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  1. This has been here for at least 10 years, have always kept my eye on it. Its for sale now. It looks really tidy, until you check MOT history. Have a guess how much he wanted? It’s an auto 3.0i turbo, but still. 11 GRAND!
  2. They don’t even fit in parking spaces. Annoys me as everyone used to be so anti big cars after the 70’s
  3. Car design that look like this: I'm sure they're OK to drive, but shitloads of cars now look like this. Rank.
  4. That 'urgent' is like a red rag to a 'kolek 2nite 50p n bag ov mini-cheders' bull.
  5. Spent most of the day on it, those heater bowden cables are an absolute swine and either work or don't, in my case the latter. I set them all on the settings I wanted and there's no chance of moving them by the levers as the cables are probably not routed correctly. I cut and rewelded the wiper linkages (made one shorter, the other one longer) and they appear to work OK, but have ordered new wiper arms from India (£5 free p&p and it gets here in less than a week - ridiculous). The quality isn't always the best, but the linkages were pretty good, and I've not really had problems the multiple times I've bought from there in the past. I put everything back in, and ran the car for over an hour. It seems to start and run without any choke, I just wasn't turning it over for long enough. It felt nice to get everything warmed up without fear of something catching fire/exploding and get the interior dried out. I stuck it back in the garage and put the badges on I lifted from the barn dwelling SJ. Painted them with a brush and spray paint in the rattle can lid.
  6. I found someone who had a spare mouldy old SJ of a similar age rotting away in a barn! Unfortunately he was 200 miles away. What else am I going to do, so I set off and returned 12 hours later (M6 😥) with everything I needed. I removed most of the dashboard, which looked mostly like this And attempted to fit the new stuff - alas they changed the design slightly for one year (relocated the intake grille from side to centre) and literally none of the dashboard internals fit properly. I hashed it up so at least I had a working heater for MOT. The fire had melted the wiper linkage plastics, and attempting to take them off the mouldy SJ resulted in the plastic cracking, so I ordered a new set from India. Alas, they wouldn’t fit because changed the position of the etc etc you know the story by now. Here's some post fire damage photos - apart from a couple of melted plugs, the wiring loom was completely undamaged. Weird. I think it was the wire to the stereo.
  7. Spotted this on Facebook Marketplace, never seen anything like it: Did Ford get their red paint from the same place they bought their metal? Cheap, and looks okay otherwise, but then again, probably not. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1254360321734158
  8. I went to my not-so-local scrapyard in North Wales as I needed a boost solenoid and steering wheel squib for my Roadster. I needed a few other menial bits for my SJ. I don't mind paying ebay value for bits, but I got about four bulbs I needed instead of going to Halfords/ECP - Squib and bulbs £40. I just said "40 quid?", and he explained I had bulbs and they're worth that in shop. I just said how much for the squib and he said £25. I must have given him a couple of grand in money for parts so far, even held my tongue for bits he wanted top dollar on but I needed them at the time - not going back again.
  9. I think it was the radio as the actual wiring loom didn’t look damaged (only the plugs directly above it from flames). I drove to Wiltshire to retrieve replacement bits today from an SJ that’s been rusting away in a barn, but it appears they made things slightly different in this 85 version to my 84, and then again in 86. What a pain. A 12 hour round journey thanks to m6 so I’ll make them fit. Grr
  10. A bit off topic, but does anyone hate the old ‘could benefit from being cleaned as I’ve not done it once in my ownership’, like admitting to showering once every few months on an online dating profile
  11. Rusty, was not rusty when parked up
  12. I finished everything on this a few weeks ago, and got it booked in for an MOT last week at 8.30. Unfortunately woke at 8.29 as I was knackered and they wouldn't rebook me in, so went with another place for tomorrow! There was a weird clonking from the front slowing/coasting to a stop - I rechecked every bolt underneath the front and a few weren't exactly tight. As I tightened the very last one (possibly the LAST thing to do on this car), I noticed smoke pouring from inside the cabin and on investigation, the interior was one fire. Throwing whatever containers of rainwater I had lying round didn't help so connected the water hose up and dowsed the entire thing with water. Not sure what or why it decided to self-immolate itself at this moment, took the new paint off with it though. So close to getting this on the road as well. Does anyone know of anyone that breaks these - they only made this specific dashboard/wiring loom etc for a few years and the later one won't fit.
  13. Only bought two cars this year, first was a Peugeot 106 XN off here. It had no water in it, overheated in roadworks, two days later heater matrix exploded. Then this Nissan Micra 1.0 which is nice and everything: June - December, still trying to get my Smart Roadster running - nobody wants a broken Smart car. I've replaced everything, and now I have to replace the wiring loom which is hidden deep inside and needs -everything- removed. That's every single thing (body panel, interior), and engine taking out. Zero motivation to do this but I can't just stick this outside and it's taking up space. Fuck me. The only good motoring news of this year is my SJ is finished and getting MOT'd next week (update! It conveniently caught fire and has been put back months while I obtain unobtainium parts) Still have this fine beast, have spent quite a bit on it, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, i also forgot I bought this ‘barn find’ which hadn’t been lost for £1400. Spent loads on it, needed loads doing to it, sold for £1950. Quite cute but slowest thing I’ve ever driven! also this which I have done anything with
  14. He's back, macf2mc of "Lo l, UK" 😶 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154741133784 https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/macf2mc/m.html
  15. Jet washing a carpet gets it as good as new again, they hold most of the bad smells in a car too I reckon.
  16. I've been reporting them whenever I see them, it's a pain, but they (and the ebay account) have been taken down. There were a lot of Datsun Fairlady/240Z's last year going for about £4000, same MO.
  17. There's loads of these currently on ebay, I've reported a few but they just keep coming! Every model has several, assume they're the same person as they all have a single image of a car that doesn't belong to them, and have the same image attached. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144307370628 https://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/202103/fake-ebay-listings-list-report?page=9&scrollTo=2663133
  18. I love these horrific and completely impractical creations - why have a table when you can serve your awful OLLI mates over a Land Rover wing 'bar' in your man cave: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/286699430009315 "A total one off." £275
  19. "how are we going to sell this for £35000?" GR8 4 MOUNTIN ON SHED MANCAVE WALL ART https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/286699430009315
  20. Going back to the original post, I remember they had a mk1 Tigra on blue Peter in about 1993, it was the copper colour and they had some kid on as well - could it have been this? I remember it as it was the first time I saw it and had major wanting for one.
  21. My garage neighbour has a nice one from the 60’s I think stored under a marquee for years, he’s going to restore it. I opened the drivers door, the hinges are seized and it the whole front wing comes away from the body with the door. It’s completely rotten. The local stray cat also sleeps in it.
  22. I would rather restore that Fulvia than have a conversation with that barrel o' laughs.
  23. Shadow how much did you pay for that, I would prefer auto/cvt over manual really. Does your rear wiper work and is the hazard switch sticky?
  24. It’s a 1.0 - love it, after the Audi, it’s super soft and quiet, even with a slight blow in the exhaust
  25. Yeah I prefer the facelift, they look more chunkier as opposed to cute. My current one is a facelift K11, with 134000 miles and surprising lack of rust. There’s nothing wrong with it apart from gear change is a bit rough which might be clutch related I’ll get round to changing at some point. I think it had an owner that really looked after it.
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