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  1. Knew of this but first I've seen in the metal, Lambo Urus. Not a huge fan. Expensive plate, poor parking. About what I'd expect for one of these.
  2. So am I (ish) Lots of snow this morning All melted away now, still quite windy but nothing too destructive
  3. The forum bike Vel Satis that I had for a bit was definitely an ex-taxi, unusual choice for the time but it's ideal for it really, spacious and comfortable. Still had a 'no smoking' sticker in one of the rear windows. Was on 273,000 I think when I sold it and it's still going strong. I wouldn't be put off any car for that reason as long as it seems like it's been looked after, and the price was right of course...
  4. Never even heard of these before Looks like an interesting project, best of luck with it
  5. Yeah I'd suggest one of those cover things too, we have a similar one but with some little pockets on it too, makes a noticeable difference on the leather
  6. That's a real shame Pete, hope it gets sorted out
  7. I'm very close to this, live in Redditch and regularly visit mother in law in Shirley. PM me details and I'm sure I can make the detour at some point soon
  8. Think you've answered your own question there...
  9. Holy thread revival batman. I was at Wythall today, not many photos because it was mainly for my little lad to ride the miniature steam train, but can confirm it still has many many buses, and some milk floats. Nice place.
  10. AR51 COW On a bright yellow Audi Q2 of all things Was behind it for a while today before it turned off into... a cattle farm
  11. Wasn't so secret in mine, would pop open if you went over a speed bump... Still super cool though
  12. @NorthernMonkey worked on the moon miles one more than anyone so he's probably the man to scare you off!
  13. There's a particular one that's been through many owners on this forum, myself included, l only had it a few months due to other life circumstances but it was proper brilliant, despite the moon mileage. That one is a petrol manual though. My short thread on it is here; If you search for Vel Satis on here you'll find some threads from other owners of the same car, there's a fair few. Key points; Very very very comfortable Surprisingly large
  14. I don't think I've actually commented on this thread before but I've enjoyed reading it, you're definitely always welcome
  15. Yes! until I had that car I didn't even realise there was a £99 limit on the pay at pump
  16. L322 Range Rover for me, I remember brimming it on holiday in the lakes a couple of years ago which was over 100 litres of diesel, about £140 at the time I think. The cashier read the price off the till and then looked up surprised and glanced out the window to see what it was. It would just about do 30mpg on a run though so the range was decent.
  17. Meant to post in this thread a few years ago when he first got it, my dad's TF. My son is helpfully* pointing out the late reg plate.
  18. Great to see the progress on this Pete. Enjoying the updates.
  19. all I can see when I look at those trims is a surprised starfish
  20. Pretty much all the same mods you'd do if you were attempting the cannonball run
  21. I like that they tried to make something a bit different, I don't like how it turned out... the standard one to me is just ugly I remember walking past a convertible one every day for a week when I was in Tuscany for my cousin's wedding though, always parked up roof down, looked a lot better than the hard top version
  22. An update! Battery is fine, it was me being daft with the lights. Done a few hundred miles since then with no problems and the handbrake warning has disappeared again too and stayed off, bonus. I've also inherited a Honda Civic which means the Vel Satis is now FOR SALE - advert linked below;
  23. I'd been in my current job about a month when I got told by the big boss to mend the leg of a Bosendorfer belonging to Tori Amos. Shouldn't have googled the value before I started, nervous is an understatement...
  24. 95 miles for me, not bad. Never done a FotU but always liked the idea of it. Vel Satis too new?
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