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  1. Great job, well done. There's something about early 1970's car interiors that i just think is cool.
  2. So mundane, so ordinary, basically just dull street furniture at the time. Now, as cool as Polar Bear piss.
  3. 'Cos you'll get covered in oil fixing it..
  4. Certainly the early top of the range VDPs didn't but you did get a brown dashboard and brown winding handles for extra luxury ..🤣
  5. I think the TC with the styled wheels & grille looks good.
  6. ETCHY


    Chod vs Shiny This always makes me grin.
  7. Cool interior 😁 Cars then did proper luxury, velour is just sooooo luxurious. Moderns just don't know how to do it.
  8. That type of Cresta is bloody lovely imo, great clean shape, tons better looking than equivalent Zephyr/Zodiac.
  9. This ain't proper until you show the velour, a CD will have acres of it won't it?
  10. I've heard of using a polishing mit...but a polishing tit ..?
  11. Never heard of that. It's superb ! I love weird obscure random shit like this. Thanks for posting it.
  12. A design that has aged fantastically well. Compare them to an Aston or Jag' of 1966 & the Interceptor looks younger & much "cleaner".
  13. ETCHY

    Youtube moments

    Hillman Minx endurance test. Modern health & safety would have a fit over this !
  14. Ford 105e Anglia estate. It uses the same doors as the saloon. Thing is the roofline dips on the saloon..it means the doors look weird on the estates.
  15. ETCHY

    Car chases

    Seems fitting to post this based on yesterday's news about Dennis Waterman.
  16. Lovely cars. Just so damned cool. Somehow nobody does luxury cars like the French.
  17. That's a cool one. Were the task force vehicles a cheaper range perhaps ? It looks more basic than the usual Action Man stuff.
  18. Looks cool. I had one as kid too. It was always a favourite. Great model.
  19. Our Picanto 1.2 torque convertor automatic rarely gets over 40mpg ( usually mid to high 30s) a decent no traffic run and it will do but it's rare. I often refer to it as Oliver Reed as it clearly has a drink problem..
  20. Ah right Blackpool, ta for that must be Sharna that's Manchester I'm sure it's on the box. It depends on the model and being boxed etc, i don't think the lorry even when boxed goes for big money but it's still cool. Things like the Kettenkrad they did seem to go for a fair bit.
  21. The lorry and the Jeep are by Cherilea/Sharna who did Action Man scale vehicles. I have a boxed lorry. Great vehicle it can i think be converted to a tipper if a couple of clips are removed. Careful of the door hinges they're very fragile. They did a white UN version too i think. The Action Man lightweight Land Rover is a cool thing, i had that as a kid that's worth looking out for. I think Sharna were based in Manchester. Argos sold a lot of their stuff as did various catalogue companies. Look up old Argos catalogues they'll be in there. Made some cool stuff.
  22. Properly cool French luxo barge. Well bought. A fantastic comfortable place to wait in for the RAC to arrive...
  23. 1500 and original gearbox. It is what it is, it's old slow but it'll get you there. I'd just enjoy its old world charm. Upgrades are fine and doubtless many will disagree but imo there's something to be said for just owning & enjoying a car as it would have been in period.
  24. CVT Micra's are lovely cars we had a K11 for years.
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