do to help the environment is fix things. Instead of buying shiny new shit imported from god knows where, fix what you have. That way stuff also doesn't go into landfill or have to be recycled (there's an environmental impact with recycling too) Trouble is a lot of new stuff ain't made to be fixed easily and also a lot of folk (despite often being really vocal about the "environment"), still want shiny new shit or want you to continue to buy shiny new shit..
  11. Cool looking motor, that concave curve of the rear window is so unusual. All the more interesting for being one of the few times Ford got it wrong for the market, I've only seen a couple on the road ever. It is in great nick for one of these, they were serious rotters even by the standards of the day, so a v6 Zephyr must be a pretty rare bird. Looking forward to updates.
  12. Bloody hell i've just read that. That's terrifying, really terrifying. Should be required reading for anyone who drives a car.
  13. 4 years old & in that state that's crackers. I think the odd looking car is a Panhard.
  14. ETCHY

    The Wolseley Six

    Cool looking motor, they look so much better than a normal Landcrab IMO. I love the vertical autobox gear selector. That top hose looks a bit knackered though !
  15. Bloody hell, that's really crap especially considering all the effort to get the car here. Hope all ok.
  16. Oh wow i'd never noticed. Unobservant sod that I am !
  17. Bloody hell, when I saw that pic of the Sierra I thought it had had a smack on the side, it's just the reflection in the door but it really worried me for a min !
  18. A 1.3 Montego estate with almost 300k on it and a crab on the dashboard. The automotive equivalent of beating yourself with a stick with nails in. Bloody well bought😁
  19. Glad Betty is back As others have said rustproof the hell out of it. I'd also get a decent aftermarket steering lock, never know with something "different" with a big engine if some scrote would fancy nabbing it for a laugh.
  20. When i look at the side on pic for some reason the back end reminds me of the Batmobile.
  21. Bloody fab. I remember a garage in Preston selling these new in the early 1990's complete with whitewalls. Great save, well done. I did consider buying one at the time but instead spent a fortune restoring a Ford Anglia that was frankly utter wank. What a fuckwitt 😣
  22. A 1.3i CVT from Fred Coupe in Preston. That's where our old Micra came from & ours was a 1.3 CVT too ! Ours however was the lower spec Equation, yours is a posher GX. Our 1.3 CVT was pretty brisk & was nice to drive. I always thought that transmission selector lever was stupidly & unnecessarily long though. Well bought & saved.
  23. An incredible comfortable special place, to wait in for the RAC to arrive..
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