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  1. Brand new bloated electric 2.5 ton SUV's that take up far too much space & will be owned for 2-3 years then changed for another one & driven by virtue signalling eco twats. Often BMW's/Audi's/Modern Land Rover products.
  2. ETCHY

    Youtube moments

    That location does seem a bit odd, i'd have thought it could go very wrong (depends on how slow the Capri was going perhaps ?) I once read he wasn't a very good driver. Yeah I could see that being the case.
  3. ETCHY

    Youtube moments

    Following on from Stuntman 82 (ta for posting that, warren t claim, hadn't seen that since I was a kid), I found this on the same guys channel. It's got details of the car chases from Brannigan in.
  4. Ta for that. Today's ModernShite is tomorrow's AutoShite . A 1.25 litre with a slushbox is definitely gonna qualify !
  5. Ok here's ours.. Kia Picanto Automatic (a proper old school Torque Convertor 4 speed Auto' for extra shite points & total lack of MPG ๐Ÿ˜‰) Year Introduced 2017 Max speed 99mph Max Power 83bhp Cubic capacity CC 1248 Autoshite rating ?
  6. Bmw 2002 Touring, early 1970s in original Orange . Factory alloys and BMW sports steering wheel. I decided to keep the 105e Anglia instead.. Fucktard.
  7. Thing is he didn't buy it from Evans Halshaw or Arnold Clark ( not that I'm holding either up as reputable..) he bought it from a meat head with a bad reputation who turned the heater up on tbe test run.. Going back to them will sort nothing nor will trying to sue etc. A kicking is a more likely outcome than recompense.. Best option imo is suck it up chalk it up to experience and sort it out himself.
  8. It's a cheap car bought cheap. It's now a pain in the arse. Bin it. Miss hubnut will like something else. Mucking about with it will be throwing good money after bad. Get rid of it, move on.
  9. Great job. The SD1 really was a cool design for an executive car.
  10. I always hated the gear selector on ours . WTF is it that long !?
  11. We had a k11 1.3 Cvt for many years. Great little car and surprisingly brisk. Really endearing little cars. It was only body rot and the cvt finally going bang that meant it got scrapped. I still miss that car.
  12. ETCHY

    Youtube moments

    For those who like Yank stuff
  13. My F plate Renault 5 auto was one of the most comfortable cars I've owned, versatile little thing too. As a bit of balance however, it was an unreliable ungrateful piece of dog merde.
  14. Re' the Multipla, it'll soon be Bonfire night ๐Ÿ˜‰
  15. That is brilliant. It's not just the cars, its the seats & various other bits strewn about. However for me the best bit is the ground that looks like mud & oil mixed, god I remember that shit from scrappy's back in the day.
  16. Didn't the CD version of the Acclaim have alloy wheels but they looked exactly the same as the trims? I may have dreamt that though...
  17. That's bloody lovely. Can't remember the last time I saw a Horizon on the road.
  18. Be like sitting in runny nose.
  19. So you get a mk1 mini and also a blow job.. Ffs you even had to ask if you should buy it ? ๐Ÿ˜‚
  20. An 850cc Mk1 Austin Mini & that reg no' is pretty cool too. Buy it.
  21. Is that a WW2 Pillbox in that shot ?
  22. I really don't like the Lynx, it looks overbodied & gawky. It reminds me of a something Bond cars (of Equipe fame) might have come up with.
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