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  1. The Minor is just wonderful. Very well bought.
  2. Can anyone explain what that feature is supposed to be that's on Steeds Jag ? I remember seeing it in the 1977 Dinky catalogue & it showed the bad guy somehow bouncing off it like on that box pic' above. Thing is I don't understand how it would work, it's something i've pondered since i was 7 !
  3. Thanks for that i've now just bought it.. Oh god another rabbit hole to go down !😄
  4. Hello What book is that, looks interesting ? Cheers
  5. That looks brilliant. It's how I remember those motors looking in the 1980's when I was a young. I'd have that over a mint one in a heartbeat - just looks like a daily user not some show queen.
  6. There's nothing like a car you truly bond with. They really do become part of your family somehow.
  7. Saw a recent test of cheapest new cars & the thing they were raving about on Picanto was how easy & simple it was to adjust controls even when going round a corner & not have to go through menu's Something has gone very wrong with car design imho. So much is form over function.
  8. ETCHY

    Youtube moments

    I give you... The Beast. It's Ulez compliant apparently.. how cool is that 😃
  9. Car design has lost its way. Apart from the bloated size that new Mini shown is bloody minging !
  10. I agree with you that things like aircon have made it much easier to demist etc ( that's actually my favourite feature in a car). However i think heating & ventilation has gone backwards in moderns as most now are linked so you can't get cold out of dashboard vents whilst hot to the floor. Just leads to stuffiness.
  11. ETCHY

    Bus Shite

    Reminds me of the late lamented John Fishwick & Sons based out of Leyland. They lasted over 100 years. Now sadly gone.
  12. Nice to see a pic' included just for the ladies..
  13. ETCHY

    Youtube moments

    I rather hope the bearded wanker gets a bearded kicking at some point.
  14. ETCHY

    Bus Shite

    2nd from left looks like one of the Cybermen
  15. That's uber cool. I think the ergomatic was such a great looking truck, it captures the lines very well.
  16. Cool pic. I'd fancy that motors chances of crossing rough terrain far more than some modern 4×4 tossmobile .
  17. Sorry but Forscan is like something from Viz. Fnrrr fnrrr 🤣
  18. I'm liking the Kadett coupe a lot !
  19. Black tail panel, that's an earlier one. Cool.
  20. Superb, i love stuff like that, thanks very much
  21. ETCHY

    Stars in Shite

    No pic but i recall reading that Roger Moore had a Renault 5.
  22. We used to love riding in those Maltese built buses when on holiday in Malta when they were still in regular use rather than heritage type rides. Wasn't quite the same last time we were there without them.
  23. The Ambassador is really what the Princess 2 that came out i think in 1978 should've been or at least it should 've landed about 1980. BL had a habit sadly of cars being a bit late to tbe party. The Maestro is another example.
  24. I can remember reading various road tests as a kid & actually riding in one when i was around 15. In tests they did rather well & they certainly were comfortable & pleasant to ride in (more so than mk1 Sierras IMHO). The trouble with the Ambassador was it was out of date when launched, it wasn't "sexy" or sporty, plus it was an Austin made by BL (or whatever they were at the time) & sadly none of these things helped it when new, or indeed help it now. I personally like them but then..this is Autoshite..
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