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  1. Brilliant work, I enjoyed reading that.
  2. Hmm yeah that's it, it looks sooo natural & like it's always been there...
  3. The VP Ambassador looked even worse when BL for some reason nailed a bit of fake looking wood to the dash in front of the passenger on the later ones. The bit on the doors wasn't too bad but that on the dash was awful.
  4. Brilliant thread & the fix with the doormat is inspired. By God though, seeing what you achieve does make me feel inadequate
  5. Funnily enough that last line reminds me of the many militaria shows I used to attend. Oh how my long suffering other half enjoyed accompanying me to those..😆. I think trips to model shows/swapmeets may be her next treat 😉 I just told her that & she's sobbing quietly..
  6. Can I ask would those number plates have been original to it or has somebody added them ? Is it something you can buy to add to toy cars, I quite fancy doing that if possible ? Cheers
  7. Those number plates look brill !
  8. Oooh now that is interesting, it says Prov Patent on bottom of mine so I assumed it was early but sounds like yours is even earlier !
  9. Nice to see the Police one, that has my completist personality twitching & Ebay may be looked at later... I wonder why they didn't model the top of the range Super-Snipe instead of the Hawk ?
  10. ETCHY

    Youtube moments

    Oh wow didn't know he was on here.
  11. ETCHY

    Youtube moments

    I always wonder why this guy doesn't have more subscribers as I think he's really rather good. His recent walk-around of the Practical Classics Restoration show was excellent, unlike so many of the dull ones out there.
  12. Dinky Humber hawk that landed today. I like this it's in just the sort of condition I prefer. Used but not knackered. Nice little casting, pity Dinky didn't put an interior in it. It has got suspension though !
  13. ETCHY

    Youtube moments

    I'm quite enjoying this channel
  14. Seem bizarre choices for a taxi. Having said that I know Picanto's like ours are popular Taxi's in some places & they're little too.
  15. I got the Hot Wheels Proton in B&M bargains yesterday. Cool little thing.
  16. I believe they overdubbed the DB5 exhaust note as it was rortier than the DBS's.
  17. I thought that was the Torino version of the 105e Anglia at first glance.
  18. Scrappage scheme's will have done for a lot. By then a Cortina would've been a classic so less chance of being traded in for it. Mondeo would just be seen as a disposable.
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